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RMJ Tactical Loggerhead Tomahawk

rmj0.jpg Fun surprise of the day ~ package from RMJ Tactical arrived with a Loggerhead Tomahawk! Beyond being just a tomahawk, there’s a skull crusher on the base that unscrews to give you access to the sharpening stone (which you could also probably use to hide other things)… Also the warning it comes with is pretty epic and a funny read! Their cautionary tales are no joke. When shawn did his research, these guys are the best of the best when it comes to design, quality, and functionality. This present was ordered 7 months ago, but was worth the wait. Made in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this father and son team have been making tomahawks for over 24 years, and have a nice balance between incorporating the designs of historical reproductions and utility/camping axes with the modern needs of a tactical tomahawk user. (A good thorough read on their “Our Tomahawks” section.)

I especially appreciate their design philosophy. From their FAQ - “It takes more than an aggressive look or a gray and black finish to make a tomahawk a tactical tomahawk.” So true… also, “A tactical tomahawk should be easy to use and carry. A well-designed tomahawk feels like a natural extension of the arm. The use of it should be intuitive. It is interesting to note that people throughout history have been naturally inclined to “hack” with a bladed object. As for the tomahawk scabbard, it should securely hold the tomahawk in place while making it easy to draw the tomahawk out. Also, the modern scabbard should have multiple carrying options. Finally, the modern tactical tomahawk should be able to perform as an efficient tool and weapon for the many tasks soldiers and officers encounter. We are proud to make tomahawks that meet these requirements. It is not by chance; it comes from many hundreds of hours of design time, customer input, customer requests, and testing, testing, testing.” Take a look at all the details and unboxing on the next page (as well as making of and demo videos!)…

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Catnip Birdies

catnipbirdie.pngHey they are organic. The catnip, inside the birds. These are the funniest, most sinister and minimalist cat toys i've seen. And apparently they are "life sized". Found these over at Greener Grass Design - the lovely ladies over there have the best taste! And this 2:50am, Shade Elaine and i have had an extrordinarily long busy and extremely productive day with all things NOTCOT and are starting to lose it - yet can't stop finding more to amuse ourselves with. So if you haven't yet seen the Monkey Food Diet guy over at .org, you are missing out, actually today has been a particular good day at .org, an abundance of quality finds.


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M+O Simple 3/3: Slow Tech

slowtech0.jpgMerci beaucoup, Veuve Clicquot ~ who loves design as much as we do, and brought me to Paris to cover Maison et Objet 2008! More design discoveries to come... and i am just freshly back in LA... already!

Here is part 3 of 3 of the Maison et Object SIMPLE micro-exhibitions. 1. Farmlife 2. Les Métropuritains 3. Slow Tech

"Slow tech > hall 3 Conception: François Bernard. Less speed for better living. François Bernard suggests taking a break in a dematerialized world. Soft, fluid technologies revisit naturalness and a simplified life philosophy. Style is also inspired by the industrial aesthetics of last century's designer-engineers. Heavy, peaceful forms cultivate a solid, reassuring elegance. The house is taking on depth and weight, worlds away from the ready-to-discard."

See the next page for a visual walk through of the exhibition!

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Target's Bullseye Bodegas

target01.jpgNOTCOT Note: I've been so curious about the Target Bodega's popping up in NYC, thankfully, Anna was able to stop by and take a few pics to share with us!

I stopped by Target's Bullseye Bodega in Union Square this weekend - one of their four pop-up stores in Manhattan (open for only four days, today being the last). The store design plays on the classic New York bodega and is filled with exclusive Target home, fashion and beauty products from the likes of DwellStudio, Converse One Star, and Michael Graves to name a few. Besides products already in Target stores, the bodegas offered a preview sale of four new lines that aren't yet in stores - Sigerson Morrison, Anya Hindmarch, John Derian, and Jonathan Saunders.

I preferred the design and concept behind the stores to the products themselves, and have a bunch of pictures on the next page showcasing the fun graphics and bodega-like installations in the stores.

