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Holiday Feature! Noferin Jibibuts Giveaway!- 12.10.09

noferin0.jpg Noferin has launched their latest set of woody toys, this time a blind box set: Jibibuts! And for this Holiday feature, they give us a peek into how they are made, the full set, and even a teaser as to what those 2 super special mystery characters are… ready to take a peek? See the full story on the next page!

Also… they have sent over one full case to give to one of you! For a chance to win, leave a comment on the feature with your favorite childhood toy!


feature and images by Noferin


With the release of our previous wooden figures, the Pecanpals, we started receiving lots of interest from parents and children’s boutiques. It is an incredible feeling to have something you have created become part of a child’s life, but we oddly felt upset about this because the Pecanpals were not designed as articles of play, and hence they would become top shelf, look-but-don’t-touch artefacts. Now that we are parents ourselves, we really wanted to create a series that maintained our use of sustainably harvested rubber wood, was completely child friendly, yet maintained a strong design aesthetic that would make them equally at home in a nursery or an office.


This is something we hope we have achieved through the Jibibuts wooden blindbox set. We set out to produce a series of wooden figures that is simple, elegant and affordable at the same time. We like the idea of blindboxes due to the surprise of not knowing what is inside, but we don’t like the idea of opening the same figure again and again. That is why we have made sure that each display case guarantees a complete set of 12. There is also the added excitement of perhaps finding a super special rare gold or silver edition which we have packed randomly.



We chose to use wood because we wanted to expose a traditional material in this new scene of designer toys. Wood has a weight to it, a true sense of solidity. Wood is living. It has grain, pits and pores and is a beautiful medium to work with. We wanted to create a set of figures that would stand the test of time - something that is cherished and passed through the generations.


We made a conscious decision to use sustainably harvested rubber wood for the production of our wooden toys because we are concerned about the footprint we leave behind. Rubber trees are grown for their rubber, but after around 20 years their rubber yields start to diminish and the trees are cut down and often burnt right there on the farm. We save this beautiful wood and use it for all our wooden figures.


In a nutshell:
Made from sustainably harvested rubber wood
2.5 - 3.5 inches.
12 per set plus 2 super special rare gold or silver versions packed randomly
One display case of 12 guarantees a complete set
Jibibuts come in couples: male is coloured; female is brown
Great for customising. 6 different shapes. Very easy to work on. Can be stacked and stuck together to form sculptural shapes.
Non-toxic. ASTM and CE certified for 18 months+ (Ages 4+ on box)
RRP $9 each x 12 per case.

Available now at Noferin.



For a chance to win a whole SET of these fun woody Jibibuts ~ leave a comment with your favorite childhood toy, and i’ll pick a winner on dec 17th 2009!

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283 Notes

Monchichi dolls…. loved them.

----- Kat 11.12.09 03:38

cute! i love how they are eco friendly too. my favorite toy would have to be all the hotwheels i had as a child.

----- ed 11.12.09 04:43

my favourite toy, when i was a child, had no special features yet it was so unique to me, this old teddy bear with its mushy legs and arms!

----- marikke 11.12.09 04:45

My favorite childhood toy must have been a Giraffe Push Toy, u push the bottom of platform the giraffe stands on and the whole animal collapses - release the bottom of the platform and it jumps up again.

----- Dries 11.12.09 05:16

I have many a happy memory playing with the king of all toy…LEGO®. Be you boy or girl, young or old, LEGO®’s just never get old. One time I was working on building my owl single prop cessna-like plane, and I kept tweaking and altering it for months before it was P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

----- Tom 11.12.09 06:28

These are adorable! My triplets would love them!! My favorite childhood toy was my cabbage patch doll!

----- Anna 11.12.09 06:45

My “blankie” i slept with every night was my favourite childhood toy (it started its life as a towel). I hated it when my mom dried it outside leaving it starchy. You could wrap the blanket around you like a robe, cradle it in your sleep, and the one that aggravated my mom (which delighted me) was stuffing it down my pants.

----- .grace. 11.12.09 07:02

Wow! Those things look soooo cool! My favorite toy was legos. It was the best when you had friends who had boxes full of them and everyone put them all together to make some huge castle or something.

----- Allen Read 11.12.09 07:17

I remember feelin Euphoria when i would walk down the ‘pink’ isle in venture… Yeah, VENTURE!!

----- Quiriat 11.12.09 07:18

My favorite childhood toy was a new doll, any doll. Every time I change my shower curtain, the vinyl smell reminds of Christmas morning and the smell of a new doll.

----- Patricia 11.12.09 07:23

My favourite childhood toy was a moose called Bruce, with skis and ski poles!

----- Dan 11.12.09 07:25

My mom was a seamstress, my favorite toys was her fabric scraps that she let me play with

----- sylvia 11.12.09 07:26

These are absolutely adorable!

Favorite childhood toy: My Little Pony!

----- Linda 11.12.09 07:29

my favorite childhood toy:
finger paint!

----- Naysa 11.12.09 07:33

My favorite toy were definitely Legos. I spent countless hours building spaceships and castles.

----- Joel 11.12.09 07:35

Hi, very nicely crafted figures. My favorite childhood toys were and still are legos. Thanks!

----- scott 11.12.09 07:35

Speaking of living and breathing things, my favorite childhood toy were beetles. My grandfather used to tie a string around one of their legs. I would hold the string, but were too scared to touch them. I felt like I had flying pet, the only way one of them can escape was forgetting to hold the string. Thinking back it was probably animal cruelty, but imaging having flying pet! I’m going to make a business out of this soon.

----- Erwin John Labra 11.12.09 07:37

the evil knievel stunt cycle had to be one of the greatest mass produced toys ever… it’s either that or the mighty collection of stomper 4X4s that i had…

----- mark m 11.12.09 07:39

Creepy Crawlers! My brother and I always had the best time making those rubbery little guys. The smell is one of the most unique smells ever, but the memory is so strong with it its rather comforting.

----- Rachel 11.12.09 07:40

Without a doubt my Evel Kenevil jet bike (with flints that added sparks to the jet thrusters). Finally broke after a death defying jump down a flight of stairs (my family home version of snake canyon). Much like Evel, it was never quite the same again.

----- Adam King 11.12.09 07:44

LEGO forever.

----- Justin 11.12.09 07:48

always was and always will be a fan of Legos

----- sam 11.12.09 07:49

Favorite childhood toy? My four-pack of siblings. Although I could never handle it as a parent today, my 2 brothers and 2 sisters were the perfect way to while away the first decade of my life. And yes, I am the oldest. So I was “in charge,” and orchestrated countless pranks, skits, ans skirmishes. (Alas, my new daughter has to make do with cousins and neighbor kids. So we would love some Jibibuts!) They could be like her own inert siblings. Both more and less obedient and malleable than my own…

----- Jessica Soto 11.12.09 07:49

Hands-down, my favorite toys were my Fisher-Price Little People! They fit in a pocket and became every character I could imagine.

