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Holiday Giveaway! wejetset bundle- 12.15.09

main.jpg Ready to take off for the holidays? Well wejetset wants to hook you up.

What can you win? + 1 Hideo Bean 19 (Green) Luggage + 6 Wallpaper City Guides + 1 Arkitip x Incase Curated Laptop Sleeve for (15” Macbook Pro) Steven Harrington + 1 WeSC Bongo Blue Headphones + 1 pair of Sunglasses by Super See pics of it all in the feature as well as details on what to do for your chance to win!







For a chance to win: + 1 Hideo Bean 19 (Green) Luggage + 6 Wallpaper City Guides + 1 Arkitip x Incase Curated Laptop Sleeve for (15” Macbook Pro) Steven Harrington + 1 WeSC Bongo Blue Headphones + 1 pair of Sunglasses by Super Leave a comment with where you’d jetset off to if you could hop a flight anywhere for the weekend! Last chance to leave a comment to be considered will be December 22, 2009.

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826 Notes

I’d jetset off to Rome, Italy in heartbeat! It’s my favorite city in the world!

----- Amy 15.12.09 15:20

I would head to Vancouver with my wife. Eat some great food and head to Whistler for a little snowboarding.

----- Jeremy 15.12.09 15:20

I want to ride the new Virgin plane. This will allow me to get really high and as close to my dream of being on the moon as technology will allow civilians these days.

----- matthew harrison smith 15.12.09 15:22

I would hop a plane to Sao Paulo: heat, glamour, dangerous slums, etc.

----- Magdalena Jense 15.12.09 15:25

Easy choice: The Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain.

----- Nikki 15.12.09 15:26

To Seattle. A Top Pot doughnut and coffee for breakfast. Sam’s Sushi for dinner. And a whole weekend with the friends I miss so much.

----- Krista 15.12.09 15:26

northern california - there’s literally nowhere else that has made me so happy. a night in bodega bay, jenner, point reyes national seashore, and oysters in tomales bay on my way to see long lost friends in san francisco…

----- amanda 15.12.09 15:26

to the north pole or to vietnam. both are heaven on earth

----- nguyen 15.12.09 15:28

I would jet off to Iceland for the weekend for a thoroughly wintery getaway. I’d soak in a hot spring and make snow angels. There’d definitely be time for some huskie sleigh riding and snowball fights. Oh pick me, pick me! I’m already packed! :)

----- Rianna 15.12.09 15:30

I would go to Narnia, I hear it’s lovely this time of year and staying for a weekend would be like staying for 20 years! A vacation well worth it!

----- Drew 15.12.09 15:30

With a set this cool I would go to Tokyo! without a doubt, I am in love with the Japanese culture, but I’ve never been to Japan! My dream is one day to have a trans-pacific job, but even being able to see Japan would be awesome!

----- Jacque 15.12.09 15:31

I would jetset off to Edinburgh, because I’ve been missing it a great deal recently. It’s much too warm and lifeless in LA right now.

----- Courtney 15.12.09 15:31

New York City!

- Full of nothing but inspiring individuals :o)

----- Angelo Logan 15.12.09 15:34

I would jet off to Rio. The seasonal timing is great and the people are beautiful.

----- scott 15.12.09 15:35

I would go to Paris, I’ve never been and I’ve heard its beautiful in the winter and oh my god the shopping!

----- Jessica Stockton 15.12.09 15:36

Santorini! Only because my ladyfriend keeps buggin me to go.

Er, I mean, because I really wanna go!

----- Max B 15.12.09 15:37

I am so in need of jetting off to somewhere warm—actually thinking of Honduras at the moment. The hideo bean would be just perfect for a couple of bathing suits and flip flops—what more could I need?

----- Cathy Borders 15.12.09 15:37

Bongo blue might be my new favorite color.

----- Andrea Jay 15.12.09 15:39

I’d fly to Seattle for the weekend. Not too far, and it’s a cool city i’ve never been too!

----- Jes 15.12.09 15:39

I would jet off to Croatia, to the small coastal city of Split. From there I would jump on a yacht and sail to the tiny island of Hvar, off the Dalmatian coast. I would enjoy homemade olive oil mixed with fine balsamic vinegar and dip luscious fluffy white bread in it while enjoying a bottle of the finest Croatian Zinfandel. I’d watch the sun set on remote Island paradise and think about how lucky I was.

----- Mel Hennigar 15.12.09 15:40

I would jetset off to Hawaii this weekend because its getting way to cold outside. Or the UK to visit my friends. Its a split right now. hahaha

----- Denise 15.12.09 15:40

I would go to Montegordo, Veracruz, in the gulf of Mexico, to Azucar hotel, or I’d go to little village near my parents house in Jerez, Mexico.

----- Eric Nava 15.12.09 15:41

I would jet off to Alaska, I would love to see what the US looked like before it became so populated. Alaska is nature in the raw, majestic mountains, shining seas, and virgin woods.

----- Patricia 15.12.09 15:42

I would love to check out Dubai if I could jetset anywhere! The architecture there is amazing, and I’m definitely an architecture nerd when it comes to crazy concepts.

If not Dubai, I’d have a shopping spree in Japan. Then again, I don’t have the money for that, let alone for the flight there. Oh well. One could dream, right?

----- Victor C 15.12.09 15:44

I would jetset to Spain and travel the entire country eating food.

----- ani 15.12.09 15:45

I’d go to Sweden for sure. Kiruna in Sweden if I could. Apparently one of the best places in Europe to see the Northern Lights from. Have gazed at the sky for as long as I can remember and even living in London I still look up hoping to see it (even though its about as likely as me actually being sent to see the Northern Lights) :)

----- Tom 15.12.09 15:46

Because a weekend is always too short, I’d want to jet off to somewhere comfortable, relaxing and a little indulgent. An all-inclusive resort in Cabo sounds nice or somewhere on the Yucatan! Sipping an ice-cold beer or paloma and lounging on the beach seems just about perfect.

----- John-David 15.12.09 15:46

LAX to BCN - to eat tapas & paella all weekend.

----- Jirard Aguilar 15.12.09 15:47

If I were Jetsetting for just a weekend, NYC would be my destination. I promise you that you will not find someone who wants this more than I do. Please, can I win this one? I love wejetset and subscribe to their emails, just so I can drool over them. these items are so amazing!

----- Ashley O 15.12.09 15:48

A weekend trip to Barcelona would be my destination. But I got to wait til next year.

----- James N 15.12.09 15:48

Oh my my- I think that seeing as my significant other just returned from San Francisco, I would send us right back there (me included this time) and we would have a Dim Sum glutton-fest until we exploded. And then sing the Full House theme song all the way to the morgue.

----- Zoë 15.12.09 15:49

style! style! gimme style! nothing is more validating than the emotionless gaze of airport passersby as i cruise snug and smug in my plush neon headphones and travel accessories. make me cool, won’tcha?

----- gavin 15.12.09 15:49

I would go to Chicago! There are too many people there who I haven’t seen in far too long.

----- Joe Wasserman 15.12.09 15:50

Riga! This would require bending time in order to avoid spending the entire weekend on a plane.

----- laila 15.12.09 15:50

I would fly to Chicago to visit my best friend if I can do that this weekend.

----- Ramon Lo 15.12.09 15:50

I would go to Mexico City, crash one of the hotels in those colonial 1600’s buildings with a view to the main plaza and do nothing but walk the crowded streets and drink margaritas.

----- Bernard 15.12.09 15:50

I’d jetset straight to Sweden - thanks to Fever Ray and Steig Larsson for my new country obsession!

----- Daisy 15.12.09 15:51

Anywhere for just a weekend? Last year I went to New Zealand during the holidays, and I’m really missing its opposite season-ness— but the flight is 14 hours from LAX! I’ve always wanted to visit Hong Kong, but I don’t think a weekend would be long enough for a first trip. London, Amsterdam, and Fiji also beckon… but I think I’d go to Tokyo. There’s a direct flight (from PDX), but it’s a world away! It’d be great to pick up the last remaining gifts on my list, too.

----- Susan Kelley 15.12.09 15:51

Viterbo, Italy. Need an excuse to get back in that medieval walled city. Roads too small for cars? Perfetto.

----- Matt Griffin 15.12.09 15:52

tokyo…and i just bought my tickets on a whim. hell yeah!

----- Seth Mooney 15.12.09 15:52

Nice, France for another beachfront Christmas.

----- Brian 15.12.09 15:53

Currently I’d love to go to Russia. I’m learning and falling in love with the language, but I’ve never even been to Europe. I certainly don’t have the means to do it right now, but a girl can dream! It’s a really interesting culture and supposed to be an amazing and beautiful place to visit, plus I’d get to test out my Russian skills and put the language in more of a contextual setting.

And I’ve been obsessed with that suitcase since the first time I laid eyes on it.

----- Liz 15.12.09 15:54

Japan, definitely Japan

----- Tyler Holmes 15.12.09 15:54

I’d go to Shanghai. Delicious, cheap food. Great shopping. Family. Old world + new world.

----- Louise 15.12.09 15:54

Love love love the Steve Harrington bag. How I would love to take it with me on a trip to Tokyo!

----- Jason 15.12.09 15:54

With how fashionable these giveaways are, I’d want to hop onto a plane for a weekend getaway to the fashion capital of the world! Paris! I’ll look good in everything that I do from the headphones, sunglasses, books, luggage… heck my macbook will look good traveling!

----- Faye M Farrales 15.12.09 15:54

New Zealand. Why not? It’s not going anywhere.

----- Jonathan 15.12.09 15:55

If only a weekend, take me away to a city on one of the three coasts: SF, NY or CHI!

If I’m going a little longer, how about the south of France or Venice.

----- Kevin 15.12.09 15:55

I would go to New York City. The best place in the world.

----- Brian A 15.12.09 15:55

I’d like to jump from NYC over to Galway City, Ireland for a weekend. I might catch the Galway Film Festival or hear an indie band like Bell XI and eat some fish-n-chips, and visit my Granny, who is 96 and lives in a micro-townhouse on Raleigh Row.

----- Lori 15.12.09 15:56

I would go to San Francisco. I love it there and it is so cold in Milwaukee right now. I would love to take a break from the cold and get to somewhere a little warmer where I could kick back visit some great design studios and network a bit.

Good luck to everybody entering the give away!

----- Erin Brodersen 15.12.09 15:56

easter island, just because it’s away from the rest of the world.

----- Glo 15.12.09 15:56

The weekend would start out warm and balmy, as most Croatian mornings do. I would wake up next to one of the brilliant waterfalls after camping the night. Who would have thought I could survive the morning without Folgers in my cup, but the breathtaking landscape perks me up sufficiently in the morning. Oh wouldn’t jetting off to the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia be wonderful?

----- Jojo Emerson 15.12.09 15:56

given the colorful offerings from wetjetset, i’d have to travel to india, mexico and barcelona. all destinations are quite colorful, and since i travel incognito, i’d blend in. perfect.

----- maria 15.12.09 15:56

I would go to Paris to visit my girlfriend! She’s studying abroad, and I’ve never been.

----- Michelle 15.12.09 15:57

I’d take off to Cabo. My friends are all headed there for the holidays and I’d love to be able to join them - even if only for a short time!

----- Morgan 15.12.09 15:58

Kamchatka! I really really want to go there.

----- Ben 15.12.09 15:59

If flight time wasnt an issue, it would be the Andaman islands in india. Considering the restriction though, i’m going with St Lucia; bring on the sun bring on the relaxation! And maybe a bit of scuba here and there. Ahhh, its nice to dream isnt it.

----- lecm 15.12.09 15:59

Japan totally! Only place I really want to go to right now. (besides visiting my family…but you know)

----- Suzy 15.12.09 16:00

Zavattarello, Italy! Any chance to get back there and stay in my family village again!

----- Dominic Dagradi 15.12.09 16:00

Okinawa Japan and gorge on Sushi!

----- Richard 15.12.09 16:00

vegas! i don’t think there is another place that is more perfectly designed for such a short time framed trip

----- Thomas 15.12.09 16:00

I would jump to a plane headed to Ljubljana, Slovenia… most beautiful women ever :D
And since it would be just for the weekend, that luggage would be just fine.

----- tricky 15.12.09 16:01

bauhaus! I’d love to just stroll around there for a couple of days, I hear it’s a pretty neat place!

----- Christina 15.12.09 16:02

wow, this would be an awesome win! i’d pick japan, because a bunch of my friends live there and i haven’t seen them for 3 years.

----- kathryn 15.12.09 16:04

i would fly to st petersburg to prove to my russian friends that i will be loved and not beaten by the natives.

----- eric eisher 15.12.09 16:04

I would jetset off to London, to see my best friend in the whole entire world who i havent seen in a year!

----- Shaena Cooper 15.12.09 16:05

Iceland for a road trip around the ring road.

----- Jason 15.12.09 16:05

Australia is my #1 dream destination, but I wouldn’t pick that if I’ve only got a weekend. I would say NY. There’s so much to do there and plenty of public transportation to help you do it. Plus, I’ve got friends nearby who’d be happy to let me crash on a couch and show me some good times.

----- Wendy 15.12.09 16:06

Oh, I would so go to Paris. I’d go to Paris and take a class on baking pastries and all sorts of French delights and it would be amazing and I would gain a million pounds but it would be SO WORTH IT and aren’t run-on sentences great?

----- Jenny! 15.12.09 16:08

London to visit all my Art-y friends that are like family!

----- Genie McChane 15.12.09 16:08

I’d be leaving on a jet plane, on my way to Seattle, city of happy fishmongers. Left so many beautiful memories there during my exchange stint, I wouldn’t need to bring much else!

----- Li-Cheng 15.12.09 16:09

auckland would be my choice … a city where you can walk barefoot without being on the beach has to be unique

----- ivan 15.12.09 16:10

I’d head to the tropics for the weekend - somewhere like Belize!

----- Ashley 15.12.09 16:10

Oh my goodness! I would jetset to NYC. I’ve never been and I hear during the holidays it’s absolutely magical.

----- Kendra 15.12.09 16:10

I would love to go to the Maldives. There’s this luxe / secluded mini-resort called Baros there that I’ve been dreaming of disappearing to for a while now… =)

----- Chase Houston 15.12.09 16:12

Siem Reap, just to stay at One Hotel Angkor, because it is THE most exclusive hotel in the world.

----- Tony Thio 15.12.09 16:14

Too many places to choose from… but for a quick weekend getaway I would jetset to Reykjavik, Iceland. This time of year you are almost 100% guaranteed to catch the Northern Lights! Plus my husband would absolutely LOVE it!

----- Dina 15.12.09 16:15

I would go to France to see all the museums I could in a week-end. Having a nightlive, no sleep in 48 hours. Stop doing projects and homeworks (still at school) and take the rest I think I deserve before the Christmas Holiday.

BTW, Happy Christmas to everyone whose reading this !!

----- Etienne Richard 15.12.09 16:17

I would go to the Empire State to visit family!

----- Ashley 15.12.09 16:17

Anywhere? AND money not being an issue?!! Wow, if I had to choose (gosh, I would go friggin anywhere!) it would probably be Tanzania - I’d like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

----- Alexandra Vega 15.12.09 16:18

I would jetset off to Hokkaido, Japan in a heartbeat! The beauty that can capture me for life….

----- Sina 15.12.09 16:18

TO, Canada. In a snap. Let me tell you, in a snap.

----- Thomas Lees 15.12.09 16:18

I would jetset off to Hokkaido, Japan! I love that place, it can capture me for life!

----- SINA 15.12.09 16:21

I would fly to Berlin to tour the Christmas markets with my friend Elisabeth.

----- meghan 15.12.09 16:21

Japan for a weekend - even though I know I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. That said maybe Vegas? Never been there sounds like fun and the food sounds great there too !! Buffets galore!

----- Alexis 15.12.09 16:22

madagascar. lemurs? sold.

----- asha 15.12.09 16:25

If I could go anywhere for a weekend it would be Madrid.

----- Tim Moore 15.12.09 16:26

apo island in the philippines

----- rebecca 15.12.09 16:26

I will travel to italy to see my family. Sniff… I miss them dearly.

----- marco 15.12.09 16:26

Mago Island. Google it. Seriously.

----- Kevin 15.12.09 16:26

Off i’d go to florence, italy in a heartbeat. there are still a few shops i missed peeking into and i for sure have to go back to the Vestri chocolate shop. Come with me?

----- gresu 15.12.09 16:27

I would head for Thailand and then work my way up to China through Vietnam and China… spend a few weeks in Mongolia and then hit Siberia to explore some amazing abandoned wooden homes in the middle of no-where… awesome hand carved woodwork… makes for awesome photography.
Abandoned 18th C. Siberian Village

----- Mikell Johnson 15.12.09 16:27

It’d be a quick weekend but I’d choose Death Valley -especially during winter; it’d start with a hot springs stop at Tecopa, a night a Furnace Creek and another hot springs stop Beatty. Now you got me all excited!

----- Mike 15.12.09 16:29

I’d say Regina.

Because no one has ever said: “Oh me? I’ll be jet-setting to Regina this weekend. Jealous?”

----- Cole Bastedo 15.12.09 16:29

I’d probably go to Montreal. My husband and I have been talking about it for a while as the place we would go for a short getaway with the promise of going back frequently. The mix Canadian and French Bohemia, old world and new world architecture and style, and from what we hear the food is amazing. It just seems like a delightful place to explore.

----- Lauren 15.12.09 16:31

i would hop on a flight via korean air to the most wonderful place on earth! home of the greatest kim-chi EVER!

----- Lucas Lund 15.12.09 16:31

Seoul. I want to see this high-tech city that is overtaking Tokyo. High speed broadband? I’m a techie. What can I say. South Korea is definitely where it’s all at now. I’d leave in a heartbeat.

----- Raymond 15.12.09 16:36

I would head anywhere the first flight would take me. I think going anywhere would be an adventure. Some place where you could just get lost in the city and wander around for hours.

