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Nau Down Scarf - with POCKETS!

gonau.jpg Mmmmmm down. While i’ve never been the kind of girl who could pull off a puffer jacket… or even the vests really… when it comes to getting the puffiness, without being a puffball… i do LOVE this Nau Down Scarf… and it has pockets!!! And pockets + puffiness = perfect hiding place for phones, cash, and cards… you barely even see the bulge unlike some of those other pocket toting scarves that are circulating these days. So for a quick hop to the cafe to do some netbooking… it’s definitely making it on my mental list of gifts to accessorize people with… see more pics on the next page!

p.s. And take it from me, it’s even softer and comfier than you’d expect when you play with it in person! I guess Nau knew better when they were kind enough to send one over as a surprise to play with… i’d posted it curiously on NotCouture earlier!

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flexicord1.jpg FLEXICORDS!!! My tech packing isn’t complete without these. I’m addicted to how fun and bendy they are ~ and thus, tangle free too! I first found these at CES 2008 (so about a year ago!), and they are now shipping and totally ready to stuff stockings with. Fun simple packaging, although to keep it so green and “clamshell free” it’s not easy to clip the two teeny little zipties that hold each cable to the cardboard. But it has fun design and copy ~ complete with “Cable Origami” ideas on the back! And you’d be surprised how nice it is as part fidget toy, part useful cable, and part cell phone holder… check out more pics of them up close on the next page!

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Dream: Hard Graft Pocket for Netbook

kindle.jpg How perfect would that case be on a netbook? Slip your iPhone in the pocket on the front… netbook perfectly nestled into the felty goodnes? A girl can dream…

Yes, that is the stunning Hard Graft U-Kindle Case. I can’t get over their lovely leather pockets on felt. Actually, while dreaming up ideas, can you imagine a leather pocket ready for iPhone or moleskine + pen ~ simply mounted on your adorable netbook cover? Then i can just grab that little bundle, keys and a credit card and be ready to go just about anywhere? I wish. Take a peek for more details of this Kindle case on the next page… for now, i will continue to dream up with the perfect super streamlined tech/brainstorming/doodling bundle would be like…

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* 11.23.09 - -

Ultimate Ears 700s Unboxing

ue0.jpg I love products to play with during breakfast. Perfect way to start the day? I had a chance to poke at Ultimate Ears (recently added to the Logitech family, and locally based in Irvine!) over breakfast at King’s Highway with a guy who works for Logitechin Palm Springs at the Ace and he let me keep them to play with (especially after they’d been in my ears!) and just to be super clear, no, i’m not writing about them because of that! As for why i’m including them in the netbooks section ~ every netbook totally needs a good pair of headphones to go with them ~ since often when netbooking, you can be somewhere pretty public (be it at the cafe or in an airplane)!

On top of the nice sound quality ~ it’s the design details of this particular set that grabbed me. I love how subtle, tiny and pill like these Ultimate Ear 700s are ~ they totally reminded me of my chill pill necklace and capsule pills in general when i saw them. So tiny! Not the kind of headphones that basically end up looking like funky earrings… Also while the packaging leaves a bit to be desired (bit too much plastic and not all too interesting box graphic design) ~ the case is perfect to protect your buds in your netbook case or bag and at the very bottom in the inside has the cutest little infographic showing you to wrap the cord around your fingers. Silly, but someone clearly spent a bit of time on the details! Also extremely subtle, the right side earbud is red, the left is black! Take a peek at the unboxing and design details on the next page!

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* 11.18.09 - -

Everki Camber EVA Netbook Case

everki1.jpg Everki Camber 7-13” EVA Netbook Case - Sling on multipurpose bags, this one has an inclined design that allows the shell to double as an instant desk! See more images and specs on the next page…

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* 10.19.09 - -

Irresistible Sleek Mojito Wallet

wallet.jpg On getting more mobile, lightening the load, and increasing the tiny all powerful tech that can practically fit in your pocket… how adorable is this Malcom Frontier Mojito wallet? As they describe it “Keep it simple. For those that want to travel light- for the night, weekend, or life. Holds up to 4 cards and elastic strap makes sure they’re not going anywhere. Side pocket works like a money clip- without the clip.” ~ see more pics on the next page!

