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Wow 30 weeks of .org, and xmas and 2007 around the corner. Happy Holidays! Here we have some goodies Shade Elaine and i wouldn’t mind under the tree… 2546 (Poltrona Frau Giftable Chair), 2537 (Handmade French Bird Calls), 2526 (Speaker’s in Granny Rollers), 2512 (Retro Japanese Airplane), 2541 (FLOCK shirt).

*notcot - 12.15.06 , 00:26 -

NOTCOT.ORG #028-029

Ok - first - oops. I missed last week’s .org roundup, and then when Shade Elaine and i realized it, it was so close to the next one, and then i nearly missed this one… So some good wintry goodies - mod wreaths, snow scents, woody snowboards, xmas camo, and snowboard benches… [l-r, 2465, 2464, 2456, 2439, 2428]

By the way - registered .org people will have a chance to win a special extra prize - the Oakley oROKR and iCombi - image below…

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*notcot - 12.11.06 , 00:22 -

Giveaway Week 4: Mimoco

Win ALL THREE GINCHY MIMOBOTS! in their 1gig forms. Aren’t they adorable? My Ramona hangs out under my 23” studio display, and looks like she rules the place. So to win them - same deal as the last three weeks - anyone who filled out our survey is already in the running to win - anyone who hasn’t should really go fill it out! (and tell your friends too!)

So this week of holiday giveaway goodness is sponsored by Mimoco~ i fell for them ages ago, but fell hardest when i met up with Evan and Nicole at Digital life (remember the review?). These are not “just flash drives” nor are they “just collectible toys” - they really are a brilliant hybrid of the two - collectible, and filled with digital goodness in the form of things like Brian McCarty photoshoots of the Ginchy’s - as well as functional USB flash drives for all your music, work, digital needs. And the latest series to covet are the upcoming Star Wars Series… more images below.

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*notcot - 12.03.06 , 16:56 -

Giveaway Week 3: Radar

SONY ERICSSON K790! (you know you want it. Seriously, who doesn’t want a 3 megapixel camera/video phone that is that gorgeous AND is also an mp3 player, radio, and a world phone?) ~ so thus begins week 3 of our giveaway survey holidayfest… and this week (as you can see in the tags) is sponsored by Radar! So if you want a chance at these goodies and have NOT filled out our fun little survey yet, get to it! But, if you have ~ well you’re already entered… so just go play with Radar, so you’re ready to make best use of the phone if you win.

(Some quick small print type info - for our future winner - if for some reason you are not on a GSM network ~ Radar has graciously decided to find you a phone of equal value that works with your service provider, so no worries.)

That being said - you remember Radar right? (See here if not). Their service gives you a great way to have visual conversations with all of your friends ~ a way to share the fun moments and inside jokes you don’t necessarily want to broadcast around the world… as you can see from the images in the tags, its about living your life, and being able to share and comment on your images as well as your friends’. Browsable on your phone, computer, etc ~ you can keep in touch wherever you are, and have higher quality videos and images if you win this Sony Ericsson K790.

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It’s that time of year ~

Today was my first real day off from *life* in months. So please excuse the posting lull! Been overworking (on everything) ~ its been a mix between extremely fun and total chaos… and i must confess that i’m turning the ripe old age of 24 next week, and in LA with every birthday (for me) comes sample sale season to ease the pain… so this weekend and next weekend are sprinkled with sample sales large and small… and the best of the best this year? GenArt teaming up with Billion Dollar Babes for the Shop LA Event VIP this afternoon - filling a whole Santa Monica Airport Hangar with clothes, jewelry, communal changing rooms, leather purses, art, and flowing champagne. On a less civilized note, tomorrow’s James Perse sale is at 9am…

*notcot - 11.30.06 , 02:55 -


This week’s .org round up consists of: 2307 (knitting needle bracelets), 2301 (monster xmas stockings), 2297 (transit token necklaces), 2300 (fleece dog), 2283 (metal stone tiles)… RUGenius says “As we move away from stale design, its hard not to feel a bit of nostalgia for tradition. this week lots of your picks have been janus-faced, looking forward to the frontiers of design while also hearkening back to tradition.”

*notcot - 11.28.06 , 15:22 -

Shame on Target

Veering slightly from our regularly scheduled content - WTF? I am appalled, outraged, and amazed. My order of Tord Boontje bowls and dessert plates from target (yes i placed that order like a month ago)… not only aren’t here yet… well not the plates… but the bowls just woke me up this morning, and can you BELIEVE the SIZE of that box, or the amount of cardboard and paper i was sent? The bowls are like cereal bowls to give you some perspective. That big box is almost the size of the Think chair box. So as designer friendly as they may be, minimizing waste doesn’t seem to be so high on the list. I needed to vent, since Target made me feel dirty after all my eco happy posts last night.

*notcot - 11.26.06 , 22:50 -

Giveaway Week 2: Untangled Life

FREE WIFI PHONE! Did that get your attention? Just incase you haven’t filled out the survey, or told your other friends to do it yet, thought it was about time to give you another reason to! This week we will be picking a winner for Untangled Life’s generous giveaway of the Netgear Wifi Skype phone.

