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So CES Google goodies - they had these great simple black t-shirts with the graphic on the bottom wrapping around your left side (the OOOOO’s covering love handles)… and some fun magnets as well. [Oh yea and palm had some palm and treo magnets as well - that’s my working white board up on its side thats holding silly magnets between moves at the moment]

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USB Lock?


So in addition to that notorious Imation USB Bracelet (seriously, would you wear that?) they also launched this USB Lock thing - also cutesy… “forming a handy attachment clip for briefcases, backpacks, or beltloops”. And the tagline “MICRO on the outside! GIGA on the inside!” - it comes in 2 and 4 gig models… But as much as i gripe, it caught my eye in the CES 2006 Showcase, and its aesthetically interesting, i am just disappointed there isn’t more funtion to its form.

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Your Secret Stash


Mom sent me this one - (and apparently it was given out at some evening event at CES? so sad i missed that) - but its such a great use of your PCMCIA hole if you don’t have a card reader or something else stuffed up in there… finally dumbing down technology as the perfect hiding place. Or as mom says, the perfect spot to hide some cash so you never forget some money for lunch at the last minute! Or um whatever small secret things you have, in a spot few are bound to go snooping. StashCards. and only $9.99!

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egrips.jpg So I admit i was a non believer that i would ever stick things to my phone. Also i have not been able to find a suitable case/cover for the treo 650 that protects the screen and makes it less slippery, while not making it hugely bulky. Being female, i tend to carry my treo in my purse, so smaller the better, but it will definitely come into contact with keys/makeup/leatherman/etc. Anyhow, at CES the Palm booth lady gave me eGrips which in my boredom i stuck on to the treo to see what it was like (it did say that you could remove it with no goo left behind)… and then i proceeded to see if it really did magically keep from slipping on slanted surfaces. So while it did not stick to the matte painted wall, it did stick nicely to the guitar! Although, it’s not actually sticking, more or a "not sliding off".
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Intel MacTop


Yes yes everyone has it as the news of the day, so here goes the band wagon jumping. MACBOOK PRO - new mactop with the crazy magnetic (awesome for people tripping on your cable) power cord and the built in i-sight… and all the other bells and whistles. Don’t get me wrong, yes i want one, and yes i’m feeling a bit jaded about apple as well. But go check it out if you haven’t already done so,

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xbox.jpgOk kids, after CES, destressing with XBOX 360 Live silliness. And not to be silly, but don’t know too many folks with one… so readers… who has one? you? want to play? DOA? PGR? (and sometimes Madden, but football and i are not such a good combo, but learning) Anyhow, i’m notcot there too… =)

But this is a picture from the XBOX display over at the MASSIVE MS section at CES… so more to post on that later. But on the XBOX 360 and the whole LIVE thing… it pains me to admit it is pretty freaking sweet. Well laid out, games are pretty fun, and it is kind of nice just sitting back listening to your personal music (from your media center) and chatting with your friends (or talking shit depending on the game and such) The skinning is quite pretty, and you can customize them. But at the moment i am just obsessed with how beautiful the project gotham racing tracks are, check out the detail when you manage to slow down, the people and environment actually reacting to you… ahhh. ok come play with me already. Real CES posts to come.

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Toys Part II

ROBORAPTOR… another silly holiday gift (yes, an xmas/bday gift, but i’m not exactly all that religious, so holiday gift works?) Designed and engineered by Mark Tilden (NASA background), these brilliantly fun little robot beings are gorgeous to look at, and highly amusing to leave roaming around the house. Chock full of sensors, and ingenious AI never before seen in such an accesible toy for kids/adults alike… it’s fun and technologically changing the level of robotics in toys as we know it. Boyfriend also just got the Robosapien V2, and you can have him fetching balls, grabbing beer cans, and even dancing and delivering pick up lines for you… He also interacts with my Raptor which is pretty sweet. Click the pic to read more, the Roboraptor and Robosapiens have made many “IT toy of the season” lists this year (from fashion mags to techy sites)… WOWWEE.com

