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Prospector Co.

samples.jpg Spotted over at Bedlam of Beefy ~ the adorable packaging of Prospector Co. includes this super cute tester set of vials! They have K.C. Atwood Aftershave Splash, Peary & Henson Aftershave Splash, Burroughs Beard Oil, Miss Annie Jones Shaving Oil, and Wormwood Absinthium Cream. Love that they describe themselves as - “…a line for men who seek purpose and forethought in their skin and shave products. The line captures something for every man with formulas for pre-shaving, post-shaving, unshaven scruff to a beard gone wild. “

My favorite description is of their Burroughs Beard Oil (yes! BEARD OIL!) - “Burroughs writes in his Indoor Studies: We readily attribute some extra virtue to those persons who voluntarily embrace solitude, who live alone in the country or in the woods, or in the mountains, and find life sweet… The woodsy, earthy scent of this beard oil brings together the solitary notes of nature and craftsmanship. The smell of freshly chopped forest woods move into a dusty carpenter’s workshop, leaving behind the deep leathered richness of a cobbler’s apron. Its very hardy, masculine fragrance works well with the rugged scruff left behind after a lazy summer’s week of no shaving to the full-grown winter’s beard.” Take a peek at the packaging of their line on the next page!

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Unboxing The Beatles: Rock Band

beatlesrockbandMAIN.jpg Happy 9/9/9 ~ it's been quite a day! On awesome launches that are hard to miss, The Beatles Rock Band came out today, and it was impossible not to share an unboxing of the goods with you! For starters the imagery is stunning (gorgeous intro video on the next page!) ~ and the custom guitars are adorable mini-plasticized simplified versions of their normal forms... The front of the kick-drum is like those frisbees or carshades where you can twist it up into a smaller disc when not in use (you know the type, it pops open instantly?)... and the pedal is beautifully detailed with Beatles-ness. There is also a set of postcards included... so anyhow, take a peek at it all! I picked up the full kit for PS3 and the Rickenbacker...

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The End of the Big Beer Barrel

bigbeer.jpg Here’s the latest from London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw!

While over at New York Design Week they have the Progetto Barrique (with the swing we loved here) with designers repurposing reclaimed casks… here in London, there’s a similar project upcycling beer barrels! This is one of my favorite projects from May Design Series, “The end of the Big Beer Barrel” from Switzerland-based Yask. The project’s premise is the retirement on 50 litre (11 gallon) stainless steel beer barrels in favor of a new smaller model. The iconic larger sized beer barrels will suddenly be retired from use and candidates for recycling or upcycling. The studio explored how these barrels might be used in variety of contexts. Take a peek on the next page!

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Anneke van Bommel

mosserings.jpgAs i sit here in Toronto airport waiting to pop back over to LA ~ i'm sorting through MANY pictures, and how much i *could* post while i wait... first to really grab me ~ the playfully Canadian oriented jewelry of Anneke van Bommel that i encountered at The Souvenir Shop, she manages to simplify national pride down to simple cheeky iconic jewelry pieces... from these various wood/silver antler rings, to stubby beer pins, crossed axes, and more... (see lots of pics below!) The Souvenir Shop is one of the best collections of exclusive limited edition Canada oriented design pieces i ran into, which was unfortunately at the Gladstone Hotel within the Come Up To My Room Exhibition where artists took over rooms on the 2nd floor, and honestly, you didn't miss much, because there were some of the rudest, most obnoxious people manning the door and their store ~ so luckily you can shop the wares online!

Bio from the site: "Anneke van Bommel is an artist and educator living and working in Toronto. She shares a downtown studio with 5 other jewelery artists and teaches at the Ontario College of Art and Design and George Brown College.Her work focuses on contemporary jewelery design, and explores concepts of place, memory and the symbols and icons of Canadiana."

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Relive Your Vacation Memories and Share Away

sponsored.jpg This post is sponsored (and written) by Visa! Thanks, Visa, for your support of NOTCOT!

