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Matusalem Rum

matusaboat.jpgWith the retirement of Fidel Castro - here is a nicely timed campaign for Matusalem Rum that has launched, and there are some adorable print/tv ads worth taking a look at. While i have yet to taste this rum, these ads are working on me, because i'm definitely curious! The layered cutout, print/illustration look has totally made my day. Featured in the ads are a Fidel Castro cutout explaining why he expelled their best rum, since "The Caribbean has never seen a pirate like fidel. He stole an island and threw away the treasure away." Check out the three video ads below as well as another print ad!

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Obay - WhyBecauseISaidSo

torontoad1.jpgI stopped suddenly while walking and HAD to photograph this ad... i kind of hoped it was a random subversive urban hack... but then i saw it in the buses, and throughout the city. This one still has the best (ok, by best i meant worst) stock photo image... and caption... "My son has ideas of his own. Obay put a stop to that... from the makers of WhyBecauseISaidSo." And the packaging design of the bottle could certainly have been done up a bit more to make it more convincing! But thanks to a submission over to NOTCOT.org on that same night about how Torontoist discovered what it was really about, the mystery was solved! See more images, the culprit behind the viral, etc after the jump!

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GE Ecomagination Fishing Ad

desalination.jpgAlso part of the GE Ecomagination ad campaign is 'Fishing', an adorably sweet desalination advert where "Chaos breaks out aboard a Norwegian boat when its fishermen start harvesting bottles of fresh water straight from the sea." The music is really a nice touch on this ad spot. Embedded after the jump!

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GE Ecomagination Blueprint Ads

ecomain.jpgBeautiful print ad campaign for GE's Ecomagination... view the full set of the Blueprint Series after the jump. They are "all part of our blueprint for a better world", covering water, solar power, home, wind power, and cleaner coal. What i like in particular with this campaign are the infographics overlayed on beautiful scenic national geographic-esque shots... with clear bold statements, they let you simultaneously appreciate the natural settings, why thinking about how to execute the diagrams. "Two-thirds of the world is covered in water. Shouldn't three-thirds of the world's population be able to drink it?" Yes.

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Nordstrom + Ruben Toledo 2008

nordstromsas.jpgFlipping through the Feb 2008 Vanity Fair, i couldn't resist tearing out this Spring Nordstrom ad... much like the Prada and James Jean campaign for spring, Nordstrom has teamed up with Ruben Toledo who painted 20-by-30 foot walls to serve as a backdrop for the models which were shot by fashion photographer Ruven Afanador... in fact, Toledo even got to paint ON the models for the campaign. Lovely to see the contrast of the perfectly style colorful models in designer dresses and shoes popping off of the playful black and white paintings... see all of the scans after the jump, and you can even click them to see larger.

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Murakami Augor Revok Billboard

murakamibill.jpgOh, Murakami... what will you do next? So apparently Murakami's MOCA exhibition billboard on Melrose got a little addition to it thanks to Auger/Revok... and Murakami's people found pictures of it on the internet (like these great ones on flickr from Ribbon Controller and G@br!3L)... and they had it REMOVED! And sent to japan! Because it was "so wonderful, he had to have it for his collection." says this LA Weekly piece. And the circle continues... murakami makes art in his factory, sells everything from cellphone charms to massive paintings, has his art on LV bags, has a pop up LV store inside his own exhibition, does kanye wests album covers and has kanye play his opening gala, manages to get celebs clamoring to steal each others limited ed plates... and now even steals his own billboard that gets vandalized with some awesome street art. I wonder if he also has a private collection of LV/Murakami knockoffs in a special closet. Wow. I admire his insane branding/reach.

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Fav Superbowl XLII Ads

superbowl.jpgAh Superbowl XLII ~ congrats to the giants! And as usual, the ads were good fun! This year Hulu got in on the action and this NBC Universal and News Corporation’s online video joint venture is in beta and has a page up with 56 superbowl ads. I must say their player is quite pretty too... and i just went through all of them again, and picked my favorites below for you to watch!

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Matter Box

matterbox.jpgThe Matter Box, apparently people have started receiving them, and i'm SO jealous! I mean seriously, this might be the coolest box of junk mail ever... i know its really just corporate schwag ~ but it's corporate schwag at its finest, most creative, most amusing. So what was in there? Well below we bring you a break down of not only the contents and images of unboxings, but also some guy unboxing it live in a video!

Oh, and for anyone that is lost, Matter first came up on .org #8403... and it is "a box full of interesting stuff" and "a new and unique idea in communications that brings companies and people together around real, physical stuff–things you can hold in your hands, keep in your drawer, or give to your friends. It's a new way for companies to introduce themselves by giving you something you might like" AND "is a collaboration between Artomatic and Royal Mail." Read more at Matter: Brands you can hold, but firstly catch up on the first bow after the jump!