----- Dana Galbraith 15.12.09 16:38

I head back down to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I saved up all my money one year so I could move somewhere warm for the winter and ended up in Playa Del Carmen. Drop dead gorgeous beaches!

----- april 15.12.09 16:38

i would like to go for a weekend to Beirut, Lebanon and party away night and day :-)

----- Pacou 15.12.09 16:39

Hong Kong… 48 hours, a few to sleep the rest to explore…

----- dave 15.12.09 16:39

I would definitely head to Chile… and travel across the whole length of it. Where else can you see jungle penguins??

----- Alex 15.12.09 16:42

for a weekend, I would go to iceland, go to the the blue lagoon and swim in the geothermal seawater!

----- kacy 15.12.09 16:42

I would jetset to Cape Town for the weekend! hit up a party on Long Street, go catch a wave down in the Muizenburg area(the Indian Ocean is the best hangover cure in the world!) Crash at a sexy little cocktail bar, watch the sun set.

----- Jamie 15.12.09 16:45

I would pick one of the wall paper city guides at random and hop on a plane.

----- Lauren 15.12.09 16:45

I would jetset off to Nice for a bottle of rose and a fish soup.

----- Ryan 15.12.09 16:45

Definitely New York City.

----- James D. LaCroix 15.12.09 16:45

If I could wish myself somewhere for a weekend, I’d pack my bag for Costa Rica! One of the most beautiful ecosystems on earth. Considering I’m studying for my green MBA, I can chalk up the trip to research considering it was one of the first countries t go carbon neutral. I’d backpack to see 5% of the world’s biodiversity, all in one little country.

----- melaniezen 15.12.09 16:49

I would jetset to somewhere in South Asia…because I know nothing about it.

----- Kyle Perry 15.12.09 16:49

If I could go anywhere right now I would hop on a flight to Chile then cruise on an Ocean Liner to Antarctica to check out the penguins!

----- Caitlin 15.12.09 16:51

For my anywhere weekend flight i would choose Candy Mountain..i’ve heard that they just made a airstrip there so why not ?? ;P

----- Sebastians 15.12.09 16:52

New York City! I love NYC. I try to go as much as possible, and usually only have time for a weekend trip.

----- Allison 15.12.09 16:52

Amsterdam, Let me at those museums!

----- Brendan Moore 15.12.09 16:53

Paris! perfect getaway!

----- mark 15.12.09 16:54

I’d jetset to Argentina to visit family, eat fabulous ice cream and steak, go clubbing, go shopping and rock the new headphones in front of all the cute Argentines on the plane!

----- Daniela 15.12.09 16:56

I would go home. The holidays are meant to be spent with the fam, would love to see them.
But if my family happened to live in an old French city, that would be a plus.

----- Joy 15.12.09 16:56

I would totally go straight to Istanbul. Went there once already for a couple of days and fell absoluty in love with the city and everyone in it.

----- Beatriz 15.12.09 16:56

bhutan in the spring! seeing monks going down to town in the afternoon with their begging bowls! vegetarian friendly!

----- Ibarra Padolina 15.12.09 16:57

I would jetset off to Europe or anywhere that isn’t the United States since I’ve yet to leave the continent…:(

----- Victor Quach 15.12.09 16:58

Alaska! no… Greenland! no… Russia! um…
Somewhere cold and snowy. It’s not snowing in Pittsburgh and it is the one thing I love more than all other things. If I could jet set anywhere, I would walk into the airport, ask the woman behind the counter to please check the world weather and send me anywhere it’s snowing.

----- Bailey 15.12.09 17:00

Madrid, Spain. I promised myself one day I would go there.

----- NanaBear 15.12.09 17:00

i would go to vietnam eat all the exotic fruits and food i can find then come back before the food shock catches up

----- James L 15.12.09 17:01

Buffalo, NY
The Queen City…

----- eliot 15.12.09 17:01

I’d go to Tokyo.

Can I get the bag in hunter’s orange?

----- Tudza 15.12.09 17:02

To Korea, the land where I grew up, and where my parents still live to this day.
Seeing old friends, eating good food, sharing awesome company, and having a drink just like in the good ol days.

Of course I would have to ‘teleport’ there :)

----- mark 15.12.09 17:02

If I had a chance to hop on a plane and head somewhere, I would go to Paris. But life isn’t fair enough or even easy have the money to get a ticket and catch a plane. It is a dream, but to win a sweepstake, lets hope it wouldn’t just be a dream.

----- Nicole o 15.12.09 17:03

If I had a chance to hop on a plane and head somewhere, I would go to Paris. But life isn’t fair enough or even easy have the money to get a ticket and catch a plane. It is a dream, but to win a sweepstake, lets hope it wouldn’t just be a dream.

----- Nicole o 15.12.09 17:04

i’d go to Barcelona! I love Gaudi…

----- s choi 15.12.09 17:04

I’d head right out of BOS towards AMS. BOS-AMS! Buh zams! Oh! oh ho ho…

Really though. I’d love to go to Amsterdam.

----- Alec 15.12.09 17:07

I would love to jet set to Berlin and take a walk down the Berlin wall to experience the rich history! :)

----- vera 15.12.09 17:08

I would jetset to Ireland to see all the beautiful pastures of the country. And the :cliffs of insanity”, because Ireland is the only place they could have filmed such majestic planes for The Princess Bride..How amazing would that be?! Looove it!!

----- Mei 15.12.09 17:11

I’d hop a plane to Japan, the land of kawaii!

I hope I win these!

----- Misty 15.12.09 17:11

A weekend away: New York, New York!!! It has been a life long dream. Been to JFK twice and seen the skyline but never ventured to that big city when design is home.

----- Andy 15.12.09 17:12

I would go to Cambletown, Scotland to get a bottle of 12 year Springbank Scotch.

----- brad 15.12.09 17:13

I would go to brazil!! sun, garotas & caipirinha…

----- Matias 15.12.09 17:16

Take me to the coziest cottage on the greenest pasture in Ireland. PLEASE!

----- James 15.12.09 17:17

Tours, France!

----- dylan 15.12.09 17:18

I’d spin the globe and pick blindly for a getaway… hooray!!

----- lindsay 15.12.09 17:19

I’d go to LA! If its just for a weekend, I want to spend it with friends on the west coast. I’ve been to Europe but have hardly traveled the USA!

----- Michael 15.12.09 17:20

I would head off to the tirol region of austria for a weekend of skiing

----- Luke 15.12.09 17:21

Just spun the globe and landed on Nepal. Great people, great food, great culture…. there in a heart beat! YEEEEEHHHOOO!

----- Sam Rivett 15.12.09 17:23

I would fly to Brazil. I really want to see the Amazon Rainforest! :D

----- Jennifer 15.12.09 17:24

I would fly out to California and bum-around the Napa Valley for a while. I love the wine country.

----- Collin Banko 15.12.09 17:27

For just the weekend? Chicago, I’ve never been and everyone I know that has absolutely loves it. This time of year would be great since I’m trying to get out of the South Florida heat.

----- Jonathan Kramer 15.12.09 17:29

i would head straight to atlanta with my wife and kids so my wife could be in her close friend from high school’s wedding anf then hop a train to new orleans to spend 4 days with my kids celebrating christmas and then a plane back to denver on christmas. wait, that’s what i’m doing only i don’t have any cool travel stuff to take with me!

----- Rick Overby 15.12.09 17:30

I’d be heading for Paris, France. Never been, have friends there and what I’d be so stylish with my new swag, where else would I go?

----- Doug 15.12.09 17:30

I’m thinking New Zealand. But really anywhere warm would do nicely.

----- Ben 15.12.09 17:31

STOCKHOLM!! Oh Please! I want to go THIS weekend. Send me there now! But I’d settle for this amazing giveaway instead!

----- Meg 15.12.09 17:32

hop a plane to west hollywood to see my best friends new baby boy, baer- and also to show him that i have cooler shit than him (courtesy of notcot giveaway), even if he does live in west hollywood. i love you.

----- Guy L'Orange 15.12.09 17:32

If a ticket were in hand I’d be on my way to the most rugged of landscapes at the tip of South America. Touchdown on the windswept plains of Patagonia I’d hope to be lost in a herd of vicuna. I would wander the with them through the glacial paths to the ocean side. There I would relax under the cool summer sun enjoying the clatter of Rockhopper penguins as they carry one their endless conversations. Off shore the whales call to join them for a swim but my attention has been stolen by the rarest of condors. By dusk I am soaring north to the Andean peaks to find a good seat as the sun falls beneath the Pacific line.
My jetset weekend indeed!

----- Camden Mikhail 15.12.09 17:35

I would go to the Rock of Gibraltar (aka Jabal al Tariq) and then maybe hop a plane to hang out in Morocco.

----- Lisa 15.12.09 17:39

I’d go to Turks & Caicos and show off my gear so I could hook up with an island native! Hola!!!

----- Robby 15.12.09 17:40

I’d go to Turks & Caicos and show off my gear so I could hook up with an island native! Hola!!!

----- Robby 15.12.09 17:40

I would definitely go to Costa Rica. My brother has been wanting to go and we’ve got the perfect trip planned out, it’d be the perfect time to make the dream a reality over winter break.

----- Christine 15.12.09 17:42

Seychelles Islands because it is the most beautiful and magical place in the world.

----- Elizabeth Stonehouse 15.12.09 17:42

I would want to go to japan for the culture and amazing food :D and probably shopping for vinyl toys

----- winnie Lam 15.12.09 17:42

I’d go to somewhere really unexpected. Something I’d never seen, like Romania. Probably stand out a bit with that neon green suitcase though.

----- gab p 15.12.09 17:48

sweet! this would be so much fun to share with my husband for upcoming travel together! :D thank you tons!

----- tracy 15.12.09 17:49

Tokyo, for sure, if only for a weekend. The intensity there exhilarates (and after even three days exhausts). And with these prizes, I’d be as vibrant as the neon.

----- Ryan 15.12.09 17:51

Would love to escape to Playa del Carmen for a long weekend with that green roller!

----- Justin 15.12.09 17:53

I would travel to Thailand to spend some more time with the orphans i worked with a year ago.

----- alex 15.12.09 18:00

Tokyo please! Never been to Asia and it seems crazy awesome.

----- Andy 15.12.09 18:02

I think NYC would be really cool to visit — especially now that it’s the holidays. A good friend who I haven’t seen in almost a year lives there too.

If I didn’t go to NYC and wanted to venture out of the country I think Tokyo would be fun. Soo very colorful and I love Japanese food! But then again, a weekend isn’t long enough to enjoy Tokyo. A weekend isn’t really long enough to enjoy a lot of places…but NYC would suffice!

----- Mariah 15.12.09 18:02

DITCH THE BAR HOPPING FOR THE WEEKEND & GO GALLERY HOPPING! From New Jersey to Miami to catch the aftermath of ART BASIL. Then to the west coast on the red eye. Grabbed a copy of Juxtapoz at the airport to see what I usually miss out on in in the San Francisco area. Leave that night, get some sleep on the plane, leaving myself enough time for brunch in the West Village, NYC:)

----- JAYSON 15.12.09 18:06

i’m flying from texas to michigan to visit my boyfriend for the holidays….he has planned a romantic weekend getaway…plane tickets, hotel and all….it’s my first weekend getaway with a boyfriend, and i won’t be told where the destination is until we arrive at the airport. my only hint, is that it is someplace sunny. :)

----- whitney h 15.12.09 18:12

I would head straight to Chile to see Patagonia!

----- Courtney 15.12.09 18:12

i’d jetset off to the London first, then get a euro-rail pass and go anywhere the train takes me!

----- Mubz 15.12.09 18:14

I’d jetset to Tokyo, I’ve always wanted to go! Help me out!

----- Patrick 15.12.09 18:19

I would hop a flight to Vieques, Puerto Rico, with my wife. We honeymooned there.

----- Ian Sohn 15.12.09 18:22

I’d head somewhere warm… likely somewhere on the Mediterranean Sea. I’m in the American Midwest!

----- shana 15.12.09 18:23

A winter weekend trip to Quebec city? Yes please, C’est Fantastique!

----- Mike 15.12.09 18:24

I would hop on a plane headed for NOTCOT headquarters to give one giant hug!

----- Sophie Epstein 15.12.09 18:30

No doubt! Cambodia would be the place! Southeastasia has so much to offer in generel, but Cambodia is a country, where the natives/locals, do have a hope for a better future! And if it was possible, i would do some volunteer work, during christmas time! You have to think of the people, who cannot do like you - spend big amounts on designer wear, newest electronics etc.

It would make my christmas, knowing that you at least tryed to make a change.

My 2 cent.

----- Alexander Christiansen 15.12.09 18:31

Without a doubt, I’d travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, my favorite place on earth, to experience a weekend in its medieval architecture.

----- Tony Barnhart 15.12.09 18:31

I would calm my mind and woo my euphoria walking, dancing, meeting strangers & sleeping on hammocks in Granada, Spain.

----- Priscilla Lazaro 15.12.09 18:34

st. lucia!

----- Michael 15.12.09 18:35

I’d go to Kingston, Jamaica, get some positive vibrations, ‘cause we been needing some love, in todays troubled world. OneLove!

----- Bruno 15.12.09 18:36

netherlands and amsterdam. i’d go to every place on the Use-it-Be guides

----- c.dempsey 15.12.09 18:37

I would go to London in an instant!

----- kenny 15.12.09 18:37

I’d go to Havana in Cuba! Yes, please!

----- Samantha 15.12.09 18:38

If I could overcome the jetlag with just a weekend stop, it’d have to be Taipei

----- NIC C 15.12.09 18:40

New York - I’ve been angling for a York for quite some time now and a new one would be even better.

----- Hojacita 15.12.09 18:41

Omg. We’ll if I had the money, I guess I would go anywhere. Decisions, decisions. I guess I would go to Paris. I LOVE Paris related design, music, and fashion and haven’t been yet. PARIS IS DESIGN, PARIS IT WOULD BE.

----- Cameron 15.12.09 18:43

If I could jet off for a weekend, living in Florida, I’d have to pick one of the smaller islands in the Bahamas. My Great-Aunt Adelle lived there as a young girl, she is 95 years old, and I would love to go and visit some of the places that she still talks about today, this giveaway would be VERY useful on such a trip!

----- Danielle 15.12.09 18:45

If I could fly anywhere for the weekend, it would either be to Cleveland to visit my good friend and (non-blood related) big sister, or to Kansas City to visit my newly married friend who is now newly pregnant!

----- Emily Mabry 15.12.09 18:45

I would fly to Munich!!! I love that city, I have great/fun friends there and I haven’t been there in close to four years!

----- Stacy B. 15.12.09 18:47

I would hop on a flight to Paris! the Eifel Tower must be beautiful in lights.

----- kathy 15.12.09 18:54

i’d jet off to australia. its so cool and i hardly hear about it. it has loads of cool things though

----- Rachel 15.12.09 18:57

I would just hang the map, close my eyes and throw the dart.

----- Pat 15.12.09 19:06

Sure, this may not be what you guys most likely had in mind but I’d hop on the first plane to Krakow, then travel a bit south to see my grandmother one last time before she passes on.

----- Piotr K 15.12.09 19:10


----- Philip 15.12.09 19:11

Ibiza, Spain…foam parties and amazing nightlife in the clubs, while spending the daytime on the beach…doesn’t get much better for a jetset weekend!

----- Adyna 15.12.09 19:13

Would definitely jetset off to the french alps for a week of skiing with friends!

----- Laura 15.12.09 19:13

Paris for the weekend. I’m craving some delicious food.

----- Alex M 15.12.09 19:20

WELL…… id throw all the cloths that i can fit into my new hideo bean 19 suitcase [id have to pick up some slick sneaks to mach of course, love that green]. as i hop in a cab i slip my laptop out of my sexy new arkitip harrington sleeve [note to self pick up a 15” macbook_my PC just aint cutting it anyway]. Id look up the first flight out of philly, and just my luck its a flight to Amsterdam [the first book in my new wallpaper city guide collection]. i roll into the airport, purchase my ticket and hop on my flight. as im chillin in my first class seat, jamin on my wesc bongo blue headphones to some ratatat, i look up and i see a man about to hijack the plane.. as he runs past me, gun in hand, i explode out of my seat swinging my wesc bongo blue headphones over my head and send them hurling towards the man like a half ninja half cowboy samurai. they wrap around his arm and send the gun to the floor… i instinctively grab my arkitip harrington sleeve off my seat at the same time i pop the over head compartment and grab my new hideo bean 19 suitcase and hurl the case and the dudes head, knocking him to the ground. i spring on top of him and slide the laptop sleeve over his head until he says uncle… which he does and give up.. i get a standing ovation as single handily stopped this bad man…then i wake up…and as i glare over at all my new stuff i realize im too poor to go and buy the first plane ticket to anywhere..i just dropped my saving on everyone Christmas gifts.. any way… thanks for reading my true story i made up.

----- ThOmas 15.12.09 19:20

First, a quick stop in LA to pick up the bff, then off to Madrid for lots and lots of wine.

----- Laura 15.12.09 19:21

Birmingham, Alabama. My childhood home!

----- Xue 15.12.09 19:21

New Zealand. Orcs! And so far from Auckland!

----- Rebecca 15.12.09 19:22

I would most def go to Phuket Thailand-why you ask?-so I don’t have to miss half of my wardrobe during the winter months! My minis and dresses would never stop getting use and wouldn’t have to be paired with leggings, over the knee boots, or big coats!

----- Amanda 15.12.09 19:24

I would jet off back to Rome, Italy - I went there with my family. It was beautiful - the culture, amazing as well as the many pieces of work. The only downside was I wasn’t able to see the Sistine Chapel - so this would be the perfect chance!

----- Amy Miller 15.12.09 19:25

As much as I’d hate the long flight, Sydney, Australia would be my top choice. Get myself away from the New England winter creeping up on me for some good times at the beach and enjoying the city!

