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Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

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Ace Hotel Portland: Inside #420

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ROADTRIP! LA to Park City + Audi Q7 TDI

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YETI Coolers

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Inspiration: Nashville!

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Inspiration: Seattle

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Seattle Adventures: Boeing Factory Tour

boeingmain.jpg One of our favorite discoveries in Seattle - Boeing Factory Tour in Everett, WA! It’s only about 30 minutes north of Seattle, and the sheer scale of the space and the planes and the factory in motion is mind blowing.

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Inspiration: 14 Hours in Indianapolis

indy0.jpg Phew! Reminder to self, no more red eye in, fly home in the evening trips… We just did a day trip to Indianapolis, getting in at 5:30am and flying home at 7:30pm… which means we were back in LA in under 24 hours. While we were there for a very specific purpose (hanging out with Butler Blue III, the bulldog mascot of Butler University, and checking out his Blue Mobile - more to come on that soooooon!) we also got to run around and see a bit of Indy! From watching the sunrise, to a delicious breakfast at Patachou, my first drive-in experience (Mug ‘n Bun!), my first architectural salvage (wow!), finding “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Space Rays” signage in a random yard, discovering locally made goods at Homespun and more… check it all out on the next page!

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The Scrubba

scruba0.jpg On another OR product… The Scrubba caught my eye for it’s playful branding, packaging, and concept. The idea is that when you’re on the go (and washing machine free) you can use this enhanced dry sack to wash your clothes nearly as effectively as a washing machine, and far more effectively than hand washing. Basically The Scrubba is a dry sack with a built in washboard, air vent (think beach ball valve), and a non slip bottom. Toss in your day or two of clothes, some soap, some water, and scrub away for 30 seconds to 3 minutes, then drain, rinse, hang dry! Simple, right? Perfect if you’re backpacking… or even a mom on the go with some kid messes at the beach/etc? Paired with a hairdryer that can pull from the car battery, you might even be able to wash and dry smaller things quickly for on the road emergencies?

The packaging (by Happy Studio Co) and design are super cute as well… the logo, well, i can’t seem to stop seeing a maxi-pad of sorts… and the concept, it is fun! It works! But part of me feels like it could have been designed simpler? Is it really so different than using a dry sack you already have? And maybe some dryer balls, etc instead of a built in washboard? But i do like the idea as an alternative to hand washing, even when at home, to get a more effective clean, use less water, and have less of a splashy, soapy mess. Take a peek at The Scrubba details on the next page!

p.s. See more of our Outdoor Retailer Show adventures here!

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Inspiration: San Diego/SDCC13

sd0.jpg Catching up on pictures… here’s a peek at the Instagrammed inspiration from San Diego time. From Comic-con 2013 to the awesome signage at the Torrey Pines Glider Port… views from Mt. Soledad to tacos at Oscar’s… and fun art, toys, and portraits from the man behind Mr. Toast… see it all on the next page!

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Inspiration: Sitka, Alaska

sitka0.jpg On amazing experiences ~ the opportunity randomly came up to spend the last week in Sitka, Alaska salmon fishing, and we had to go! My dad has been going annually with the incredible Angling Unlimited folks for over a decade now, so Shawn and I were thrilled to finally get to join in the fun. Beyond the excitement of finally going to Alaska ~ we were lucky enough to have incredibly beautiful weather, calm seas, and great fishing, and even see many humpback whales, puffins, otters, deer, bald eagles, albatrosses, giant slugs, and so much more! When it happened to drizzle/rain on us ever so slightly, the perfect semi-circle of a rainbow came out. Beyond the wildlife and fantastic fishing ~ we also got to know the adorable island town of Sitka, visiting local bars, the totem park, raptor center, the airports infamous pie spot - Nugget Restaurant, the only brewery on Baranof Island and more… only thing we didn’t make it over to which we’ve shown you before on NOTCOT was the Fortress of the Bear! The sunsets were breathtaking every day too… Take a peek at all the inspiration and randomness we discovered on the last week’s adventure in Sitka, Alaska on the next page!