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Or more? And at 30fps, video must be worth millions! Now geolocate those photos and video … and they’ll be worth trillions! Vacation photos and videos are dreamy escapes you have for the rest of your life… as for how you share them, options keep expanding and the latest is the Memory Mapper application at the Merging your photos and videos with Google Maps satellite technology (think of that fun flying feeling you get playing with Google Earth as you zoom in and out from one place to the next!) all set to music, essentially creating a whole visual experience to share with your friends!

How it works: Upload your photos and videos, enter personalized captions and the addresses of where the action took place then choose a soundtrack. Memory Mapper will merge Google Maps satellite technology with your content to create a multimedia travelogue. You can even post your creation on your friends’ walls, tweet to your followers or email to friends and family to make sure they don’t miss it. Besides sharing memories with this app, when Visa cardholders use their cards from now through October 31, they will be automatically entered for a chance to win $100,000 to plan their ultimate trip of a lifetime.

Head to Visa’s Memory Mapper at to turn your travel tales into stories of legends.

NO PURCHASE OR OBLIGATION NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN THE VISA 2011 TRIP OF A LIFETIME SWEEPSTAKES. Open to legal U.S. residents, 18 years or older as of 4/27/11. PIN-based and ATM transactions are not eligible. Void in Puerto Rico and where prohibited. Sweepstakes ends 10/31/11. For complete details on non-purchase entries,


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Inspiration From Electric Artists

quotebook.jpgToday has been a day of constant, "What happened with TasteSpotting?" - "What do you think of her clone?" - "What do you think of the other clones?" - "Do you approve of these copies?" - "Are you ok?" - and you can imagine how its gone on. Well now that the legal mess is done (*fingers crossed*), i think the quote above says a lot with regards to many of those. And as to the rest ~ TasteSpotting is no longer a part of the NOTCOT Network, TasteSpotting ended its 18 month run on Friday June 13th, 2008, and i'll miss it! The domain and archives/banner are now owned by Sarah Gim ~ and she's doing her thing independent of us. We've learned a lot over the last few months, particularly from this whole process, and actually quite admire what Chuck popped up at FoodGawker so quickly! He will definitely be my go to spot for random food porn cravings! So, to everyone, thanks for your concern, and to those who were mourning TasteSpotting as it was with NOTCOT, we're right there with you!

Now this post ~ is really a big thank you to Electric Artists, who for their 10 year anniversary sent over this adorable inspiration/quote book (with room for you to add your own on the flip side even!) bound simply by a rubberband for easy flipping... and the reason i owe them a big thank you ~ i lost focus a bit today, got wrapped up in all these silly emotions, and reading through these quotes over dinner, i realized, it's the web! it's the creative, ever evolving, always innovating, lightspeed-moving internet lifestyle we live and play and thrive in... and this was just the kick in the ass we needed to leap forwards, run with our new projects, innovate further, and really push the limits with our existing (and upcoming) sites! And they really have some awesome quotes in here, see the booklet and some of my favorites as they applied to life today on the next page!

And as their nice little note said: "We are fans of your work and NOTCOT. It inspires us daily - so here's a little something that we hope will inspire you." ~ Jinal, thank you, it did. =) So, farewell, TasteSpotting, hello, Liqurious, new features, new adventures, new events, and more i haven't even thought of yet!

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Mercedes-Benz 2013 GL Surround View System

360cam00.jpg We just spent the last week playing with the Mercedes-Benz 2013 GL450 - fully loaded with designo package and all the tech add ons! I must say, after driving it (and the other cars all stayed in the garage - all week!), it’s no surprise that it just won Motor Trend’s SUV of the year… having grown up in/driving SUVs for most of my life, i must say this beast of a car handles amazingly, and is surprisingly comfortable as a passenger (in any of the seats) And the new Active Curve System is magical - “to help control body lean during cornering maneuvers, electrohydraullically variable stabilizer bars for the front and rear axies increase roll stiffness based on driving speed and lateral acceleration, as well as the Adaptive Damping System’s Sport Mode.” Oh, and Sport Mode is a must when not off roading…