----- Mikey 15.12.09 19:25

I would jetset off to London to see my long term friend Vanessa who I haven’t seen for far too long. The off to find our ancestral home ‘Stanborough House’, it was lost by my great great grandfather because of his gambling.

----- Jason Hope 15.12.09 19:25

Easy! Rome, Italy!!! I’ve always wanted to see the amazing architecture of a city that has SO much history. Especially the COLOSSEUM. That’ll be the best!

----- Santos 15.12.09 19:26

I’d hit tokyo for a weekend!

----- JODY 15.12.09 19:27

I love this stuff. And I do travel A.LOT.
My husband and I were just (seriously, moments ago) talking about a bicycling trip through the vineyards of the Italian countryside.
Though for a weekend its San Francisco all the way!
Or anywhere please…. just get me out of Texas!

----- Teresa 15.12.09 19:30

MY HOME COUNTRY ECUDAOR!!! Where eggs stand up all on their own and the sea turtles live forever!

----- Dano 15.12.09 19:36

~weekend flyaway~ = Kota Kinabalu + My Man + His Birthday Week + Sweetness!
Thanks to cheap flight deals!

----- artenlove 15.12.09 19:38

Colombia it is. I just read about how Latin/South America is such an underrated getaway destination because we’ve been scared into thinking that it’s super dangerous. So now I am intrigued by these countries. Colombia is actually home to 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites! And there’s a canyon called Chicamocha!

----- Jen 15.12.09 19:42

For a weekend trip, I would jet-set to Mexico. Why, you ask ? (1) It’d be warm (as opposed to the -4 F degree weather that is turning me into an icicle right as we speak), (2)I’d pack swimsuits and flipflops (in the new Hideo Bean luggage and leave extra room for shopping), (3) Get to tan and not look like Vampire Edward (I’d wear my new Super shades), (4) Bring my Ipod (which currently needs a better pair of headphones btw) and my MacBook (with the new sleeve of course), and (5) Plan with my new City guides where I’d really like to go for my next extended vacation.

And there you have it. Pick me.

----- winnie 15.12.09 19:44

Skopelos, an island off the mainland of Greece, where my new headphones would match the beautiful ocean!

----- erica mae 15.12.09 19:45

i would take this jetset bundle, show up at the airport, close my eyes, pick a book out of the city guide collection at random, hop a flight there and explore for the weekend.

----- sarah 15.12.09 19:45

I’d find a babysitter for the kids and take my wife to Montreal to wander around the old city for a weekend of exploration and reconnecting.

----- Erik Dahl 15.12.09 19:48

So many places to choose…the Maldives, Australia, Hawaii…winter makes me want to go someplace with sunshine and beaches.

----- Jessica P. 15.12.09 19:48

Oman … to go swim-trekking in the Wadi Bani Khalid

----- C Hudson 15.12.09 19:49

For one weekend, I would either raise hell in Berlin or unwind in Honolulu.

----- Tyler 15.12.09 19:50

Iceland, to see the aurora borealis

----- Julia 15.12.09 19:52

I’d hop the first plane out to Canada, then another plane to Calgary, Alberta.

I’m from the tropics so it would near-kill me to be in such cold but I’d get to experience snow for the first time and I’d finally celebrate Christmas day again with my mom (which is also her birthday) on her own turf.

Something we’ve both been trying to make real but always get denied of. Christmas with genuine snow!

----- Tracy Orozco 15.12.09 19:53

I have had Iceland in my thoughts for so long. I absolutley have to see that cold volcanic landscape and the lagoons. ps i dont even have luggage and my earphones are busted. p

----- sheena 15.12.09 19:53

I’d love to take a trip to NYC over spring break. Love the sunglasses!

----- Michael 15.12.09 19:54

I would grab my wife, leave the blustery cold of Ohio, and jet to Vegas! Warm temps, great friends, bright lights, great friends, fantastic food, great friends… West coast, here we come.

----- Supan 15.12.09 20:13

A weekend in Hong Kong would be nice, during Chinese New Year or the Arts Festival in March. It’s been too long since I’ve walked the streets of a truly wonderful city.

----- Scott B 15.12.09 20:17

If I could go anywhere, it would be Phoenix, Arizona to visit ASU, so I could know whether it was the school for me.

----- Ryan Estle 15.12.09 20:17

I’d go to Telluride, CO and ride some beautiful San Juan snow!

----- alicia 15.12.09 20:20

I’d hop on to plane to Montenegro. I’ve heard they’ve got some of the most picturesque beaches and architecture in the world!

----- Fraser 15.12.09 20:22

Copenhagen for the climate talks !!!

----- Rachel 15.12.09 20:22

I’d jetset to Belarus to meet my grandparents, and I’d probably take my mama too. She hasn’t seen them in 16 years, and as I was 3 when we immigrated I can’t remember anything about them.

----- Katya 15.12.09 20:24

Santa’s workshop! Can you imagine the insanity of the elves trying to pull it together the last few days before Christmas. So much excitement. So much passion. I could help load the sleigh or make hot cocoa for elves on a break. The elves would be so grateful, they would sing me Christmas songs by the fire late at night. Do they have a wallpaper guide for this?

----- Cody Taggart 15.12.09 20:24

I’d love to visit the Pacific Northwest and scuba dive in the massive kelp forests.

----- Andrea 15.12.09 20:25

Today? Morocco. Ask me again tomorrow… .

----- Speck 15.12.09 20:27

I’d fly off to Tokyo!

----- Xavier Duran 15.12.09 20:28

I would steal away my wife to a SoCal spa for the weekend before she get’s too far along in her pregnancy to fly. We both need it.


----- Aaron 15.12.09 20:28

Jet to Rome because that’s where I’ll be studying abroad next semester!

----- Rebecca 15.12.09 20:30

Heading to Kyoto, Japan for the holidays. Most amazing place I have ever been. I can almost see the Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji) covered in fresh snow.

----- Richard 15.12.09 20:35

Would thoroughly enjoy a weekend hunting down the best art exhibition opportunities in London

----- Samuel Schimek 15.12.09 20:36

I’d jetset to Boulder, Colorado by myself for a weekend adventure in the Rocky Mountains!

----- Mallory :] 15.12.09 20:39

Anywhere I’ve never been! — Although the romantic in me is begging to go back to Paris.

----- Spencer 15.12.09 20:48

For a weekend anywhere i would go to Grenada to see the underwater sculpture park. http://www.underwatersculpture.com/pages/gallery/underwater-gallery/index.htm

----- Liz 15.12.09 20:48

Seattle for sure! My husband and I are planning to move there so we’d take any opportunity to visit until we do.

----- Tegan 15.12.09 20:53

I’d go to Mongolia, I’ve been fascinated by that country ever since seeing Mulan and the Huns. It got me thinking about the Huns and Mongols. I was rooting for Mulan and China for most of the film but the Huns were badass

----- sylvia 15.12.09 20:54

Only for a weekend? I’m tempted to say the UK, because it’s always been my dream destination. However, my best friend is going to school in Koblenz, and I miss him, so I’d choose to go there instead.

----- Jackie 15.12.09 21:00

Oh! I’d head to Figueres, in Catalonia, Spain, because it’s Salvador Dalí’s hometown. He’s my muse and I’d love to go there and visit his museum, which he designed himself.

----- Taryn 15.12.09 21:01

If I could hop on a plane right now and fly off for the weekend, I’d want to go to NYC! I have always wanted to see NYC during the Christmas season!

----- nikita 15.12.09 21:01

Aaaa I am drooling over this giveaway - my best friend just snapped my headphones. My macbook pro is painfully naked and that lime green luggage completely trumps my beat-up boring black suitcase.

If I could go anywhere it the world I would hop on a plane to Thailand! Mmmmm yummy food, forests for adventuring, stunning temples and elephants!

----- Cori 15.12.09 21:05

I would fly to Buenos Aires to start a South American excursion.

----- Wesley Hill 15.12.09 21:12

Jackson Hole. There’s either something wonderful about the clean air of JH or something quite miserable about the polluted air of Cleveland.

Or both.

SUPER sunglasses FTW, WJS is so awesome.

----- Brian Peter 15.12.09 21:15

I’d jet set back to greencastle, pa and see my wife for our anniversary.

----- elliott 15.12.09 21:18

Australia … to cage dive with Great Whites!

----- Pug 15.12.09 21:18

I would love to be able to grab my boyfriend and frenchie and all three of us would fly to Sweden and desperately try to learn the language (of course we would fail horribly and butcher it with our bad accents)and then Norway and then Denmark so we could get our design fix. Then we’d hop back on the plane to Thailand or the Philippines.

----- nikki 15.12.09 21:19

I’d jet set back to greencastle, pa and see my wife for our anniversary.

----- elliott 15.12.09 21:20

My choice would be THE SUNNY ISLAND OF SINGAPORE! i would be able to do heaps of shopping in all the new malls that are around the Orchard Road area, enjoy nature at its best at the Sungei Boloh nature reserve, do water sports and fly kites at the Marina Bay area, take in the multi-cultural tastes,sights and sounds all around the island (AND SO MUCH MORE)!My jet-set weekend would be SO packed and eventful!

----- Victoria T 15.12.09 21:24

I would blast off to Tavarua, Fiji. My happiest place on Earth where everyday is filled with fun surf and crystal clear warm water. Water that’s filled with vibrant fish and coral some matching the colors of the Hideo Bean 19 luggage and the WeSC Bongo Blue Headphones.

----- Jared K. 15.12.09 21:25

somewhere in the southern hemisphere, i’ve never been on the other side of the equator…

----- Mine 15.12.09 21:27

I would go home to the Philippines or California.

----- Kat! 15.12.09 21:31

Bali! For some sun and gooooood food.

----- manda 15.12.09 21:33

Prague. I’ve always wanted to see that city.

----- Zac 15.12.09 21:36

Exotic would be good, but sometimes practical is even more fun. I would go to Seattle and remind a friend of mine that she is loved.

----- Nikkie 15.12.09 21:39

paris - it would take almost the whole weekend to get there but the palmiers and crepes would be worth it!!

----- lisa 15.12.09 21:40

I’m in Virginia, and I would go to San Francisco.

My boss this past summer was a bishop who now works at a cathedral in San Francisco, a cathedral at which there is a weekly dance party (called Episcodisco). Though I doubt he attends, the idea of him doing so give me the giggles. I’d love to visit both (my boss because I liked him and the cathedral dance club because… hopefully that goes without saying).

----- Matthew 15.12.09 21:45

Egypt, no question.

----- Cory 15.12.09 21:48

I’d probably visit my home country of the Philippines first, say hi to my family, and then hop around the southeast end of Asia.

----- grace 15.12.09 21:53

Japan! My home! I’m ready to soak in hot springs… ahh…

----- Mari 15.12.09 21:54

I would go home to Norway (Tønsberg) and visit my friends and family. I live in Sydney, Australia, and miss them dearly.

----- Ann 15.12.09 22:02

I’d spent a chilly weekend in Antarctica to sneak a peek at the new Archigram-esque research stations that have popped up. Then share a drink with a penguin.

----- Bobby 15.12.09 22:21

I would jetset to Napa, California. The last time that I went there with my hubby to get away, we had a fabulous time! I want to go back so badly. It’s just gorgeous there and of course the wine isn’t bad either.

----- Jen Fitzgibbons 15.12.09 22:23

If I could jetset anywhere this weekend, I would go to Maui to explore the road to Hana, eat raw coconut and take a surfing lesson (preferably from a hunky, dreadlocked surfer dude.) The reason I picked Hawaii is because I currently live in California, and if I’m only going for the weekend I want to spend more time on the ground than on a plane!

----- Leah 15.12.09 22:26

Auckland NZ would be a nice place to jet over to. Set Sail around the Bay, Cruise down and check out North and South Islands. Sip some Fine Wine, Explore the Fjords and Maori Traditional Huts.

----- Anna 15.12.09 22:34

I’d jetset to Japan for a romantic getaway with my girlfriend at a ryokan in Kyoto.

----- Robert W. 15.12.09 22:39

SFO to the Philippines to visit long-lost relatives and gorge myself on suckling pig! nom.

----- JASON 15.12.09 22:42

to New York. to Paris. to Amsterdam. to Moscow. to Bhutan. to Phuket. to Kyoto. to Hawaii. to Rio. to Havana. to LA. to the ends of the earth where daily toil is unheard of.

----- Tab 15.12.09 22:43

At the drop of a hat I would head to Brazil to eat a copious amount of great food, strengthen my Portuguese, and get some top notch Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons.

----- Michael Wallace 15.12.09 22:43

I would go home to Shanghai, China. Because of my dad’s job my family lived there while I was growing up and it is the only city I consider home. Also, second (BARELY) to New York, it is my favorite city in the world!!!

----- Ella 15.12.09 22:44

wow, one weekend? that’s tough. i’d love to go to europe since i’ve never been but one weekend wouldn’t be enough. i don’t think a weekend’s enough for anywhere new so i guess san diego. i love san diego and would to live there someday. the weather and scenery’s beautiful and it’s just the right mix of small and big.

----- connie 15.12.09 22:51

I’d go to Copenhagen - Scandinavian design and architecture appeal to me, and combined with a chance to talk and hang out with the people there, what fun! =)

----- Suraaj 15.12.09 22:53

Just for the weekend? Gotta say Miami. Living in LA, Miami is almost as far as you can get. I’d go in Dec. during Art Basel and indulge in art, parties and some damn good Cuban food.

----- Adam 15.12.09 22:54

For the endless bubble teas!

----- Tiffany 15.12.09 22:57

I would most definitely travel to Italy. For me I feel that Italy is where I want to end up in life and going there for a random weekend would reassure me of my dream, a perfect trip during my summer or when Im stressing over finals would me AMAZING!

----- Miguel 15.12.09 22:58

I was just in Prague during the weekend, and if hadn’t been so bloody cold, I wouldn’t mind going there again, and Berlin always rocks.. But since I could really go for some above-zero temperatures right now, I’d probably choose Barcelona..

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 15.12.09 23:00

THIS SET IS AMAZING!!! I would jet off to Italy, for my first visit to my family I have in northern Rome and Sicily. I would see the villa my parents lived in before I was born.

And with this sweet stash, I would be doing it in style!

----- John Geluso 15.12.09 23:06

Lake Baikal in a heart beat… but I’m not sure if jet setting is the proper term… more like private helicopter then hike setting

----- Sarah 15.12.09 23:11

i would jetset to napoli, italy! Crazy atmophere there! Love it!

----- Paolo 15.12.09 23:11

Brighton, England. Old flames, North Laines, trains; cheap vegan Sunday roast at the Cowley Club, and the best of the trippiest hippies in England.

----- Meaghan 15.12.09 23:12

If I could go anywhere for a weekend it would be Madrid. I’ve never been out of the country (besides canada when I was about 6-8) and I’ve been learning spanish for the last 3 years…The culture is beautiful and my dream is to study abroad in europe!

That green luggage is adorable by the way…such a cool color

----- Christina Tucker 15.12.09 23:23

If I could go anywhere this weekend… I would fly off to Japan. If only! I am inspired by so much of it’s culture and it’s influence is a big reason I have my blog. Now, if it could be the weekend of choice… I would fly off to Calgary Canada in March, so I could finally meet Podgypanda— kawaii artists extraordinaire. The man who gave life to my site by creating me in animated form. And he’s such as amazing internet shoulder to cry on, it would be wonderful to finally meet him. =D

----- saki 15.12.09 23:24

Well, I *am* jetsetting to Cleveland this weekend. If we’re talking a practical real-life situation, I’d probably go to Austin, TX. I was just there for the first time last month and I loved it so much I was ready to move. If we’re talking an ideal weekend where i’m not worried about finances or jet lag, I’d head to Marrakesh. I haven’t been there and am dying to go. I loved the feel of Southern Spain and I can only imagine that Marrakesh has even more of that.

----- April 15.12.09 23:31

If I could jet off to anywhere for the weekend it would defiantly be Seattle. I visited for a day with family a few summers ago and was so sad I wasn’t able to explore on my own and take in everything I wanted to (do to the family’s plans). Yet in the short time I was there I fell completely in love with Seattle. It would be a dream to be able to do it again, my way. Just the thought of being able to makes me a bit giddy. :)

----- Courtney 15.12.09 23:34

I would hop on a flight down to visit my future home in bouquet panama! the rolling green hills and mild climate make for an amazing paradise.

----- Paul 15.12.09 23:37

I would totally go to iceland!!!!!! and jump into natural hot spring :)

----- Christine C 15.12.09 23:42

I would jet to somewere in Canada, go snowboarding :-) haha
what irony, i’m living in Switzerland :-)

----- claudia 15.12.09 23:47

I’d jet to Europe! I’m itching to see what’s out there across the sea!!!

----- Dan Yoon 15.12.09 23:51

all around INDONESIA the most exotic country in the world!!

----- dara 15.12.09 23:51

If I could jet set for the weekend anywhere in the world I would pop in to Tokyo. I’ve been once when I was 15 and would love to go again. Nothing like a weekend of bright lights and shopping. And in Tokyo I can pull shoes off the shelf and they actually fit my small feet! But I would just love the chance to eat some great food, go to some great clubs, and shop in Shibuya. I mean nowhere in the U.S quite has quick ramen or yakisoba lunches like in Japan.

----- creativename 15.12.09 23:57

Wow… Id take the first flight to the UK… that would be the perfect 21st Birthday!!!

----- Sufu 16.12.09 00:21

I would jetset to…Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, which I discovered through NOTCOT and am now in the process of figuring out how to get to. So, either way, big ups.

----- Jaime 16.12.09 00:33

I would jetset over to London and visit with my Friends and Family for the weekend!

----- Mark Durling 16.12.09 00:40

i would take my dog Lolita and fly with her from Cracow where i live now to Gdańsk to spent Christmas with my family.
Simple but practical. There is a 10hours train trip in front of us :/.