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* 10.15.09 - -

Netbook + Powermat would be sweet!

power1.jpg Chalk this one up as a bit of a dream post ~ been obsessing about the idea of flying with less than 1/3 of my hand carry feeling like chargers (really, there is MUCH better use for all that space and weight ~ or to ease the load on my back?)… so finally, it’s begun! Powermat! One charger for all the devices? I’m most interested in the portable version ~ and dreaming about it charging my netbook and cellphones and camera batteries while i travel… or even right now as i sit on my flight trying to ration the one plug between the seats… see more pics of the portable powermat on the next page!

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Netbook Wish You Were Here: The Lounge

lounge1.jpg This is a netbook resource center, and really that can probably mean just about anything. So today, i’ve decided to branch out a bit and share some spaces that certainly call out for netbooks… and i’m also half awake and stuck in JFK after my 7:30am flight to SFO got canceled. Yes, i was up at 5. Yes, it was painful. And now i’m sitting around in The Lounge ~ since it was the only lounge open at the ungodly hour of 6am hour… so painful, bags so heavy, this quick redeye in and out of ny after two nights thing certainly starts to take its toll fast! But yay for being fed, having overly (yet oddly) designed lounge space to rest in, catching up on newspapers/magazines and wifi! And looking around me ~ there are a few netbookers hanging out lounging between flights in here! So on places that make me wish i had my netbook with me (really, a lighter hand carry would be SO nice this morning!) ~ airport lounges definitely make the list of perfect spots… now if only other people would start waking up so i could skype them or something? Take a peek at some of the other silly pics of this bizarre lounge… from the ostrich body table thing to the panton chairs (tons of normal, and the teeny ones for kids) as well as the silver puzzle spheres… all on the next page!

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* 10.09.09 - -

Sexy Little Laptop Sleeve

sexy1.jpg Seriously, who can resist a “sexy little laptop sleeve” ~ especially when its so delicately subtle with its matte black on gloss black patterns? AND you can clip the strap on it and toss it over your shoulder when needed? Last night i popped over to the Joby Inspired Store/Gallery pop up in Hayes Valley in SF ~ and just LOVE what they are doing, but totally feel for this adorable sleeve from Acme Made! Definitely add it to potential gift lists too ~ its incredibly affordable in the $30 dollar range. So go see more pics on the next page!

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* 09.23.09 - -

T-Pack: Molded Foam + Ballistic Nylon

timbuk1.jpg It’s been both amusing and fascinating to watch this new genre of cases appear in the last year, more and more laptop sleeves and pouches specifically for 10” and under netbook sized devices (kindles and ebooks are starting to be mixed into the category as well). I suppose the part that amuses me is that so many of our everyday bags (or at least purses for women!) will already fit these devices. You can get a very chic oversized (or not even THAT oversized) of a clutch to protect or conceal your netbook. In fact, i suppose a lot of those mens manbag/mini messenger sizes would work quite nicely as well too. But here’s the latest one to grace my inbox… to be used as a backpack, messenger, sleeve… Timbuk2 has a new T-Pack! See more pics for details and a sense of scale on the next page.

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* 09.17.09 - -

Leathery Goodness for your Netbook

billykirk.jpg Yes netbooks are already adorably small. Almost TOO cute really. But that is no excuse why you cant still dress it up in some beautiful leather… like this Billy Kirk No. 123 Shoulder Pouch! And you have to take a peek at the stunning messenger back on the next page too….

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* 09.10.09 - -

Logitech Squeezebox Radio

logitech1.jpg I’ve found that one of my favorite times to use a netbook is while laying out in the backyard ~ only thing is i have yet to find the optimal music solution (short of full on outdoor speakers, or blasting the music inside loud enough to enjoy out there). Lately i’ve dragged my favorite Logitech Squeezebox Boom out there, but its annoying that it needs to be plugged in for power (grabbing music off my network, internet radio, etc is great over wifi!)… so i’m excited to discover the latest offering in the Squeezebox family! The Squeezebox Radio! It’s similar to the boom, but smaller in size, color screen/ui, no remote… and most excitingly, can run on batteries for about 6 hours! So you can grab it to stream music outside no cables needed! And when plugged in it will charge itself back up. From the pics its looking like a pretty cute size for a radio/clock next to the bed even… see more pics of it on the next page!

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