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Feng Shui Creatures

WEB05_176827_W.jpgFeng Shui is one of those things i lump in with horoscopes… its about believing in something more, but not quite to the level of a religion. And it can’t really hurt, there is no punishment, but there are rules and reccomendations. This sleek little set by Red Envelope has three creatures to help bring better fortune through desk placement. The description reads “dragon represents new beginnings and opportunities; phoenix symbolizes positive perception and recognition; and the tiger helps with completing projects” Can’t go wrong with any of that, and it certainly is a cute set of white-resin creatures ideal for those backup or random gifts. [does the phoenix remind anyone else of the flamingos from alice in wonderland disney-style?]

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Peace Bombs

PeaceBombs. Quite a work of art: made of high priced relief wax, hand poured, hand wheted, hand dipped, and printed in a pad printing process. “International aid organizations try for years in vain to forbid the blanket-bombing of areas in war zones. With peacebombs, the senselessness of such weapons should be brought to attention… Peacebombs should suggest a peaceful dealing with one another; portraying the attitude of the purchaser towards war - because peace is too serious an affair to leave it in the hands of politicians.” For 40 euros you can purchase one through their website, it comes in english, hebrew, and arabic. Also available at UpToYou in Toronto.

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Massager Top

Produkt_3900039.jpg Some shapes just have that inexplicable appeal to people… and the smooth curves of this massager top have it. Without reading further into the psychological reasons why that may be, its minimalistic sleek playful shape make it ideal to leave on a coffee table… one of those objects guests won’t be able to resist playing with. “The massage top lies comfortably in the hand, and the two different massage surfaces are perfect for lovingly soothing both the large muscle groups and specific problem areas.”

Design: Pernille Vea
Use: Massage
Material: Stainless steel
By Menu - a Danish company since 1979

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GTI FAST bunny?

Hehehe. It makes me giggle - this insane little FAST rabbit creature of VW’s new GTI which i’ve been a major fan of since the LA Auto Show [remember the sweet flocked GTI posters? now THAT was a great bunny] It’s an interesting gimmick to sell the car - and i do hate that it is increasing my attraction to the car. Cute though - love the tee’d off tail. I need to get a new car in the next month or so - should i get a GTI?

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ShotShow Schwag

Las Vegas Shot Show (yes. guns.) Had some fun schwag - to our left we have a guitar pic sized metal screw driver! and to the right - to show my love of leatherman and their incredible design, Leatherman chapstick… but more exciting apparently leatherman will soon be launching a multi tool with full on shears and the demo model looked quite impressive (according to my dad anyhow).

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Mario Noises

Mario SOUNDDROPs! Its the iconography combined with the idea of their respective sounds that really gets me this morning. Cute idea - makes for a fun pic… take a look at them, or buy them over at JBOX

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Fire- pretty

frank.jpgThe log. Design Franck Fontana. A block of beech or poplar is transformed into auxiliary log… From a simple gesture, the match, the window bar and the sticks are detached for a true blaze. Dimensions: 33x8.5 cm Composed of a match, 3 glazing bar, 4 sticks and 1 log, the precut whole.

Block 36. Design Franck Fontana. These 36 very beautiful matches are astutely joined together ready to light fire. Precut, only one gesture is enough to detach them.

At Singuilier

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Nanosporia Cont’d

VinylPulse has some great images from the original NanoSpore show you MUST see.

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Adorable - sporelike - nanolike - and just great. (esp the poo and the head and the spray can.) Nanospore Customs Exhibition number 1 hosted by Adfunture Workshop, Ltd will be showing at New York ComicCon Feb 24-26. Featuring the work of many artists including our recent fav Shawnimals! See the flyer here

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Deconstruction Paper

AGH - this makes me chuckle this jetlagged 8am morning. Enough to let it float in the center all alone like the masterpiece the cover is. DEconstruction paper - absolutely brilliant (brilliant colors as well). Pamela Barsky as well: she has become my theme of the day apparently.

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Pleather Tags

L_524.jpgTravel can truly be a love hate process, and one of the most painful aspects is the packing/airport security aspect of the trip. Essential but if only there was a way to do with out… These disposable pleather tags (complete with those indestructable cable ties) give your luggage that provacative edge to help them stand up for themselves when you’re not there to protect them. From “Careful: my shoes are inside” and “open with caution: dirty clothes inside” to “nothing worth stealing here” and “this is not your suitcase” - at only 12$ for a set of 6 - the colorful tags will help make your luggage faster to spot, and give it a voice of its own that can change with each mood/journey. Also from Pamela Barsky.

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Hate Wee Ninja

Remember the Wee Ninja by Shawnimals i posted about a while back? Well Shawnimals have apparently teamed up with those Mimoco guys who have the cute little USB key monsters - and released limited edition LOVE/HATE stuffed animals AND USB guys…

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diamond.pngFeelin girly today - Tobias Wong’s screensaver is sparkly and mesmerizing - 100 rotating diamonds - found it via BLTD I’ve shown you other pieces form this same diamond collection from Tobias before - but i just forgot about this screensaver - and i still want this ultimate reverse setting ring - bling*

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Ok back to more regularly scheduled content - do you slip when doing the yoga/pilates thing too? Or just like the feel of little nubby rubbery bits? (they remind me of these “tic tac toe” brand socks my mom used to have me wear that kept me from wiping out all over the slick hardwood floors when i was a wee one) Anyhow, these brilliantly beautiful Yogitoes apply the concept of those childhood socks to towels/mats/etc while you attempt to stretch and hold poses in yoga/pilates/etc. Found them at Fred Segal the other day. They’d make a great gift… *hint hint*

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Books make us free…

booktin.jpgWandering Borders the other day, and came across this great gift tin for 99 cents - it had a holder inside of it for a gift card (so the width of that is perhaps 4” for the tin)… but the holder pops out, and it makes for a great little mailer/gift package for small items, and just looks nice on the shelf. The quote on the front is Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Some books leave us free, and some books make us free.”

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