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Harry and the PotterS

Any band that can rock the US all summer long touring… sponsored and playing their way through the LIBRARIES of America and have gorgeous posters and cover art is ok in my books. Even if they ARE “Harry and the Potters”, i think i might have to go check out out their show at the La Public Library. Yes i will be that big kid in the back. I posted one of their videos on .org a while back ~ and you can hit up their myspace for some listening pleasure. They crack me up. Check out the sweet cover art here… can you believe they have 3 albums? Oh and that Draco and the Malfoys are opening for them? And in case you haven’t guessed yet - they are pretty emo.

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If you could be any animal, what would you be? Well right now i think i’d have to choose Roebling, the Bklyn Bunny… i mean, check it out - he has it made! A sweet clean classy website, some pretty comfy looking designer diggs, and that is some eyeliner that even the best of plastic surgeons couldn’t make happen… not to mention one of the cutest logos around. But the reality tv show feel of his life with constant webcam coverage i could do without. Go spy on watch him here. found this guy over at popgadget.

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Da Jesus + Pegster

Was browsing ProductDose and found this Pegster piece by Plodes Studio highly amusing, and painfully tedious (i could imagine a little kid coming over and either a) pulling out all the pegs or b) rearranging them all insanely)… very lite brite minus the lites. Wooden pegs in high density foam. As for Da Jesus - you know those chalk outlines around dead bodies in crime scenes? Yea. Reminiscent of that.

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Beetle Art

I just found this set of free postcards i forgot i had slipped into my bag in London - Beetle Art! Apparently in the UK, VW has released a set of 4 vinyl sticker sets from 4 top artists. They start at 45 pounds for a single panel, to 200 pounds for the entire car. You can mix and match color combinations and models over at the site. I personally like the birds the best out of the four, but not sure if i could imagine having it on my car - but the concept is quite fun.

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Ok, for all you pilates, yoga, and anti-slip-and-slide aficionados - Yogitoes are for you. I posted about them previously. Well, we’ve been test-driving them here the last few months (and you will see them again in our premier photoshoot, which i will be launching very very soon!) - courtesy of the folks at Yogitoes… and i can’t imagine life without them! My ultimate test was if i put it down on the wood floor in the hallway and took a running start, would i slide all the way down? (in socks i can) - well believe it or not, it barely budged. When it comes to yoga and pilates, you do sweat, and it is gross to have to either a) sweaty towel sliding around on mats of b) mat with built in cloth top, which is hard to wash. Also throw in wanting a way to not have to carry the yoga mat around (travel, last minute decision to go to class) - and you can just use this Yogitoes’ Skidless over the mats available at the gym! Unless you like looking special carrying that oversized yoga-mat around… So its been perfect for travelling, and perhaps it would even be perfect if you were to lay out on some super smooth slanted surface for a while… afterall with those magical rubbery nobs, your Skidless can be as versatile as you are creative.

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Irked Pin Cushions

irked.jpgStitches posted these great IRKED Pin Cushions to .org! And the concept and execution were really fun, and seemed like a good sunday post. Usually, i imagine pin cushins with lots of straight pins sticking out like the pricks of a porcupine… i feel a little silly not having thought of how much fun pin cushions for 1” buttons could be! From the Button Arcade.

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What could be more cool than SKULL+CUBE=SKUBE! These newest pieces by Jamungo (the blowupdolls guys - you know the bomb head figures?) are SO SWEET, they are actually making me consider going to comicon to check them out. According to VinylPulse (where i found these great images of their test pulls) “SDCC will be your first opportunity to see the 4”x4”x4” Sqube up close and personal. At this point there’s no word on release dates. Here’s the edition breakdown: white -500, black -350, glow -250, clear -100, clear green - 50”

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Catnip Birdies

catnipbirdie.pngHey they are organic. The catnip, inside the birds. These are the funniest, most sinister and minimalist cat toys i’ve seen. And apparently they are “life sized”. Found these over at Greener Grass Design - the lovely ladies over there have the best taste! And this 2:50am, Shade Elaine and i have had an extrordinarily long busy and extremely productive day with all things NOTCOT and are starting to lose it - yet can’t stop finding more to amuse ourselves with. So if you haven’t yet seen the Monkey Food Diet guy over at .org, you are missing out, actually today has been a particular good day at .org, an abundance of quality finds.

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Political Balls

headballs.jpgIt’s World Cup time, so i’m entitled to post as many balls as i want - and you must admit these couldn’t be passed up. Via .org this gem from the SF Gate - “Heads will roll: Just in time for the World Cup, visitors to the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts can bounce Bush or Blair, corner-kick Clinton or soccer-punch Saddam. Kendell Geers’ interactive art, titled Masked Ball, is one of 24 football-themed works by international artists. “

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Freitag Balls

GOOOOOOOOOAL! Everyone’s doing it. World Cup season is officially here when every designer seems to be making their own balls ~ Love these Freitag ones (ok, so who am i kidding, we all know i love all things freitag more or less) - especially their disclaimer: “The ranking expressed here follows purely aesthetical criteria and does not necessarily reflect the views of Freitag staff or the Swiss Football Association.” - some days, aesthetics rankings are just as crucial.

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Personalized Spade

Kate Spade launches a new line of personalized stationery, and this zebra print was just begging to be posted. It puts those LL Bean backpack monograms to shame… and then some.

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Yeti Love

What happens when Sasquatch the Bigfoot, meets Yeti the Abominable Snowman? Apparently love, and something that involves a chainsaw, ghurka knife and rock filled snowballs. From my favorite figurine designers Rocketworld - and their brilliant Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo series - these two are Series 3.

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Paul Smith Balls

Growing crush on Paul Smith goods lately, their streaky ad campaign, the incredible limited ed fabrics with the signature stripes, and… these great footballs/soccerballs just in time for World Cup season. Found this ad campaign on my urban junkies

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Lust Objectified

NEA, Pleasure Object surprised me in my mailbox a few days ago. We previously posted about them here. Lelo of Sweden prides themselves on providing the world with LUST OBJECTIFIED and as if their website and imagery weren’t classy and seductive enough… they sent one over. They describe it as an “ornate pleasure object with a porcelain-like finish and deceptively powerful purr. Decorating the glossy exterior, pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch, are delicate floral motifs reminiscent of the belle époque.” And it’s even more powerful and beautifully designed in person than in the pictures - review below.

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Stuff Ball

stuffball.jpgIt’s summer and with so many trips and adventures waiting to happen, i have been stumbling across some very fun outdoor oriented products! So here’s an interesting idea - you’ve seen stuff sacks galore, but seldom are they useful for more than literally stuffing with stuff. Well Granite Gear has designed these playful trail toys the Stuff Ball and the Stuff Football… cordura zippered bags, you fill it with socks/cable/etc, and it becomes a hacky sack or football! A nice multipurpose product that you can easily stuff into the tiniest crevice in your pack, or use it to hold cables or rice or anything else you can think of. Cute idea. Bit pricey for 11$, but we’re a resourceful bunch, right?

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