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Boontje Tatts

I don't do pink. I don't do temporary tattoos. But i do love all things Tord Boontje. And can't go wrong with a gorgeous vector dragon and fairytale-esque rose design. And instead of tip-toe-ing around the gratuitous boob shot, thats a pretty sweet looking tattoo placement with a low cut shirt, and definitely not something i would probably have the guts to do as a real tattoo. So thank Neko for this great temporary tattoo she posted over to .org tonight. (Doesn't she find the best stuff?) ... oh, and i nearly forgot, it is called the Cut Here Tattoo, since you can cut and use whatever parts in whatever order your heart desires.


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Holiday Giveaway #32: Triple Aught Design

tadgear0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #32 is here! And this time we have more goodness from Triple Aught Design! This bundle is like a Triple Aught Design starter set that is just as ready for your hardcore adventures as urban day to day life… in fact, Shawn is currently cooking us breakfast in his cozy Flux Hoodie as i write this! This bundle includes the ridiculously flattering and comfortable Flux Hoodie with mesh lining on the torso that’s like basketball short material, making it easy to slip on and off, and temperature regulating Merino wool throughout, all covered in a sleek abraision-resistant nylon shell of awesomeness that will hold up (unlike all those hoodies in your closet that break down to get comfy)… the Merino Scarf in a match-with-anything Charcoal Heather Grey to keep you cozy… there’s the fun K9 Velcro Patch, which when you think about it, is versatile beyond sticking just to jackets/bags (i personally love mine to mark cameras in my bag wrapped in Domke protective velcro wraps)… and lastly, there’s the Fisher Space Pen 400 TAD Edition, a pen icon that is known for withstanding just about ANYTHING… with its pressurized cartridge you can write upside down and anywhere (no bursting while traveling!) and it hides in its sleek portable tiny size, but opens into a full sized pen.

THE GOODS: A bundle consisting of a Flux Hoodie, Merino Scarf, K9 Velcro Patch, and a Fisher Space Pen 400 TAD Edition.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing why you’re an urban adventurer by midnight 12/25 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more pictures of all the goodies on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Rossi in Deland, FL.

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Falcon Clutch

falcon_clutch.jpg We are loving this cute bag by Mikey Toledano that seems to combine M.C. Escher with a retro-modern clean look (if that makes sense). I found this bag on, and now I can’t stop thinking about how many things in my closet (casual or dressy) it would go so nicely with. *sigh*

From the designer’s site:

Mikey Toledano graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2001 with a degree in fashion, and currently resides in Manhattan. All of her handbags are made of the finest leathers, furs, wools and velvets, and are inspired by everything from 1930ís Hollywood glamour, to modern life in New York City.


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Trash Bag Capsule

I think i must raise the question - Has SimpleHuman OVERsimplified? I noticed this "bag capsule" over at FreshArrival and upon looking into it further the capusle basically holds a giant tube of trashbag material (i say material, since if its just a tube, can you really call it a bag?) - and the idea is that you pull out as much as you need, and tear it off, and tie a knot at the "bottom" - fill it with trash - then tie off the top too? Sweet design on the packaging though. I just don't know if i'd trust the bottom being simply tied, less secure for the liquids and gooier substances?


Reeves Louis Bed

One of my favorite design discoveries of ICFF was John Reeves. Adorably sweet, and designs that have haunted me since i first saw the booth... (late in posting, because i've been slowing on hooking up the scanner, and most images were in the catalog). So here is the bed i want... if you're going to go with a four poster... yet black lacquer, and still some perpendicular edges while still having that playful flourish on the inside - brilliant contemporary baroque look & feel.

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ICFF: Dine On Design

dineondesign1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Ironically, this is an event i was actually super excited about cross posting to NOTCOT/TasteSpotting when i was planning for it... and now that i finally get it up... that whole TasteSpotting thing happens (will tell you guys more when i can, but for now, know that it had nothing to do with images/copyright/or any of the other bizarre rumors flying on the web)... but still an incredible experience mixing food and design so perfectly - i suggest you jump ahead and see all the pics then scroll back up and read!