----- Chris 11.12.09 07:59

My favorite childhood toy was this dog I had - he wore a hat and when you pushed the hat down he would zoom across the room and hit something and then all the pieces of his face would come out and you had to push them all back in and then hit the hat for him to go again… ive tried for the life of me to find it again for my daughter… i all i know is that it was hasbro.. and i remember terrorizing the dog with it .. god she was terrified of that thing

----- alexis 11.12.09 08:04

these little things are gorgeous and inviting. I remember having a wooden Noah’s Ark set when i was about 4 years old that charmed me with such bright colors that i remember it to this day!

----- Lisa Goodeill 11.12.09 08:05

These remind me of traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls.

----- Matthew Heironimus 11.12.09 08:06

When I was a kid my favorite toy ever was the Fisher Price Printing press. I used to print my own family newspaper (composed mainly of big headlines that were full of lies).

----- Jodi 11.12.09 08:06

These are absolutely adorable, wooden toys are the best! But deep in my heart cardboard boxes will remain my favorite childhood toy.

----- Nery 11.12.09 08:12


----- Math Elgin 11.12.09 08:21

my favourite childhood toy is this stuffed animal rabbit that was given to me at birth. it wore down and started to fall apart, so my mom sewed a new fur skin over top. i’m 33 and this stuffed rabbit still sits on my couch.

----- andrea 11.12.09 08:27

FAVORITE childhood toy, would definitely have to be my Tinker Toys!

----- elle_pinky 11.12.09 08:30

yay! i love noferin! my favorite childhood toy has to be my gloworm

----- caroline 11.12.09 08:32

ooooo a huuuge doll the neighbour had- all dressed in pink,had a tiny magnet in its mouth and every time u tried to feed her with her ‘spoon’ her head would turn as if she is refusing to eat!i borrowed that doll aaaall the time…. i wish i had one of my own :( (now im saaaad :P )

----- dafni 11.12.09 08:36

Polly Pocket! Before she got huge.

----- Isabel 11.12.09 09:07

My favorite childhood toy was my firehouse lego set.

----- Paul 11.12.09 09:09

My favorite childhood toy had to be my Constructor set. It was especially awesome after I got a little motor for it and started building cars.

----- Jeff Bucholtz 11.12.09 09:10


----- vince 11.12.09 09:10

Hello, my sister and I had a favorite toy named Monkie because well, he was a monkey. He looked more like a monkey/teddy bear hybrid, and he had a pinky red nose. He was made in the 70s and I haven’t seen another like him. We would dangle him from his tail and sing ‘monkie monkie monkie’ so much that his tail nearly fell off.

My niece and nephew inherited Monkie but he ended up in my sister’s garage sale. When I got there seeing him slumped in a pile of other toys, I rebuked her, but she was in major de-clutter zombie mom mode. “You can’t sell MONKIE” I cried and saved him for posterity. He’s a bit raggedy but still very soft, and has big black marbles for eyes, kinda like these wood toys here. If I had these, I’d save them from the garage sale too!

----- romina 11.12.09 09:14

I am 23 years old and believe it or not these silly catepillars were one of my favorite toys when I was little, I have no idea where my mom got them. (http://www.fawnandforest.com/designers/26/products/334-naef-juba) Recently I found them on fawn and forest and got extremely excited!

----- Drew 11.12.09 09:15

my favorite toy was a wooden lion, it got lost when my family had to flee due to civil war. I havent visited my house since that day. i hope is still there waiting for me to return.

----- walter E. 11.12.09 09:20

As corporate as this may sound, my favorite childhood toy was a set of 12” McDonaldLand action figures. My mom sold ‘em in a garage sale and I’ve never seen them ANYWHERE since that day. I may be over-emphasizing their importance since they seem so unattainable now, but there you have it… also, I made my own French Fry Goblins for the set since they weren’t part of the set. (Jeezuz… what a nerd)

----- kevin 11.12.09 09:20


----- Brad 11.12.09 09:30

my Strawberry Shortcake dolls!

----- wolfie 11.12.09 09:33

My favorite toy…does anyone remember the food fighters? I loved them until the dog narlied his teeth into them…or was it my sister?

----- Chloe 11.12.09 10:08

My favorite childhood toy: capsela.

----- Ryan 11.12.09 10:26

My Radio Flyer wagon!

----- mikayla 11.12.09 10:30

my favorite childhood toy has to be these different geometric shaped blocks that turned into an animal or a car when you pulled out their arms and legs. something like a transformer but cuter.

----- Elizabeth 11.12.09 10:31

Love these! My favorite toy growing up were my colored pencils. Besides drawing with them, I would spend hours rearranging them in different color combinations…

----- kathyJ 11.12.09 10:49

My absolute all time favorite childhood toy would have to be “swords” made out of sticks that I would beat bushes with for hours. Endless imagination as a child. Good times.


----- Aaron 11.12.09 11:07

Big Wheel…no question. Ripping down a hill with the pedals blurring. Speed and Danger…it was the best.

----- Adam Jossem 11.12.09 11:12

i probably had over 150.
anyone remember them?

----- Henri 11.12.09 11:13

My favorite was definitely my brothers’ discarded G.I.Joes.
They are way too much fun to play with, and experiment the limits of the tension bands holding them together.

----- Jen 11.12.09 11:16

Fav childhood toy = giant cardboard box of course! But these little Jibibuts would have given a few of those boxes a run for their money.

----- kdd 11.12.09 11:18

Unlike most girls that had dolls and played dress up, I played with cars and the little people play-sets. I’ve been collecting vinyl toys and small collectibles ever since. This would be an amazing addition to my collection and would be an awesome present from Notcot.

----- Scottie 11.12.09 11:18

I loved my Apple Dumplin’ and Tea Time Turtle doll from Strawberry Shortcake- it went everywhere with me! ;D These jibibuts are super cute- eeek! Thanks for the chance! Cheers

----- tracy 11.12.09 11:22

tinker toys. and they’re /still/ great.

----- charlie 11.12.09 11:29

Growing up behind the iron curtain (as in communist country in Europe) as a child, I did not have any fancy or exotic toys. My father somehow managed to smuggle in a coconut (exotic fruits such as coconuts and bananas were unheard if at the time in my country) and it was my favorite thing in the world. All the other kids were jealous and I played with it for a long time since it made for a great toy. Then, my dad opened it up and we all ate it. That was the end of my toy. Bitter ending but how many people have toys that are not only fun but delicious to eat.
The Jibibuts would be great since I have a young child now and prefer to get him wooden toys rather than plastic ones.


----- Pawel 11.12.09 11:36

My favourite childhood toy was probably Lego too. Tactile, bright and colourful, limitless for inspiration and imagination, it still ranks as the perfect toy.

----- James Pollard 11.12.09 11:45

Wow this dolls are cute. One of my favorites toys that comes to mind is Thundercats sword :)

----- Rafael 11.12.09 11:46

I loved Legos. I was kind of a tomboy.

----- Jenny! 11.12.09 11:47

My favourite toy when I was little was a doll house that I had. there was an electronic pad which made “house” noises like the doorbell and the sound of a frying pan sizzling. I even played with my brothers transformers in there.

----- Becky 11.12.09 11:47

It’s hard to pick just one. As a child, your moods are so fleeting that sometimes the packaging was more fun than the toy itself. I can say my most memorable toy was a mechanical toy horse. My family couldn’t afford expensive toys, so my mom bought my brother and I these little windup horses from the dollar store. They were so cheap that my horse’s head fell off. So my brother and I constructed a monster out of the remaining pieces of both our horses, and I still to this day have fond memories of that Christmas morning.