----- martamaria 16.12.09 00:56

Haha, probably the Philippines. To visit family that I haven’t seen in a while, or Japan to try and test how much I’ve actually learned in my Japanese classes.

----- Andrea 16.12.09 01:00

Helsinki, Finland. I’m fascinated by Finland and there’s this girl there…

----- James 16.12.09 01:17

A weekend isn’t much time, so I don’t want to go too far or have to bring much along with me.

Hawaii, then, because it’s not a long flight from the West Coast, and I could do a lot of outdoor activities without heavy clothing and with minimal gear.

----- ottnott 16.12.09 01:27

Sounds like visiting friends. Who lives where its warm (started snowing while I rode my bike to work this morning, so I’d really need that)? Well I haven’t seen Steve in a looong while. So Jamaica it is.

----- Raphael 16.12.09 01:33

Wherever that photo was taken…, California??
I’d pop on all my winnings have a photo taken exactly on that spot and share it with you Notcot, then everyone can judge whether i was a worthy winner or not by my ability to work the hideo on those cobbles.

----- English Will 16.12.09 01:39

I’d want to land a chartered flight right in the middle of Melrose Ave. so I could hit Opening Ceremony, Fred Segal, Family, Largo, and be relatively close to amazing late night eats in Koreatown.

----- Aaron 16.12.09 02:04

Goa, India. It’s a party. It’s an adventure. You’ve got a cocktail of Indian & Portugese influences, sandy beaches, primo clubs, and cliffs to jump off into deep waters below.

What else could you ask for?

----- Nick Yo 16.12.09 02:20

A weekend in Reykjavik is on order. I live in Paris and I don’t know Iceland yet, but it looks so otherworldly and modern!


----- Marta 16.12.09 02:36

I’d go to Amsterdam to visit my family :-)

----- Denise R 16.12.09 02:37

I would jetset to a beach in Indonesia. The more remote the better!

----- Lauren M 16.12.09 02:43

It would definitely be Morocco. Preferably Casablanca.

----- asli 16.12.09 02:54

Berlin - adventure, berliners, culture, discotheques, eateries, frivolities, glamour, history, internationalism, journey, kunst, liebe/love, musik, nightfall, outrageousness, personalities, quirks, raves, schnitzel, typologies, unforgetable, vainglorious, whimsical, x-rated, yawns and zzzzzz……

----- Rachel 16.12.09 03:14

ANYWHERE! i just want to win that cool shit!

----- Danielle 16.12.09 03:20

I’d take a flight to see the Northern Lights.

A maximum of three hours in the air, accompained by an astronomer, and if im lucky a perfect glimps of the most ‘spectacular natural phenomena known to man’

I would also be home in time for my mums sunday roast, now thats what I call jetsetting.

----- Esther 16.12.09 03:27

london,,the street, the people, the food, the view, etc.It’s my dream city, I’m dreaming it since I was a child,but unfortunately my money haven’t enough yet to go there. I wish I were there in this second.uhuhuhuh. T,T

----- mariska 16.12.09 03:50

I’d jetset off to Croatia, my favorite place in the world! Stunning landscapes, waterfalls, lush forestsand beaches, rock formations and beautiful (really beautiful) people!

----- Camila F. 16.12.09 03:51

hm can’t decide between amman and visiting a very good friend for xmas or
surprising my girlfriend with a travel to shanghai to see her brother?

----- massuro 16.12.09 03:56

if i could, i probably would go around the world in a day. simply because i haven’t gone anywhere.

----- Rahayu J 16.12.09 03:58

A friend of mine actually went to Dubai last summer, showed me some of the photos and I was sold!
Though, a weekend is rather short for such a beautiful place (or any other place I would like to visit), it still would be a perfect getaway with my bf, just to relax and escape from work.

----- Mikki 16.12.09 04:02

I could use a weekend in Greece…

----- Chris Gabriel 16.12.09 04:09

I’d hop on a space-time-warping plane to Shibuya in the late 80’s (or early nineties, in case the former were overbooked). I’d amaze the japanese with my advanced style while listening to Pizzicato Five and Cornelius.

----- Thiago Medeiros 16.12.09 04:21

My flight would be heading to the phillipines, always wanted to go there and see the culture, join in on some Real Martial Arts and see all the amazing mountains and hilltop settlements!

----- Marty 16.12.09 04:36

Havana - for the culture, architecture, weather, and fast flight :)

----- Jenny L 16.12.09 05:02

Buenos Aires for a slice of Euro-awesome with a dash of latin flayvor and some dirty hot sun.

----- Meg 16.12.09 05:19

Everything looks fantastic!
Cheers to everyone!

----- Jzachly 16.12.09 05:26

Just for the weekend? Anywhere warm, as they are calling for snow here on saturday… I think I’d pick Puerto Rico and spend the weekend at Arecibo!

----- karlaanne 16.12.09 05:27

If I could go anywhere, I would take a trip to the igloo village Kakslauttanen in Finland. Among other things, there are igloos made of glass that doesn’t frost, so that you can view the aurora borealis.

By the way, I have loved your blog for a very long time now. Thank you for writing such brilliant posts and finding great design.

----- Deena 16.12.09 05:29

i’d love to go to stockholm and pick up a dala horse, skona hem + other magazines, and some other goodies since i love scandinavian design!

----- ras 16.12.09 05:39

I’d pick the south of France, hands down. I could fly over and enjoy the open-air markets, the socca, the olives, then rent a scooter and hop between villages on the coast — soaking in the sun 7 sights on the way.

----- Agnes 16.12.09 05:51

Since this is all wishful thinking, a quick hop over to Habana would be ideal with a full day and night in Varadero. The bundle would be missing an amazing camera to go with it though ;)

----- CHIPIE 16.12.09 05:55

I would jett off to L.A.(it’s cold and boring here in Portugal right now)*

----- Joaquim 16.12.09 05:55

I’d spend a Night in Tunisia.

----- Adam 16.12.09 06:08

i would head home to guyana so that all this gear could turn heads…and then get me robbed and/or kidnapped.

----- Jay 16.12.09 06:19

Majorca! It’s so beautiful and not very touristy. Time for some good rustic food and incredible beaches!

----- Phoebe 16.12.09 06:22

I would go to Treehouse city in Turkey, all of a sudden my life has been surrounded with by wonderful Turkish people and I am completely intrigued by their culture. But, Treehouse city sounds magical!

----- Adriane 16.12.09 06:31

A weekend in Paris, please!

----- Mia 16.12.09 06:32

That’s easy, the Hawaiian Island of Kauai! The most beautiful place I have ever seen.

----- Ben B 16.12.09 06:37

I’d fly away to Tel Aviv and walk the beach at sunrise before stopping for perfect cappucino at one of the millions of cozy beit-cafes that pepper the streets in the Merkaz, then I’d elbow my way through the crowds at Shuk-Karmel to buy the best roasted almonds and eat slices of halva and clementina sections offered by all the shouting vendors. After that, to Leventin 7 for live music and licorice-flavored arak.

----- Becky 16.12.09 06:39

I’m off to Paris, baby!

----- Dave Parker 16.12.09 06:44

London, in a second, London! Thank you!

----- Wolfie 16.12.09 06:46

Milan so I can try to act like I fit in.

----- Brad 16.12.09 06:53

I’d hop a plane to Chapel Hill NC — my significant other just took a job there (and I’m in WA!)

----- Liz 16.12.09 06:55

If I could go anywhere for the weekend I’d go and visit NYC since some of my closest friends are there and I won’t be seeing them for the holidays any other way!

----- Brigitte 16.12.09 07:03

Greece. Fo sho.

----- annie 16.12.09 07:11

It was -15 here last night in Minneapolis. I’m Cuba bound. Before the flood gates open and they put in an Applebee’s. I think Cuba would be my number one destination if it were 98 degrees out here.

-Cuba Gooding Kelsey

----- Kelsey Can! 16.12.09 07:11

San Francisco to apply for jobs in graphics and prop production for film!

----- Shannon 16.12.09 07:12

i’ve travelled quite a bit, but i’ve never been to Paris. i’d probably head there first. either that or Reykjavic, to see some music shows and soak in a snowy hot spring!

----- Heidi 16.12.09 07:13

Definitely NYC. I’ve never been there during the winter season and would love to see the holiday in the city & the winter fashion!

----- Ashley 16.12.09 07:13

To Rosa Muerta in Joshua Tree!

----- Erik Johanson 16.12.09 07:15

I’d fly to St. Andrews, Scotland for another heaping plate of black pudding, fruit pudding, bacon, haggis, eggs, and some Tetley to flush it into my arteries. Then, I’d go through the castle and abbey museums this time, and drop another pound or two (for good luck) in Paddington Bear’s head at the portcullis.

----- Will Hobbs 16.12.09 07:16

New Zealand! A bit of a trip for just the weekend, but it’s where my boyfriend and I always dream of going. Also, it’s summer there now…unlike here in NYC, where it is total chillsville!

----- Sarah H. 16.12.09 07:16

I’d fly off to Portland, Oregon for the weekend…while I was there I’d look for an apartment for my soon-to-be move to Portland! I could certainly use the suitcase. ^_^

----- Tom 16.12.09 07:18

bali, indonesia baby!

----- Jacob 16.12.09 07:19

Prague to go visit the Alphonse Mucha museum, source of so much inspiration and a good beer!

----- Sunny 16.12.09 07:19

I’d love to fly to Barcelona.. it’s a magic city to me 8->

----- Miki 16.12.09 07:20

i’d use this set to hop around europe for a week! a few days visiting all the big cities.

----- curtis 16.12.09 07:28

The Azores! I really need a vacation…….

----- sarah 16.12.09 07:39

I’d jet set to berlin and wear those sunglasses at night.

----- Eran Koren 16.12.09 07:39

If it’s just for the weekend, then I’d have to pick California. I haven’t been there yet and would love a little getaway from the snow up North. Then… come back all warmed up and ready to snowboard :)

----- Rina 16.12.09 07:41

Steve Harrington is great. We would go to Berlin and check out all of the new art there. Germany is beautiful during the Christmas season. We would eat special pastries only made this time of year!

----- amy 16.12.09 07:43

Cincinnata, OH for the goetta

----- Jeremy 16.12.09 07:44

I would jetset to Santa Fe, NM. I am working for a TV show where we have to plan vacations for OTHER people, so jealous, I wanna jet!

----- Jenna 16.12.09 07:44

i would take off to Iceland. always wanted to go. super crazy landscapes and geothermal activity, i mean come on! how cool is that!?!

----- Chris L 16.12.09 07:49

I’d jet set to some place where the sun is shining. Isn’t it summer is Australia????

----- Nicole McKinney 16.12.09 07:56

Trysil in Norway or …mmm Tokyo

----- Allar Pani 16.12.09 07:56

I would fly to Barcelona then hike El Camino de Santiago.

----- Joe 16.12.09 08:03

Actually I’ve just hopped off a flight from Granada, the place I spent the best year of my life. Spent the week end there, we ate we partied we laughed we cried :)

----- Chiara 16.12.09 08:09

I would go to Seattle for a beautiful Northwest winter weekend to spend time with friends and family who I love and miss so much!

----- Rochelle 16.12.09 08:09

since nyc has been so cold and dreary, i would fly to some place warm and sunny. since it’s just for a weekend i’d want the flight to be reasonable, so i’d probably say MIAMI.

----- suzy s. 16.12.09 08:12

well if it was just for the weekend i wouldn’t want to be in the air the whole time so i’d probably go somewhere in canada like montreal or quebec. sure its winter and its cold. wear a coat you big babies.

----- Kyle 16.12.09 08:13

I’d jet to Istanbul in a heartbeat. And take my nights at the Zoë. My food down the street or across the Bos in Kardakoy. And I’d take my girlfriend too.

----- Arne 16.12.09 08:16

I’d probably go to Montreal, but you’d have to kill me to bring me back to Buenos Aires then.

----- David 16.12.09 08:16

I’d just fly around the world, First Class with a fully reclinable seat, enjoy the service and the power trip. Its been such a long time since a plane ride was actually not from hell!

----- Karthik Srinivasan 16.12.09 08:19

In these hard times, I’d want something simple like a long weekend in Woodstock (I live in NYC). A long enough drive that you feel like you went somewhere, but close enough for all my friends to come along. All I’d want is a big cabin, with a big fireplace, good music and lots of digital cameras around to capture the memories. And if my dog can join us, all the better!

----- Ray Hsia 16.12.09 08:20

BANGKOK. OR HCMC. definitely.
probably not worth the flight for just a weekend, but since this is all hypothetical….why bother with reality.

----- Carrieee 16.12.09 08:25

New Jersey! So I can grab some tomato pie! YUM!

----- Heather 16.12.09 08:27

My seat belt is fastened – it’s snug and secure.
Been sitting here hours… and feels it for sure.
I finished my books during airport delays.
It turns out my iPod’s been uncharged for days.
I’ve studied the plane wing: I’ve counted the rivets.
I’ve noted my seat cushion’s deepening divots.
I spilled all my water (my pants are still drying).
I hear one babe cooing… and 17 crying.
The man right behind me drones stories so boring,
I think I’m preferring my seat-mate’s wheezed snoring.
My back aches in tense, upright, locked tight position.
It’s clear 30A has a stomach condition.
Yet just when I think I can’t take anymore,
And I’m wishing my window would turn to a door,
I hear these great words (over 30B’s cough),
“This is your captain… we’re cleared to take off!”
- G.K.

I’d love to take the wejetset bundle on a trip to each of the featured Wallpaper City Guides’ locations, but in particular Barcelona! What a great excuse to escape from dreary MN weather, then winning a fun prize!

----- KC Rooney 16.12.09 08:31

I’d go to Turkey for the weekend!

----- Rebecca Sanders 16.12.09 08:32

I would go to Berlin!

----- Katherine Grant 16.12.09 08:34

I would go to Middle Earth/New Zealand to visit the Shire and take a tour of Weta Workshops! I’d love to see all the miniatures they used in the making of the films and learn what projects they are currently working on. After that, I would go to the beach, have a picnic, and watch the waves. I know, I know, this would not be possible in just one weekend, but I can dream right?

----- Megan 16.12.09 08:38

if i could make a weekend trip anywhere, i’d like to head to the florida keys - not only is is much warmer than our minneapolis high of 5 degrees today, but i just read an article about the semi-feral pigs that live on one of the islands that you can swim with and i’ve always wanted to visit hemingway’s house there/see all the polydactyl cats that have descended from his…

----- lauren michele 16.12.09 08:40

i’d hop the overnighter from LA to Shanghai, stay at the Mansion Hotel in the French Concession and wander around for a week, eat noodles out of alleyways, and get so many clothes custom-made at the Fabric Market i’d really need that suitcase :)

----- Nico 16.12.09 08:42

With all the hassles of traveling, at least I could travel in style! I’d be off to Nepal, with a long flight of city guide reading, and music.

----- jsunder 16.12.09 08:47

Oh, I’d totally jet off to Northern Canada; anywhere I’m positive I’ll be able to catch the Aurora Borealis! (Life goal!)

----- Caitlin 16.12.09 08:48

Japan, France… gah anywhere… I need a vacation…

----- Alexis 16.12.09 09:00

Andalucia, Spain. The tapas, countryside, and more importantly, people are amazing. If not Cinque Terre, Italy. Absolutely beautiful and not too crowded with people.

----- Roger 16.12.09 09:00

Australia hands down.

----- Rosanna U 16.12.09 09:05

Istanbul. Just east enough, just west enough.

----- Laura 16.12.09 09:10

Buenas Aires - Seems like it would be a great city to bum around in.

----- mj 16.12.09 09:15

I would go to Moyobamba, Peru with a camera, a sketchbook, and a bottle of tanning oil. Sounds breathtaking. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moyobamba

----- Tara 16.12.09 09:16

I’d jetset to New Zealand, where my best friend Grant is working on farms, travelling, and surfing. I miss him!

----- Vanessa 16.12.09 09:19

I would definitely head to Chile for summertime in the southern hemisphere!

----- Peter L 16.12.09 09:31

Chefchaouen, Morocco!!! ‘Cos the city is as blue as the sky and the elderly drink peppermint tea and wear long hood garments that make them look like wizards (:

----- Naz 16.12.09 09:31

I would probably choose Iceland. Hop from the Caribbean humid heat in San Juan, Puerto Rico (where I live)and grab a taste of a cold snow weekend. Add some winter sports to the package and that would make me happy. :)

----- Edwin 16.12.09 09:34

Let’s admit it to our jetsetting selves - few things in life could be more perfect than sailing Australian waters..
Hop a flight to Sydney - yacht waiting harbourside, partner and friends in tow, galley fridge stocked, and set sail alongside competitors for the opening leg of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race….
Oooooooh yes!

----- Shelley J 16.12.09 09:34

Thailand is where’d I’d go
For the adventure you know?
I haven’t been there yet
so why not jet?

----- Mary 16.12.09 09:42

I would fly Europe with a one way ticket… making that weekend trip into a “Hey, remember when I lived in Europe” experience.

----- Max 16.12.09 09:47

The moon.

----- vince 16.12.09 09:47

After living in NYC for a year now; I would gladly jet off to Kenya where I’d be surrounded by non-speaking mammals, sitting my lazy ass on a safari jeep and sipping on a Stella.

----- Ry 16.12.09 09:48

I would jetset of to Iceland and hang out in some hotsprings with Bjork.

----- Lea 16.12.09 09:48

Stockholm to Tokyo to Salt Lake City then back to Brooklyn.

----- Newls 16.12.09 09:51

I’d take a weekend trip to Greece. I’ve always wanted to go to europe and every photo of Greece makes me wish i was there. The hardest part would be leaving after only a weekend. :)

----- Brandon 16.12.09 09:56

I would jump on a plane to Greece! Lay on the beach, go dance with the locals, eat some seafood and hide away from the busy and frozen streets of NYC.

----- Lily 16.12.09 09:58

I’d jetset to..gosh anywhere, it’s been so long since I’ve traveled!!

