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Nau Down Scarf - with POCKETS!- 12.10.09

gonau.jpg Mmmmmm down. While i’ve never been the kind of girl who could pull off a puffer jacket… or even the vests really… when it comes to getting the puffiness, without being a puffball… i do LOVE this Nau Down Scarf… and it has pockets!!! And pockets + puffiness = perfect hiding place for phones, cash, and cards… you barely even see the bulge unlike some of those other pocket toting scarves that are circulating these days. So for a quick hop to the cafe to do some netbooking… it’s definitely making it on my mental list of gifts to accessorize people with… see more pics on the next page!

p.s. And take it from me, it’s even softer and comfier than you’d expect when you play with it in person! I guess Nau knew better when they were kind enough to send one over as a surprise to play with… i’d posted it curiously on NotCouture earlier!



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