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Disney + Leibovitz Part 3

thenewdisney9.jpgThe third series of Annie Leibovitz and Disney collaborations has just launched, and like last time, i've updated the original post so we can have the full collection in one place! Above is a close up of the tiny Tina Fey as Tinkerbell ~ with such a priceless expression! She's perfect! Definitely my favorite part of the series! Additionally you can see J.Lo and Mark Anthony as Jasmine and Aladdin, Jessica Biel as Pocahontas, Giselle Bundchen as Wendy, Mikhail Barishnykov as Peter Pan, and Whoopi Goldberg as the Genie. Click here to see the images, some behind the scenes pics, and a video showing the making of with the stars comments.

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It's How We're Drinking...

nzdrunk1.jpg"It's not the drinking. It's HOW we're drinking." The Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand has some great print and tv adverts on creating awareness about drinking. Rather than being completely anti-drinking, they are making people more aware of HOW they are drinking. It seems to be an interesting and effective approach... take a look at their television ads here. Also interesting is their campaign about how its not just kids that drink too much, and show the mirror image of "grown ups"... see the ads after the jump!

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Miu Miu + Kirsten Dunst

miumiukd1.jpgPart of me lives for the neverending hunt for the *perfect* bag... well, perhaps a perfect bag for each and every situation. Anyhow, everyone has their quest, and that seems to be mine. That being said, this new grey Miu Miu bag in the Kirsten Dunst ads is my latest lust object. And while bag hunting and finding this one, i also got sucked into the whole ad campaign imagery for Miu Miu's spring 2008 with Kirsten Dunst ~ fun photography, loving the eerie red floors and ominously surreal look, and while i feel silly saying every time i see her i still think of Interview With A Vampire ~ she certainly has that pale look about her here! See the whole campaign after the jump.

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Nissin Cup Noodle Ads

cupnoodleads.jpgSo while dan and i got sidetracked from "real work" researching the insanely bizarre world of Cup Noodles... you already saw the Custom Cup Noodles you can make at the factory/museum... well now we have 20 youtube ads embedded for you after the jump. We tried to just show a few, then dan found more and more amazing Cup Noodle Ads, and we couldn't resist sharing the full collection with you. This all started with my discovery of the funniest cutest animated caveman ads that all end with HUNGRY? Cup O' Noodles (in that slim jim ad type voice). As the pack of *tiny* cavemen race around to try and catch some very large prey... well, its just hilarious, watch a few! And after that, dan started finding more and more... the main campaigns being a No Border campaign that launched when Cup Noodles were going into space, showing how food could bring people together... and the most recent campaign is the Freedom campaign which is an anime series. So happy friday! Here is more than your usual dose of distraction ~

UPDATES... i just found one with the governator in it... and other hilarious japanese ones... added about 20 more ads.

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Toastvertising ~ for SPAM

toastvertising.jpgIt's been a spam-filled holiday season, why is it that spammers are attacking me with prospects of great fakes to order (who knew even spammers have boxing day sales?) and ways to enlarge and satisfy? But while cleaning through the multitude of flagged emails i'm far behind on, there was some REAL spam. The meaty kind... some fabulously ambitious TOASTVERTISING for the new Book Of Spam... from the guys who brought you the human flip book (remember those hundreds of tshirts that got printed for the animated advert? It was on .org as #6369), but now they toasted an animation frame by frame and by hand into 220 pieces of toast... thats more than there are pages in the Book Of Spam. See some screenshots as well as the advert itself AND the making of! (both are equally awesome and worth checking out for some toasty inspiration)

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Beringer Vineyard

beringer.jpgSam just emailed me about this incredibly mesmerizing paper animation by Olivier Gondry for Beringer Vineyard - it will make you want to drink wine and crush paper. View it here.

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"Well Done" Annual Report

bakereport.jpgWow, and to think invisible ink and black lights used to be exciting... Dezeen has a great post about the annual report you have to bake in your oven in order to read... 25 minutes at 100 degrees to be precise. Croatian creative agency Bruketa & Zinić designed this annual report for food company Podravka - within the larger book there is a small booklet that is inserted inside the big one that contains the very heart of Podravka as a brand: great Podravka’s recipes. "To be able to cook like Podravka you need to be a precise cook. That is why the small Podravka booklet is printed in invisible, thermo-reactive ink. To be able to reveal Podravka’s secrets you need to cover the small booklet in aluminium foil and bake it at 100 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes." The best part? For the imprecise or lazy... the book will BURN if overcooked, like any meal.