----- amanda 16.12.09 10:01

I’d go to British Columbia, Canada to go snowboarding!

----- Landon 16.12.09 10:02

If money wasn’t an issue…I would either hit up Costa Careyes (http://www.careyes.com/) or the Pretty Beach House in the Bouddi Peninsula of Australia (http://prettybeachhouse.com/pretty_beach_house.htm)!!! I am in DESPERATE need of a little sunshine in my life! The green luggage piece would be perfect because all I would bother bringing would be several swimsuits, suntan lotion and my ipod!

----- Sarah Anne 16.12.09 10:05

I’m totally gonna rock those sunglasses with the headphones while carrying the suitcase with the laptop case inside as I’m reading a city guide.

----- Adam Edwards 16.12.09 10:05

Powell’s Books in Portland, OR.
Oh, how I miss you!!!

----- Rya 16.12.09 10:15

How about Costa Rica? That sounds like a great weekend trip.

----- patguy 16.12.09 10:21

I would be off to Hong Kong.

----- Jim 16.12.09 10:22

I would pop onto a plane with my husband and fly to Miami, step out into the warm air and get some food from Pollo Tropical, then cruise to the nearest beach and enjoy a few hours of fun before finding a medianoche and some delicious cerveza at any Cuban restaurant that lets us sit outside and indulge in the sunset. The next day we’d go kayaking around the banyan trees and look for sharks.

----- Sarah Phillips 16.12.09 10:29

Ireland. I know it seems dumb because of the wind and rain, but I’ve never been and it’s the one place I want to go. Plus, I’d look super cool in those headphones on the coast with that suitcase by my side!

----- Jake 16.12.09 10:35

I’d fly to Sweden to enjoy the Stockholm Archipelago. I’ve never been before, but I hear it is very beautiful!

----- Megan 16.12.09 10:36

I would venture to Japan! I’ve wanted to go there since third grade. I’m in college now and I still haven’t been! T-T

----- Alicia 16.12.09 10:44

Scotland! I’ve always wanted to stay overnight in a castle there with a big roaring fire and a wee dram.

----- Lark 16.12.09 10:50

i’d jetset to new zealand.

----- janete 16.12.09 10:56

I would love to go to Finland and search for Moomin trolls. Then go to Iceland to see the Aurora Borealis, bundle up in the fleece + wool blanket, have a hot chocolate and listen to music all night long.

----- Fumi mini 16.12.09 11:05

If I could fly anywhere… I’d fly to Paris for the weekend with my wife. I’d love to leave the kids behind and get away, just the two of us. We could wander the streets… taking pics with our Olympus Trip 35 and Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim cameras… and just get lost in the place and each other. It would be a second honeymoon.

For me… its not the “where” that counts but the “with”.

Blessings for the Holidays

Thomas aka Headphonaught

----- headphonaught 16.12.09 11:05

if i could go anywhere for a weekend get away?!?! Pairs!
I am preparing for a weekend get away for one of my best friends weddings in a little mountain town in Panama! Exciting!

----- Leslie-ann 16.12.09 11:12

Cocos Islands.

----- gabija 16.12.09 11:16

Gibraltar. No other city can claim to have had such a confluence of cultures descending (often with force) on it. Plus, it is absolutely beautiful.

----- Aaron 16.12.09 11:17

Hmm, somewhere warm to get some sun. Maybe Oaxaca, I’ve never been, but I hear it’s great.

----- Polina Khentov 16.12.09 11:19

I’d head down to Belize & go scuba diving.

----- Chris M 16.12.09 11:23

I’d love to hop a plane to Bavaria and the Czech Republic! Want so badly to see family there next year, but don’t know if it’s going to happen.

----- Sarah 16.12.09 11:27

Jetset to Monte Carlo. A little gambling, the beach, the Med. Lovely. Soak up the southern French coast sun with those sunglasses. Bump the WESC’s on the plane over with some excellent reading material!

----- Timothy Rixner 16.12.09 11:28

Not sure if its a “weekender”, but Sydney for sure

----- Ryan 16.12.09 11:29

i would grab my fella and hop to Montreal. We’d be so in love and oh-so French(Canadian). It would feel like we were so far away, but really we’re rather close to home! Can I go this weekend, please?

----- fjs 16.12.09 11:31

copenhagen, denmark. probably not right now, but definitely during the summer with long days, bikers and just an overall beautiful city.

----- Rena 16.12.09 11:38

Salamanca, Spain in a heartbeat! I love the college town :)

----- Tiffany 16.12.09 11:40

I’d totally jet off to Sau Paulo, Brazil. I haven’t been but I’ve read a lot about it.

----- Matt Dornback 16.12.09 11:41

Hands down, I would jet set to Socotra - the tiny archipelago between Somalia and Yemen. Talk about obscure, and off the beaten track. Lauded as the most alien looking place on earth, I would love to see how evolution went… different, with my own eyes.

----- Mandy G 16.12.09 11:42

Mm definitely Amsterdam, that would make such an awesome weekend. And maybe if i still got time, a short visit to France…i love museums :D

----- Samuel V. 16.12.09 11:44

My boyfriend and I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights at the North Pole, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the holiday season than by visiting St. Nick.

----- Anne C 16.12.09 11:45

I’d love to go to Italy someday and Tahiti again and have my laptop in a pretty laptop case from above~! :)

----- kiko kobayashi 16.12.09 11:47

St. Barths! Since it’s a weekend trip, I’d want to go somewhere close by to maximize my time at the destination. I’ve never been to St. Barths, and wouldn’t mind getting away from this winter weather!

----- April 16.12.09 11:53

I would go to Fernando de Noronha island in Brazil, cause that´s one of my dream places to go!

----- Gabriela Oliva 16.12.09 11:57

I’d go to St. Petersburg in Russia to have some of the yummiest caviar! Oh and then head North for a day of dogsledding, one of my favorite activities. There is nothing better than hearing the panting of the dogs and the crunching of the snow beneath you. Incredible experience really.

----- Susan 16.12.09 11:58

Haifa, Israel. Never been, but I hear its the San Fran of the middle east.

----- Eden 16.12.09 12:02

Stockholm, I’d love some thick nordic sweaters, cheap mondays and swedish meatballs now that it’s winter.

----- Marni 16.12.09 12:08

I would go to Istanbul. I would. I swear to god I would.

----- Zachary Watson 16.12.09 12:09

Swiss Alps!

----- William 16.12.09 12:09

Mexico. Cancun perhaps. I need a margarita and a beach.

----- Scott 16.12.09 12:15

Right now I’d have to go with Chianti. I would love to be in the Tuscan hills, drinking wine, eating good food, and relaxing out.

----- Zack McTee 16.12.09 12:33

I would, without hesitation, hop a flight to Italy! I spent some time there two years ago and have daydreamed about it everyday since.

The food, the people, the land, the art, it all just adds up to serenity beyond belief.

----- Rob Smith 16.12.09 12:36

Isla Nublar. What’s on Isla Nublar? Dinosaurs. All I want to do is take a picture with a T-Rex while we’re eating ice cream cones. He’ll be so bummed he can’t enjoy his because of his tiny tiny arms. It’ll make for an awesome Xmas card.

----- christy lee 16.12.09 12:49

definitely to zürich, switzerland! the best fondue ever is just over there not to mention the museum für gestaltung, which has the best exhibitions ever!

----- marikke 16.12.09 12:52

i would go to London in a minute!

----- Fahé 16.12.09 12:59

For the weekend? My first thought was Japan because that’s where I so want to visit more than anywhere. But consider the temperature here in sunny PA, all I want is to be somewhere warm. I’m thinking the Caribbean.

----- Audrey R. 16.12.09 13:11

I’d go to the Zane Grey Hotel on Catalina Island - it’s a short boat ride from LA. No TV, no phones, just me and my sweetie!

----- Angela 16.12.09 13:18

It has always been my dream to go to california, L.A, San Francisco, and to see the grand canyon etc.

----- Sam 16.12.09 13:21

I would run for the first flight headed to Tokyo. There’s so much fashion, music, and scenery that I could experience I would probably lose my mind!

----- Josh P 16.12.09 13:26

I’d take the family on a trip to the Mayan Rivera to thaw out from our -46C week.

----- Ed H. 16.12.09 13:31

Japan! Sushi and Sake weekend!

----- Matthimself 16.12.09 13:31

I’d fly to Portland, Oregon. Family, coffee, beaches/mountains/forests/farmland; i.e., everything.

----- Morgan 16.12.09 13:35

I’d jetset straight to St Maarteen to catch some rays, go diving and lay on the topless beach drinking guavaberry rum and getting my hair braided.. ahh

----- Taryn Zychal 16.12.09 13:41

I would love to go to Tokyo. Japan seems like a beautiful country and I would love to go and experience the culture, sites, landscape, people, and FOOD!

----- ellen 16.12.09 13:43

I’d fly to Romania. Not only is it a beautiful country, but my good friend will be there for the next year which is just waaaay too long to not see him. Headphones will help keep me entertained on the flight, and sunglasses will hide my eyes from the sun in case i get bitten by the Count!

----- Jenn 16.12.09 13:55

I’d go straight to Tokyo. Christmas with sushi! hooray!

----- Allen Read 16.12.09 13:58

Take a holiday from the neighbourhood. Hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood - Im in a New York state of mind.

----- Doug Metzel 16.12.09 14:00

Would love to catch a flight to Amsterdam with my girlfriend. We may or may not return once the weekend is through.

----- Kyle LaMar 16.12.09 14:14

I’d jetset to the International Space Station. Because one really can now and I’d need some spacy luggage and those tight shades to protect myself form the sun’s unblocked radiation.

----- Ian Kramar 16.12.09 14:22

I’d jet set to Thailand. Come to think of it, I’m gonna jet set there regardless… but think of how amazing that suitcase would look strollin’ down the streets of Bangkok!

Then it’d be off to Columbia, Beliz, Brazil, the Galapagos, France, Tokyo, and the world cup in South Africa…

----- ZACH 16.12.09 14:23

I’d jetset up to the Russian River where I made my daughter and make another one.

----- Russell Bongard 16.12.09 14:24

““When good Americans die they go to Paris.”-Oscar Wilde
I’ve never been to Paris……..

----- amelia winger 16.12.09 14:26

If I were able to flee/ I’d get away from where its negative three/ And fly to a place/ With such haste/ As warm and tropical as could be!

----- Laura 16.12.09 14:33

I’d take a trip to Reykjavik because I am always craving Icelandic donuts.

----- Anna 16.12.09 14:39

I would probably go nowhere; I would just tote this stuff everywhere I go on a daily basis to make it look like I am going somewhere.

----- Stephen 16.12.09 14:54

Bordeaux in France! Have a couple delicious meals with great wine and return to San Francisco. Perfect weekend

----- Kiyoka 16.12.09 14:56

I would love to drop everything and go to this postcard picture of Costa Rica! The cold winter chill and concrete city makes me yearn for the warm sun and lush green jungles of Costa Rican rainforest.

----- Morgan 16.12.09 15:01

Chile (chill)!

----- Anders 16.12.09 15:06

if i won this i would use the trip that i won to go to europe and visit my sister on her year off!!

----- christopher pereira 16.12.09 15:09

Sydney, it has to be. Great weather, beautiful people…..forget preconceived notions of Christmas, this is the way to go

----- Lyndon 16.12.09 15:11

I’d fly to Norway, the mountains there are amazing (at least from photos I’ve seen).

----- lara 16.12.09 15:14


(you said anywhere)

----- Jason P 16.12.09 15:24

I’d Jetset to the Pocono’s with my lady and a good book.

----- Jordan 16.12.09 15:26

Vegas! it’s actually possible to fly there for a weekend from NYC and I’m finally 21!

----- winter 16.12.09 15:29

Scotland! Always want to go there. such a heaven on earth.

----- Nqduy 16.12.09 15:44

As much as I’d want to go to all the exotic places listed, there’s always been a part of me that kinda wanted to get down and dirty and visit poverty in a third world country, break out of the commercialism in the US and see how life is really done in the real world. Who knows, I could learn something…

----- Jenikah 16.12.09 15:46

New york for a fashion weekend !!

----- Clode 16.12.09 15:56


----- Kid For Today 16.12.09 16:02

Anywhere southern hemisphere, baby. Cape Town, Madagascar, Chile, New Zealand, the Philippines, Australia…. the list goes on!

----- Kay 16.12.09 16:11

Something inside me has been telling me that I need to see Machu Picchu in person. I don’t know why. So that’s where I would go. I would go to Peru and go see Machu Picchu in person. Then hopefully, that little voice will make sense.

----- Jessica 16.12.09 16:19

somewhere that anyone who knows me knows, i wouldnt normally go: hawaii! im freezing cold in nyc right now, work is crazy, people are crazy, i want to go where no one will find me and its warm!!!

----- ryan 16.12.09 16:20

i’d go visit my father’s parents (who happen to live in vegas. no ulterior motive, pinky swear!)

----- Rina 16.12.09 16:34

Im actually flying this Sunday to my father, from Berlin (germany) to Managua (Nicaragua)(next to Honduras and Costa-Rica).

If i could fly to another place this weekend it would be Southafrica, my mother and some good friends are there.

I want to b in a warm place, its so cold in Berlin now!

The giveaways are exactly the things i wanted to by for me this year for christmas! Grüße - Tito

----- Ernesto 16.12.09 16:36

I was just talking with someone about this the other day! - definitely Ireland/Scotland!

----- Amy 16.12.09 16:43

If I could jump in a plane I’d jet set off to NYC for some chilly weather (I live in Florida) , friends, a night life, and Xmas Windows!… and maybe even a little snow!

----- tracy 16.12.09 16:47

The Lightning Field, New Mexico

----- Nick 16.12.09 16:50

I would go to New Zealand!
Flight of the Conchords style.

----- Jaime 16.12.09 16:59

Japan. After endless nights of falling asleep to Lost in Translation, how could I not want to go there and soothe my thoughts?

----- Natalie 16.12.09 17:01

since you decide on dec 22, which is my brother’s 22 birthday i would ask him where he’d like to go. It would probably be to LA to help move in so that he can begin school in january. It would be our first time in LA as such, we would need many pointers on whwere to go and what to do. The gear wold come in real handy on this cross country flight from miami too!

----- maggie 16.12.09 17:15

I would go to Barcelona, Spain to see Gaudi’s breathtaking buildings.

----- Tara 16.12.09 17:23

For a weekend i would jetset to korea, specifically this small town outside Seoul that my grandmother is from, i’ve never been and actually can’t speak korean (thanks dad), but i think that makes it an even better adventure

----- Sam(antha) 16.12.09 17:23

i’m so tragically unhip. this could be the perfect disguise for a quick flight to Portland to enjoy fresh micros and dusky walks through the haunts in ‘Fugitives and Refugees.’

----- derek 16.12.09 17:34


After see that Anthony Bourdain No Reservations episode, Sardinia was instantly up there on one of the places I must go before I die. The food looked so delicious and the buildings had so much history in them.

----- Phileas 16.12.09 17:36

I’d jet set off to Singapore so I can spend the holidays with my parents… and share my wonderful gifts with my family!

----- Lindsay 16.12.09 17:41

Paris, je t’aime! The most beautiful city in the world.

----- Rebecca 16.12.09 17:46

Tokyo…awesome city, so many to see and the people are nice too

----- Trinh 16.12.09 17:48


----- Paige 16.12.09 18:17

the weather near the equator is temperamental > *cough* singapore *cough*
Would love to visit Osaka! my better arty-fartsy half, kyoko, is there :)

----- nurul 16.12.09 18:17

I would go to London without so much as a second thought.

----- James 16.12.09 18:24

Probably either Ireland or New Zealand!

----- Michael F. 16.12.09 18:24

I would actually present this gift to my boyfriend if I won. The moment I saw this give away, I knew that it would be the perfect gift for Nathan. We are a young couple. I’m a high school senior living in California and he is freshmen at Duke University in Durham. The distance has been hard on us and I haven’t seen him since he left for school in August. Then imagine my discontentment this past November when he told me that he was applying to a study abroad program that would keep him in Dublin all of summer. Not be here for summer! I had taken solace in knowing that I’d be able to have three whole months with Nathan and had invested my happiness heavily in the idea of summer. We just found out the other day that he was not accepted to the program. Only 14 applicants are and he had about a 50/50 chance.
I feel guilty for being happy that he was rejected; it’s pretty selfish of me. And I know that he knows that I am glad, although I didn’t say so. So I would like to win this prize and give it to him. I want Nathan to know that I would have supported him if he had gotten into the program. I want Nathan to know that I’ll still love him regardless of the distance between us. I also want to give him this present because Christmas is coming up and I’ve never had to buy him a Christmas gift before (yikes!) Our first anniversary is also coming up (double yikes!) and it’s very important to both of us because this is both of our first loves. It would mean a lot to me to be able to give this to him. I think it’s perfect.

----- Vy Nguyen 16.12.09 19:35

I would go to edinbourgh it would be a weekend filled with castles and pubs

----- Jessy 16.12.09 20:23

I would jetset to Italy. I need a break and I have never been

----- Crystal V 16.12.09 20:36

I’d fly to Victoria, for great food and middle of the winter patio drinks with good friends.

----- Frankesaurus 16.12.09 20:58

it’s a toss up between Australia and Japan! I really want to check out the art scene in Australia, since so many beautiful things seem to be coming out of there. however, I also really want to visit a tiny island in Japan known for their star sand!

----- amanda 16.12.09 21:01

down under - where it’s summer, nice warm summer. ahhhh

----- tali 16.12.09 21:06

I would hop and a plane to Holland ASAP! My partner/best friend/boyfriend has gone off to Amsterdam for 6 months to study, and I’d love to go visit him! And maybe we’d swing down to Greece while were at it….

----- Hannah Rose Rosenstein 16.12.09 21:18

I would set off to Greece!