But the one detail that blew me away (and that i miss now that the car is gone) - the Surround View System. Anytime you are driving below a certain speed (maybe around 15mph?) you can click into the 360 Camera in the System menu and see the views around the WHOLE car - in various merged super views as well as seeing what each camera (one below the front mercedes logo, one on the bottom of each side mirror, and one that pops down above the license plate in the back) is seeing… while i’d like to think i’m pretty good with the parallel parking and lining up nicely between the lines… there is no question here when you can pop the camera on and see EXACTLY where those lines are. Also as you turn the steering, lines appear showing exactly where your car will go. It is a nicely implemented feature, and beyond pictures, we made some videos for you to see it in action on the next page!

p.s. Now, if only someone could hack it so you could record video out of them…

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CES: Belkin's New Logo + Booth

belkin0.jpg Flipping through lots of CES pictures, had to share the new world of Belkin. First you can’t miss their glowing new logo and white tree atop their two story “booth”. Their booth was more of a house or visiting various parts of different homes… from the vintage modern living room and office ~ to baby monitors ~ super thin TVs showing the remote garage door camera/openers ~ digitally controlled front door locks ~ kitchens equipped with various ipad stands ~ essentially every room was represented in an awesomely cozy way (when it wasn’t completely packed with fascinated CES-goers)… and there was even an upgraded retro photobooth i had fun in! The new WeMo system they were previewing definitely lead to a fun app controlled home of the near future… take a peek at their world within CES on the next page!

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Urbanears Unboxing

urbanears00.jpg We first looked at Urbanears a while back when their stunning color themed ads started circulating… then, their CES booth was hard to resist. Well now, in the same beautifully colorful, minimalist design… i couldn’t resist showing you the origami like unboxing experience and product details. So much attention to detail, and clean playful designs! It literally unfolds and presents itself to you. Love the matte boxes, and the soft touch details… the extra connectors… and the built in microphones mean you never need to miss a call! Take a peek at the unboxing of their Tanto and Plattan models on the next page!

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Ultimate Accessories: Geneva Sound Systems

infinitigeneva.jpgClick HereNOTCOT Note: This is the fourth in my series of Ultimate Accessories posts which have been sponsored by the new Infiniti G Sedan! As with any sponsored content ~ these posts are done - my way - my product choices, my content, and they help me keep doing what i love!

When picking some of the "Ultimate Accessories" for these posts, Geneva Sound systems always pop to mind, maybe it's because i've been so tempted, but between moving and traveling quite a bit, i've had trouble committing to the pricetag for these gorgeous (and awesome sound quality!) audio systems! Ok, let's be honest, that glossy lacquered finish in the red, white, or black are far too appealing ~ and when on the floor stand, just perched so perfectly, who can ignore it in a room? Details not to miss: the cd slot, is just that - a slot in the top of the system. The hidden red LED display that shows your settings, etc from behind the speaker.... when you're ipod isn't docked, everything is hidden under a panel on the top. I've toyed with buying one of these for YEARS now... and now, to further tempt me, they debuted a prototype of the perfect black glossy tv stand/shelf with built in sound system... its gorgeous, more pics on the next page.

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#OBJECTHUNT in the Wild!

objecthuntnewMAIN.jpg It’s been so much fun watching people find the #OBJECTHUNT stickers throughout the city ~ as well as letting a few special people who find editors from Sub-Studio, Apartment Therapy, Design Milk, Moco Loco, The World’s Best Ever, Cool Hunting, Design Glut, or me - help with the sticker hiding in plain sight!

Here are a few peeks of sticker pics that have been popping up… hints? Don’t miss Duravit’s black bathroom goods… CITE is such an incredible show… ACE/Obey seems to have found one… Future Perfect and Areaware are def worth a stop… Uncomfortable Conversations and Sounds Like, DWR and of course the Standard NY in Meatpacking are must sees… a few are surfacing throughout ICFF… keep your eyes peeled at parties and throughout the city, even i don’t know where these might pop up anymore!