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Disney Leibovitz Update

disneyupdate.jpgOk, so here's something new i want to try... i was noticing that it seems a bit silly to write a lot of posts on the same thing and keep posting them separately. Frankly, it hasn't been making NOTCOT, as a resource, very efficient for me when i try to find something... SO, i'm testing something out, and i haven't worked the kinks out yet. But here's a start... Annie Leibovitz and Disney have added to their actor/actresses as classics set (Rachel Weisz as Snow White, and Julie Andrews as the Blue Fairy with Abigail Breslin as a fairy-in-training)... SO instead of posting a new post just about that, i've decided to UPDATE the last post, so all the info on that stays in one place... and since i haven't quite figured out how to notify NOTCOT readers about it, i'm linking you to an anchor.

yes, i see the silliness of giving it a new post, while not giving it a new post with the images and information in it. Have any ideas of how i can efficiently pull this off for us all?

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Blackberry + Island

bbislandmain.jpgMy blackberry pearl just had a hardware failure last night. The volume increase button is broken... and i lasted a few hours before i had to go into the store and have it dealt with (don't even talk to me about calling in... ugh. i tried.)... so a replacement is on its way... in a few DAYS. While further phone hunting (naturally in my frustration i turn to distracting myself with new options) ~ i discovered that you get a free personal ISLAND with the Blackberry 8830 over at Sprint.

Ok ok, so after you delve into all the small print, its just a crazy over exaggerated campaign microsite (privateislandoffer.com) ~ that reminds me quite a bit of the Nokia ones (Remember Great Pockets that was on .org?). So it turns out if you want to buy the $10.5 million phone with free island, you are actually paying the $199.99 and then $10,500,000.00 for the "exotic island with amenities" according to the fake checkout... since as soon as i tried to buy it ~ it pops up "Are you sure you're a billionaire? There is no way we would sell a commodity as precious as an island on a site that just anyone could access. If you are in fact a billionaire and you're still interested in purchasing an island, our broker would be happy to help you find one..."

Anyhow, the intro clip is cute ~ and their spammy sounding domain is amusing... privateislandoffer.com. Screenshots below as well.

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Hendrick's Gin

hendricksnew1.jpgI wrote about Hendrick's Gin back in April of 06... back before i even tasted it, but came across their ad in BusinessWeek and fell for the playful design of their site and bottle... i love their old style that has a very Monty Python feel to it at times. And without even tasting, i showed you their Unusual Times which was quite funny and well put together. Well since then, i've hunted it down ~ first in Oxford at a random bar my sister took me to, and then finally found it in LA as well... and as a non-gin lover, Hendrick's is my gin of choice... because its the least gin-tasting... its got a wonderfully delicious infusion of cucumbers and Bulgarian rose... my favorite is having it in a gin & tonic with slices of cucumber, but will definitely have to explore more of the mixes soon...

Anyhow, new news from them ~ they are launching a new campaign, and its fun to see how they've grown since then... and staying true to their branding, the new ads and point of sale pieces were so fun i had to share! They describe themselves as "A brand that embraces the unusual with odd and inventive advertisements that feature collages of absurd images with playful intelligence." And i couldn't agree more. Well, go see the pics and vids below ~ more fun tidbits of info about them mixed in as well.

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WWF Paper Dispenser

wwfpaperdispenser.jpgSaw this over as NOTCOT.org #6720 as posted by Daniela Sammartino and the image has been stuck in my head all day. I love these World Wildlife Federation ad campaigns that utilize the existing surroundings so well... remember the one where the shadow cast throughout the day on the billboard showed the ocean levels rising? Here we have a paper dispenser with south america cut out, and green foil to tint your view... clearly conveying that with every piece of paper you take, you're taking away from the greenness of south america. How multisensory and engaging beyond a simple sticker/poster. By Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark.

My only other question ~ doesn't the paper itself look green? Why the need for the green foil? (As it says over at I Believe in Advertising)

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Sub-Zero Wine Campaign

subzerowine.jpgI have such a love hate relationship with advertising ~ i have always admired and loved beautiful creative ads. And then i started off despising them on websites, and was completely torn when it came time to integrate them into my sites in an attempt to have this fun side project carry its own weight. And now? Apparently, now i can get *jealous* over cool ads that *other* sites get. So any designers and media buyers out there ~ if you're ever feeling extra nice, help us get brilliantly designed campaigns to show off (and entertain our readers)! I must even admit there's a tiny part of me that wants to even start putting up ads that i think are gorgeous ~ just b/c its nice to see them on the site... (even if they aren't campaigns we landed) ~ silly isn't it?

Ok rant done. It's a weird friday. BUT here is the campaign i'm loving that triggered that little rant. I grew up with Sub Zero fridges, they always seemed larger than life when i was little... and it's great to see this playful microsite they created for their Sub Zero wine storage systems. They have some great animated imagery of the Enemies of Wine ~ 1. Heat 2. Light 3. Vibration 4. Humidity. See close ups below. And on interesting new "conversational marketing" ideas, nice to see a company like them embracing the blogging medium with their Sub Zero Wine Blog of "insights and advice on all things wine" featuring experts giving their tips.