----- Ellen 16.12.09 21:37

After years of wanting to travel, I finally got a passport last year. I’ve had a dream of going to Barcelona all my life and I never could afford to go. Now I have the passport and the funds and it would be amazing to have the luggage and travel items to go in style. Oh to see gaudi’s work in person!

----- Amanda 16.12.09 21:39

I’d definitely holler at Cannes for a weekend. Or any factory that offered free things. I LIKE FREE THINGS.

----- Kiera Rooker 16.12.09 21:53

I would escape the dropping temperatures to Cartagena, Colombia.

----- Rene 16.12.09 22:23

Honk Kong, Thats where my parents are from but I have never had the chance to visit and see how they grew up

----- Jeff Cheung 16.12.09 22:29

I need to go to Japan for a nice bowl of shio ramen with kurobuta chashu and a side of yellowtail sashimi…

----- I am hungry 16.12.09 22:33

Mmm..Japan for winter and spring then Tahiti for the summer sounds ideal

----- Anne 16.12.09 23:07

Vancouver for some Granville Island Beer and sushi for the weekend!

please let me win

----- norman L 16.12.09 23:16


----- Amanda Curti 16.12.09 23:40

i would head to Central and South America, probably starting in Costa Rica.

----- Annie K 16.12.09 23:52

I would jetset to Beijing to be with my dad as he goes through chemo treatment there and make some design job contacts for future employment.

----- Nathan Blair 17.12.09 00:09

I would go to New York by myself and wander the streets and parks wearing the headphones, listening to sigur ros, pretending I was in a movie.

----- matty 17.12.09 00:20

I would jetset off to…home

----- Paola 17.12.09 02:37

I would go to Vienna, Austria. Something about this time of the year always draws me there. The snow, the people, walking the cobbled streets all bundled up , maybe stopping to get a coffee or a mug of hot chocolate.

----- Eric 17.12.09 02:39

I’d pack my bags and head to Anidri, a tiny Greek inlet on the southwest coast of Crete for some hiking, biking and delicious food…

----- Leigh 17.12.09 02:51

I would fly to Thessaloniki, Greece in an instant. I lived there for 6 months a few years ago, and it’s one of my favorite cities in the world.

That green suitcase would be just the right size for all the olive oil and candies I will take back home with me…

----- Elsbeth 17.12.09 03:36

North Korea. (Since this is one of those hypothetical situations) I really want to see what it’s like there, as ridiculous as it sounds. Otherwise, I’d have to pick Stockholm or something, since everyone’s so amazingly good looking and well-dressed over there!

----- CAROLINE 17.12.09 04:22

I would go to Macau.it’s a beautiful city !

----- loujinga 17.12.09 04:25

I would jetset to Reykjavik, Iceland with my girlfriend and we would relax in the thermal pools.

----- Paul 17.12.09 04:58

Anywhere with a beach full of girls on bikinis!

----- Caico 17.12.09 05:04

I saw this doc on http://www.vbs.tv about Raving in the Black Sea!! i will def go to there, to the Republic of Kazantip!! whoooppp!

----- Tarik A 17.12.09 05:17

I would jetset to Dubai. It would probably take all weekend to get there from the States, but it’s a hub of modern design and decadance. The country recently went bankrupt but it has come leaps and bounds from the village in the sand dunes it once was. Cheers to NOTCOT and wejetset for the chance to win.

----- Hows.it 17.12.09 05:32

I just wanna hit up some pow pow wherever it may be. GIVE me POW POW, maybe there’s pow pow in Vancouver.

----- Andrew Dunford 17.12.09 05:37

I would jet set to Kiev Ukraine for the weekend . I would enjoy this time Zombie , my Ukrainian girlfriend. I would do anything to be there now .

----- andrew rebeiro 17.12.09 05:47

Germany… I miss it even more this time of year.

----- tony f 17.12.09 05:54

been fascinated with this land its wild names for so long I almost forget why… read a Jenny Nimmo book when I was in elementary school and have been dreaming of Wales ever since. perhaps it isn’t as mysterious as the picture I have in my head, but I’m quite sure that if nothing else, it is beautiful and full of incredibly good and interesting people.

----- Liza 17.12.09 06:09

I’d pack my bags and head for Tokelau, the most isolated and mysterious place I can imagine! Paradise set on 3 coral atolls you’ve got to earn the right to enjoy, as it’s only accessible by a 42 hour boat journey, after several flights; reality would never find me there :D

----- Mark Jacob 17.12.09 06:22

Iceland! Iceland. Hot springs and snowshoes and weirdly dark all day… and I hear there are trolls and other strange creatures.

----- Rebecca 17.12.09 06:45

I’d love to jet off to Barcelona, Spain for a weekend!

----- LV 17.12.09 06:49

I’d got to a hot spring in Sweden!

----- anastasia 17.12.09 07:07

I want to go to the city of Bandung in Indonesia. the only city in the world that can take me away into the past where I would hear the melody of heaven from the bamboo musical instrument called the Angklung. Also a place to make batik cloth specially made for my own. I would feel the city of Paris is located at the equator. just like the title city, Parisj Van Java. ough .. wanted to be there

----- achuey 17.12.09 07:17

I would grab my wife and head off to a 2-week vacation exploring the Greek Isles (where her family is from), followed by a week in Italy (where mine is from) so we could learn more about our heritage. Vacationing throughout the Mediterranean area, we would definitely need some fly jet-setting gear so we could explore in style!

----- tommy pez 17.12.09 07:32

Costa rica!!! I seriously need a wave to ride. As well as some warmth

----- Angelo 17.12.09 07:42

Wake up in Interlaken, Switzerland, head up into the mountains to Mürren. Since it’s winter, hit the slopes. (If it were summer, hit the slopes… on a bike.) Get your sport on. Take in the mind-altering views. Wear yourself out, then put yourself back together with fondue, wine, hot chocolate, and hot tubs (& good company of course). Rinse, repeat, relax, unwind, mmm…

----- Matthew 17.12.09 07:51

Stockholm. The music, the design, the old buildings…I’ve never been to Europe and Stockholm seems like a good place to start.

----- Barrett 17.12.09 07:54

Tough choice- and the suitcase is to die for….. I’d have to go with Italy, either Florence or Venezia. Or Paris- for a fresh baguette, cup of coffee and a visit to the Louvre for the Titian show.

----- Joan DaGradi 17.12.09 08:01


----- Andrew 17.12.09 08:13

I would go to Isla Española in the Galápagos because no one lives there. Unfortunately no water either…

----- Sadie 17.12.09 08:17

I would fly straight to chicago (from los angeles) to spend some (much-needed) time with amazing friends and family.

----- andrea k. 17.12.09 08:22

If I could fly anywhere for the weekend, It would probably be to Peru, the weather is nice and warm, the land scape is beautiful and I’ve had dreams to climb machu picchu over the past few months. I’ll be flying with no plane or vehicle just floating over these forested areas and ancient ruins built up cohesively into the landscape, moving so fast and seeing things that are so vivid and breathtaking yet passing to quickly to allow my body rest. The spiritual energy that I feel when I wake up after these dreams is immense and I wonder about all the possibilities of life, and paths that can be taken.

changing this weekend idea to a full on bus road trip with 5-10 other people over a 3 month period living by making and selling things on the road, catching fish and surviving has been a plan in the making with road maps starting to get routes sketched up and people who are eagerly waiting for the get go, so we’ll see, but both ways by bus, by rickshaw bandwagon, or by plane these gifts could indeed help on this dream fulfilling experience.

----- Spencer G. 17.12.09 08:22

i would go to Fiji, enjoy the sunshine. go diving, river rafting, zip-lining, sky diving and anything that is fun fun fun :)

----- anne 17.12.09 08:40


----- Andy Yu 17.12.09 08:43

I’d hop a flight for El Salvador and make sure my boyfriend was along for the ride. While Christmas is an exciting time of year for me because I get to spend it with family, my boyfriend has not seen his family in 16 years. Moving away at 12 he has never had an opportunity to go back to see his mother and sister.

Even if we could only get down there for a weekend it would be well worth the flying time to see him reconnect with such an important part of his life.

That’s where I’d most want to jetset to.

----- Stacey 17.12.09 08:56

Let me sail back home to Seoul (Soul) Korea- I want to see my dad.

----- Alice Root 17.12.09 08:58

Marcia is the greatest. You certainly have some great items. Marita

----- Marita Getka 17.12.09 09:02

Though I’m really feeling the “Narnia” answer (classic) I’d love to jetset off to Ireland, especially the southern part of the island nation. I’d like to check out the castles, history, check into my ancestral roots, look up cousins, tour the Guinness and Jamesons distilleries, and check out the Pub scene! But until the kids get older, I’m going to have to say Orlando, to Disney, which the whole family enjoys. Ask me in a couple of months and it’ll be Universal Studios after Harry Potter world opens up! :) The whole family is looking forward to that as well, though the empty bank accounts say that this will wait. :(

----- Ronald Redmond 17.12.09 09:05

Since my job lets me travel to so many places across Europe (UK, Spain, Romania, Italy, Azores, etc) and my back yard is practically France and Austria so it’s difficult to pick a place to vacation. I suppose I would just mount a map to the wall, cover my eyes and throw a dart. That seems like a good spot. If its in the middle of the ocean, I guess it’d be a cruise!

BTW, best spot so far in my travels is Doolin…a quiant fishing village along the western coast of Ireland where the pints flow as beautifully as the music.

----- Stacy 17.12.09 09:08

Straight to NC. Not my favorite place in the world but my little sister is there and would love to drop in on her.

----- Chloe 17.12.09 09:10

i’d go to ushuaia. or anywhere i could see some penguins.

----- Svetlana B 17.12.09 09:18

If i was jetsetting anywhwere, id hop into a cab, show up at the airport and take a completely last minute random flight. LET LIFE TAKE ME ON A TRIP. Its not so much as location as destiny…


----- Oksana sal 17.12.09 09:22

I’d like to go to paradise because I;ve never been to me……….

----- Albellisimo 17.12.09 09:23

Dubai! It looks AMAZING. These prizes would look great with me there. Or… I’d take my boyfriend to Barcelona, he’s obsessed with their soccer team and the city itself!

----- Bethany 17.12.09 09:29

Running off to Costa Rica for the weekend sounds like just the thing I need to get away from the holiday crazies and into some warm weather. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….nice!

----- Mel 17.12.09 09:36

Mexico! Spent two months there this summer and loved it! I could absolutely live there.

----- Sarah 17.12.09 09:43

Vegas baby!!!

----- Natalie 17.12.09 09:54

Florence, Italy w/ my boyfriend…

----- Beth K. 17.12.09 09:58

This prize package seems ideal for a quick trip, a fleeting flight of fancy. So it makes sense to time travel, because I’d be back as soon as I’m gone. I’d go to Pompeii, duh.

----- Tia 17.12.09 09:59

Two words: Japan, sushi :0 nom nom nom

----- Matt B 17.12.09 10:12

London! I’ve been dying to go back for a few years now.

----- jennifer in sf 17.12.09 10:15

i would go to kinston-jamica!
to heng out in the happy sun!

----- eyal sapir 17.12.09 10:29

SEATTLE! I would love to visit my best pal in the world out there anytime!

----- David "Rooster" Claytor 17.12.09 10:41

Rio! I need some sunshine!

----- hedayat 17.12.09 10:50

If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be any destination with a kitchen and a mom. You can’t beat a good home cooked meal. From the streets of Jamaica to side streets of Barcelona. From oil drum jerk pork, to black squid paella. But if I had to pick an actual destination I would say quebec, a hidden gem of culture, food, and history!!

----- Mike chan 17.12.09 10:53

Munich! It’s like a winter wonderland!

----- Cristina E 17.12.09 11:01

For just a weekend? I’d have to stay close so there’s less flight time and more exploration time! I would fly into Alice Arm, BC and travel to Kitsault. It’s a ghost town that’s been untouched since 1983. I would love to experience that architecture, design, and just walk around town and experience 1983 better than I did when I was…well…less than one year old!

----- Huck 17.12.09 11:01

Lake Tahoe for some skiing & snow!

----- Monica 17.12.09 11:27

I’d go to Thailand, which has long been on my travel wish list. A warm escape from the New England temperatures…which are currently in the teens. Brr.

----- Molly 17.12.09 11:32

I would jet to Oahu, Hawaii, and forget about the rest of the world while sitting on the beach :-D

----- Cathy 17.12.09 11:39

If i could jetset off anywhere i believe it would be to the galapagos islands. I have had a infatuation with traveling there and just seeing it as a place where i wont have to worry about my problems here at home, well while i am there. OHHH how i wish! Who can resist a blue footed penguin?! come on!!!!

----- ALEJANDRA GUTIERREZ 17.12.09 11:44

Tokyo, definitely.

----- Vinh 17.12.09 12:03

There are SO many places I’d like to visit. I’ve been travelling the US national parks photographing wildlife and hoping to hit quite a few more this year. Free weekend away? …I might just have to take a hat, throw in slips of paper with the names of international wildlife hotspots written on them and pick one at random. That would be awesome.

----- Jen Gould 17.12.09 12:30

I’d fly off to Spain!! They have an amazing aquarium there with whales!!! Whales in fish tanks! can you believe it?!!

----- Francisco Gonzalez 17.12.09 12:36

New York hands-down!

----- Jimbo77 17.12.09 12:51

Missing my friend Lucas so a flight to Korea would make for a nice visit.

----- Eddie 17.12.09 13:05

Gotta take this loot to NYC - is there a City Guide for that?

----- Ray Saunders 17.12.09 13:05

I would travel to Hong Kong and eat as much as I can

----- Thibault Kim 17.12.09 13:16

Would love to take my soon to be fiance to Europe!

----- Devon P 17.12.09 13:21

I Jet back home to England for Christmas. My husband & I emigrated to Toronto last July, we love it here, but its tough being apart from our Family & Friends at this time of year.

----- Kandy Boulden 17.12.09 13:21

My boyfriend would just love this. We would definitely go somewhere that’s warm, sunny, and filled with sand and blue oceans.

----- Brett 17.12.09 13:22

If I could hop a flight anywhere for the weekend, I’d jetset off to Oaxaca. Not only do I love to say Oaxaca, but Oaxaca is located three easy hours South of my home, via jet. I expect that a nice visit of Oaxaca can be arranged in the course of a weekend, provided I depart on Friday afternoon. Also, Oaxaca is nicknamed “Land of the Seven Moles” in reference to the diversity of the regional cuisine. In addition to mole, Oaxaca is known for its cheese, chocolate and roasted grasshoppers. Oaxaca.

----- Rhett 17.12.09 13:33

A weekend trip to anywhere? Cancun would be perfect!

----- Robin B 17.12.09 13:43

I would go to Ireland, definitely.

(That green luggage would accommodate a medium-sized leprechaun pretty comfortably, right? Ya think? No reason, just asking.)

----- Jacob S 17.12.09 13:49

Definitely Barcelona.
Awesome beach, great nightlife, history, culture and to top it all off A GIANT AQUARIUM!

I’d love to see the Barcelona sun right now.

----- Andrew M. 17.12.09 13:59

A friend and I have been planning to walk the Santiago de Compostela. That would take more than a weekend though!

----- Gyna 17.12.09 14:03

Pack light! let me fly alone to Tahiti to hug the sunshine and avoid the xmas shopping crowd!

----- Catherine W. 17.12.09 14:05

Oh man I have been dreaming about taking a long weekend and visiting San Francisco… even though I live in Denver (not too far), I’ve never been and it seems so alluring.

----- Desiree 17.12.09 14:13

I would go to Damanhur! I’ve been curious about this place for years … imagine an actual eco-society with federation status tucked away in the foothills of the Piedmont Alps in Italy. CCrrrraaaazzzy weird but tres cool temples built underground known as the “eighth wonder of the world”.
I would use my macbook (now secure in it’s lovely new sleeve) and camera to doc the event and my new headphones to mix the sound and do the post (perfect cause my bf just trashed my headphones)and feel secure that my belonging were well cared for by Hideo Bean. Then if I could manage to successfully meditate I would clear my mind for all the Wallpaper city guides to enter … or study the typefaces and layouts intently as Phaidon publishes such pretty books. Mmm hhmmn that is what I would do.
Peas n Carrots

----- Lish Rebman 17.12.09 14:25

New York in December, I would love to be there in New York in December. There’s a big difference between stories and being there yourself.

----- bonks 17.12.09 14:50

I’d go to Tonga. Beautiful beaches and a place where no one knows my name. laying on the beach with those fantastic sunglasses listening to some good music would be so peaceful.

----- Mac 17.12.09 14:50

I’ll jet to Korea to do some Seoul-searching!

----- Jin-Woo Aja! 17.12.09 15:01

if i could jetset anywhere for the weekend i would hop over to honolulu and hit up the surf. skateboard a bit and catch up with the people i know there. eat some tasty hawaiian inspired brown rice sushi, evening glass off, skate with some friends and crash in their living room after a night on the town. yeah, i would miss them with only a week, but that just proves that they’re friends. and hey, we can always visit each other another time.

----- sennett 17.12.09 15:07

I’d jet to Seoul, eat every spicy Korean dish I could get my hands on, wash them down with lots of Soju, chat with as many Seoul’lers as possible and then stalk my favorite actors of those so-kitschy-you-gotta-love’em Korean TV dramas! If that doesn’t sound like the most perfect daytrip ever, I don’t now what does. :)

----- tinka 17.12.09 15:23

I would love to fly over to Sao Paulo right now!!

----- lauren 17.12.09 15:37

Honestly, I’d love to be anywhere with snow. Maybe Colorado. The city I live in is cold, but I haven’t seen snow- real snow at least, like two feet of snow- since childhood.