… and did you hear? Cool Hunting is going to pick another winner to win an iPad and one of their limited edition cases! Yes, in ADDITION to our other prize including a standard stay and dwell tix and a puppy… So spot a sticker, tweet a pic with #OBJECTHUNT and you’re in the running! (Object Hunt details here!)

p.s. hints will be tweeted by all of us through the weekend!

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Zuckerman's Creatures

creaturemain.jpgI stopped everything when i saw Swiss Miss' post on Andrew Zuckerman's latest book Creature. And then i clicked through to his site to see more page previews, only to find an incredibly gorgeous site... a peek inside the upcoming book... AND two amazing videos! The kind of amazing videos that you can watch 10 times over, and still need to see them again (screenshots below). Basically the photography of these animals on that clean white space is just breathtaking, and seeing video of him shooting it as well as the book being printed is just the ultimate tease. The book can be pre-ordered at Amazon, and is printed by Chronicle Books. *Swoon*

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Never Miss a Thing with the DROID RAZR MAXX HD by Motorola

newest.jpg This post is sponsored by DROID RAZR MAXX HD by Motorola. Check out everything you can do with the longest lasting 4G LTE smartphone. Thanks for supporting NOTCOT, Motorola! (Ooh and a side note - i love the kevlar fiber backing!)

There’s nothing more frustrating than missing a vital call or text because your phone ran out of juice. Motorola is aiming to make that notion a thing of the past with its DROID RAZR MAXX HD, the longest lasting 4G LTE smartphone, with an incredible 32 hours of battery life.

How significant is that? Take a look at some of the things you can accomplish on a single charge. How about 214 uploads, downloads, and streams (even re-watching the “Gangnam Style” video yet again if you haven’t got enough)? You’ll be a well-informed citizen, too, because you can follow 623 breaking news stories. And, your fingers will be properly exercised after the 4,288 taps, swipes, and pinches you can perform.

But it’s not all about the numbers, of course. The new you, with your DROID RAZR MAXX HD, can actually enjoy a three-hour flight delay because you can sit back and catch up on an the last few episodes of “The Walking Dead.” You’ll have to hide your amusement, though, as you watch your fellow passengers duke it out for the last remaining outlet in the airport terminal.

Imagine not having to worry about a major event taking place right in front of you — like a flash mob that breaks out at the mall — and not having enough power to whip out your phone and capture the moment. Even better, you can be the first one to instantly upload it to all of your social networks, and start the next viral video craze!

And just think: You can be everyone’s hero the day your friend gets lost on the way to the big concert, since you have enough battery power to GPS the trip, with plenty left over to live Tweet the performance and the after-party shenanigans.

Wondering what else you can do with 32 hours of battery life? Learn more at

Disclaimer: DROID is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its related companies. Used under license. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. 32 hours claim based on average user profile. Actual battery performance will vary depending on signal strength; network configuration; features selected; and voice, data and application use. Visit for more information.


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A peek into TBWA\Chiat\Day LA

tbwachiatday1.jpg On inspirational spaces ~ and that very odd feeling of wishing i had a huge office filled with creatives to hang out and play with (not that you kids here on the internet aren't fun!) ~ who knew that answering a random email/twitter would lead to having such an inspiring lunch over at TBWA\Chiat\Day, and getting a chance to explore their VERY fun office space over in Playa Del Rey? I suddenly have the hankering to break out the vinyl cutter and fill unexpected spots with giant quotes... play with designing guest stickers (for people entering the house/office???)... spray painting giant logos out on the floor of the patio... build a BAR out of surfboards... and so much more silliness... It was really incredible to be in a place that so clearly prioritized creativity and the generation of fun ideas. Don't get me wrong, i've always loved advertising, and i REALLY love the visual and innovative sides... but recently as i've learned about advertising on the web, i've gotten to see the less fun side of it (negotiations, accounts, ideas that get devolved until unrecognizable - as well as incredible ones of course!)... I guess you could say it was fun to have that moment of "ooooh so THIS is where my crazy campaigns and banner ads come from"... and just so nice to connect with real people behind the artwork, ideas, and campaigns.

