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The genius that is MOO launched last week, and i’ve been meaning to post it for days now, naively thinking that in between everything else i would have had time to arrange photos, and print cards, and come up with great images to show. Unfortunately life got in the way momentarily - so here’s a post just in case any readers haven’t heard about them yet… What is MOO? It makes your flickr pools something tangible and useful - business cards in the proportions i love, but with any images you choose on the other sides! Adorable, playful, genius ~ also check out the MOO HQ Flickr set - i love seeing their behind the scenes shots of these great little cards.

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Colette relaunch

French uber-boutique Colette relaunched their site today - not as much Cap & Pep, but they are still around. First things first - a warning - the voices - wow. Quickly veering into the land of the creepy and anime and annoying… but yet the bounciness of the robot/TV headed guys still amuses me to roll over. It sounds a lot like Super Milk Chan (in other words, i’m constantly waiting for the robots to yell YOU DUMBASS! ~ if you don’t understand just move along). And as always, more great products to shop through…

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Puzzle design is one of those realms that is the ultimate challenge on so many levels, and there are some incredibly gorgeous pieces that get made. Ironically i was recently talking to someone about how we haven’t seen any enticing new wood/metal puzzles lately, and then up pops a .org post by Benjamin with the 2006 entrants to the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition. And best/worst part is… you can read through pdfs of all the solutions to these mind bending puzzles as well (something about puzzle solutions is just as fascinating to me as sitting working on them ~ so i’ve included the gorgeous solution to the pencil puzzle below)

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PingMag on Lelo

It has come up a lot this week ~ designer sex toys ~ all over the net, but especially on .org. So when i just came across the latest PINGmag article, and it had great images of the Lelo display at Lyon Mode City tradeshow, as well as an insightful and thoughtfully laid out interview with the founder of Sense & Sensuality ~ it felt worth a mention. Is it really any wonder that designer sextoys are popping up everywhere now? It is often that well designed objects with gorgeous curves are described as “sexy” and are certainly lust worthy (insert mental image of your favorite sports car here) ~ so why shouldn’t sex toys be “sexy” in design? Other recent roundups of the designer sextoy trend are Haute Sex and Haute Sex II at Coolhunting and even Treehugger TV did their “How to buy a green sex toy” episode. So anyhow, just wanted to make a note of the exponentially growing trend in the design world ~ and Lelo still has my vote for being one of the most consistently design conscious lines out there ~ nice to see how well branded everything from their packaging and product design are to their display with the bottom lighting, clean eye-catching photography, and well dressed creative director is (previous review and post about them here)

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Dry Erase Markers!

It is a mock up sitting cross legged on the floor at the giant whiteboard kind of day… and went by OfficeMax and the latest in dry-erase marker design was worth a review! Gone are the days of boring markers that you can attach to make giant marker wands (think, i’m sure you know what i mean)… but now there are magnetic markers - built in erasers in the caps are default - and any color you can imagine is possible. The forerunners in design and functionality in my books are Expo (classic) and new OfficeMax Exclusive TUL (with a line over the U), which is designed in the US but made in S. Korea. (TUL also has some new rollerball and gel pens as well - which aren’t as good as their packaging - see below)… Here’s what i love about each: Expos in thick and thin form have great colors, love the grip, replaceable eraser tips (look like mini mics), and the free tote with super strength magnetic hooks is genius. TUL - they are MAGNETIC! the side of the grip with a U (magnet icon i presume) actually holds it up on the board! Additionally they also have an eraser tip, but its more like a thick felt pad. It is triangular prism shaped, reminding me of those little kid pencils they use to teach you how to hold it properly… and they just look cool scattered across the board. Lots of pics below…

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Street Sign Tarot

Tarot Cards - simplified down to street sign vector art… see full poster below as well as the “as above, so below” london tube styled map of Kabbalah. via Boingboing.

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Brio Network Toys 1.0

So while in the post below i focus on how fun the interface and animation interactivity is - this post was worthy because the toys themselves are so fascinating to me. Our old toys are growing and evolving with the times (remember monopoly started the credit/debit card edition?)… So here with brio, we have EMO, where when placed with some mail on his box, makes noises? - Lazie’s CD Burner, where you push buttons to activate laser lights and jet engines - the Attacker + Viruses, a crazy offroad vehicle - Bernie’s Flashing Diode, when you pass under it, it flashes. Dex’s Search Pod has the magnifying glass and flashlight… See? Woody toys, taken to a whole new level, i WANT these for my desk, they are a) adorably amusing b) strangely techy yet woody… BRIO NETWORK 1.0! oh, and don’t miss the video!

