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Lister - Junk Food Art House

lister0.jpg Popculturally ~ i feel like i’ve grown up on Junk Food’s tees ~ they’ve been doing the super soft, perfectly cut, retro-tastic tees since 1998, licensing everything from star wars and branded goods to your favorite saturday morning cartoons for years. Faded in as if you’ve had them for decades, cheeky designs, and a comfiness that always makes them your favorites…

Well, now they are branching into being an Art House! And their inaugural artist is Anthony Lister! With murals popping up all over LA, super heroes flanking the exterior of their space, paintings to tempt you… as well as letting him do his thing to their ice cream truck… and of course two awesome limited edition tees ( womens and mens)… it was a fun art opening/party tonight! Take a peek on the next page at all the visual goodness to indulge in!

p.s. While they won’t divulge who’s lined up next yet… they do promise that they have quite the line up of artist coming up FAST for their Art House collection! Can’t wait!

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The Tessellation Series by Matthew Shlian

animatedstar.gif Just in from our friends at Ghostly International appealing directly to our geometric love of tessellations… “We are proud to unveil our second art edition from the Ann Arbor-based paper artist and engineer Matthew Shlian. Conceived over a flurry of emails in the spring of this year, The Tessellation Series is an expression of intuitive design evolving from a fixed starting point. To illustrate the process by which the pattern has emerged, the series is presented as five distinct moments, or formations, in its evolution. In each formation, three-dimensional structures spread, in seemingly random order, toward the edge of the page. Closer inspection reveals the fine pencil drawn lines of the geometric shapes from which they rise, a blueprint for a pattern that is at once unfinished and complete.” Aren’t they mesmerizingly beautiful? Especially in animated gif form above? It’s hard to pick which of the various paper sculpture/prints i love best… they seem best when in a full set evolving from one step to the next! “Each tessellation formation is produced in an edition of ten, and comes signed and numbered for a series total of fifty (e.g. the first edition of Tessellation Formation 3 is numbered 31/50).” See details on the next page ~ they are stunning!

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High Arctic at the National Maritime Museum


High Arctic is a stunning new installation in the National Maritime Museum’s brand new Sammy Ofer Wing which will opens to the public today, July 14th.

The installation is an eerie futuristic work is a collaboration between the National Maritime Museum, UVA (UnitedVisualArtists) and Cape Farewell. The exhibition is designed to capture the scale, beauty and fragility of our arctic environment. The installation was created as a response to the arctic journey of Matt Clark of UVA, who traveled with the arts and climate science foundation Cape Farewell to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard in September 2010 aboard the 100-year old Dutch schooner, the Noorderlicht.

A highly interactive space, the exhibition turns visitors into explorers armed with handheld blacklights to discover the dark and everchanging environment while listening to snippets of narration from Arctic explorers (a soundscape created by Max Eastley and Henrik Ekeus from the voices of Arctic explorers and poetry of Nick Drake). The beautiful projections respond dynamically to the approach and movements of visitors and the blacklights reveal glimmers in the exhibition floor and to discover the thousands of columns which represent the real glaciers of Svalbard.

Find out more at the exhibition’s page on the UVA website and its page on the National Maritime Museum site. More photos and videos of the installation after the jump!

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People Staring At Computers

stareatcomp.jpg The latest intervention by Kyle McDonald is causing quite a stir… with the Secret Service (and Apple?) - People Staring at Computers. It’s exactly what it sounds like ~ and not so different from what i’m seeing (and looking like) now as i co-work over vidchat. All of those moments when he or i are lost in our work or other windows, there’s that fixated stare that glazes over us all as the screens suck us in… As for Kyle’s project ~ the most interesting aspect is HOW and WHERE he got the images.

So if you happened to wander into an Apple store in NY last week, odds are you may have stumbled right into his exhibition. As you played with one of the machines, you might have a moment where the computer took your picture, showed it to you by fading your image in full screen, and the proceeded to show you those others than came before you. A selection of the pics were published to the People Staring at Computers tumblr, as well as a little video documenting the intervention/exhibition. While it clearly brings up issues of privacy and legality ~ i love the way it shifts our perspectives to see how computers see US ~ and it ain’t pretty. Are all our screens making us zombies? Apparently… So flip that camera on and perhaps start capturing what YOU look like when working/staring away unknowingly at your screens, it may surprise you! Check out the video and more info on the next page!

p.s. And as for the legality and secret service aspect of things ~ great discussion going on over at Techdirt ~ and as for how the press is approaching it here’s the BBC take.