SO ~ take a peek inside TBWA\Chiat\Day, the incredible land of ad legend, Lee Clow... tons of pics on the next page!

p.s. Huge thanks to all the TBWA\Chiat\Day-ers who knew NOTCOT ~ it's such an honor to hear the sites help keep you inspired! And i'm not kidding about being curious to see what else you find out there that i miss!

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roundup notcotorg #62683 notcotorg #62685 notcotorg #62682 notcotorg #62679 notcotorg #62674 notcotorg #62684 notcotorg #62673 notcotorg #62669 notcotorg #62688 notcotorg #62675 notcotorg #62672 notcotorg #62686 notcotorg #62666 notcotorg #62676 notcotorg #62663 notcotorg #62668 notcotorg #62671 notcotorg #62681 notcotorg #62665 notcotorg #62678 notcotorg #62680 notcotorg #62667 notcotorg #62670 notcotorg #62687 notcotorg #62664

Currently in Nashville (again!) - it seems that our little real estate side project has been growing faster than expected. Though it has made me realize that the only way to take a true vacation from one thing, is to be so busy with another that you can’t even think about the first! But that also means it’s making me figure out what i miss (and what i don’t!)

If you’re curious what we’re up to currently, take a peek on the @NOTlabs Instagramnashgrid.jpg

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Vacation Time

newvaca.jpgHi! So, here's the deal, i've been slightly overworking lately, and have been getting ready for gift guide ideas, holiday season, new features, playing with new projects, and keeping up with the high speed stream of goodies at, NotCouture, and Liqurious... also off to a wedding next week up in Sonoma... and the Federated Media Conversational Marketing Summit (i was asked whether i wanted to do ticket giveaways, any of you interested in meeting me at the summit and chatting conversational marketing?) on the 15th-16th.

While running around someone has been poking me about how i haven't taken a "real" break in about 3 years - but that's what doing what you love and having it turn into your job means right? Apparently, wrong. So i'm going to try and take a breather for the next week, and have a quick favor to ask you... Help me out with a few questions? 1) When i take a break, and in general, would you rather have me hire writers to just run around the net showing you things here on Versus having this be more of my personal blog? (I'm slightly biased, as it's pained me to watch some of my favorites hire a ton of people and the content gets old and not nearly as fun, but there's probably a way to find a balance?) 2) What stores for designer and fashion goodies can you not live without that we should take a look at while researching for gift guide? Which includes everything from scouring their stores for products, seeing if they'd be interested in discounts for readers, etc etc (ideas?)...

OH, and you know me, "break" can sometimes = more posts. I get excited, i post. But since i've been slowing down the pace the last few days here anyhow, thought i'd make it official. So i may still be posting, but consider this the heads up for the next week and a bit if i miss a day or two... but just check into to get your creative juices flowing! Here's a quick roundup of some of my current faves over there...

notcotorg #14514 notcotorg #14500 notcotorg #14491 notcotorg #14480 notcotorg #14283 notcotorg #14429 notcotorg #14432 notcotorg #14415 notcotorg #14396 notcotorg #14392 notcotorg #14371 notcotorg #14327 notcotorg #14365 notcotorg #14338 notcotorg #14290 Click the images to see more, as usual ~ and would you believe there's something new going up there practically every few minutes?!?!?!


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IKEA's Floating Market

ikea2.jpg Just arriving in London pre-design week, the last thing i expected fresh off the plane was to end up on a boat in a London canal exploring IKEA color sorted floating displays with actors lounging and cooking in them… IKEA turning a section of Regent’s Canal in Islington into a floating night market to launch their colorful new collection. The floating night market was inspired by the vibrant night markets of Asia. Upon arrival, we found ourselves in a black and white pavilion making fantastic use of patterned textiles and put our names down for a boat ride to visit the floating showcases and enjoying cocktails while awaiting our ride.