In case you’ve been hiding in a hole lately, this is no ordinary skype phone… it doesn’t need a computer! just a wifi connection you can start calling up everyone you know around the world… the epitome of wirelessness - and just the perfect gift from the boys of Untangled Life ~ since this device is a great example of how their store will help you and your loved ones (or ones who annoy you with cries for tech help) get untangled. (More on why i love these guys below…)

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NOTCOT.org #026

Ah how the time flies, but posting here really makes it so fun. Happy Thursday ~ Happy Thanksgiving… and for those americans out there, try not to over indulge. This week RUGenius rounds it all up for us.

i know i should be feeling nostalgic for the olden days with thanksgiving and all, but i confess, i’m ditching the turkey for a night out on the town. london calling…and in celebration of the city, this week’s picks are fun, modern and about my love for the metropole: 2182: a fresh take on the tattoo, 2203: t-rex necklace, 2197: shock jacket, 2204: subway map, 2230: opus

*notcot - 11.20.06 , 21:05 -

Giveaway Week 1: ThisNext

If you were wondering why we went a bit quiet this weekend… well, had some coding to learn, some designing to do, and our first Holiday Sponsorship/Giveaway/Survey to launch! As with all things NOTCOT, this is yet another little experiment. This is our way of giving back to everyone… some of our favorite companies get some exposure, readers get to win goodies, and we hopefully get to learn a little about who you guys are! (i have a tendency to be extremely curious about such things). So look forward to 4 weeks of fun prizes (a sponsor a week) with a combined value of ~$1500!

Week 1: is kicked off by ThisNext. You were some of the first to hear about their launch, heard about BlogIt before it even went live, and many of you have contributed to my ThisNext tags on the front page by tagging things ‘notcot’… chatting with Craig Ogg (ThisNext CTO) about this sponsorship, he reminded me to give you all a big THANKS! from ThisNext for all the great products you’ve been recommending over there ~ if you check out the site, you’ll notice lots of great design finds (and SO much more). I’m also excited to share a new section of the site: GIFT GUIDES! (more about the brand spankin’ new guides below.)

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*notcot - 11.16.06 , 22:45 -

NOTCOT.org #025

What can i say? Shade Elaine and i noticed there was a whole lot of art going on this week over at the .org.

(l-r, 2123, 2135, 2140, 2106, 2112)

*notcot - 11.09.06 , 02:07 -


With all the random snapshots of designer goodness and random inspiration submitted to .org every week, its getting harder and harder to pick for the roundups!

So Shade Elaine did the honors this week. “It’s 2:05am on Thursday and we are tirrrred. We got some useful things to check out on .org this week: a handy font booklet, silly bottle openers, a great resource for car designs/logos, a place to sit, and something to get you around town if you put wheels on it.” You have NO IDEA how tired we are. It has been a LONG week, and i’m still working my butt off trying to get this surprise ready for you guys next week. So please keep the awesome posts coming to .org, it makes the days that much more fun!

p.s. contrary to the emails and comments coming in more frequently, we are neither a store, nor necessarily have relationships with the vendors/designers we feature. Sometimes we do! But please try contacting them via their pages if you have questions about specific products/services.

(l-r, 2032, 2041, 2045, 2046, 2050)

*notcot - 11.07.06 , 01:34 -

NetDiver Powagirrrl

netdiverpowa.pngNotcot.org got highlighted over at NetDiver! “From trendy to cutting-edge to wild and kitschy NOTCOT is a superbe assemblage of visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements. Initiated and co-founded by super powagirrrl Jean Aw and Daniel Frysinger.” And they’ve added us to their list of Powagirrrls!

If you’re wondering why i’m so excited, NetDiver has been one of my favorite sites long before this site even existed. So it’s an honor to be featured there! For those not so in the know, NetDiver is an online mag “Devoted to tutoring, empowering and stimulating creativity as well as excellence in design projects by the international community involved in the industry and beyond!”. (And i’ve never been labeled a Powagirrrl before)

*notcot - 11.06.06 , 23:29 -

Gift List Experiment

Go on - try clicking specific images up there! This is my collaged IMAGE MAP Can’t Go Wrong Gift List over at ThisNext. (my claim is that there is something for your everyone on here.) In actuality, this post is a test of a new tool/feature i’ve been working on for ThisNext that we soft launched over the weekend: Blog-It- It take next to no effort to post your recommendations, and for lists, it will create an image map from a list ~ [something i’ve been thinking about doing for the .org roundups for sometime now, but seriously, photoshopping and coding image maps by hand are a pain!] ~ so each of those images links you directly to the item pages… and you can set the width, # of columns, # of items, etc. [Another example of a larger version of this image below]. We’ve worked hard to make sure this tool will help make blogging easier, not push ThisNext branding on your blog, and i’m really obsessed with the image map functionality that anyone can put into their blog with this… I’m still working on testing this with a few people, it will probably officially launch in a few days, but if you’d like to help try it out ~ would love the feedback! (details after the jump)

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Shade Elaine and I realized that today there was such a Noah’s Ark thing going on, we had to highlight that for this week’s .org roundup. Also i’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of new users submitting some incredibly good stuff, well don’t let that intimidate you from submitting your finds too! (been getting a few emails from people with submissions instead of just submitting them, that’s what its there for!)

(l-r, 1986, 1983, 1982, 1981, 1979)

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