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Treonauts Hands On

I know i showed you this limited edition treo 650 before, but i’m a bit obsessed with it today - and just found this great hands on review of it over at Treonauts. The coating of the whole phone is the same as that great thin subtle rubbery coating that the hardcase has… i can’t stand how slippery the current one is. Tempting.

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Black Tie

Happy 10th bday to Palm. They are releasing this special “Black Tie” edition of the Treo 650 (which i guess is only something us GSM folk can crave, since everyone else has moved on to the 700 and 700p?) - bundled with this hardcase and a stylus. My focus here is actually more on the hardcase, when i first got the treo back in december, i couldn’t find ANY cases i actually liked - then at CES the palm rep had this great case i loved - and then shattered my excitment by telling me it was just a prototype… but there it is. Something about that sleek look of it just gets me.

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CL Sound Machine

Designed by the Cucumber Lab, this incredible object is the CL Sound Machine. It seems reminiscent of an overhead projector, mailbox, and gramophone to me. The fusion of the familiar to create something so beautiful and still functional - certainly qualifies as drool worthy design. “Beats emanate from our sound projecting, music machine with automated transitional glass for direct visual surveillance of one’s finest wines. It features high gloss finish, 12 bottle wine-liquor storage, Smart Glass technology, direct drive digital record player, 5 disc slim line cd player, universal mp3 player and stand, 200 watt rmf mono bridged amplifier, 8” subwoofer, and 42-25,000 Hz range.” Hyperventilating slightly? Me too. I want one. And you haven’t even seen the interior yet… after the jump.

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Sweatshop Free for Avatars

virtualAA.jpgNews Flash! American Apparel Store opening today! (Yes, we know it feels like one opens somewhere everyday)… opens on a private island… a private island in Second Life. Second Life, being a virtual environment. (and this store is designed in colaboration with AA’s own architect) Is this where we get philosophical? If your avatars and their little world don’t know what it feels like to be overworked, and underpaid - do they care if they wear sweatshop free clothing? Can they drive SUV’s without scrutiny since it is a virtual automobile running on virtual gas in a virtual world? Or do they have new problems - like stunted resolution by bandwidth limitations - or… i dunno, keeping their world spam free? Shrug* I’m not a big player in all of the goldmining possibilities of what you can place value on in those worlds yet - but it sure makes you think. Digression aside, your Second Life avatars can now be sweatshop free in AA just like you! And thats what it really comes down to when you spend that dollar, right? [via Springwise]

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Untangled Life

My obsession of the day is Untangled Life… and their Wibrary (think wireless library?) - and as much as i hate to admit it - their visuals won me over first. Their ads/etc are hilarious, and gorgeous. And like a proper one - two punch, next thing that hit me was their brilliant concept - UNTANGLED LIFE - the title says it all on so many levels, they are simplifying your life, they offer free tech support (totally sending my mom to these guys), 5$ handling + free shipping, and they provide all things wireless. Its like a dream store, i would even go so far as to say, when these guys put a physical store together, it will blow the apple store away.

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This is your server on…

WOW. Remember those “This is your brain. awkward silence This is your brain on drugs. show complete mess” styled ads? Well thats what these images remind me of… This is your server on Linux/Apache awkward silence This is your server on WINDOWS/IIS. (click image to see bigger) As i’m sure you know, i’m visually oriented - you can describe to me the benefits between systems over and over, but an image like this drives it home… wow. look at that mess. [via IslaFriki]

On that note - Plea For Help! I’m going to start freelance writing/blogging for another site covering Tech/Gadget Blogs [and pet blogs too] - and would love to hear what sites you guys love and know about that deserve some recognition! I’ll post more info up here when it gets going, so far, it seems like a really fun venture NOTCOT lovers might enjoy… i’ll keep you posted.

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Remote Hanger

Also found this one via Galore, its Multishelf by Swedish firm Nylen Media, and its exactly what it sounds like. A shelf for many things - but ideal for all your tech gadgets (mobile phones, pdas, mps, remote controls, etc) - and maybe it could be adapted to be a sweet charging dock (slap a powerstrip underneath it perhaps?) I was drawn to the simplicity of the design, and the potential it has - available in black and white.

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sparkly.pngDazed and crazy weekend trying to get ready to run off to Europe and soothing to the stress is this gorgeously mesmerizing Sparkly Screensaver! Not much else to say about it other than watch it and zone and be inspired (for Mac OS X - its a quartz composer file)

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Plotted above are apparently the 100 most recent visitors (well recent to that one time a day they update)… by Gvisit. But its still a fun concept - and even seeing a tiny sample of the many readers, its fun to see the city list and see how it looks plotted on the world. Stumbled upon this, just trying it out to see how it looks - would be fun to find a way to plot every visitor! [From the look of it - this was a time when americans were awake and all our euro/asian readers hadn’t quite gotten up yet!] Best part though is anyone can input their website with no registration and check out their visitors locations! I’m a fan of the openess of the setup.