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treo.pngBirthday+holiday gift… i have given in and have converted to the gprs/mobile pda world. Unbranded Unlocked GSM Treo 650 with T-mobile Gprs [Actually this will probably benefit people who like me to get im’s and emails immediately and to YOU notcot readers, since with the great camera i can run around taking pics of amusing things while shopping/wandering through my world, and also memos are key. I’m keeping lists in here, so i forget less of the things i want to share!] … things i love about it… camera works great, sd card expansion and ability to play music nicely, great syncing with Mac (from vcards to well just about everything i can come up with so far).

Progs I can’t live without for Palm OS 5-
MissingSync - best sync ever with Mac
Salling Clicker - I loved this with my old Sony Ericsson’s, even more gorgeous with Treo, and now i can use the Treo as my bluetooth trackpad pretty much
Pocket Tunes - with the iTunes 5 Skin, so gorgeous, works beautifully
Treo Alarm - I can’t do without an alarm on my phone to wake me up wherever i may be… this one does it great.
VolumeCare - You need it, it allows you to bump up volume for everything
VILLAGE SIM! - Best game EVER, so cute. You run the village… you click and drag the little guys around and they go “oooooh”. They build huts. You drag boys on girls and they make babies. [note: ok so thats simplified, also works vice versa, and depends on after the embrace whether they actually get along, if so they may “go inside”, then maybe babies happen]
Filez - So you can actually file browse and see where all those installs go
Verichat - Aim/MSN/Yahoo/etc client, you need to subscribe annually since it goes through third party server - verdict’s still out on that

p.s. if you know of other things i need, or some fun hacks, help me out!

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easy.png“That was easy.” It is a silly thing to post, but it amused me while i was in Staples waiting in line with a friend. And i’ve always had this soft spot for big red buttons… (long story short, some day my car will have a flip panel red eject button. many ideas what i may do, or not do)… and that human nature iressistability to pushing it. What is that all about? So here is the Staples $4.99 “EASY button” about 4” in diameter and made in plastic, another bizarre manifestation of a marketing ploy for the xmas season… see the fun commercials too. B/c somedays you just need an easy button.

UPDATE! I actually got hands on with an EASY button, FACIL button, and Yahoo! INSTA-YODEL button… videos, pics, etc.

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Bar Code Memory

barcodemem.pngBar Codes for visualizing data &Design’s exhibition is focused on “Characterized Design” and essentially created a collection of objects which simplified the functions of the everyday into iconic pieces that are reminiscent of mac icons… (see the power switch if you’re questioning my statement… or the trash can?)

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Transmit makes ftp-ing a happy shiny experience. What more can i really say. So check out this sweet shirt they’ve put out… for boys and girls! And if you’re not familiar with the folks at Panic and the brilliance they provide for your mac, well… go here.

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Devilishly Podstar

These are hot. Podstar Nano skins… really changing the personality of your device.

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Absolut Wrap

I love Absolut presents… their design never ceases to amaze and amuse me… and this time i just couldn’t stop giggling when the Absolut Wrap above showed up, such a blatent rip off the smartwraps i kind of wanted earlier, but didn’t feel they were worth paying money for. But for design’s sake, i had to post this.

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Apple launches new VIDEO IPOD… and remote… READ: me jumping on today’s bandwagon. But its cute, innovative, cutting edge tech… killing off more little 3rd party kiddies, yet so pretty and pushing good design onto stupid tasteless folks… yes, i’m torn. It is so pretty though. Yet part of me is so over it.

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Colorcalm Skies

colorcalm.pngAhhhh that ambient screensavers for your life/tvs/displays of any sort in full force, in conjunction with Pantone, the color authority… The vid previews are fun, and its interesting to see the companies buying into it so far, as well what they are using it for. Color therapy is coming up these days, and i must admit these are pretty gorgeous for what they are.

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