Two words. Bread. Lamp. How could we not venture into williamsburg after party hopping through ICFF/NY Design Week to see what this mysterious Dine On Design dinner that promised an edible lamp made of bread and other "designed" foods?

Ok the first version of this post got a bit too rambly... so i've moved the full story to the next page with the TONS of pics to take you through the 8 course prix fixe Dine on Design dinner at Monkeytown in Willamsburg with us! It is an experience not to be missed. And it really was quite the experience... i must admit it did feel like a bit of an art school project - and we had a blast at the dinner, particularly in its contrast to all the usual ICFF parties, openings, and open bars we had passed through earlier in the night! We found ourselves in a square room on low futons, strapped in with bibs to our table, watching crazy video installation on all four walls of clips from old foreign foodie films, 60s and 70s snack/cereal commercials, footage of Julia Child chopping chickens and fish apart... all while eating some very interesting dishes... on some very interestingly designed dishes... SO, you have to see the pics!

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Form & Function

Ooooh Form & Function of Stocksund, Sweden bring us a great collection of designer vinyl stickers to enhance wallpaper/walls/cabinets/notebooks/ anything really! Think Blik but with even cooler euro designers. From the left we have Antonie+Manuel, Tado, my all time favorite: Genevieve Gauckler, and of course the doggies Cap & Pep from Kuntzel+Deygas (that you always see on Colette)! There are a slew of other artists as well, and the designs and colors mixed and matched would provide some very interesting and artistic possibilities for any space large or small.

NB: i found these in my crazy weekend in Stockholm - so there will be more Swedish design.


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Alex + Chloe

alexandchloeShadow and Light collection These are funky/sleak, and the anti-bling. Think about it, you're basically wearing a shadow or a former self, it's the anti-jewelery. And i love the playful designs in shiny black pastic. Alex and Chloe is an LA based design label which encompasses that anti-bling indie/80's rocker icon lover within. The overhwleming look of a mound of these on your neck, still hangs so flatly it's rather understated. [note: these also come in gold, but i'm not as big a fan of those]

They were featured in MetroPop, which noted "...about this kind of loud fashion -- it just doesn't care, and feels comfortable not caring." It's certainly not about taking yourself too seriously, but still shows your flair for creating a "look" of your own.


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"We love Art and Design, Typography, and of course, T-shirts. Oddica is the perfect outlet for our passions. We have designed T-shirts for companies such as Split, Hurley, West Coast Choppers, and Sole Technology, and we have shipped T-shirts to retailers large and small. It is this experience, working on both sides of the T-shirt industry, that has led us here. The focal point of our company is our Artists. How they interpret a particular idea, and how that idea looks on a shirt, determines whether a customer is going to buy, plain and simple."

Tonight, on top of the WHAT people are making, i'm stuck on the question of WHY. And cleaning through my inbox (which i'm sorry everyone, i'm very behind on due to taking care of some family business here in Oxford at the moment) - this about section of Oddica just felt like the reason why any of us should do anything. But the shirts look amazing, and i can't wait to see some in person, they certainly have the right ideas behind this company.


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Dyson Pedestal Fan

pedestal0.jpg This post is a sponsored series that takes a fun peek at the gorgeous details of modern life. The irresistible design details that enhance our lives… Gillette is the sponsor… but, as always, the post and ideas are 100% NOTCOT.

Dyson Pedestal Fan (Air Multiplier) ~ Freshly arrived from the land of Dyson ~ my first impression ~ AMAZING. While the first of the line was the desk fan (remember how awesome the launch was?), the pedestal is my favorite right now! Far quieter than the desk fan on low modes, but it feels like quite a bit more air circulating. But the best part? The design details you have to play with in person! The curved remote ~ that magnetically attaches to the top of the fan! The robotic feeling hinge to til the fan ring…. and to adjust the height? Simply lift! Or push down! And of course it swivels too… (Side note: Ok, don’t laugh, but i’ve named mine Watson. Every time see it, it makes me think of a magnifying glass, which makes me think of Sherlock Holmes, and somehow that lead me to Watson. It’s just what pops into my head when i see it!) Also, it’s so sculptural yet minimalist, it blends into a room, while still being a bizarrely intriguing object to everyone that has come by! Also, with both fans, anytime someone comes over and either is on… they still stand in front of it mesmerized and stick their hand inside it… have you tried it? You only feel the air coming out from the edges of the ring! Anyhow, go check out pics of the fun details up close on the next page!