----- Martine 11.12.09 11:47

Those are adorable! My favorite toys were My Little Ponies

----- Caroline 11.12.09 11:54

Dino, my dinosaur. I’m 25, and I’ve still got him. He’s a little yellow stuffed Tri-cero-tops. He awaits me on my bookshelf everyday!

----- Jake Sepulveda 11.12.09 11:56

My favourite personal toy was probably my slinky. No joke. I used to love playing with it and hopping down the stairs while it plops down step-by-step. I had a plastic rainbow one, and that thing became my best friend for several years.

----- Jane 11.12.09 11:58

hoop with a stick!!!

----- jazzer 11.12.09 12:00

Hmmm… Lego, for sure.

----- Stephanie 11.12.09 12:08

Do crayons count as toys? ;) They rarely left my fingers…except for that time I accidentally dropped one in my brothers fish bowl. oops!

----- Vara 11.12.09 12:12

LEGO. For sure. I think they’re still in the attic somewhere, ha ha1

----- Sarah 11.12.09 12:21

I was playing monopoly with a friend and it turned into a house stacking contest, which lasted hours… these remind me of that, and my niece loves little animals and things like this.

----- Rose 11.12.09 12:36

my favorite childhood toy was my cousin, i love playing with him and he always does stupid things that make me laugh. One day when he was 4 years old, he was too shy and afraid to tell his teacher that he needs to go to the washroom, but he couldn’t stand it anymore, so he took out a blank sheet of paper from his agenda and wipe his “uh-hm” then put it into the drawer underneath the desk. Unfortunately, he forgot about it the next day when he puts his books inside the drawer, his books were all “jam” with poop

----- Andy 11.12.09 12:38


----- Nate 11.12.09 12:38

My favorite childhood toy was an old laser tag set. it had a silver vest and a velcro patch to stick your ‘hit counter’. A little red led light lit up every time someone shot you! Me and my brother used to love playing with it in the dark. Almost 30 years later, I havent seen one that compares!

----- Karen! 11.12.09 12:39

Bucky, my ride-on horse: http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/86/l_df1e95ac14174892a0a945ed20f91f92.jpg

He was acquired in Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii in 1983 and retired in San Diego, CA in Winter 2008, as I was planning on moving to Chicago and had no space to bring him. I still miss him!

----- MLvS 11.12.09 12:41

I was going to say Weebles - by far a fave, they make me giggle even today! But as I type, PlayDoh has to come in #1 because not only was it fun then, it’s still fun AND the scent is one of my classic destressers.

----- Aprille 11.12.09 12:41

My Playmobil castle set! Who doesn’t want to be a night in shining armor? (albeit one whose arms and legs have only one degree of freedom)

----- ben 11.12.09 12:41

I used to have this toy in China where there was a rotating track, and you could put a whole row of penguins and they would “march” up a set of steps and then come down again… I haven’t seen anything like it since.

----- Xue 11.12.09 12:43

Legos, hands down!

----- Jen T 11.12.09 13:14

These are adorable.
I don’t remember many toys from my childhood. We had little money and a lot of kids in a military family that had to move a lot, so many toys were shared. One that stands out, though; we each had these stuffed bears that were almost as big as we were and we could sit on them and ride them down the stairs! Only when mom wasn’t looking though.

----- Terrie 11.12.09 13:19

these Jibibuts are so cute. I used to love disappearing in to the world of my tyco view master.

----- deesha 11.12.09 13:23

Probably the toy that I enjoyed the most was my Etch-a-Sketch. I’d fiddle with those knobs for hours to make nothing in particular, shake it up, and start all over again.

----- Lauren 11.12.09 13:24

Anything scientific! I was such a nerdy little kid :)

----- jess 11.12.09 13:28

my most favorite childhood toy were the og little people toys fisher price made. i loved their cute lil bald heads and cylindrical bodies. These jibibuts remind me of them and how much i loved playing with toys that were so simple but cutesy in design. ((awww)) i miss my little people.

----- January 11.12.09 13:31

My favorite toy would have to be Crazy Bones. They were these hot collectable figurines from the 90s. Ah, what a great decade, I miss it so much. YA CRAZY BONES!

----- Cameron Johnson 11.12.09 13:35

my most favorite childhood toy were the og little people toys fisher price made. i loved their cute lil bald heads and cylindrical bodies. These jibibuts remind me of them and how much i loved playing with toys that were so simple but cutesy in design. ((awww)) i miss my little people.

----- January 11.12.09 13:39

My Hello Kitty doll house with the whole Kitty fam and friends.

----- Jaime 11.12.09 13:45

I remember amusing myself by making up stories for inanimate objects like funky lone earrings, single lego pieces, and odds and ends. With my vivid imagination even the most mundane objects could become toys that would amuse me for hours.

----- laura 11.12.09 13:52

My very favorite was a little doll by Mattel called Baby-Go-Bye-Bye from the 60’s. She had a hard vinyl body but thick rubber bands inside to make her head and arms jiggle-y. She was almost a couple of decades old when I got her at 1 year old. I named her Honey the moment I saw her, probably after hearing my parents call each other that. I still have her and have since gone to collect more of them when I can. Loved my Honey-doll!

----- Jana M. 11.12.09 14:01

Choosing ONE favorite toy is too hard! But probably my piano, my Speak N Spell, or my Snoopy Snow Cone machine.

----- Stephanie Fisher 11.12.09 14:03

My Fisher Price Construx set. I made a car I could move all over the house without bending over—because it had a tower on it that was sturdy. Fabulous.

----- James 11.12.09 14:09

as a kid, i also loved how my dad would support my creative side. household and school items were sometime better than store-brought toys :) making a barbie dress out of tissue and tape, drawing on pavements with chalk i stole from school. so much fun

----- sam 11.12.09 14:26

Hard to choose a favorite… but one was my bag full of M.U.S.C.L.E. Men.

Cool little alien wrestler guys. Based on the Japanese toyline called kinkeshi.

----- Mikell Johnson 11.12.09 14:28

Lincoln Logs!!

----- punkymunky 11.12.09 14:28

TAMAGUCHI’S. The little blob that you fed, played with, cleaned up its poop, and watched it grow up. Pixelated digital thing that excelled at consuming my attention. It was great.

----- Rebecca 11.12.09 14:39

ooh its hard to say which was my favourite toy? snuggle bums? my little pony (apple jack)? pencils? a spade for digging holes in the ground and adding water to make mud- toys are just rad! and playing is even better! x

----- steffany 11.12.09 14:42

I was very much into Pokémon cards when I was a kiddo. I thought I was the shiz for having a holographic Charizard.

Charizard pretty much pwns all other Pokémon.

