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Netbook Wish You Were Here: The Lounge- 10.15.09

lounge1.jpg This is a netbook resource center, and really that can probably mean just about anything. So today, i’ve decided to branch out a bit and share some spaces that certainly call out for netbooks… and i’m also half awake and stuck in JFK after my 7:30am flight to SFO got canceled. Yes, i was up at 5. Yes, it was painful. And now i’m sitting around in The Lounge ~ since it was the only lounge open at the ungodly hour of 6am hour… so painful, bags so heavy, this quick redeye in and out of ny after two nights thing certainly starts to take its toll fast! But yay for being fed, having overly (yet oddly) designed lounge space to rest in, catching up on newspapers/magazines and wifi! And looking around me ~ there are a few netbookers hanging out lounging between flights in here! So on places that make me wish i had my netbook with me (really, a lighter hand carry would be SO nice this morning!) ~ airport lounges definitely make the list of perfect spots… now if only other people would start waking up so i could skype them or something? Take a peek at some of the other silly pics of this bizarre lounge… from the ostrich body table thing to the panton chairs (tons of normal, and the teeny ones for kids) as well as the silver puzzle spheres… all on the next page!





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