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Modern Twist VINOTAGZ

Modern Twist's Vinotagz ~ 1. beautifully simply elegant 2. great materials (non-toxic silicone stem markers can even pencil a name on them ) 3. ingenious packaging - did you SEE that carrying case that you can slip on a bottle of wine?

Design*Sponge tipped me off on these this morning, and i just LOVE them, they are possibly the perfect gift to stock up on, for each and every time you bring wine to a party.

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M+O Simple 1/3: Farmlife

farmlife.jpgMerci beaucoup, Veuve Clicquot ~ who loves design as much as we do, and brought me to Paris to cover Maison et Objet 2008! More design discoveries to come... and i am just freshly back in LA... already!

Here is part 1 of 3 of the Maison et Object SIMPLE micro-exhibitions. 1. Farmlife 2. Les Métropuritains 3. Slow Tech

"Farmlife > hall 1 Conception: Elizabeth Leriche. Back to solid ground. Elizabeth Leriche is preparing the soil for a new agri-culture. The simple pleasures of rural life are reviving a belief in local produce and setting down roots. In a period of galloping urbanization, a rustic style is becoming deeply rooted. People are discovering the animal and organic beauty of the agricultural world. Objects with roots cultivate the appealing authenticity of raw materials and craftsmanship."

See the images to walk you through the exhibition on the next page!

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The Mercer - Soho, NYC

mercer00.jpg Mmmmm. Doing that bicoastal commmute again, this time thanks to the Macallan folks who have brought me out to NY for an event tomorrow night, more to come on that later though. Long day of travel ~ popped over on JetBlue (i miss Virgin America, they spoil me with wifi. I thought i might be happier without it when flying, but i was wrong) ~ luckily i feel like i’m at home away from home as i slipped in to The Mercer Hotel ~ another Andre Balazs property, this one in the heart of Soho… and i absolutely adore it. Got in, got room service, and got to work! Well, after taking a bunch of pics of all the little design details that grabbed my eye. Also bonus points to them for super fast room service and bringing me some benadryl at midnight. They’ve been so kind and taking such good care of me here already! And so many details of this room make me want to go home and remodel already… Ready to take a peek?

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Rickenbacker Guitar Factory Tour - Part 3/3

rickmain2.jpg First you saw the Beatles Rock Band controller versus the actual Rickenbacker 325, next you got to peek into the woodshop, then you saw how they were painted and electronic components added... and now for the final installment, here's a peek at some of the incredible design details from vintage pieces, limited editions, and concepts that never made it to market...

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Eiko designed by Schaffer, produced by German Authentics is a great solution to soft boiled egg consumption. After many "breakfast included" european hotel experiences, i've come to see how pretty but not so functional little egg cups are, or i have yet to master the art of tapping away my shell with a little spoon. (i tend to pick it up, tap tap tap, and then put it back to the cup to eat it) With this design you can hang it on the side of the pot while boiling, simple lift it out, rinse in cold water, have a handle to hold while cracking the shell, and enjoy! [Authentics also made that great line of flatware and glasses by Tord Boontje]


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Jawbone ICON Packaging + Bombshell

gillettepack.jpgThis post is a sponsored series that takes a fun peek at the gorgeous details of modern life. The irresistible design details that enhance our lives… Gillette is the sponsor… but, as always, the post and ideas are 100% NOTCOT