----- Vicky 11.12.09 14:45

My mum when expecting me made a material mouse thing out of scraps of material left over from dress making, and It was her gift to me when I was born. Since then I carried it everywhere and could not sleep with out it, and Doogey as he became named became torn and ragged and edlessly being repaired by more and more layers of material. I remember even the dog chewed it up once but mum gathered up all the pieces and put him back together with a few new layers so Doogey was as good as new. I am now 20 with a baby of my own and she carries around Bunny! Which we all cruely call Epademic as its just as torn and worn as Doogey was… and smells a little! But to wash Bunny would be cruel like if you were to wash Doogey as the intrigue and comfort is in the smell. I still have Doogey now who lives under my pillow lovingly wrapped up in his own little snood, which my partner resents, but he will always be my favourite toy :)

----- Kate 11.12.09 14:52

Blocks, by far. Wooden blocks - unpainted, unvarnished and plentiful enough to build cityscapes.

----- laila 11.12.09 15:07

without hesitation, Texas instrument’s SPEAK AND SPELL

----- eliot 11.12.09 15:08

Tinker Toys! I loved those things and built the most odd things with them.

----- elfgirl 11.12.09 15:33

My fave toy was this pair of dolls that my parents got me this one time they when abroad. One of them was a pirate and the other was a witch. Like every little girl, I used to couple them up and now that I look back at it, I was so breeding the perfect race to demolish the ninjas! Imagine!

The pirate-witch!

----- Beatriz 11.12.09 15:41

These are adorable, iv seen the kidrobot style toys that are similar but these are so pretty!! id love some :D xxx

----- Nicola 11.12.09 15:58

My favorite childhood toys were My Little Pony and Gloworms. I still have a few of each!

----- Susan Kelley 11.12.09 15:58

My most favourite childhood toy wasn’t necessarily a toy, it was a book that I had open on it’s edges to make a triangular prism shape and I’d dance by waddling with my legs on each side of the book. Most of the time it was fleetwood mac that I’d dance to.

Edward Wong

----- Edward Wong 11.12.09 16:01

i loved my skip-it!

----- Leslie 11.12.09 16:01

A stuffed dog that was larger than me. I rode it around and pretended to feed it grape juice. Then my sister disemboweled it with a pair of scissors and I found money inside it.

----- Sharon 11.12.09 16:32

Scotch Tape… forever!

----- Matthew Ready 11.12.09 16:42

OMG, those toys are lovely! =) Would love to win them~
I don’t think I ever had a favourite toy but the ones I liked best were always plushies \(*o*\)

----- Ly 11.12.09 16:55

My favourite toy was a fake microphone, a mirror and a tape recorder. As young as 9 years old I would record shows and interviews with myself and play them back later when I had forgotten how it went. Part diary, part audio-drama. I really wish I still had those around.

----- Kim D 11.12.09 17:38

legos for sure

----- winnie Lam 11.12.09 17:52

Quints! Inspiring a young generation to aspire to ocotomom status. Also, perfect edible size for plastic dinosaurs, king kong, snakes, reptiles + scary mammals of all sizes :p

----- Meshelle 11.12.09 17:57

My fave childhood toy was probably a Playmobil Castle. I used to sit inside it cause it was so huge and play with all the knight figures for hours.

----- Dani 11.12.09 18:22

hands down, my favorite toy growing up were my crayons and paper. and i never grew tired of them, until now i have boxes of crayons in my drawer :D

----- belle fenix 11.12.09 19:54

My Dad. He was always there to wrestle, joke around with, play games with, and teach me things. What better toy is there than a fun parent?

----- Cody Taggart 11.12.09 19:58

my favorite toy had to be this this wooden rocking horse!

it was the bomb!
and then it fell apart. and became a porto-rocking horse!

----- Lucas Lund 11.12.09 20:14

My wooden train set. Choo-Choo!!

----- Collin Banko 11.12.09 20:38

Those are too cute!

My fav. toy was a stuffed dog named Funny Freddy and you were able to bend and pose his arms, ears and tongue: )

----- Suzy 11.12.09 20:40

Playmobil 4 life.

----- Alda 11.12.09 21:03

I was, and still am, a huge lego and k’nex fan. If parents didn’t look at me so awkwardly, I would stay at my local lego store and build random things with their open stock.

Did you know that you can get a lego trophy if they decide to keep one of your creations?!

----- Jeff 11.12.09 21:38

i had a little dog with wheels and it had a little rope to pull it with, my moms cat drug it home one day and i loved it. true story!

----- andrew vicknair 11.12.09 21:49

sit and spin all the way

----- b. byrum 11.12.09 21:58

I had a plush toaster in vivid primary colours complete with a slice of plush bread/toast. You put the “bread” in the toaster, and fluff up the toaster before clapping both sides, when the “toast” will POP up. It was the best! The slice of bread/toast was attached to the toaster on a piece of string so it would never POP too far. =)

----- Heather 11.12.09 22:15


----- DAVE 11.12.09 22:22

Ooooh, this is a hard one! Picking a favorite out of all the toys I’ve ever owned is a ridiculous task. Each that I can remember has a special place in my heart and in my development. I could go on about my wooden marionette from Japan, or my first barbie doll, or my my little ponies, but I think the toy that lasted the test of time and survived the most transitions through childhood was a stuffed little ewok animal my grandmother had. It was a stuffed bear thing, with 3 LED-like lights as it’s face. It would like up and purr/coo when you squeezed it. I don’t know how exactly to describe it. It was so strange. I have never seen anything like it ever before or since. I think the novelty of how strange it was is why I liked it for so long.

----- creativename 11.12.09 22:33


----- Jason P 11.12.09 22:47

My favorite toy was my tamagotchi! I had a person one but he always ended up growing up and going to jail :( One time he grew up to be a dentist and I was so proud of him haha.

----- Renee C 11.12.09 23:22

I lost my childhood and thus can’t remember my favorite toy. I do know that I loved it!

----- Ernesto Olguin 12.12.09 00:02

my favorite childhood toy! i don’t know what it’s called, but it was basically a handle with two balls attached to it. the whole point was to clack the balls against each other by spinning them. simple, but oh-so time consuming.

----- Tina 12.12.09 00:30

Matchbox cars! I love playing with those, especially with the toy garages.

----- Martin M 12.12.09 01:47

I work in a childrens toy store, that only sells wooden toys, so even though i’ve seen just about every wooden toy creation there is, i still love these for their simplicity, to stand as toys or decorative ornaments.
As for favourite childhood toy, there were 2:
1: A plush raccoon toy, Meeko from Pochahontas, and when you squished its belly it would giggle. I took it everywhere, including overseas, and out to dinner.
2. I also (and still do) have a fascination with collecting figurines, and as a kid i always bought those monthly released zines that came with a collectible. I have the whole set of this awesome dinosaur book, and every month, they gave you a bone, and eventually you construct a T-rex, complete with outer shell, and skeleton on the inside!

----- Bonnie Cheng 12.12.09 02:01

I love fire since I was a kid, i know it’s dangerous, but I like to see things burnt and to feel the heat.
I was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. Every year sometime during September (date varies by year) there is the Moon Festival. What the kids do is that they carry their lantern with a candle inside, gather together sing songs and eat Moon Cakes. I didnt do that, I would gather with my lil neighbors, at somebody’s front yard ( place was changed every year), get an empty tin can, 2 rectangular bricks or any 2 rocks that the tin can can sit on, and place a candle beneath it. Then what we did was break all the candles we had into small pieces put them in the can and see them melt and feel the warmth of the heat. We kept doing that while eating Moon Cakes, share stories until our parents come get us back home.
It was always a good feeling for me, I’ve always missed it…
So WAX and FIRE were my toys ^_^

----- Chau Nguyen 12.12.09 03:05

Long piece of butcher paper rolled out on the floor. I’d draw citys for my matchbox cars, building buildings with my legos + play all day.