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Leontine Greenberg: Animal Vegetable Mineral

leontine00.jpg On shows not to miss ~ Leontine Greenberg’s ‘Animal Vegetable Mineral’ solo show opened tonight at Gallery 1988’s Venice outpost, and its stunning! As usual, her birds and other creatures explore vintage tech and umbrellas in their water colored world framed by her hand cut borders! See the full preview of the show at Gallery 1988 ~ and take a peek at some of my favorite close ups from the show on the next page!

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Yuki 7: Looks That Kill

yuki0.jpg On reasons print needs to live on ~ some books are worth owning, and i could flip through the gorgeous new Yuki 7 book by Kevin Dart and Elizabeth Ito for ages. I’ve been following them and falling in love with them one after the other for some time now… from the posters we gave away to their first book ~ and i’m even wearing one of their shirts as i head out for a hike now! So yes, i’m a fan… but then again, who wouldn’t want to live in the magical world of Yuki 7 and her Gadget Girls? It’s that perfect mix of retro-tastic illustration that brings you back to happier place full of mystery and espionage… gorgeous locales, and crazy new technology mixed in… not to mention fabulous outfits?

In her latest adventure and short film ~ Yuki 7: Looks That Kill, she and the gadget girls will take you on quite a ride ~ and the film is beautiful! I can’t wait till they take it further than a short film and go for a full length feature ~ she’s like the ultimate animated Bond Girl ~ only she’s Bond and i guess she has her Yuki-7 Boys… So take a sneak peek in to the new book on the next page… and if you’re in LA, check out the launch party July 16th at Q Pop.

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Francesca Baxter-Hunter's Woods

woodymain.jpg Another british discovery from Justine! One of the pieces which caught my eye at New Designers Part 1 was the work of surface textile designer Francesca Baxter-Hunter. These beautifully detailed wooden panels show delicate, undulating relief that highlights the natural grain of the wood. Baxter-Hunter’s work is inspired by the ocean, using a variety of techniques to echo the coastal landscape which is shaped by the forces of wind and sea. Baxter-Hunter uses a variety of erosive techniques with wood and glass paneling, including dip dyeing, sandblasting, layering and painting in order to create these beautiful pieces. See more of these stunning pieces and close ups on the next page!

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'Everybody reads the same story differently'

highlight1.jpg Oh, the art of highlighting! I love this ad campaign ‘Everybody reads the same story differently’ by Y&R Bogotá, Colombia. When i ran across it at Ads of the World tonight, it just made me smile, and then want to take a highlighter to everything. Too cute to see the various perspectives they play with on who highlights what… see them all up close on the next page: The Little Prince, Don Quixote, and Moby Dick!

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Screaming at Butterflies - Annie Owens

screaming0.jpg Ever have one of those moments, where you’re dealing with something ~ and you see an image ~ and it perfectly encapsulates all you are feeling? A few weeks ago this was it. Annie Owens’ Screaming At Butterflies from her Terribly Happy show at Copro Nason. Now available as a print, i couldn’t resist having it on my office wall to remind me of the moments that came and went… There’s something so cathartic about that moment of just needing to let out a scream ~ even amidst those beautiful butterflies that still beautifully flutter about without even noticing, isn’t there? Take a peek at the print details of the “25” x 19” giclee on archival rag paper, hand painted enhanced by artist - signed and numbered edition of 35” ~ this is #20, and you can see the paint dots on the shirt enhanced as well as a butterfly abdomen in a glowing turquoise on her arm… love this one!

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Scumco & Sons ABC Decks

scumco0.jpg It’s not often you see Letterpress mixed with Skateboard art… mixed with exotic hardwoods… mixed with ABCs… especially the ABC’s of offensive rap lyrics. Amazingly Scumco & Sons seems to have managed to merged all of that… and more. Crafted in their Pittsburgh studios, Scumco & Sons have launched this one of a kind 26 piece art series of decks. Nick Teodori grabbed my attention with them in person last weekend, and i must say they are even more stunning in person! His attention to detail is hard to miss. Layer upon layer of graphics, colors, woods, and meaning for you to decipher and interpret as you wish. Can you name all of the rap songs that inspired them? Can you name the beautiful exotic woods used? Can you imagine teaching kids the alphabets off of these? Which letter would you pick to adorn your wall? The Process: Standard 7 layer maple deck with an 8th layer of 0.06 mm furniture veneer, with prints made on a Vandercook Universal III then heat transferred. The lovely photos are courtesy of Demian Aspinwall, and making of coming soon… but first, check out all of the ABC’s on the next page as well as some close ups!

p.s. While some have been sold ~ a few letters are still available from the collection… so hard trying to decide which one/s my wall needs.

