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Dream: Hard Graft Pocket for Netbook- 12.02.09

kindle.jpg How perfect would that case be on a netbook? Slip your iPhone in the pocket on the front… netbook perfectly nestled into the felty goodnes? A girl can dream…

Yes, that is the stunning Hard Graft U-Kindle Case. I can’t get over their lovely leather pockets on felt. Actually, while dreaming up ideas, can you imagine a leather pocket ready for iPhone or moleskine + pen ~ simply mounted on your adorable netbook cover? Then i can just grab that little bundle, keys and a credit card and be ready to go just about anywhere? I wish. Take a peek for more details of this Kindle case on the next page… for now, i will continue to dream up with the perfect super streamlined tech/brainstorming/doodling bundle would be like…



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