----- FUI 12.12.09 05:38

Fisher Price anything… especially the “my friend dolls”- they had a doll with red hair, like me, in an age of nothing but california blonde dolls. my mom bought the set of sewing pattens that allowed me to sew flared trousers for my doll, huge plus!”

----- Betsy 12.12.09 06:05

One of my favorite is Teddy Ruxpin, the bear who tell stories.

----- carla 12.12.09 06:07

Definitely LEGO. All of the make-believe worlds my sister and I created involved Lego in some capacity. :P

----- Jen 12.12.09 06:55

A box. No really, as many toys I’ve had throughout the years, nothing still excites me more and brings back more memories that a box. Forts, scooting down the stairs, capturing my toys, nothing was off limits.

----- Kate 12.12.09 07:30

My favorite childhood toys were my Barbie dolls, I would dress them up and do their hair and play with them for hours.

----- Mariana 12.12.09 07:50

My favorite childhood toy was a transformer police car: it had a beguiling design that fueled my fantasy. Unfortunately, one day my older brother decided to play with it and… broke it. I still feel sad about it, but shit happens I suppose.

----- Vinh 12.12.09 08:49

lincoln logs and knex

----- Luci 12.12.09 08:53

my sister’s My Little Ponies!

----- Josh 12.12.09 09:26

hard question… i loved and still love so many of my childhood favs but when i was 5 it was hungry hungry hippos!!!

----- lisa matsuzaki 12.12.09 09:45

My absolute favorite toy was this giant red bouncy ball that you sat on and bounced around on. It had a Mickey Mouse head attached, and his ears were the handles you held on to. I smashed a lot of toys and flower beds bouncing around on Mickey, but, oh, was it worth it.

----- ajernejcic 12.12.09 10:05

I used to play with cool wooden toys too, but they were from local makers

----- Nqduy 12.12.09 10:05

A lego set!

----- Aparna 12.12.09 10:07

My stuffed animal pig - so cute!

----- Michelle 12.12.09 10:17

Very cute! They remind me of living in Japan, where there seem to be little cute faces popping out from every corner. My favorite toy as child would have to be a stuffed animal named Ralph. He was a hound dog with long soft ears and fat paws. Eventually, he became cycloptic. But I loved him still.

----- Natasha 12.12.09 10:43

My favorite childhood toy was a hand-me-down stuffed cow from IKEA that was named Milky Cowie.

----- Mouse 12.12.09 11:53

either my card board guitar made of a tissue box and an old toilet roll or Ultra Magnus! (Tranformers the first time round)

----- Ruari McDowall 12.12.09 12:49

My most favorite childhood toy was a stuffed elephant. It wasn’t just any stuffed toy though. It has mirrors and squeakers on its feet, crinkley noise ears, velcro straps for its jumpsuit, and another mirror that came out of the jumpsuit pocket. It was the best toy and could keep me entertained for hours.

----- Christi 12.12.09 12:57

When i lived in colombia my favorite toy was a helmet/watergun that fired when you shouted into a microphone that came down from the top like a helicopter helmet.

i can’t find it anywhere on the internet and americans dont know about it.

It was awesome pretending to be a secret agent man shooting water by shouting “FIRE” or stupid things like “THAT OLD LADY!!!!”

man those were the days.

----- pablo 12.12.09 12:59

My favorite childhood toy was lite brites

----- Shaena Cooper 12.12.09 13:06

These are the cutest things ever! My favorite toy growing up wasn’t really a toy but a stuffed Grover from sesame street and an old ratty blanket. My mom hated both of them because they were getting so old but I refused to give them up and she made me choose one or the other and making that choice is one of my most traumatic childhood memories :)

----- stacey 12.12.09 13:36

Muffin Pan + Mud = Best lil’ Mud Pies this side of the Mississippi
Toy? Maybe not. Hours of Amusement? Indeed.

----- Mary 12.12.09 13:36

Well, though I’ve been through a lot of toys growing up, the one that really survived the test of time was my teddy bear! My dad bought him for me when I was in the hospital as a baby (meningitis) and that teddy bear has managed to survive everything (including college) and is still with me today!

----- Jacque 12.12.09 14:00

My favorite childhood toy was a cardboard city me and my neighbor built in my basement. It was huge! It had 20 different rooms that were all connected by tunnels and sheets and secret sliding doors. Every room had it’s name painted on the door. There was the Happy Hut (the Happy Hut 2, and the Happy Hut 3 as well), the Toad Abode, the Foam Home to name a few. One of the rooms was filled entirely with feathered boas and another one housed our ever growing collection of sea monkeys. It was the greatest thing I ever made. It would rather live in those cardboard shacks than a real home.

----- Cori 12.12.09 14:02

My favorite childhood toy was my pen and paper. I loved to draw. I loved to read books about animals (still have my very old animal encyclopedia.) I also loved to ride my horses and play outside. At one point I had a stuffed owl that I carried around with me everywhere. To Alaska and back, too!

----- Catherine Chandler 12.12.09 14:38

My favorite childhood toy was “Hungry Hungry Hippos” game. Remember that??? I loved that game! Very silly, bu I loved it!

----- Camila F. 12.12.09 14:40

Fighting my little brother with those plastic starwars lightsabers was probably the most fun I had until i started fencing

----- Ben T. 12.12.09 15:58

My favorite toy as a child was the action figures and my box of art supplies.

----- greenguy911 12.12.09 16:18

Would definitely have to be beanie babies. I collect them still!

----- Katelyn Malloy 12.12.09 17:48

My sister and I had a craft box that provided endless hours of projects. It had to be the best investment our mother ever made in kid gear.

----- Erin 12.12.09 18:01

I loved my slinky!

----- Justin 12.12.09 19:13

my favorite childhood toy, hands down, was legos! when i would be sick, my mom would bring me a tray so i could play with them in bed!

----- ras 12.12.09 20:03

These little guys (and girls) are ingenious! I love how the artist took time to find the right medium and then complemented the series with beautiful paints and names!

My favorite childhood toys were definitely Littlest Pet Shop pieces. When they first came out in the early 90’s I had them all. I would get them for doing extra chores and skip out on allowance money that week. Christmas and my birthday became my favorite days because I’d be unwrapping new pets or places to add to my growing collection. The new versions just aren’t the same.

----- Jeannette 12.12.09 20:06

I don’t really remember having any favorite toys, but I did play house a lot. Of course, decades later, I can still only play-cook.

----- Lisa 12.12.09 20:34

Wow, very unique I love how they painted the eyes , when i do cartoon drawings that too is my way of drawing them :)
when i was a kid I love Polly pockets, the tiny little dolls, with cute little houses :)

----- Len L. 12.12.09 20:58

my favourite childhood toy was a hand puppet who my little sister and i named puppy. he had brown fur, dark brown glass eyes and chocolate brown floppy ears. my little sister and i always pretended we had purchased him from a pet store. He was the quiet one in the corner being bullied by the others, hence we chose him to come home with us :)

----- Leanne 12.12.09 21:01

Hmm… My favorite toy would have to be a stuffed animal mouse that I received when I was a baby. I took it everywhere with me whenever we had trips, and would throw a fit if it was missing or damaged. It has so many ripped seams and clumped stuffing from various adventures and shenanigans.
I’m in college now, and I still have it sitting in my closet to remind of the good ol’ days of being a young whippersnapper.