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Brio Dock Rip

If anyone were to rip off the OS X Dock (and improve it!)- it’s apparently BRIO - yes the toy company. And their new Network 1.0 line of toys. More to come in the next post about how brilliant they are. Check out the animation in each section - this is one site worthy of having you explore every bit of it.

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Black Label

While working my way through 3am emails - PSFK points out another big brand + designer mashup, this time in the form of Samsonite and Marc Newson. Loving the trend of brands focusing and placing greater value on the design aspect of products ~ and Samsonite’s version of this is worth checking out. The Newson Scope collection and the X’lite collection have caught my attention in particular. Black Label side of Samsonite.

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Glam War

When those late night ads for Bling It On meet your Bazooka, you know you’re in trouble. Let’s hope we don’t reach a point where grabbing my fire hydrant red swarovski grenade is as essential as my keys when leaving the house. None the less - this project has been making its way around the design sites this week, and apparently its from 2001… HOARD Magazine’s layout on Antonio Riello’s “Ladies Weapons” collection - where every piece is named after a significant woman in his life. I don’t know exactly how i’d interpret that if i were one of them. Carmella intrigues me the most - i wonder what she must have been like to inspire that piece.

Also sorry i was slow today. Went sailing yesterday - and had this close call with another boat - and on a gybe where we both made it, but SO near each other… THEIR boom went crack against my skull pretty hard, so yesterday was pretty much lost to working, and today was busy as well as a little of a throbbing haze.

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Inka Titanium Review

Inka Special Edition Titanium Pen review! First impressions? Love it. Anything that i can sit here and not stop playing with for a good hour or so while working must have something going for it. Silly details that grabbed me first - the design, its sleek yet rugged - it feels like quality in your hands, and it is everything i always wished the space pens were. (those were far to slippery and shiny feeling)… Granted i also have a soft spot for titanium and carbon fiber. Also it looks a little like a titanium/carbonfiber cig hanging from my keychain… love that it doesn’t scream PEN.

Inka was founded by Greg Adelman, an engineer/entrepreneur with a good number of years working military and oceanographic industries designing and developing instrumentation and equipment… so is it any wonder that when he failed to find a suitable pen that could withstand the harsh marine environment he developed the concept for the Inka Pen? (I love product design which emerges from a genuine need, not simply an idea to fill an assumed niche.) Packaging + pictures + more thoughts below.

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Roddick vs. Pong


Pong: it’s just about the most fun you could cram into 8 bits. Whenever I see something pong-related, it brings back memories of hanging out at my friends’ place and totally getting into the game with their old school console (I had a one-handed technique!). So when I saw the new Amex ad with Andy Roddick vs. Pong I was smiling from ear to ear. It’s such a silly and simple ad (check it out on YouTube). The accompanying online game is cute (www.stoppong.com), but I prefer the good ol’ black & white version.

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oO posted this over at .org and i can’t stop playing with it - so it’s here for those who missed it. Click the pic already!

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Baldguy Greetings have the guts to say the things you don’t. OR they at least make it harder for the recipient to see it coming, because this isn’t your usual kind of greeting card - on the inside. I know this made its way around already, but Shade Elaine and i helped get their site together, and as i was cleaning through my desk, i realized that in working on it for a while, we forgot to post about how much we loved them! With adorable cards like “I value our friendship - and by ‘value our friendship’ I mean i’m never going to sleep with you. Happy Birthday.” and “So you broke up. It’d going to get better. - I mean, it kind of has to. This is rock bottom for you, right?” how can you go wrong? There are some things a card manages to get away with that just don’t work as well in person - and for those moments, we have the Baldguys.

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Kwik Shop

RUGenius is off and running around in Berlin this week - and has been sending in pics of her finds… Colin Rundel armed with her notes and laptop has this to say :

Our first installment is on a brilliant and unique shopping experience that has popped up around Berlin, the Kwikshop where everything for sale is in stacked cucbicles in the large front window and can be purchased from a clerk via a small hatch. These tiny storefronts shops specialize in catering to window-shoppers and the immediate needs of the populace. The ultimate in convenience for both the shopper and seller as the stock can easily be switched around to suit the current climate / needs / mood. Raining out? Put out the galoshes and umbrellas. Had a little too much fun the night before? A Kwikshop can set you right with a clean set of underwear and toothbrush/toothpaste. Even if you need something as obscure as german golden and diamond ring rubber stamps, they have what you need, when you need it. The whole idea is just great and completely random but brilliant.

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