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Felt Rocks

Felt Rocks! When you get upset - throw these against something? Then again condensed felt rocks may not be that soft, actually i guess it might be rather painful. But on felt, this was a unique use of the material… just not quite sure what one should do with them. The Molo Design site shows a little girl tossing them around and playing with them.

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Wow. Ok you may want to read this while looking at the full entry (aka click the finish reading link first)… b/c there are more images there. This is PitGreen = from my standpoint it sort of seems like Stikfas meets mini-mini-golf meets german design. From the looks of this incredible video the German accessories manufacturer, Koizol, is producing these silly little golfing wonders. I honestly can’t believe i hadn’t heard of this earlier - Designersblock is even having a PitGreen Competition during the Salone in Milano on the 9th of this month! It is apparently a crazy mini-trend sweeping europe. They have gorgeous packaging (see image below) - and exclusive Grim Reaper-esque 150 limited ed pieces through Charles and Marie right now - but honestly the potential to dress up your white one with a black sharpie and some imagination seems more intruiging.

p.s. any german readers want to help cover design trends and amusement from europe for us? Apparently there is much we have been missing!

--> to more images

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Travel Presents

Ah the appeal of laser cut plastic. Also from Fuzz Design Workshop, seems like a fun line when you just aren’t quite which sure gift says “bon voyage” the right way.

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smakompisar.jpgThe packaging looks just like those little Kubrick Toys, etc… but it has a hole that calls to you, calls to you to stick your finger in and feel the soft “comforting” thing inside… which ends up seeming like a sausage shaped hacky sack? And apparently you can get your logo embroidered on them, or have your own tag on it, and also customize the box for schwag. It comforts your hand? Or can be juggled? Someone explain, please. But they are cute and Swedish and have interesting packaging. And puzzled me enough to put it up. Smakompisar

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So stencilling and street art for the masses is here - Stencil 1 is like Stencil 101 for the lazy. When you can’t figure out how to take your favorite image, stencilize it, take your x-acto knife to some cardboard, and THEN take the canister to the streets (or your wall, shirt, skateboard, neighbor’s car, etc)… you’re lucky that you have Stencil 1. While i bash it, or more the laziness it encourages or takes advantage of, its a smart idea! And for those who are too lazy for even just buying stencils, they also have preprinted shirts and buttons. Also, for those unclear on how to USE a stencil, i love their little How To (as seen above).

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Wandering New York, found another toy car that needs to be added to the collection with the Playsam and perhaps the Plasma Car. It is ironic that while i need to be shopping for a real live car, i somehow end up with these gorgeous little abstracted pieces. So here we have Automoblox (doesn’t quite rolllll off the tongue now does it?) But these are “educational” and good for your child’s development. Frankly, i love the sketches of the design in the making on the website, and how the people who ride in the car remind me of super versions of those from the game of Life. There is a 17 number VIN on the bottom of the cars. The cars parts can be mixed and matched (from SUV, Minivan, Truck, Sedan, etc.) And it has even been in Car and Driver, Road & Track, and Business Week.

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Plasma Car

plasmacar.jpgWent car shopping today - tried many a car - but surprisingly found this at the toy store nearby and been needing one since. After an overload of features and mileage and various performance packages, etc - this one was SO simple and SO fun. Jermacide and I were riding around INSIDE a toy store on these (keep in mind he’s a 6’ guy). Canadian invention, you sit and wiggle the steering wheel and off you go! (Check out the Discovery Channel Clip about the physics behind it) It’s been winning many awards around the world, but look at the design! … not to mention it’s called the Plasma Car. Although the ages say 3-12 i’d give it an “anyone who’s agile enough to sit on it” age limit… it was really comfortable, and you can really get moving on it. Great for hallways and getting around at work, i think Google needs these to join their fleet of Segways, motorized scooters, and mini bikes.

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Feng Shui Creatures

WEB05_176827_W.jpgFeng Shui is one of those things i lump in with horoscopes… its about believing in something more, but not quite to the level of a religion. And it can’t really hurt, there is no punishment, but there are rules and reccomendations. This sleek little set by Red Envelope has three creatures to help bring better fortune through desk placement. The description reads “dragon represents new beginnings and opportunities; phoenix symbolizes positive perception and recognition; and the tiger helps with completing projects” Can’t go wrong with any of that, and it certainly is a cute set of white-resin creatures ideal for those backup or random gifts. [does the phoenix remind anyone else of the flamingos from alice in wonderland disney-style?]

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Peace Bombs

PeaceBombs. Quite a work of art: made of high priced relief wax, hand poured, hand wheted, hand dipped, and printed in a pad printing process. “International aid organizations try for years in vain to forbid the blanket-bombing of areas in war zones. With peacebombs, the senselessness of such weapons should be brought to attention… Peacebombs should suggest a peaceful dealing with one another; portraying the attitude of the purchaser towards war - because peace is too serious an affair to leave it in the hands of politicians.” For 40 euros you can purchase one through their website, it comes in english, hebrew, and arabic. Also available at UpToYou in Toronto.

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Massager Top

Produkt_3900039.jpg Some shapes just have that inexplicable appeal to people… and the smooth curves of this massager top have it. Without reading further into the psychological reasons why that may be, its minimalistic sleek playful shape make it ideal to leave on a coffee table… one of those objects guests won’t be able to resist playing with. “The massage top lies comfortably in the hand, and the two different massage surfaces are perfect for lovingly soothing both the large muscle groups and specific problem areas.”

Design: Pernille Vea
Use: Massage
Material: Stainless steel
By Menu - a Danish company since 1979

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GTI FAST bunny?

Hehehe. It makes me giggle - this insane little FAST rabbit creature of VW’s new GTI which i’ve been a major fan of since the LA Auto Show [remember the sweet flocked GTI posters? now THAT was a great bunny] It’s an interesting gimmick to sell the car - and i do hate that it is increasing my attraction to the car. Cute though - love the tee’d off tail. I need to get a new car in the next month or so - should i get a GTI?

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ShotShow Schwag

Las Vegas Shot Show (yes. guns.) Had some fun schwag - to our left we have a guitar pic sized metal screw driver! and to the right - to show my love of leatherman and their incredible design, Leatherman chapstick… but more exciting apparently leatherman will soon be launching a multi tool with full on shears and the demo model looked quite impressive (according to my dad anyhow).

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Mario Noises

Mario SOUNDDROPs! Its the iconography combined with the idea of their respective sounds that really gets me this morning. Cute idea - makes for a fun pic… take a look at them, or buy them over at JBOX

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Fire- pretty

frank.jpgThe log. Design Franck Fontana. A block of beech or poplar is transformed into auxiliary log… From a simple gesture, the match, the window bar and the sticks are detached for a true blaze. Dimensions: 33x8.5 cm Composed of a match, 3 glazing bar, 4 sticks and 1 log, the precut whole.

Block 36. Design Franck Fontana. These 36 very beautiful matches are astutely joined together ready to light fire. Precut, only one gesture is enough to detach them.

At Singuilier

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Nanosporia Cont’d

VinylPulse has some great images from the original NanoSpore show you MUST see.

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