----- Andrea 12.12.09 21:36

my favorite toy would have to have been my fathers old back hoe it was metal and a fading yellow it would move and pick up things, but it was small

----- monica 12.12.09 21:38

Mine was dollhouse furniture. No dollhouse, just the furniture.

----- Sarah 12.12.09 22:12

my favorite childhood toy was a fisher price tape recorder. it had this little red microphone on it and i used to carry it around the house all day singing into it. i was such a little diva back thing. i still have it and it still works. i still play with it every now and then.

----- cat 13.12.09 00:00

I used to play with old Russian dolls a lot. They were a family that swallowed each other up all the time.

----- Jessica 13.12.09 03:30

Ah, for me, anything made of cardboard and a few sketch pens would do the trick - I could transform myself into anything, and I could travel to wherever I pleased! And of course, I could always pop up and scare my friends at any time! =D

----- Suraaj 13.12.09 05:03

Whoa, those are cute! My favorite childhood toy.. tough one since I had so many, but probably the old, classic red radio flyer wagon!

----- annalene 13.12.09 05:07

has to be my ninja turtles action figures! fully posable and could resist a skydive from my bedroom window. aaaaah good times!
i think i might try and find them later

----- tommy 13.12.09 05:55

Fave childhood toy: my buddy!

----- lisa 13.12.09 06:29

My favourite toy was a BRIO train with wooden railways! :D
it looked like this: http://www.fairyfields.com.au/osc/catalog/images/brio.jpg

----- Emma Jo 13.12.09 06:52

Legos were a definite constant in my life. Still, that Christmas I got the Ghostbusters’ proton pack was life-changing. It had a nerf-style foam noodle, but I always took it out of the ‘gun’ and pretended to catch ghosts just like the “real” ‘busters.

----- Mike B 13.12.09 08:46

These are so sweet! I wish I had these as a kid! They would have been great with my Strawberry Shortcake house. I played with that thing all the time, and had all of the dolls too. If only I could remember what happened to it all. I’ve had to re-start my collection from scratch. Do Jibibuts smell like fruit too? Cuz that would make them the most adorable lil guys ever!

----- pami 13.12.09 09:25

My favorite childhood toy was definitely between Lincoln Logs and lego’s usually playing with both at the same time. I was able to create amazing worlds and completely get lost in them. At times I would even get sticks and rocks from outside so I could get more things to build with. Those were the days, though I tend to still play with rocks and sticks… string was always a fun add. I love making mobiles.
Someone will definitely have a huge smile when they get these cute critters.

----- Spencer G. 13.12.09 10:48

my favourite toy when I was little was probably playmobil. isn’t it great ? it’s all smooth and pretty and because it recreates real life it is even cuter ! I wanted everything in playmobil - it still sortof do.


----- Hazel 13.12.09 11:05

I loved tinker toys! I loved building random things with those crazy wood shapes!!

----- ASHLEY 13.12.09 12:32

my set of 72 crayola crayons. no body’s drawings of princesses and dragons were the same without a bit of metallic gold crayola action!

----- Jane 13.12.09 13:41

Legos were definitely my favorite toy, followed by an optimus prime transformer.
My brother and I spent hours making all sorts of things from legos.

----- michael 13.12.09 13:41

I want one!!!

----- Antoana 13.12.09 14:03

These things are so contemporary awesome!
My favourite toy as a kid had to be the Sonic kid, robot toy.
Im not sure if thats the real name or not but thats what i remember, it was a robot toy with a see through head, yellow moving facial features, white torso, blue bottom half and blue/white sneakers. It had a rotating arm that you could pull back, put a ball in its hand and it would fire it forward!

I really hope i still have it! gona find it!

----- Marty 13.12.09 14:29

My favorite toy was a set of simple fabric dolls - one with a red dress and one in blue. I brought them everywhere with me.

----- Honor 13.12.09 14:45

These things are freaking adorable! :) My favorite childhood toys were Lincoln Logs and my Sit n’ Spin.

----- Lindsay 13.12.09 15:16

A plushie parrot that my brother won for me at a local carnival was my most memorable, favorite toy. I named the bird after him, and took it just about everywhere with me.

----- Sarah Brown 13.12.09 17:39

These look awesome! My daughter would love them. My favorite toys as a child were matchbox cars.

----- Tom V 13.12.09 18:59

I was really into K’nex and legos and those 3D puzzles where you could build the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks of the world.

----- Kay 13.12.09 19:14

SIMON! ooh i loved it so

----- Elle 13.12.09 20:19

I remember my parents folded down the triangular tops of milk cartons to form them into rectangles. They would cover the rectangles with animal wallpaper and I would use those boxes as building blocks to make miniature forts or buildings for my action figures. I had TONS of them.

Consequently, I drank lots of milk as a kid and now I’ve got bones of steel!

----- Jeff 13.12.09 20:28

Hooray for Tinker Toys and Shrinky Dinks!!!

----- Yoshio 13.12.09 21:16

My legos! Especially my pirate lego ship with the tiny compass and cannons that wimpily shot cannonballs.

----- stefanie 13.12.09 22:42

my stuffed pink bunny & nickelodeon

----- SiMON 14.12.09 00:01

I’m not sure if this counts as a toy but BLANKET FORTS!!

----- Caroline 14.12.09 01:17

the toys are the cutest i have ever seen….my favoutite childhood toy was LEGO…..

----- Ankur Wasan 14.12.09 02:22

I love the dolls.
When i was a child, i had a doll made from wool. She suffered several surgical interventions due to the fact that me and my two sisters were fighting for it like all the time.
“Her” name was Calina :)

----- Miki 14.12.09 02:45

my favorite childhood toy was my plastic bowling set. the bowling ball was plastic, too. i am not sure why, i don’t even bowl that often now, but I have many memories playing with that set! haha

----- Faye Farrales 14.12.09 03:50

i am the son my father never had.

----- marta mascheroni 14.12.09 04:02

My Jem and the Holograms dolls! I loved them so much but because they were more expensive than Barbie I didnt have very many. Now that I am an adult with money I have the complete collection with the majority of the playsets too!

----- Tiffany Nelson 14.12.09 07:12

The slot car racetrack. Vroom!

----- k.b. 14.12.09 07:15

these are so cute… i love that so much care and attention is put into each one!

favourite chilhood toy has to be the fisher price playsets they used to make… i had a little ice cream set complete with plastic scoops of ice cream!

----- vy 14.12.09 07:28

i love love LOVE these! i’m always on the look out for new toys… although i am not a mom, i still like finding little treasures like these to give out to the little ones that i know. So much more fun than battery operated plastic noisemakers!

----- MindyLou 14.12.09 07:38

My favorite toys growing up were Lego — unlimited potential! My little brother and sister and I would build an entire town and play for days. I’m pretty sure we still have all of it in our parents garage too.