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Inspiration: Nashville/Memphis

roo0.jpg Just back in LA from Tennessee adventures the last week. LAX-MEM, taxi to Lakeland, RV to Nashville to Manchester, madness at Bonnaroo, RV back to Memphis, rental car to Nashville, hang out in Nashville and then BNA-LAX! Along the way there were s’more mallows, pressurized ketchup, trained hotel ducks, seas of bodies, magic mushroom fountain, a giant inflatable meatwad, delicious bbq, vintage fire trucks (in a fire truck mechanic’s shop), guitar fly swatters, jar of fireflies, and so much more… take a peek at the instagram and cell phone inspiration from the trip!

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Inspiration in NYC

nytrip0.jpg For all of the NY Design Week randomness we’ve loved and already posted, flipping through our instagrams (and Shawn’s) proved the real fun happened between the events! So here’s a peek at everything ELSE that inspired and amused us that turned up on our phones! Take a peek at everything from the LOOK signage i was hunting for, to street art, to taco store floors, to the game of thrones like saw chair, the wedding we went to, the wooden beer slide, suits and surf photoshoot, and so much more on the next page… (and for those who follow our instagrams, here’s a bit more context.)

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Museum of Math, NYC

momath0.jpg We’ve been curious about the Museum of Math since we first heard it was in the works last year and opened Dec 2012, so we had to check it out while in NYC… as designers with a love of math (particularly as it applies to geometry, design, patterns, puzzles, and more), Shawn and I have been excited to see how the MoMath brought these concepts to life with interactive installations for kids! And as most of you know, my rule on NOTCOT has always been to share the things i LOVE that inspire me! But, as much as i hate breaking my own rule… we are SO disappointed! Sadly, the Yelp reviewers are right ~ It has SO much potential, but unfortunately i wouldn’t recommend it… yet? It’s been open nearly 6 months now and the majority of the interactive exhibits in the spacious two levels are either not functioning, impressively unintuitive, or have taken quite the beating and don’t feel like you’re visiting a brand new museum. (But i must say the docent we ran into upstairs was trying his best, and had great enthusiasm and knowledge even when explaining how exhibits would work… were they functioning.) While it does have a 3D printer, laser cutter, badges that are supposed to sync with various exhibits to send you your creations later, an interactive floor, fractal video cameras to interact with, interactive kinect driven projections, and other digital setups, in the end the analog exhibits are more engaging. Ultimately the bike above is probably the most fun of all the working exhibits (but don’t forget to wear closed toe shoes, which i learned the hard way)… but that isn’t worth the price of admission.

All of that being said ~ working or not, i took a bunch of pics for those as curious and excited as we were that haven’t been yet to get a peek inside the MoMath. And i’m not giving up hope on it, i just hoped for so much more? Take a peek on the next page…

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Hotel de Paris, St. Tropez + CLA

deparis0.jpg This weekend’s adventures lead me from LA to St. Tropez by way of Paris and Marseille to try out the new Mercedes-Benz CLA. While there, Mercedes-Benz took over newly redone, iconic Hotel de Paris St. Tropez, which barely reopened the doors before Mercedes moved in for this round of drives. Mixed into the sculptures throughout the lobby, we were greeted with displays of the new CLA Dashboard, Direct Steer System, various engines and more… which fit right in! In the main courtyard, the new CLA and it’s larger influence, the CLS were on show. Apparently the Hotel de Paris was one of THE first hotels in St Tropez back in the 1930s, and was THE spot to be seen in the 60s and 70s (think artists, starlets, and more). Freshly redone by interior designer, Sybille de Margerie, it is quite a mix of design styles, and the hardest things to miss are the stunning spherical chandelier of metal petals of sorts in the lobby… and the nearly ready glass bottom pool that is suspended over the lobby which is viewable from all floors! Take a peek at the details of the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez with its Mercedes-Benz CLA flourishes on the next page!

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