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CoproGallery: Ledbetter and Vaux

corpro0.jpg Went gallery hopping tonight ~ so fun to pop in to CoproGallery to check out the new Joe Ledbetter Innards show and Joe Vaux’s “My Brain Made Me Do it”. Fun, cheeky, creepy, and awesome ~ take a peek at some sweet details… and a few other goodies on the next page!

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Infoviz Graffiti: DIY Pie Chart Stenciling

stencil1.jpg So many puns just itching to get typed with this one… Graph/Graffiti, etc… Anyhow, unmistakeable is the rise (or near overwhelming amount?) of infovisualizations and infographics the last few years… So the real question is, why haven’t we seen more of this infiltrating the street art scene?

When i popped by the Studio for Creative Inquiry at CMU last weekend, i got a sneak peek at Golan Levin playing with this latest project ~ a DIY stencil for making Info-graph-iti (details up at F.A.T.: Free Art & Technology)! Using the stencil, you can use the pointer (adjustable using the tension bolt/wing-nut) and assortment of letters (attached easily with tape) to create a pie chart just about anywhere. There’s even a tiny arrow to show which section of the chart is described by your text, as well as 100 tick marks to make percentage accuracy easy.

While i love the concept ~ there’s one thing i’d love to add ~ i like my pie charts multi-colored, or at least multi-textured. Perhaps the addition of a fan or perforated stretchy material between the moving arm and the fixed divider would allow for some more playful spray painting. (Also make it look less clock like!) Fan it out to keep one section blank for a more pacman like look? Or use that, then invert it, to spray paint the significant wedge a crazy neon pink to really make it pop? You can even download the files and details. Now if only i could get my hands on laser cutter to try it out… See more pics on the next page!

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1800 Tequila Artist Series 3: Lucha Libre

1700wrest0.jpg Box shows up ~ with tequila, luchador mask, shot glasses, and artist poster/cards… of course its 1800 Tequila! Since i missed the Cinco De Mayo wrestling match in NY earlier, this awesome press kit came over, and don’t worry, you can see my friend in the mask looking fierce on the next page (how could i not have SOMEONE try it on?) Designed by our friends at Dead As We Know It, the hand printed box and poster know just how to grab your attention. This third series of Essential Artist Edition 1800 Tequila bottles includes artists: Gary Baseman, Yuko Shimizu, Ray Smith, Tes One, Tristan Eaton, Alex Hank. Ready to take a peek at all the goodies in the kit?

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FruitCity ~ Public Fruit in London

fruitmap0.jpgJust in from the UK ~ Justine just checked out Clerkenwell Design Week!

Love this project, FruitCity by Vahakn Design Studio. I discovered the project at Federal Office’s Political Objects exhibition at Clerkenwell Design Week, but found so much more about the project online!

The project is all about taking advantage of a shared community resource, fruit! There is a growing map and network of all the fruit trees in public spaces in London created by the FruitCity team. Who knew you could pick your own mulberries, figs, apples, pears and more!

In addition the map, the project includes three objects for urban fruit farmers: an extendable picking arm, a picking backpack and mobile cider press and a fantastic photos series to show them off.

Such a great community project! Angelenos should check out Fallen Fruit for LA fruit maps.

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Lulu Guinness: Be A Pin Up!

pinupofficial.jpg Just in from the UK ~ Justine just checked out Clerkenwell Design Week!

Nostalgia just hit ~ remember those pin art toys from the… 80s? Just lost a little time ending up on searching for the old ones! Found info on it on Wikipedia - random fun fact? “The pinscreen was popularized in the 1985 music video for the Midge Ure song “If I Was”, which included a giant body-sized version.” They are even still available on Amazon!

But i digress… this installation from Clerkenwell Design Week is “Be a Pin Up!” from Lulu Guinness, there she is with it above (pics from her blog). The giant frame of pins is situated in front of the iconic London landmark, St John’s Gate and lets the public create full body sized portraits using the 6,000 chromed capped aluminum pins. Here are a few pics of the images created by passerbys. Check out the pics on the next page!

