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Design Behind the NEW Nike Free

free1.jpg I’ve been mesmerized by the pics of these new Nike Free Running Shoes since i saw them on Acquire… there’s something so… naturally inspired about them… and/or the way they are photographed… also glowing… i think they remind me of nudibranchs when they swim, it’s that shape and the colorful nature of them. (Can you imagine Nike Frees actually inspired them?) Anyhow ~ back to the DESIGN! I’ve been loving my grey/red Nike Free, so light, comfy, and packable (it’s fun watching shoe design evolve as everyone goes superlight lately!)… and the details of this latest edition of the Nike Free designs keep those, and take it even further. Take a look at the pictures on the next page as well as videos with their designer, Mike Miner, discussing the creative inspirations and process behind the latest!

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James Jean OVM Love Jewelry

ovm0.jpg OVM Love is the stunning new store and jewelry line from artist, James Jean. As his introduction explains, “Unexpectedly, I also started developing a line of fine jewelry, scarves, and objects with support from my friends in Japan. I traveled to Tokyo 5 times in the past year, before and after the tsunami, to shepherd OVM into existence. As I explored this new medium, motifs in my work found new expression in precious metals and materials. Drawing inspiration from forms in nature, OVM is a place of luminous fantasy and dark decay. Four major series of fine jewelry will be released this next year, along with textiles and design objects.” The pieces, the photography, and the packaging is beautiful! I can’t seem to resist the liquid motion he captures in sterling silver (both light and black rhodium) sometimes with a dash of diamonds. Each piece is handcrafted in japan. Even the cases they come in are a work of art ~ with what looks like milled wood beautifully “dripping” in the lids… take a look at the pictures on the next page!

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Acronym WS-JF26 Packable Shell Jacket

acronym1.jpg I’ve been lusting after Acronym goods for years now… and perhaps, secretly loving that the jackets i liked were only for guys, so i couldn’t give in. Well for their new Acronym SS/12 collection… they did it. Their women’s WS-JF26 Hardshell Packable Windstopper Active Shell Jacket is awesome. And i’m smitten… all the brilliant design details… including my favorite JacketSling feature… recut and fitted for ladies!

The WS-JF26, which they describe as: “Light and soft almost to the point of invisibility, WS-JF26 floats in at a feather weight 150g. Enabler of this feat is the new Windstopper® Active Shell™ fabric; a windproof, water-repellent, highly breathable, highly compressible, ultralight ghost of a textile. Rolled into its own stow pocket, JF26 forms a tiny package that you can take with you anywhere. Hang it off of the carabiner, or wear it over your shoulder on the Jacketslingæ. Pack carefully and the zippered pocket will even hold all of your essentials (card, key, phone) for day or nighttime sorties.”

Best way to fall for it… see the video of it in action on the next page, as well as lots of detail pictures! (and a bonus, also see the awesome men’s E-J23 Lightshell Epic Vehicular Jacket has a magical Escape Zip that lets you unzip it off while carrying a messenger bag or seatbelt!)

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Terra New York Raincoats

terra1.jpg Ok, for context, it’s 75 degrees and super sunny here in LA as we get ready for the superbowl to start… but i’m checking the weather for NY later this week ~ and it looks like it’s COLD. and also possibly WET! It definitely feels a bit silly to be daydreaming about rain coats in this weather, but these by Terra New York seem intriguing ~ they use heavy TPU/ Urethane to provide structure to the 100% waterproof outerwear pieces using heat sealed technic for the seams… I’d love to see what these feel/smell like in person, but so far the designs look clean and fashion forward, which is no surprise considering “The founders Yurika Nakazono and Marie Saeki began with one simple question: What can a fashion-conscious woman wear when it’s raining?” ~ the look makes me think of paper wrapped chicken and manila envelopes ~ the simplicity pulls me in. So far there are three designs of raincoats, each available in nude and smokey grey, and three pouches to keep you and your goods dry! Take a peek at the current designs and details on the next page, and soon there may even be hats, bags, and shoes!

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Les Merveilleuses De Ladurée

lauduree0.jpg Les Merveilleuses De Ladurée is coming according to Fashion Press ~ yes. That Ladurée. The famous french macaron maker is branching out in to cosmetics. These will only be available in Japan, and are in collaboration with Albion Cosmetics ~ the collection will include blushes, foundations, and lip colors inspired by their sweets. Take a peek at the upcoming collection on the next page!

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Notcouture Roundup

roundup notcouture #9267 notcouture #9258 notcouture #9238 notcouture #9252 notcouture #9240 notcouture #9246 notcouture #9276 notcouture #9210 notcouture #9205 notcouture #9261 notcouture #9264 notcouture #9235 notcouture #9233 notcouture #9248 notcouture #9245

A roundup of fashion’s finest from Notcouture. To find out more about each piece, click on its individual image.

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Aesop’s Daring Cases in Favour of Science

aesop0.jpg Beautiful packaging ~ and when it comes to the holiday season, one of my favorite things is to see all the fun gift set packaging skincare/cosmetics brands do! This year Aesop went with a Daring Cases in Favour of Science theme! Each set has the products are housed in a black case with a sturdy zip ~ easily reused for whatever your science lover deems fit. There is the Theory of Evolution, Accelerating Universe, States of Matter, Special Relativity, Laws of Motion, Centre of Gravity, and Celestial Mechanics. Of course the hardest part will be shopping by theme… versus shopping by contents! Take a peek at the fun packaging graphics on the next page!