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Ticker Garden

With so many ways to track your stocks out there, its a pity this one isn’t a fancy little web app - but check out the visuals? Its a very pretty/organic way to watch your stocks grow and bloom. Green blossoms are growing, red dropping. Blossom radius denotes percentage of growth/loss. And the height shows the relative price. PC app by Digitectonics. [via infoaesthetics]

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Did you know Bloomberg apparently makes most of its profits on a single product/service? Well that was news to me. As far as design/tech inspiration - take a look at this Bloomberg B-Unit. At first glance, it seems like a wallet sized camera/battery/id gizmo. But upon closer look, you will find that it is apparently “one of the most advanced personal authentication devices available. The credit card sized device integrates a biometric sensor-a finger image scanner-to verify the identity of BLOOMBERG ANYWHEREusers, allowing them to log in to their BLOOMBERG TERMINAL from any internet-ready PC, anywhere in the world.” This is the B-Unit: Bloomberg Personal Authentication Device, and i want one. Not for any reason other than, at this moment my wallet and tech filled purse feels an inferiority complex coming on - thats so sleek and pretty, and a nice implementation of tech (although honestly, couldn’t it be even thinner?).

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Tumi Travel

Travelling again - in San Francisco now! (till the 31st) - hence the slight gap in posting - helped a friend pack up his whole life and am now in a hotel using the internet off my treo to write this. Web God of NOTCOT, Jermacide, has been made and offer he can’t refuse - so now i’m up here apt hunting and settling him while probably stumbling upon things to share with you.

But i digress, giving credit where credit is due, Tumi (who’s classic line of suitcases will always have a soft spot in my heart - but the newer tech and colorful stuff wasn’t doing it for me for a few years there) has an incredibly functional/nicely designed travel adapter! That is surprisingly sleek and compact given that it takes in every input and provides every output! And has a cute carrying case. Also Tumi+Ducati teamed up, and i love Ducati…

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Cable Yoyo sent us their new Cable Yoyo Pop, which will be available in April! I must admit this post is less a product review and more of a packaging design review. While i had seen the images of the product on the site and press releases, it is the box when it arrived that made me smile. Matte Black. Clean font. Sweet line drawings. Good colors. And preprinted stickers of various designs for the not so creatives to customize their POP!

As for how it works, basically that main piece has a high quality hardcore suction cup. You stick it to anything and wrap your headphones around it. More specifically, they provide you three options. The main piece labeled 1, has the suction and can clip your headphones and plug in the front. When attached to 2, you can clip it on to something. When attached to three, you can peel 3’s adhesive and stick it to just about anything. Or you could simply suction on to the back of your ipod, or window, etc. So Suction then wrap… My only complaint is it works best with simple headphones, esp ones that are symettrical (not one short side and one long piece for the second ear piece)…

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Cell Catch

The designers at Tray6 have come up with these interesting and pretty little cell phone catches… think clutch meets cell dangle? But these two color/bead shape combinations caught my eye, and if i had a smaller phone, i would be temped to use it on those days you just grab your phone and car keys and run out the door… or when you’re the phone but need that hand so can let go, and it doesn’t completely fall. Pretty bracelet like approach to the functional cell phone dangle.

You probably remember Tray6 from their great umbrella’s we told you about previously.

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Folding SD

sdusb.jpg UPDATE/REPOST This card was incredibly convenient this Asia trip (from needing to get files from someone while at lunch - to just wanting to throw a few more songs last minute onto my treo to listen to while in Narita Airport) - and it is SO CHEAP on amazon right now for only 67$. [I just tried setting up the amazon refferal account - so it actually helps NOTCOT when you buy through the link!… also that link is a sweet lil javascript rollover for this amazon beta i’m testing - i see it in firefox but not safari right now… worth checking out]

You may remember this one from a previous post, if not, you can go read it there… this post is to inform you that i recieved one as a gift… and it is great! I was a little skeptical at the quality of the card and whether it was practical to fold it (and how long that would last), but i’ve been playing with it constantly for the last few days, and must admit its brilliant… this new 1gig card of mine is perfect in the treo (and allows me to leave my previous 1 gig card dedicated to music). The hinge you must be gentle with, but certainly will withstand basic usage. It now replaces not only my usb key (which once looked small, and now looks like a behemoth) but also some form of an sd card reader (be it a pcmcia or usb chunk to carry around)… AND it came with that sleek SD card keychain carrier which is sleeker than both my USB key and the standard SD card boxes, and slips nicely into one’s wallet or pocket. At 130$ it was fully worth it. SanDisk SD II Plus

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