Fun on so many levels ~ let’s start with the packaging on the latest Jawbone bluetooth headset ~ the Jawbone ICON! Touted as the World’s First Intelligent Headset ~ it’s been great having it able to literally TELL me how much talk time is remaining, who’s calling, etc ~ i can even change voices and add apps! Their new MyTalk system allows you to Personalize & Update your headset. But back the packaging ~ seldom does packaging tell you about itself and its creation process like this one… apparently “Jawbone ICON’s compact eco-friendly package is 100% recyclable, and took many months of research, design, & engineering to perfect.” And when you see the close up pics of the way it unboxes, it’s impressively efficient with space and materials, and an incredibly beautiful box! From nice matte sleeve, to the box “lid” of molded paper holding the various ear piece options… to the pull tab to free the charger/cable from the paper lining below… it’s fascinating to see how it all unfolds. See the details on the next page as well as a peek at the Bombshell itself! Tiny, golden, functional jewelry of sorts…

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Hic Sunt Dracones

I often find myself assuming you read all of these too... and more, here are links for the bored... an excerpt of relatively dailies, that i attempt not to repost from...

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So a while back my sister found the town of DIDCOT, the anti-NOTCOT... well Jermacide and i were perusing the internet, and as always you just keep finding more... so in line with NOTCOT... we found NOTcOM an italian research group, Notcon "the last piece of the puzzle" design/marketing/internet group, and my personal favorite Notcutts garden center. And then, well there's us, NOTCOT. So for all of you who thought NOTCOT was random (as did we), apparently we've got some competition in the NOTs.


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NetDiver Powagirrrl got highlighted over at NetDiver! "From trendy to cutting-edge to wild and kitschy NOTCOT is a superbe assemblage of visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements. Initiated and co-founded by super powagirrrl Jean Aw and Daniel Frysinger." And they've added us to their list of Powagirrrls!

If you're wondering why i'm so excited, NetDiver has been one of my favorite sites long before this site even existed. So it's an honor to be featured there! For those not so in the know, NetDiver is an online mag "Devoted to tutoring, empowering and stimulating creativity as well as excellence in design projects by the international community involved in the industry and beyond!". (And i've never been labeled a Powagirrrl before)


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demtagsbig.jpgI know these are a bit late, but i just found them, and i'm kind of sad i missed out during election time. It's a new idea, i could see these taking off like those sillicon bracelets? Maybe? And they have that great black and white appeal which you know i'm a fan of. Based in NY, founded by American Design Company, Homecrest, and an attorney's joint inspiration this was the result.

They noticed that campaign buttons have virtually disappeared from New York City's landscape, and decided to give them a new and fashionable twist. DEMTAGS, as they've come to be known, are a collection of black and white dog tags, two per chain, with pro-Kerry/Edwards images, slogans to get out the vote, and quotes ranging from notable Americans ranging from Albert Einstein to Barbara Bush.

So take a look at Demtags and get some ideas for the next big thing.


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Supermanoeuvre Robot Wire Bending

roboben-TOPmain.jpg Here’s the latest from our NOTlabs director and robot wrangler, Shawn Sims, from our explorations at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale!

It was an awesome surprise to step into the Australian Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale and see a robot wire-bending installation by my old professor, Dave Pigram! He and Iain Maxwell of Supermanoeuvre collaborated with Wes Mcgee from Matter Design Studio and together set out to design a wire-bent sculpture specifically for the pavilion. The installation begins on the lower level of the pavilion and spans all the way to the ceiling. As you get closer you notice intricate details of how it all fits together and can’t help but marvel at the precision.

Before bending each rod, curves are drawn and analyzed on the computer. Those 3D curves are then digitally interpreted to tell the robot how to move and what to do. The wire bender and the robot arm work together, rotating, grabbing, and bending each vertex. Since robotic fabrication is extremely precise and the makeup of the steel can vary, the result is a near perfect physical manifestation of the digital model. Once each rod is completed, larger chunks are assembled from the individual pieces. They use small tack welds to hold the assemblies in place. The designers and fabricators wrote custom software, made unique hardware, and are actively redefining the way we design and make things. Take a look at the Australian Pavilion installation as well as the robots in action on the next page!

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