Once our boat was ready, we were gondolier-ed along the canal in a black and white boat (all IKEA fabrics and pillows) to visit moored boats housing color-themed selections from the new IKEA ranges and even got a taste of a Swedish crayfish party on board! The IKEA floating market is open to the public tonight for one night only (Friday, September 14th)! We hear general admission has sold out, but you can find out more from the event facebook page. See our boat ride photos of the floating market on the next page!

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Cadillac: Driven By Design, Los Angeles

arch0.jpg This post is in partnership with Cadillac. Last time they brought us to Atlanta for Road to Table: A Cadillac Culinary Experience. This time, they invited us to Driven by Design, in our hometown of Los Angeles. A fantastic day of architectural adventuring close to home!

Cadillac has teamed up with Architectural Digest for a series of architectural tours in various cities, including Miami and Los Angeles, and they were kind enough to invite us to experience a different view of LA in a train of brand new 2015 Cadillac Escalades cruising through the hills. First stop: The Hotel Bel-Air. Followed by the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, the iconic (and film and music video famous) Sheats Goldstein residence in Beverly Hills by John Lautner, and the North Faring residence in Holmby Hills. There was definitely something surreal about wandering the Sheats Goldstein residence at sunset, aka the Big Lebowski Jackie Treehorn House! It was a great experience to get to peek at all of these designs up close. See the details of them all on the next page.

This post is in partnership with Cadillac.

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Dyson DC21 "Stowaway"

Although this may look like an alien face hugger... and it *could* suck your face off... This is the new Dyson DC21 Stowaway. I know you can't possibly be Dyson'd out by now (seeing as i recently posted the extensive Slim review and my visual rant on why all Dyson's are giant sucking guns)... so below is another gratuitous mass of imagery showing you all those intimate details of why a Dyson is unlike any other designer vacuum to date.

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Flow PS3

I'm sure you've heard about flOw. It's been hard to miss... as that $7.99 download game on the PS3, i thought the trailer (see below) looked impressive, and the concept incredible, but in all honesty, it alone made purchasing the PS3 and HDMI cable totally worth it. It is the most mesmerizingly beautiful game i've ever played. There is something visually inspiring about the simplicity and fluidity of the game play... particularly using the ps3 controller over the flash version. Playing it on a 42" in HD and surround sound is stunning, and you really can lose yourself in the space for hours... it would make the ultimate interactive projection wall in the future studio.

More on the history below... but here's the short version ~ it has come a long way from the USC MFA project it started as...

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Inspiration: LA Auto Show 2016


It’s a crazy and exciting time in the automotive world right now. There’s so much inspiration coming from the PAST (vintage!) and so much coming up in the FUTURE (autonomous vehicles and incredible concepts!)… we’re thrilled our NOTCOT sponsor, AutoNation, presents our adventures at the LA Auto Show to share some of the PRESENT lustworthy inspiration!

You never know quite what you’re going to find at the LA Auto Show. There are the usual models you expect from the larger brands, but then you run into things like a half lego Porsche 919… or a huge wooden moose… or an all electric 911… or a crazy super pink panther car… endless VR experiences (which really don’t photograph well)… surprising collaborations (Hurley pickup truck? Sriracha Lexus?)… flying pigs… and so much more. Ready to see what we found? To the next page!

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Intel + Ultrabooks + Laser Cutters

intel0.jpg HA! That’s the first impression i just had unboxing this surprise from Intel that just arrived. Second impression was… wow, someone got to have a lot of fun laser etching! In a big box is tucked a laser etched Intel plastic box… which had what looked like a HUGE laptop in it. I’ll admit it, i was half awake, opened it, and thought, “WTF? I thought this was about super lights!” Then i opened the giant battery-less laptop and literally laughed. They hid the Acer S3 13” Ultrabook INSIDE it. Cute, silly, unexpected, and totally proved their point. Oh, and quickly back to the laser etching fun ~ they etched the screen of the “fake” big laptop… and also the whole cover of the ultrabook!