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itseasy1.jpgGreeNYC ~ is a new NYC campaign to make NY the greenest city in the country. This campaign is absolutely adorable, the animation combined with the music... with sound effects that make me think of eureka's castle and nick jr. are too cute for words... great use of simple flat vectors and noteworthy typography... and that pigeon! My favorite screenshots are below, view the large video here, it is a collaboration between Hunter Gatherer and Todd St. John/Ryan Waller.

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FM Conversational Marketing Summit

Ok fine, i'm jetlagged in denial. But its 4am and i am wide awake suddenly. I apologize for the post lull because... well weds i flew to paris, saturday night i was back in la, monday i drove up to sf, and then tues 8am i was at the FM Conversational Marketing Summit until 7:30, at which point i ran home, and then as much as i told people and wanted to, i kind of crashed ~ couldn't formulate sentences let alone make it to the after after party. BUT i saw Ask a Ninja LIVE! (totally worth being deliriously tired at 4pm but waiting it out till 6).

Just a quickie rant ~ it was a sea of iphones. Highlights? Well, Ask a Ninja... getting to meet a dozen or so of the really nice FM folks in person... being on a panel with Core77's Stuart Constantine and Merlin Mann!!! Seeing our logo on the materials... Hearing about how the marketing/media guys perceive and approach the digital/social/video spaces. Really feeling that vast divide between networks that spawn out new sites because they feel like the traffic is there and how they hire people to do the heavy content work... versus networks like us which people don't seem to believe i still naively launch sites simply b/c we're kind of obsessive about those topics. Hearing about how boing boing (disem-vowel-ing) and ars manage their communities ~ all about the boing boing redesign. Xeni saying the conference should become a drinking game with a shot for everytime 'conversation' is said. Getting caught up on the video space... Having Brianna from Illustration Friday hand me an awesome moo card and polaroid print (sorry i was totally starting to crash around that time!)...

SO, i'm not sure if i'm going to make it over for today's session, i'm so terribly behind in posting, and i must admit if there's one thing i heard the most yesterday it was "WHAT? You are doing all of the content AND trying to do this business stuff?" So, yes, so far, that's pretty much the deal... but i've JUST taken on some help in addition to FM! So anyone wanting to work with us as far as advertising/marketing ideas, drop Jared, the new NOTCOT Advertising Manager a line (jared-at-notcot.com) - he's helping ease my load by dealing with all things ad related (for anyone who has contacted me about this in the past ~ well, response times will be infinitely faster now!) And i think i'm finally learning the advertising/marketing side of things does feel a little dirtier? And if it ever came between content or money, well i'm a content girl. (but you knew that). Ok 5:30am rant concluded, lots of pictures below!

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Elettra in the City

I was browsing for bags (as usual) ~ and ended up on the Lamarthe Paris site, and beyond falling for their products, i also love their web design and the film on it! The layout of the whole site is based around an old hardcore (dust jacket and all) book, and you can flip through the pages of the various sections (more imagery below). The film is just too cute, and you must check it out ~ "Elettra in the City" is "A story that ends with the word handbag." by Zoe Cassavetes (actress, director, and producer - daughter of Gena Rolands and John Casavetes) and stars Elettra Rossellini-Weidemann (international top model and daughter of Isabella Rosellini and Jonathan Wiedemann). I love the voiceover ~ and if you flip to the script section, it really does feel like a 4th grade reader. More images of some of my favorite 'pages' below.

Also, i just love the idea of defining a film in one line by the word it ends with. Especially if that word is 'handbag'.

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Nike Gone Running

Gone Running, will return at: _____. Great little signs that they were giving out in the Portland airport Nike store a while ago (thanks, mom!). Too cute not to post - close ups below. They also had HUGE versions of these in the niketown windows in downtown SF last time i wandered by there. Love that the rambling text on the back ~ fonts, layouts, simplicity.

UPDATE: if you like THIS (or want one of your own) check out the follow up post on the interactive version and how to get your own.

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Coco Mademoiselle

cocomain.jpgOn relatively unexpected surprises in snail mail ~ just got this package from Chanel with their latest, Coco Mademoiselle, and a DVD preview of the upcoming film starring Keira Knightly. Their ads have been popping up all over with her lately (and by all over i mean in the expected 850 page fall/sept issues of every fashion magazine) - and there's been the drama over how those aren't her real ones. Seems like quite the launch in progress, with the "big event" launching at Mademoiselle-Forever in 2 days, and to top it off they are inviting a group of international bloggers to Paris weekend after next for the full experience. I'll keep you posted on that how that goes...

As for interesting packaging ~ the interior box resembles a pack of cigarettes when i first opened it up... and i love the detail of the little wax seal with the Chanel logo and string on such a tiny bottle... and nice touch to have the hand written calligraphy on the note.

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