----- Audrey R. 14.12.09 07:45

Oh! So dear, I love their little faces, the colours are lush.
My favourite toy was Raymond, the bear. My Dad won him in a game of darts the day before I was born, he brought him to hospital and I still have him on my bed, he’s got both his eyes and half his fur!

----- Laura Thorne 14.12.09 08:18

My favorite childhood toy(s)? Imagination. I could make anything with safety scissors and cardboard.

----- Anne 14.12.09 08:50

My favorite toy as a kid has to be my space LEGO set. It really crystallized my obsessions with translucent/transparent parts, flight, and modular design. Happy holidays, everyone!

----- felix 14.12.09 09:30

my favorite toy was my Jem doll

----- gina 14.12.09 09:36

Favorite then and still favorite now, LEGO.

----- Stephen 14.12.09 12:16

a hand-me down stuffed bear. there was no stuffing in his nose/mouth area, so you could invert the nose into his face. it gave him character :)

----- Minna 14.12.09 13:29

My favorite childhood toy was a yellow handheld math video game with a white cat and her kittens embossed onto the shell. Lame- I know, but it kept my attention because I felt so proud every time I solved a multiplication or division problem. I love that game so much that I still have it. It’s so much better than the dozen Barbies I had! (:

----- Jenny Yan 14.12.09 13:54

My favorite toy was a doll my grandmother knitted for me.

----- Debbie 14.12.09 14:00

my favorite childhood toy was a white bunny plushie. she had a white and blue bonnet. i carted it everywhere with me and still have it in storage.

----- tammy 14.12.09 15:57

bop it EXTREME!

----- Lydia 14.12.09 16:23

My Steiff Teddy Bear that I loved so much his squeaker wore out! Still have him too :)

----- Robert W. 14.12.09 16:31

good old left over packaging…..THE CARDBOARD BOX

----- Adrian Smith 14.12.09 17:37

my favourite toy was a train set that played a musical whistle tune as it went over different coloured tiles (notes) which you laid out on the track :) i really wish i still had it as i know my son would love it today! fortunately i know it’s making little children happy today still, my mum donated it to an aids orphanage in cape town, south africa x

----- candice 14.12.09 17:49

Go Go Gophers made me do it. I liked Lincoln Logs.

----- ottnott 14.12.09 18:10

I had a blue bunny that I loved to pieces - literally. My mom must have bought 3 or 4 of them, and they would eventually fall apart beyond repair, usually in the washing machine as my mom tried to create at least a facade of cleanliness in a house with three kids. One bunny, died a more wretched death, though, by falling onto the radiator at my aunt’s house while I was sleeping. Poor burned bunny. I was so sad!

----- Chibi 14.12.09 19:59

my favourite toy was some ‘not-lego’ brand of lego :-) with just 4 colours in simply formed blocks, they might seem nothing special but in their simplicity i’d whittle away the hours as a child archiect bending the possibility to imagination - and those rooftop pool oases sure redefined the odds!!!

----- samantha drennan 14.12.09 20:07

My favorite toys when I was young were a plastic snoopy and belle (his girlfriend) with felt ears. I used to make up songs about them dressing up and going dancing. :)

----- Maria Cipollone 14.12.09 20:26

I love your little creatures, and have begun collecting them myself. I am excited for the opportunity to possibility win some of these little guys.

Oddly, one of my favorite childhood toys was a discarded oyster shell. I used to collect the little “grape” flowers that grew wildly in our yard and pretend the oyster shell contained a fairy. I would feed her the little “grapes” and other flowers I found around the yard. I can’t remember if I named her, but we would play for hours at a time.

----- Ashley 14.12.09 20:26

My brother and I spent many happy hours playing outside with our Fisher Price adventure people sets.

----- Scott 14.12.09 20:28

My favourite toy was (and still is!) a purple and yellow plush triceratops that my mother misguidedly named “Steggy” the stegosaurus. I still have him on my bed, where he’s been for my entire life :)

----- Jess 14.12.09 20:30

My favourite childhood toy was not really a “toy”. It was my blanky. It was with me everywhere I went (kinda like Linus in the Peanut comics). It was everything to me when I was little. It was my support, my comfort, my friend.

----- Selina Wong 14.12.09 20:47

My brother…seriously, the best playtimes were spent imagining and creating with my little bro. We jumped on the trampoline, played hide-and-seek in the woods, did science experiments, built snow caves, squabbled a lot, and made up a lot. He’s still tons of fun and there’s hardly any arguing now. :)

----- Corinne 14.12.09 20:49

Fairy Sky Dancer, best toy ever. But they always got stuck on the roof.


Second favorite toy, a Refrigerator box.

----- Catie 14.12.09 22:23

Being the middle of five children, we had to share toys and everything was always hand-me-down. I loved that I grew up with the forest as my back yard. It made every mediocre toy super special. I got to run around and take a plain shovel and dig waterfalls and paths all day long. Or I’d turn a trash can lid upside down and use it as a sled in the winter. The forest allowed me to use my imagination for hours. It is the “toy” I miss the most as an adult living in an urban environment. Wouldn’t you miss this too:


----- Souris 14.12.09 23:33

…well, my favorite childhood toy was a rag doll hedgehog, named Mr. Wilson, and I’ve had him near me since I’ve moved into my new home: during the removal unfortunately I’ve lost him…what a terrible day and how sad I was!

----- logos63 14.12.09 23:47

nuts, bolts and metal components: the meccano, of course! As girl - even if I had wonderful ‘adventures’ with my useless and absurd metal creations - I’d like to start a second ‘childhood’ with these wooden toys.. Have I said that there’s a wonderful meccano house waiting for them? eheh :)

----- Francesca 15.12.09 00:40

My favourite was a little plush Giraffe that I still have with me even now! Although sadly there’s not much left of him now :(

----- Meffi 15.12.09 05:02

I’m pretty pumped about the use of a sustainable material. I know it’s in vogue right now to be green, but to actually be green, many companies fall short. I work at a boardshop where I’ve seen eco-friendly coats shipped one per giant box and shipped in multiple shipments…
Good job Noferin for the awesomely cute toys!

----- Eric 15.12.09 07:25

my super duper favorites childhood toys were my red bicycle. I liked to cycling it every morning and afternoon, with my friends or alone, everywhere and anywhere. the second was my old winnie the pooh doll. I bring him everywhere almost every time also to my mom hometown in the village. =). ganbatte!

----- mariska 15.12.09 07:42

My favorite was the badminton set. I could spend hours going back and forth in the yard with my friend.

----- Mac 15.12.09 08:05

I know it’s “corporate” but i love my ninja turtes. Note that says “love” not “loved” It’s present tense. Knex and legos rocked too love that i could build whatever i wanted.

----- Josh 15.12.09 08:16

My most favorite toy as a kid, were these little plastic bears with a layer of fuzz that were about 1/2 inch high. I think my mom used to buy them at the fabric store, i have no idea what they were for, i dont think they were sold as toys, most likely they were for cheesy flower arrangements or something! but i’ve always loved tiny toys!