Anyhow, the 11” macbook air changed the way i work and travel a few years back ~ and i’m seldom far from it. I have loved that i can even pop it in my purse on the go. I never thought i’d convert from 15” macbook pro’s to it! So i’ve been intrigued by the windows machines that started going down the same path ~ and there’s been a lot of buzz floating around the “ultrabooks”, especially the prices sliding down this holiday season (this one actually slides under the 1k mark!)… There’s something fun about grabbing a laptop that feels like a magazine in size practically ~ and having barely touched a windows machine in a while, but needing it for the randomest of tasks lately (including playing with/installing Logitech security systems to monitor the crazy backyard creatures of the night), this is perfect to complement my macbook air… just playing around with it, it feels silly that carrying both of them together still feels lighter than my old macbook pros!

Anyhow ~ while i experiment with the world of Windows ~ take a peek on the next page at the fun unboxing of this Intel package ~ and side by sides between the giant faux laptop case it came in, the ultrabook itself, and my 11” air on the next page!

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Gillette Venus Snap Razor

gsnap4.jpg Design inspiration comes from all over the place - regardless of price - and this time i was inspired/intrigued while at CVS needing to grab a disposable razor. It’s been hard to miss the ridiculously annoying tongue in cheek (literally) Gillette Shave Face ad during the World Cup but on product design weirdness - have you seen the Gilette Venus Snap? I had to poke at it… and honestly, in a world of Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club, etc - i get curious and poke at a bunch, but i’m finding all these strange product design innovations/solutions far more interesting (and functional). So take a peek at the design details of this little clamshell compact holding a tiny razor handle (that fits all their blades, thought not all blades on the handle will fit in the case) and a single blade. How this compact takes up less space than a traditional, simple disposable I don’t understand - but from an ID stand point it is intriguing. The center of the handle is even like a bouncy, rubbery trampoline of sorts. See more (and vids!) on the next page…

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Baxter Finley, Barber & Shop

baxtermain.jpg Baxter of California has opened an impressively adorable little retro barbershop in Los Angeles - the Baxter Finley, Barber & Shop at 515 N. La Cienega Blvd. (Already soft opened, the official launch party is next week!) Seems like the natural extension of their men’s skincare/shaving line ~ and what better way to learn about the products than actually experience the lifestyle of the brand as Jason or Shane treat you to the shave or haircut of your life? The incredibly carefully collected/restored vintage chairs are such a beautiful work of art in and of themselves… but even though i couldn’t get a shave, i couldn’t resist sinking into one while my friend offered himself up (and a few days of unshaveness) as my shave model!

A few fun facts - “The shop was designed and built with old world charm and is adorned with chairs from the early 1900’s (restored ultra-rare Koken “White King” models), reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring, and custom made oak & marble bars. All Baxter Finley barbers will don custom made gingham check shirts by Steven Alan. At the service‐ helm, Jason Simao (of Freeman’s Sporting Club fame) is the lead barber and manager for the shop.”

I want to drag all my guy friends in to experience a shave here! And Ladies, don’t be shy, grab a man in need of a shave and head on over for an excuse to check it out! I had way too many pics i loved, so take a tour through the amazing details of the Baxter Finley, Barber & Shop on the next page.

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WIN IT! Kasil Denim

So for day 2 of our NotCouture launch week ~ Win a pair of Kasil Jeans!: I'll give you till Friday Midnight to let us know in the notes what makes designer denim well worth it to you, and why you'd need a pair of the latest Kasil (and i'll put the winner in touch with our man at Kasil to hook you up with a pair in your size - don't be shy, they make guys and girls denim). Also, don't forget the 25% off at Standard Style is still good today!

Now, for more about Kasil Denim (since i've already told you about their website and washes) - time to show you why we love their jeans, not to mention why i'll be jealous of whoever wins the pair friday! Read more below to see closeups of why we love their button and pocket details, their falcon logo, some sneak peeks of their downtown LA 1920's ballroom turned denim factory/studio, and their latest look book shots by Mike Rosenthal (yes, the top model one) in an old theater.

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