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Aroha Silhouettes Molecular Addictions

aroha0.jpg Regardless of your addiction of choice ~ be it Caffeine, Chocolate, MDMA, Nicotine, THC, or DMT ~ Aroha Silhouettes latest collection Molecular Addictions has you covered. Each of the necklaces are made of strong lightweight stainless steel that has been finished in a smooth matte black powder coating with gunmetal chain and findings. Take a peek at Tania’s new collection with photography by Kelly Jill on the next page!

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Icebreaker Flash Card Look Book

icebreaker.jpg Icebreaker ~ the New Zealand Merino wool wearable company that keeps us warm (and has that adorable Baacode system that lets you trace back and see what sheep your clothes came from) ~ has always had some awesome and crazy surreal ram/man photos… well today their new lookbook came through ~ and it brought out the little kid in me ~ i love the flash card set feeling of the book! And it definitely made it easy to flip through and make little piles ~ figuring out ones i was curious about/etc! As much as i shop online ~ i must admit i love catalogs and look books in print ~ it just FEELS great still! (And its a nice break from so much screen time in our lives!) Take a peek at some of Icebreaker’s imagery on the next page as well as their flashcard look book for SS12 ~ the bliss wrap in black is looking particularly cozy tonight…

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Prospector Co.

samples.jpg Spotted over at Bedlam of Beefy ~ the adorable packaging of Prospector Co. includes this super cute tester set of vials! They have K.C. Atwood Aftershave Splash, Peary & Henson Aftershave Splash, Burroughs Beard Oil, Miss Annie Jones Shaving Oil, and Wormwood Absinthium Cream. Love that they describe themselves as - “…a line for men who seek purpose and forethought in their skin and shave products. The line captures something for every man with formulas for pre-shaving, post-shaving, unshaven scruff to a beard gone wild. “

My favorite description is of their Burroughs Beard Oil (yes! BEARD OIL!) - “Burroughs writes in his Indoor Studies: We readily attribute some extra virtue to those persons who voluntarily embrace solitude, who live alone in the country or in the woods, or in the mountains, and find life sweet… The woodsy, earthy scent of this beard oil brings together the solitary notes of nature and craftsmanship. The smell of freshly chopped forest woods move into a dusty carpenter’s workshop, leaving behind the deep leathered richness of a cobbler’s apron. Its very hardy, masculine fragrance works well with the rugged scruff left behind after a lazy summer’s week of no shaving to the full-grown winter’s beard.” Take a peek at the packaging of their line on the next page!

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Notcouture Roundup

roundup notcouture #9158 notcouture #9156 notcouture #9137 notcouture #9133 notcouture #9159 notcouture #9125 notcouture #9154 notcouture #9130 notcouture #9118 notcouture #9132 notcouture #9166 notcouture #9149 notcouture #9172 notcouture #9124 notcouture #9157

A roundup of fashion’s finest from NotCouture. To find out more about each post, click on its individual image.

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Super White Nautilus Jacket from Denham

NAUTILUSdglMasthead.jpg Denham introduce the the winter edition of their torpedo crew and diving suit inspired Nautilus jacket. The men’s winter coat comes in Loden wool with heavy white ripstop canvas re-cut from vintage winter tarpaulins sourced from Dutch military surplus.

The new Denham Garment Library RECUT version, the Nautilus D.G.L., features stitched tape reinforcements and a removable cowl (modeled after a simple Royal Navy dress tunic), a style originating in naval flash gear, for which the hoods and shoulder pieces helped protect the heads, faces and shoulders of torpedo crews and is reminiscent of frogman diving suits with (the sort GI Joe used to wear).

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Baggu Goes Leather

leatherbaggu1.jpg Just in from Emily over at Baggu ~ their classic ripstop nylon reusable shopping bags have gone leather! While the concept isn’t new ~ (there have been japanese variations floating around and A+R has Cast of Vices’ 3 Corner Store variations) ~ i love the direction Baggu keeps evolving beyond what you can stash everything from groceries to random shopping in, though i’m not sure i’d want my milk and eggs in leather… but perhaps more my camera and spare clothes in the car between events? In addition to the new leather small and regular sized Baggus, she’s also launched leather pouches in two sizes (they remind me of the new leather Baggus on the next page!

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Into the AETHERstream

aether0.jpg I love when things just fall together. Like yesterday ~ finding out that the gorgeous AETHER APPAREL (who has been a kind supporter of NOTCOT over the years through beautiful advertising!) is actually LA based! And love matte black/metal/wood minimalist gear, gadgets, and cars/etc as much as we do. They just took the mobile pop up shop to a whole new level with their AETHERstream ~ designed by Thierry Gaugain, this airstream that has been gutted and retrofitted with reclaimed wood floors, modular shelving, and vintage gadgets/gear… and their storage? Stacks of huge pelican cases! It’s a beautiful (though tight) space ~ and it was great to see the majority of their collection in person finally… the tiny details were amazing ~ from quality of materials and stitching (it just feels so GOOD!) to the awesome black safety pins they use to attach their tags and the Aether whistles on each piece. Take a little tour in and around the AETHERstream on the next page ~ it will be hanging out in LA for a few weeks before it heads cross country to NY by mid nov!

p.s. See the making of the AETHERstream as well as the original plans.

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NotCouture Roundup

roundup notcouture #8937 notcouture #8915 notcouture #8930 notcouture #8938 notcouture #8941 notcouture #8892 notcouture #8900 notcouture #8947 notcouture #8957 notcouture #8954 notcouture #8925 notcouture #8905 notcouture #8924 notcouture #8940 notcouture #8961

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