----- Audrey 17.12.09 16:01

I would most definitely jetset off to Finland to see some long lost relatives… and jump naked into their lake after drinking in their sauna. (Headphones off of course…)

----- Nate Biroschak 17.12.09 16:29

i’d love to go to kyoto, japan … hike up the hill to Kiyomizu Temple (where this bag would roll painlessly up the short stairs) … snap some postcard photos of the geisha district … enjoy some sushi & sake …

----- rebecca f. 17.12.09 16:46

I’d go somewhere warm, sunny with a beach.

----- Stephanie Perla 17.12.09 16:49

I miss those chill rainy days

----- kevin leung 17.12.09 17:11

The Island of Ouessant off the coast of France. It’s breathtaking!

----- Amy 17.12.09 18:01

I’d jetset off to Australia! Would love to go down under and learn to surf and take the hot heat, visit the Sydney Oprah house and enjoy all that the country has to off, Kangaroos and all. I think that would be a nice unwind time for a college grad.

----- Sara 17.12.09 18:49

Simply put…send my to Paris for the weekend so that I may climb the Eiffel Tower.

----- Daniel F. 17.12.09 18:53

i’ll jetset to santa monica and visit jean aw and chat with her!!

----- robin107@gmail.com 17.12.09 18:59

i’ll jetset to santa monica and visit jean aw and chat with her!!

----- robin107 17.12.09 19:00

My choice would be Edinburgh. I only spend two days there a few years ago and felt that it was really not enough for this fabulous city-Ancient, mysterious,yet peaceful land.

----- Liam Zhu 17.12.09 19:03

I’d jump off to Ireland in a jiffy.

----- Julene 17.12.09 19:04

Prague, craft beers here I come!

----- Julie 17.12.09 19:16

I’d take the opportunity to travel back to France. Absolutely wonderful history and delightful people.

----- Dylan 17.12.09 19:20

Tokyo. I’ve always loved Japanese style.

----- J Alexander 17.12.09 20:02

I’d make my way to Copenhagen. I’ve never been to Europe, and Copenhagen seems like as beautifully designed of a place to start as any.

----- kacia 17.12.09 20:06

I’d jetset to Dubai and climb to the top of Burj Dubai. Then I’d call my mother in DC and tell her where I am and that I can see left the front door open.

----- Sarah 17.12.09 20:12

I would love to go to Dubai! The richness of the culture, the beauty of the environment and structures, the fabulous lifestyle I can only imagine. I’d do anything for a weekend to experience that!

----- Sybil 17.12.09 20:42

Skiing in Northern Italy, and then swing by German to see my family which I have not visited in over 4 years. It would be heaven…

----- Jasmine 17.12.09 21:10

Hi I’m from Singapore!! I am a design student and I like to travel. I love the colours of this travel pack!! The luggage, the pouch, the sunglass, the headset… Would love to own them !! Cheers :)

----- shing 17.12.09 21:20

England to elope and spend time with the one person that really matters.

----- Gideon 17.12.09 21:42

I’d jetset off to Tokio and spend 2 weeks shooting photos in the same vein of my 1millimeter project.

----- Chris Hornbecker 17.12.09 22:15

I’d jetset off to Tokyo and spend 2 weeks shooting photos in the same vein of my 1millimeter project.

----- Chris Hornbecker 17.12.09 22:16

I would take my girl to Palau, where we would make sweet love under the stars.

----- commander starflyer 17.12.09 22:25

Los Angeles!

----- Richard Hill 17.12.09 23:20

I’d fly back to the Philippines. I haven’t been back there in over 25 years…

----- NeiL A. 17.12.09 23:22

I would take a flight to New Zealand. so green, so earthy, so real.

----- Brett 18.12.09 00:17

I’d jetset off to Varykino in Naboo!
But since that’s not possible…haha I’d go back Alesund, Norway and sit in front of that lake on top of the mountain again. It’s heaven, I tell ya haha just very expensive to get to!

----- Chau 18.12.09 00:59

helsinki always helsinki. finland is the new iceland.

----- liv 18.12.09 01:22

tokyo of course! JAPAN!

----- Dobrovolszki Laszlo 18.12.09 01:23

New York!!!!!!!!!

----- Elias Nordblad 18.12.09 01:56

That will be New York. My friends are always talking about go to New York with me, but wouldn’t because I would never come back. At least I’ll look fantastic and great with the suitcase and headphones.

----- Mel ody Nguyen 18.12.09 02:11

I’d like to go to Monaco.

----- Martin 18.12.09 02:28

I would jet set to Hawaii. Paradise on earth!

----- Tami 18.12.09 03:13

Insane gift set Jean!
I’ld fly over in a heartbeat to where you are to talk to you over yummy tea and scones (or cupcakes, or whatever rocks the day) about, whatever : ) I think you must be an amazing person to talk to. Merry Xmas!

----- littleredchillies 18.12.09 03:26


----- Rick 18.12.09 05:26

The Azores Islands, in the Atlantic. To me it’s like heaven there.

----- José Pereira 18.12.09 05:28

I would go to Russia just to kill some of my prejudices about that country…

----- Gustaf Engstrom 18.12.09 05:29

my wife and I definitely need a weekend away….rome I think, to relive our college days abroad.

----- David Key 18.12.09 05:57

I would leave for New York. I’ve never been. I think I’ve out grown Toronto.

----- Richard 18.12.09 06:19

to the dark side of the moon. probably a bit cold though…

----- Bartal Djurhuus 18.12.09 06:30

I’d head back to Chicago so i could catch another Bulls game and hang out in one of the most awesome cities in the world. OR i’d head to Bali it looks too beautiful!

----- Ted Low 18.12.09 06:32

if I could jetset off to anywhere right NOW… (weekend whatever…) I’d go to Paris… since I’ve never been there…. but if I were to go somewhere where I have lived half my life… I would go to Tokyo.

----- Josh 18.12.09 06:44

Auckland, New Zealand ;-)

----- roberto 18.12.09 06:51

I’d jet off to Iceland for some hot springs and hotter nightlife :)

----- Gemma 18.12.09 07:20

I need to make the trip to Japan. There is too much creativity there, but I would extend the weekend, and make it a week.

----- Jamie 18.12.09 07:27

I’d want to fly to the Greek isles—specifically, Mykonos. And it’s not because of the party lifestyle: I want to catch a small boat from port to the island of Delos, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis!

----- Mike B 18.12.09 07:37

I’d go to Copenhagen!

----- Liz 18.12.09 07:38

For the next available weekend, just two days? Madrid. I’ve never been and it has to be warmer than the two degrees I’m experiencing now in New York.

----- Robert Preslar 18.12.09 07:39

I’d head to Ireland. Besides being a good part Irish, my darling daughter is an Irish Dancer who has always wanted to visit.

----- Alyssa 18.12.09 07:45

I would jetset home to Baltimore, MD. I am a college student and have not been home in a year between school, work, and bills. Life is a whirlwind.

----- Rena Stewart Johnson 18.12.09 07:48

I know it’s cliche to say by now, but someplace WARM! Most likely the beaches of Hawaii, because I’ve always wanted to go there, and I didn’t get to go to the beach this summer! (not even once!)

----- Laura 18.12.09 08:25

Nova Scotia. Toting my camera, thermals, wellies, wool socks, and a good cigar.

----- KaTE 18.12.09 08:44

Good Evening,
Red eye to tokyo; eat dinner for breakfast. Then back to Barcelona for a sunny day at the beach, finish it off the weekend by taking the wally to an island of the coast of Italy. ‘nuff said.

----- Akshay Sardana 18.12.09 09:02

I’d love to visit Prague.

----- Jennifer Emick 18.12.09 09:41

I would go to New York.
It just seems like a new adventure every time you are there.

----- Hannah K. 18.12.09 09:44

I would definitely go straight to Buenos Aires!

----- Dave 18.12.09 09:55

i would travel to paris.! my name means: “from France” and i would love to go for a weekend of fashion!

----- Frances 18.12.09 10:13

I’d hop a flight to Japan and hit up Sapporo for a fresh brew and appreciate it while enjoying the amazing wonder that is that small island nation.

----- Megan Ashley 18.12.09 10:23

austrailia.. Because I like Plane flights… and I’ve heard thats a bloody long way.


----- Simps 18.12.09 10:54

I’d jetset Montreal. I’ve never been and am curious to visit a place described as Paris in America.

----- Jill 18.12.09 11:11

I absolutely want to fly somewhere where is not internet, my college or job. Just pure nature… Is it possible??

----- Jan Vyvadil 18.12.09 11:26

I’d hope a flight to see the beauty of Brazil!!! (…her name is Melissa and I miss her loads)

----- Brandon 18.12.09 11:27

I’d fly to Iceland and relax in some natural hot pools… ahhhh!

----- Tama 18.12.09 11:38

with this awesome package its almost too hard to pick just one place. i hope to eventually get to japan but if its just for the weekend, then probably somewhere a little closer like costa rica for some warm and sunny weather. aaahhhhh.

----- bianca 18.12.09 11:45

Miami !!

----- Kristen 18.12.09 11:48

i wanna win! awesome!

----- ali donohue 18.12.09 11:59

i would jet set to australia and visit my boy out there, and look at the sheilas!!

----- hank 18.12.09 12:14

I would love to take a trip to Canada Thats where my family is from and i would love to go up and visit where my father grew up. and seeing as i don’t own a suitcase anymore this would be a great contest for me to win!

----- Scottie 18.12.09 12:52

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden…engulfed in an ice mansion under the northern lights

----- Sarah Lee 18.12.09 13:33

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden…engulfed in an ice mansion under the northern lights

----- Sarah L 18.12.09 13:34

I have a great sense of adventure and possible no sense for personal safety…

I want to go to the Sacred Yellow Mountain in China and hike all the way up! http://www.ssqq.com/archive/vinlin27d.htm

----- Hiroki Yanagihara 18.12.09 13:40

please take me to galapagos

----- eric W 18.12.09 13:50

a flight???? just for the weekend????
definitely LONDON!!!!
It’s always LONDON!!!!!!


----- marisa 18.12.09 14:22

My weekend jetset destination: New York City.

This city is my concrete playground, and I can never get enough of it.

----- Melissa M. 18.12.09 15:03

If I could go anywhere for the weekend, I’d go to Space via Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. I don’t think you can get any cooler than that (especially since it’s freezing in ssssspace).

----- Jessica 18.12.09 15:05

My top pick of places to go has been Sao Paolo for about 5 years. And it’s not because of Rodrigo Santoro. (He’s a plus.) Unless someone extends an alternate invitation to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai (likely!) or the 2010 World Cup in South Africa (sadly not as probable), I’d go. Of course, if I had more than just a weekend, I would start in England/Scotland/Ireland and work my way through to Eastern Europe. But then again, it is winter right now… Sao Paolo is south of the equator, right?

----- Emi 18.12.09 15:14

Gotta love Tokyo, Japan.

----- Arthur 18.12.09 15:15

I would go to peach tree city georgia, to see my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins for the holidays, its been to long.

----- chris tillman 18.12.09 15:25

Definately Bruges

----- Marios G. 18.12.09 16:06

i would give it all to my baby and send her to paris for her birthday weekend!

----- andrew vicknair 18.12.09 17:37

I’d go back to Guatemala in a heartbeat! Best place in the world.

----- Leigh 18.12.09 17:41

I would go to Belgium. It would be all about chilling out, meeting new people, and having some brews, particularly Trappist brews. Possibly some Tin Tin too…

----- Valerie 18.12.09 18:00

I’d head to New Orleans to party with my college roommate and to see the French quarter and the rest of the city.

----- Cason 18.12.09 18:33

I think I’d like to take a plane over to Greece to Sparta, for the sake of being able to yell “This is Sparta!” as soon as I step of the plane.

----- .Grace. 18.12.09 20:11

Japan, definitely Japan. I wanna do it big in Japan!

----- Anthony 18.12.09 20:55

PARIS PARIS PARIS! If it wasn’t for the rather pain language barrier, I would consider moving there indefinitely.

----- Cissy Huang 18.12.09 21:19


----- Danielle 18.12.09 21:47

I’d be off to Italy. I love to cook & I love Italian food. Makes sense to me. lol

----- M 18.12.09 22:44

My weekend Jetset destination would be to Morarea in the south pacific with a stop in Mexico City on the way home. It’s all about multiplicity.

----- Matthew Ready 18.12.09 23:01

I’d jet off to russia to celebrate new year’s weekend there.

----- dima 19.12.09 00:27


----- sven. 19.12.09 02:14

Buenos Aires

----- Mar 19.12.09 04:18

I want to jetset off to mexico for the weekend!

----- Dana 19.12.09 06:34

Let’s see…considering my vintage suitcase recently shattered on the highway with my sunglasses and my awesome headphones with it, I would first revel in the fact that these items were replaced. Then my 15” MacBook would revel in the fact that it now has it’s own personal cozy instead of borrowing my teapots.
After all the reveling was done, I would fly to Guadalajara, Mexico to meet my paternal family (including my father) for the first time! I’d get to explore the ancient civilizations first hand to better understand our future. And do it all with mi padre y familia!

----- Rae! 19.12.09 07:14

I’d be off to Copenhagen, after seeing so many pictures of it from the UN conference it looks lovely. Design seems to be so ingrained in their culture I’d love to be able to escape there to soak up the lovely cafes, the art and the design.

----- Jane 19.12.09 08:53

I would hop on a flight to Paris - the city of light -, it’s charming, fashionable and exciting… uhhh, I want to goooo!!!

----- Ana 19.12.09 09:00

san sebastian, spain. i have missed it so much since i lived there - the people, the food, the beach, the mountains. it’s a magical place.

----- chris 19.12.09 10:08

Back home to Spain…..Galicia where I would eat octopus every day!

----- Jessica Ochoa 19.12.09 10:19

I would LOVE to fly to Montana to see my Grandma. She had a stroke this last summer and i would like to spend as much time with her as i can before the inevitable happens.

----- Stehanie 19.12.09 10:27

I’d go to Prague and be rad.

----- Ashley 19.12.09 10:34

It has been my dream to go to london and paris, and with this bundle, I could ultimately show off my style!

----- Edward Wong 19.12.09 10:51

It’d be really nice to go to the Island of Fiji especially if its only for a weekend. They’ve got GORGEOUS beaches and it’s just such a chill environment, who wouldn’t want to get away for a weekend?

----- Kyle C 19.12.09 11:00

The Bahamas….far enough so that the weather is warm, close enough for a short weekend trip

----- Lana 19.12.09 11:05

In all the places that I want to go is California or London. Both are focus the art and being an art student I want to be in an area surround by it.

----- Jeanette 19.12.09 12:15

Dressed in a three piece suit, carrying only a briefcase and a longboard, first stop is Cologne for a weekend of minimal techno and kickpushin’ in and around the Dom.

----- Joseph 19.12.09 12:17

Berlin..I need some new shoes//and to see some friends!

----- Matthew Bowers 19.12.09 13:09

i’d be off to anywhere in the caribbean……somewhere nice and hot with alot of good food and girls in g string bikinis…. :o)

----- Matt 19.12.09 13:27

I’d be off to St. Lucia. Beautiful mountains and rain forests, and a friend I haven’t seen in too long.

----- Ben 19.12.09 14:10

I would be off to visit friends to see the Christmas splendor in Berlin.

----- blake 19.12.09 14:16

I’d jet my ass off on a flight to paris! I’d LOVE watching the street style, the landmarks, and the ease of getting liquor would be nice! Hahaah just kidding on the last part.

----- Olivia 19.12.09 16:45

I would go to England to see my best friend. Havent seen him in a year!

----- Shaena Cooper 19.12.09 17:57

I’d jet set off too Frankfurt, Germany. Love the small towns just south of there! Cant wait to go back!

----- Ben Poole 19.12.09 19:22

I’ve been watching a lot of the travel channel recently and everything seems to be centered around Jamaica. I’d love to go and spend the weekend eating jerk chicken and laying on the beach enjoying the sunset.

----- Kate 19.12.09 19:45

def puerto rico..nothing like spanish girls and beaches

----- Kory Hutchinson 19.12.09 20:55

I would travel to the North Pole.

----- Kacie Manzo 19.12.09 21:26

Buenos Aires, which translated, mean Good Wind or Good Night. How refreshing that would be :)

----- Sungho 19.12.09 21:29

For the weekend? NY NY For a week? London For a month? Gold Coast Australia

----- Ryan T 19.12.09 22:26

there are a million different places I’d love to go all over the world. But if I had a chance to hop on a plane right now I’d go to Midland, Texas to see my best friend

----- Melissa Murphy 20.12.09 00:01

What a cute traveling set. Perfect for jetting off for a weekend. At this time of the year the destination is bound to be somewhere warm. Like Equador, or Fiji. Except it’s not going to be a weekend. At least a week ;)

----- Valeria 20.12.09 00:16

I would pack my bags for a little longer… head for beautiful Vancouver… olympic wintergames are coming !

----- GILLES 20.12.09 04:47

I’d probably have to hit Japan. I would meet my mate who’s teaching there, drag him to Tokyo, and roll around the place like a rock star, whole weekend no sleep… the good the bad and the ugly.

----- Rob Dunne 20.12.09 05:07

Beautiful Paris Mma

----- Ula 20.12.09 05:40

I would go to Seoul, South Korea, to immerse myself with their amazing scenery. I would visit the modern and traditional locations learn more about Korea.

----- Madai Rodriguez 20.12.09 05:55

If only for one weekend, I’d probably visit an island in the Caribbean that I have yet to visit. If I can extend the trip, I’d go to Sydney and stick around for the New Year’s celebratory fireworks.

----- Susan D 20.12.09 06:40

without a doubt, i’d head to St. Lucia. I’ve always wanted to go…

----- bob 20.12.09 08:54

I would jetset off to London to see my Best Friend Silvina & her lovely baby Raph!! it would be great have fun together!

----- Bolomey 20.12.09 09:30

Thanks to you guys (the .org side of things) I know I would visit the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Annnnnnnd I just got a job for delta handling luggage, so you know what? I think I’ll do just that- only problem is I don’t have any luggage. Please save me from packing my things in garbage bags, I know first hand that it’s not a good idea…

After taking in all that natural beauty I would definitely have to take in some man made beauty; and thanks to those snazzy wallpaper guides that made my trip to Copenhagen so memorable I can be assured that heading up to Prague would be chock full of awesome.