----- Cara Bonsdorf 15.12.09 09:22

My all-time favorite toy was “My Littlest Petshop”. I was a pretty small kid, so for some reason I really gravitated towards tiny little toys. Even to this day I love small little knick-knacks. I had every set of My Littlest Petshop. I brought them to school in my pocket (because you cannot leave a sick puppy at home). I remember someone stole maybe 4 of the little kittens that I had brought to school and I was heartbroken. So much so that I remember it to this day…I remember what they look like too. My favorite was the black and white, but the calico was a close runner up! I never saw them again.

The best part? They are all still at my mother’s house in a drawer in the basement. Occassionally when I’m home I’ll look through them and just say… “do I have room at the apartment to bring these back?”. I just wonder what my boyfriend would think when he came home to see me bottle feeding a 1/2” plastic pig. Questions would be raised I’m sure.

----- Susan 15.12.09 09:52

Froebel Gift 5 blocks. I loved building tiny homes with them!

----- Karen 15.12.09 10:32

a plastic hair dryer with a hand pump that would spin a fan. i’d use it as a lazer beam against my brother.

----- Hannah 15.12.09 10:43

favorite toy? my doll. rapunzel. she had a short spike of hair in the middle of her head. not quite the long waterfall of hair you’d expect from a doll with the moniker rapunzel. my dad called her repugnant. upon reflection, it probably fit better.

----- regina 15.12.09 10:55

My favorite toy as a kid were my Legos. I created an epic storyline about how the Pirate legos were going to war with the space legos.

----- Brandon 15.12.09 11:16

My favorite toy as a child was my Gizmo plush. I carried that little guy everywhere!

----- Connie 15.12.09 11:59

My Favorite childhood toy were my little wooden people. I would have complete sing along sessions with them and interact with them as if they were all my friends.

----- Tracy 15.12.09 12:37

My favorite childhood toy was a lion head, with a bell inside, so that when you played with it, sound would come out

----- Jetro Nicolas 15.12.09 14:11

I was a Lego Maniac in the purest sense of the term. I used to think I was the greatest 8-year-old architect the world had ever seen. Looking back at photos its probably a good think I chose a different career path…

----- Brandon 15.12.09 14:26

My favorite childhood toy has to be those old version of transformers! Bumblebee!!!!

----- SINA 15.12.09 16:24

Never really had a favorite childhood toy, only plastic figures, reading was my favorite so when I was young I preferred books.

----- Nicole O 15.12.09 17:08

Favorite childhood toy were legos! I had a bucket full of legos from 3 sets that I got one Christmas as 3 separate gifts. I loved building houses with them!

----- nikita 15.12.09 21:00

My favorite toy:
My mommy.

Or legos

----- Kat! 15.12.09 21:27

One of the best toys I ever had was the Weeble Wobble. I had like 20 or so of those littel oval guys. and the playset were they would wobble down.

----- John G 15.12.09 22:55

A Beauty and the Beast flash light that was in the shape of the forbidden rose encased in glass that I got at a Disney on Ice show. (We went to see Pocahontas)

----- Tiffany 15.12.09 23:03

my goofy plush, we were gonna get married.

----- asli 16.12.09 03:01

Breyer Horses and My Little Pony. My sister and I used to invent elaborate equine societies for them and build massive stables for them out of books.

----- Sunny 16.12.09 07:17

Lego for sure! I may have had plenty of Barbies, but I’m pretty sure I had more fun creating whatever I could come up with with Legos.

----- Rina 16.12.09 07:47

My favourite childhood toy was My Little Ponies!!

----- Ali Fung 16.12.09 08:09

The Original Red Power Ranger action figure… the dog chewed it within the hour of opening it.

----- Max 16.12.09 09:57

My favorite childhood toy was Tomy Fashion Plates.

----- Megan 16.12.09 10:30

I love these wooden toys! I have to admit my favorite toy growing up would have to be legos (at my work desk I have a drawer filled with lego toys!).

----- Luis 16.12.09 13:32

Favorite childhood toy was by far hungry hungry hippos - I would play that game all day. In fact, I’d still play that game all day!

----- Jenn 16.12.09 13:49

My favorite childhood toy was my pocket waterful.
it was a small, cellphone sized water-filled toy. you press the buttons, and it creates a current in the water to life the little kitties onto the little platforms inside. It was a challenge when i was younger, and i still enjoy it to this day :]

----- Jaime 16.12.09 17:04

that circular plastic piece in the center of the pizza boxes. i used to pretend they were mini tables.

----- Tara 16.12.09 17:28

These are adorable, I’d love to win some! I dearly miss collecting toys. Unfortunately paying bills comes first. :(

----- Bree 16.12.09 18:01

Oops, and I forgot to mention my favorite childhood toy! I loved anything with animals… but especially stuffed animals. The first I remember was a tiny raccoon I named Rocky. Stuffed animals became my very best friends and traveled everywhere with me.

----- Bree 16.12.09 18:07

----- alison 16.12.09 18:18

favorite childhood toy was a stuffed rabbit named toby.
also anything buildable; legos and those plastic or wooden shapes for making designs/patterns!

----- alison 16.12.09 18:20

I adore Noferin! Last year I contacted them after purchasing one of their adorable Pecanpals that was missing his arms. They could not have been kinder or more delightful. Fabulous design, high quality construction, and great people — I am a Noferin fan for life!

I think my favorite childhood toy was a hand-made “Mouse House” from my grandmother- a fabric house that could be un-velcroed, and inside were a mom, dad, and baby mouse and their furniture. So charming and crafty and made with love!

----- Lizzie 16.12.09 18:26

my talking smurfette!!!

----- I am hungry 16.12.09 22:25

My favorite childhood toy was my plastic 7 inch record player, I only had one record, Alvin and the chipmunks Christmas album. First you would put it on regular speed, then on high speed. on high speed it made me laugh all the way through. On low speed all the chipmunks sounded like men and then when Dave said anything it sounded like a monster, that was funny.

----- Amanda Curti 16.12.09 23:51

My favorite childhood toy was a Kermit the Frog stuffed animal. He had velcro on his arms and legs so he could wrap around things. He also had a mouth that could open and close. I don’t remember it, but there is a picture of me trying to feed him crackers.

----- Ben 17.12.09 06:46

One that comes to mind is my Six Million Dollar Man toy with the creepy ‘missing’ robot eye!

----- Adam 17.12.09 07:07

My favorite toy growing up was a Keds shoebox full of ‘ol wine corks. I was a deprived child… and very imaginative. ;)

----- jelio 17.12.09 07:49

Favorite toy(s) - Whatever came in a Kinder Surprise.

----- Sam Z. 17.12.09 09:41

classic lego blocks. imagination is everything

----- sennett 17.12.09 15:03

as a little, little kid, i loved those red and blue geoide shaped toys with the shaped openings for stars, squares, circles and etc.

----- somerset 17.12.09 16:02

MY favorite nostalgia toy would have to be my dad’s old Lionel train set. I used to see how fast I could make it go before it flew off the track and careened into the wall.

----- nate Biroschak 17.12.09 16:32

As much as i loved to build (w/legos), i have to admit i loved hauling butt in my “big wheel” and using the side brake to skid out…SO MUCH FUN!!!!
BTW, love that the Jibibuts are all wood!!!

----- richard 17.12.09 18:41

Legos. Hands down. Even the knockoff tyco ones mixed in. I could spend hours entertaining myself.

----- J Alexander 17.12.09 19:58

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