----- Chris Sanger 20.12.09 10:29

Ooooslo! ..with all this (I wish) [:

----- Krist 20.12.09 10:30

Chile to check out the beautiful deserts and the music scene in Santiago.

----- Iza 20.12.09 11:00

japan. or scotland, for hogmanay.

----- slowe 20.12.09 11:37

I would go to Italy. My grandmothers grandparents were born there and I am blessed to have the life I do because they came to America. I would love to go and trace my genealogy beginning with them. That would be awesome!

----- Stephanie Bird 20.12.09 12:30

jet off to scranton, pa if its only for a weekend that’s where i would want to go

----- miguel 20.12.09 14:01

i would go to New York or Cancun :)

----- Celeste 20.12.09 14:55

I would fly to wherever Daft Punk is playing to watch them in concert.

----- Ryan J Gastelum 20.12.09 15:20

i would fly to italy and rekindle my love for that country all over again :)

----- Leanne 20.12.09 15:27

i would love to go to melbourne, although im in australia already i dream of going there they have awesome life, as in music food wine and arts.

----- Tim 20.12.09 16:20

Of to Barcalona, a city where you can relax and dream of in to the city,
Barcalona is also a stylis city so you need to have these goodies to go in style!

----- Sid 20.12.09 16:36

I would hop a plane out to 29 Palms, CA to finally be able to see where I spend the first few years of my life, and to be able to see the family that I have been missing for years now.

----- Alisoni Macaroni 20.12.09 16:41

oh dang, those headphones are POPPIN, not to mention that sick suitcase. i’d be all over vienna with those; hang with some statues of wolfgang amadeus while blasting lupe fiasco in my ears. classical composers are where it’s at these days.

----- sammy 20.12.09 17:31

If I were to leave tomorrow and alone I’d start in New York, make my way to LA and then work my way up the coast of Cali to Seattle taking photographs and listening to music the entire way. I can’t imagine how posh I would look with all of these fancy things, but I’m sure I’d have to share with my brother and take him along for a leg of the trip.

----- Betsy Ross 20.12.09 17:31

ann arbor, duh, to visit my girlfriend. glory to the city of tree pollen and liberal democrats!

----- david 20.12.09 17:41

I’d go to Aruba and sit in the sun…

----- K.R. 20.12.09 18:43

For me: Delhi, capital of the next great global empire. From Kathmandu, where I’m living, it’s just an hour and a half by plane (and cheap, to boot!); the jets peel out six or seven times a day. Bollywood-bright Bean and my English-teaching friend Ciaron in tow, I’d slip the trustworthy eee pc into her sweet new sari and head to the airport.

First things first: Namaskar, Mother India! Tamarind-coriander-chilly chat from a street vendor, with those big blue headphones pulled down so we can drink in the teeming sounds of the city.

Punjab curries and a Friday-night art crawl in the contemporary galleries in the south of the city, then cooling our tongues and heels with tall gin cocktails under the mirror-ball, poolside at Aqua.

Ciaron is schooling me in the joys of cricket, so we’d shout ourselves hoarse for a couple of centuries at Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. Humayun’s tomb at sunset, then icecream under the early stars at India Gate. AH, stars, you say? … the Jantar Manar observatory in winter, when there are no moonsoon clouds to obscure the floor of heaven.

Sunday morning , we’d go try on hyperchic new silks and tweeds at Lodi Gardens, or haggle in the mansion-ruins of Old Delhi. Then Taxi, dai! and off to Kathi Gardens proper to unwind with the ancient trees and birdsong.

Danyabad and suba ratri - home again to Tinchuli Chowk and hearts full of reasons to go back again.

----- Christine 20.12.09 18:58

I would fly in a flash to Brussels to stay at the gorgeous Hotel Metropole. I would spend a week (or two) exploring the art and architecture of the city by day and the restaurants and beer-bars of the city by night!

----- Doug Van Gundy 20.12.09 19:08

Brugges, Belgium, is where I would go. My favorite museum is there - the Groenige - plus there is chocolate and beer. Its a beautiful town with friendly Flanderen folks.

----- Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy 20.12.09 19:23

I want to go to Istanbul, Turkey so badly.

----- Lea Hinchcliff 20.12.09 20:04

A quick trip to Japan would be nice!

----- Daniel 20.12.09 21:16

I’d love to be able to go down to L.A for the weekend. Where it’s nice and warm and always sunny. Especially when it’s freezing up here in Canada.

----- Selina Wong 20.12.09 21:42

Vancouver Island, BC. Find a cabin on the beach and just post up with tea, books, and music. Oh and some hiking in the lovely forests up there.

----- natasa 20.12.09 22:24

I would love to go in Machu Picchu! It is such an amazing, mysterious place, I used to read about it, watch movies and create scrapbooks as a child. Even though I have a bit less time for things like that, I am still dreaming of going there one day. I will, you know ;)

----- Antoana 20.12.09 22:44

Hong Kong. Fab food and always new alleys and nooks to discover (and occasionally rediscover).

----- Alan 21.12.09 00:28

Portland, OR… seeing my best friend, family, and TREES. Good god, I miss the trees!

----- adrian 21.12.09 01:34

I just came back from Malaysia, but I wanna fly back to Kuala Lumpur again, and take the new train shuttle up Ipoh, cause I can’t get enough of the place and their awesome white coffee! This set will get me there and stay connected, Whheeeehoooo! Jet set go!

----- Yue Yun 21.12.09 01:42

Well then, I would go to that great land where men and women have more in common, but are hindered by the borders that separate them. Unite them and you will have the greatest mix of culture and beliefs since the time when Romans and Egyptians mingled in the dirt.
I speak of Latin America.
From Mexico all the way down to Argentina, I would make it my quest to live and breath the same ideologies, views, and understandings, something that only the revolutionaries could of dreamed of.
Latin America, the name alone explains to you that they all belong to one category, one that makes them unique, yet the same.
And it offers everything, deserts, rainforest’s, forests, jungles, open seas, lagoons, lakes, beaches, cliffs, mountains, etcetera, etcetera.

I can rant on about how much I love Latin America, but that would just be presumptuous of me. ;D

----- Loren Sanchez 21.12.09 02:01

I would go to Cameroon, because I just read about it and it’s nicknamed “Little Africa”, because has all of Africa’s terrain in the size of California. How awesome and efficient!

----- Jessie 21.12.09 03:54

I’d jet set off to the Cinque Terre in Liguria, Italy, part of the Italian Riviera.

----- Lynne 21.12.09 03:56

Easy - it has to be Stockholm, especially at this time of year.

----- Ian 21.12.09 04:48

I would jet set to Mardid, Spain! The people, the culture, it’s all there!

----- Jean Carlos 21.12.09 07:09

Given that it is just for a weekend, Dubai is out of the question (can’t really get there and back)… so, given my location, I’d have to go for Bermuda, beautiful in the off-season, or so I hear… And just the place to display newly gotten hipness!

----- dj 21.12.09 07:45

I would take off to the Tuscan countryside and eat myself silly.

----- Fiona 21.12.09 08:09

I’d go to the Faroe Islands—fishing, unique Old Norse-based language, and I think they have seals too.

----- Andrew 21.12.09 08:31

I would love to go to cuba, i heard its really authentic and beautiful

----- esli 21.12.09 08:49

My fiance and I would jet off to Australia for a honeymoon down under!!!

----- Angela 21.12.09 09:04

Barcelona or Brazil.

----- regan 21.12.09 09:16

I would fly directly to Hong Kong, I was there in June and have been dying to get back!!! This set would be the perfect accessory to visit the perfect city!

----- Sarah Knaggs 21.12.09 09:32

My English is bad,
And my French isn’t much better,
In Bad Weather I would travel with JetSet much better.
Jet means “Throw” and Set’s a “Seven” (Frenchy)
With this J7 set up I’d be in heaven!

----- Fre 21.12.09 09:39

I’d skip across the pond to paris, I don’t know anyone there or where I’d stay. But that would make it a great adventure.

----- Greg Midgley 21.12.09 10:00

So my friend is getting back from a semester in Japan, and stopping by Disneyworld on his way back. I can’t contain my jealousy. I think I’d have to have both, and jetset to Tokyo DisneySea. It’s supposed to be an amazing park. I mean, have you SEEN their version of the Tower of Terror?

----- Jeremy 21.12.09 10:11

Today I would go to Berlin. Istanbul. Rio de Janeiro. & New York.

----- Monica Hoggard 21.12.09 11:06

I’m jetting off to London. I’ll be warming my cold hands with a Cafe Americano as I catch-up with dear old friends I haven’t seen in ages. Than I would hop on the rail and sail for a lovely long weekend strolling through the frozen cobblestone streets of old Amsterdam, gazing at the icy canals and peaking through the steamed cafe glass as I make my way to the to the latest exhibition at the Rijksmuseum.

----- Beth 21.12.09 12:58

ISTANBUL here I come! Be on two continents at the same time, culture, party and good food.

----- Sara 21.12.09 13:28

Paris Paris Paris. I am ashamed to admit I’ve never been and I am thirsty for romance and culture and an opportunity to embarrass myself while trying to speak french.

----- Jen Goldberg 21.12.09 13:32


----- Nicholas Piranha 21.12.09 13:41

Alaska! The BEST place to be this time of year! You laugh I know…but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

----- Jessi 21.12.09 13:54

Totally Tibet! But in reality that stuff would come in heavenly handy when I’m going to visit my boyfriend in Amsterdam in January. Actually I don’t know where I’m going to pack my things, because my luggage broke the last time! Plus a laptop sleeve and headphones are actually also on my shopping list, but I’m surely not going to be able to afford something as pretty :P A girl can dream, right…? :D

----- Liisa 21.12.09 14:00

Think I’d have to go to Angola for some African Cup of Nations banter…

----- Phil Harrison 21.12.09 14:30

Hong Kong. I want to see more creative lights than the Christmas light displays in my neighborhood right now.

----- Christopher 21.12.09 15:13

I’d fly away to New Zealand where it’s warm and learn to surf

----- Frank 21.12.09 15:39

if i had the money i would go all around the world (africa, china, switzerland, australia, south america, etc.) , it’ll be a dream come true. This maybe cliche but i’m being real with you, to go to different places is a dream like to win a giveaway is a dream but it always have the potential to come true, right ? Now this is my dream, hopefully i could win.

----- Nicole O 21.12.09 18:27

I’d hop a jet to Tokyo…no doubt…no question…definitely Tokyo.

----- Justin wilcox 21.12.09 19:24

I would jet off to Buenos Aires. It’s summer there.

----- Jeremy Tiger 21.12.09 20:26

Send me to the Amazon where it rains!

----- David 21.12.09 20:28

I’d jet set from the city of San Francisco straight to Cuba and have myself a rum with coke, sit back and look at the view of the world in the books given to me. HA CONO

----- Diana Sinigiani 21.12.09 20:48

Like so many others I would also choose to go to Paris! The last time I went there was almost 4 years ago and I wish I had the opportunity to stay longer!

----- CC 21.12.09 21:25

Prince Edward Island, HK.
So much to do, so much to see !

----- Annie Yang 21.12.09 21:38

If I could jetset off to anywhere right now, I would definitely go back to Los Angeles. I miss it there so much. It’s not quite an exotic destination, but it’s home to me. I miss the sights, sounds, smells, and of course the FOOD. Please, LA, let me come home to you.

----- Masa 21.12.09 21:51

I would luv to go to Budapest. I had planned a trip to Eastern Europe for the first couple weeks of December but I had to cancel due to work. I really wanted to see the city close to Christmas. I think all the old buildings with snow during the holiday season would be beautiful.

----- Saeed 21.12.09 22:06

I would jet off to new york! Take my lover to the brooklyn bridge, and see the sunset with her… Either way, I would jet off to any place in africa, just to feel the simplicity of the people

----- No' Joke 21.12.09 22:39

If i could fly anywhere, i would fly to Manado, in North Sulawesi.
I want to go diving in Bunaken, where there is still many living corals.

----- Astrid 22.12.09 00:25

I’d jet straight to Dublin (from Los Angeles) and drink massive amounts of perfectly poured Guinness. Maybe visit the Guinness HQ. That’ll be an interesting weekend.

----- Ron 22.12.09 00:49

i would go to new york to see my girl friend who lives there and build a snow man in central park, plus she laught at me last time i got off the plain holding a carrier bag with my laptop in

----- melv 22.12.09 02:40

Hawaii… I will let the sun and the sea warm up my cold heart since I just broke up with my boyfriend :(

----- LOVED 22.12.09 03:53

Japan baby! by way of Norway… :)

----- matt 22.12.09 06:01

I would head out to the mountains in Idaho for some skiing, think a snow board will fit in there?…

----- Andrew 22.12.09 06:36

I would fly to Aruba with my fantastic husband for a relaxing weekend by the beach, before we launch into our first time as parent come February!

----- Erin 22.12.09 07:01

I love to adventure new places-maybe with this luggage, I’d head to Fiji!

----- Cake 22.12.09 07:04

I would go to a somewhere warm and isolated, the Maldives sounds like a nice place to be right now. Deep sea diving would be divine right now. It is also the country with the lowest highest point in the world.

----- Erwin John Labra 22.12.09 07:08

The best place to go for a weekend would be the South Pole. There is no place to land in the North Pole (even though looking for Santa would be pretty fun). To be at the South Pole for a weekend is long enough to not freeze to death, it would be exciting to spin around standing in place, and of course to see the vast amount of ice in every direction possible.

----- Eunice 22.12.09 07:56

Fiji! Definitely Fiji!

----- Emma 22.12.09 08:31

I’d jet straight over to Oslo, Norway to visit the gallery of my favorite artist Edvard Munch. I’d scream over this opportunity to see his magnificent Madonna and the way he portrays the madness of his work and combines it seamlessly with sexual tension. It happens to also be the birthplace of one of my favorite childhood writers, Roald Dahl. It would be amazing to breath in Oslo for the first time.

----- Steve 22.12.09 09:00

Prague, definitely

----- Mildred 22.12.09 09:05

San Miguel de Allende in Mexico most definitely!!! Nothing better than walking through alleys of a gorgeous colonial town with my cool new shades, listening to Air on my new WeSC headphones.

----- Raul B. 22.12.09 09:38

I would jetset to Sudbury, Ontario to visit my mom for Christmas.

----- James 22.12.09 09:54

Only for a weekend?
Then I’d say… Sao Paolo.
Enough to absorb the richness, short enough before the fear and danger starts to settle in!

----- Michelle 22.12.09 09:57

Nevis in the BVI

----- Janis 22.12.09 10:38


----- Melissa 22.12.09 10:39

PHL—->Buenos Aires..si!

----- Maria 22.12.09 10:40

I want to go to prague.

----- Darren J 22.12.09 11:26

Wow, awesome stuffage!
Anywhere to hop a flight… New Zealand! Definitely! I was awestruck after watching LotR’s

----- Ben 22.12.09 11:40

I’d jump on a plane to Madagascar (not too far too travel for a weekend from cape town-south africa) so i’d have as much time as possible to go to the spice markets, the beach eating tropical fruits, fresh seafoods and cocktails, leaving just enough time to squeeze in a massage and a facial ;D

----- Steffany 22.12.09 12:00

New Zealand baby!!

----- Patty 22.12.09 12:13

Oh i love this question… i always wanted to go to italy

----- Syed Ahsun Zafar 22.12.09 12:31

Cabo Polonio, Uruguay, in a heart beat. No T.V.’s, telephones,or electric, just wild horses roaming an amazing small beach community.

----- luke ulery 22.12.09 13:20

I’d pack a bag, get in the car and go west. See how far I could get and see what I could see without a map or an inkling of what I’d find. It’s so hard to have an adventure anymore.

----- JR 22.12.09 13:28

If I had a long weekend to jet off to somewhere, it would be a place that I could digest in 2 or 3 days, somewhere where I could get out, walk around, see beautiful architecture, enjoy great food, do something unique to the area, and enjoy some excellent bars and music.

For me, these places would be New Orleans, Seattle, Vancouver/Whistler, Amsterdam, Nice/Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore and Prague.

There are plenty of other places out there that I’m dying to visit too, but I’d need more than a few days to explore, enjoy and let it all sink in.

----- MikeD 22.12.09 14:26

If it was only for a weekend, I’d have to pick New York City. Close enough not to spend too much time traveling, but far enough where I can feel like I’m in another world. Plenty to see and do :)

----- Connie 22.12.09 15:26

I would definitely go to Tokyo. One day I’ll make it there.

----- Josh 22.12.09 15:30

I would jetset off to Long Beach, California if I could hop a flight anywhere for the weekend!

----- Bridget D 22.12.09 15:35

I would fly off to Lake Como and maybe not look back…

----- Gavin Davis 22.12.09 15:50

I would jetset off to Phoenix, Denver, Hartford, and Honolulu to do the whole “4 Christmases” thing so I could be in 4 places for the holidays and no one would feel left out or that I didn’t get to visit them.

----- SteveOramA 22.12.09 16:51

My baby is a one bag lady, this is just what she needs to get her trippin.

----- fred bell 22.12.09 17:57

So-Cal here I come!

----- Kevin 22.12.09 19:17

Head to Paris. Forget about all my troubles.

----- Brian 22.12.09 20:17

Head to Paris. Forget about all my troubles.

----- Brian 22.12.09 20:18

Head to Paris. Forget about all my troubles.

----- Brian 22.12.09 20:22

I would jet off to Bangkok! I haven’t seen my family there for about a decade. Too bad the exchange rate isn’t as favorable as it was back then…

----- Lorien 22.12.09 21:32

TOKYO! To shop in Harajuku and hang out in Yoyogi park.

----- Jess K 22.12.09 22:04

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