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Jill Greenberg: Glass Ceiling

glassceiling1.jpg On shows that would be lovely to see in person ~ the master manipulator photographer, Jill Greenberg, has a NY show coming up ~ “Glass Ceiling” at ClampArt starting on June 16th. She “revisits her interest in feminist art for her new series (which was the focus of her senior thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design over twenty years ago). The photographs in this body of work picture female athletes and dancers underwater engaged in a variety of ambiguous and dynamic movements. The women wear colorful bathing suits and high heels in complimentary hues, forcing one to question how and why these models are immersed.” Even in times like today, so much, yet so little has changed. And it’s hard not to be reminded you’re a woman (which of course is a double edged sword… depending on how you wield it!) ~ and these pictures capture a feeling that i’m sure we’ve all come up against…. is she breaking through the glassy water tension? or is she just gasping for air? Take a peek at the stunning series on the next page…

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Project Ocean: Windows, Mobiles and Fish Guide

ocean.jpg There’s more than just the Whale Rodeo! As promised, here are more highlights from Selfridges’ Project Ocean. In addition to the commitment to raise awareness and funds for conservation, Selfridges really carry the theme throughout the store, tying things together with their beautiful illustrations of fish by the very talented Sanna Annukka (check out her commercial portfolio here)! And yes, you may recognize that beautiful style from the Marimekko prints we love so much!

Annukka’s illustrations grace the doors and windows of the store, and can be found throughout the store in mobiles and on the walls (you might have spotted a few in our previous post). They are also the images that feature in Selfridges’ fish guide - the print, web, and app versions! Check out the beautiful illustrations in all their many manifestations on the next page!

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Louis Vuitton Dripping Gold + Bees

lv0.jpg On random finds on my cell phone ~ Louis Vuitton had some memorable window designs down at South Coast Plaza. How can you not be drawn in by these dripping golden honey bursts ~ with golden bees and LV logo/icons all bursting out from it? Take a peek at more details on the next page ~ and if you have more pics or info, send it over!

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Project Ocean: Whale Rodeo + Ultralounge

projectoceanultraloungewhalemain.jpg Amazing. Justine has has me laughing so hard with this latest London discovery of hers at Selfridges! Check out part one of her adventures below!

A WHALE RODEO! and a black light lit aquarium of confiscated coral! It’s hard not to love the new campaign, Project Ocean at Selfridges a huge collaboration between the renowned department store, the Zoological Society of London and more than 20 environmental and conservation groups “to celebrate the beauty of the ocean, highlight the issue of over-fishing, help us all understand the threats to the ocean and make positive choices about the right fish to buy and eat.” This is one of a series of posts on the exhibition, which runs from 11 May - 12 June 2011.

Both the Whale Rodeo and Ultralounge are located downstairs in the home section of the store. The Ultralounge houses a large quiet, cinema room with a large screen showing video footage of the ocean. It’s dark walls are filled with small aquaria containing beautiful corals on loan from the aquarium at ZSL and are specimens which have been confiscated from traffickers at Heathrow airport. So pretty! It is also home to a cute shop selling goods whose proceeds support ocean conservation.

The Whale Rodeo is located just opposite the Ultralounge and yes you can give it a ride. More pics and a video of its operators who very obliging demonstrated for you on the next page! Seriously, you have to see this robotic beast in action…

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The Mighty Pencil Vol. 1

mightypencil1.jpg Another london special from Justine! Check out the incredible Mighty Pencil she discovered…

If I could be any sort of artist, I would want to be an illustrator. There’s something just awesome about the medium. Needles to say, when I got back from lunch at the Worship Street Whistling Shop, I was thrilled to find The Mighty Pencil Vol 1 waiting for me and just had to share a sneak peek at it!

The Mighty Pencil is “a somewhat mysterious illustration resource, spreading their words of wisdom” and their first book - truly a fantastic piece of work that brings together so many talented illustrators. Check out a peek inside and some of my favorites on the next page!

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The Bird Machine's Tiny Herds (of Dinos!)

dinos.jpg SO CUTE. Who doesn’t need two mini herds of 15 brontos and stegos for their wall? Posted this signed pair of prints from The Bird Machine recently on NOTCOT.org, then gave in and bought them. They just arrived and are so adorable, had to share close ups! Check them out on the next page

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Le Pégase d'Hermès Scarf

hermes0.jpg On fun surprises while in London ~ Le Pégase d’Hermès Silk Twill Scarf designed by Christian Renonciat! With an architectural/blueprint look and inspirations from Da Vinci (backwards handwriting and all) ~ Hermès gives us a design to build a pegasus and some wings for yourself. Pretty enough to treat like art, i’m currently researching framing options, but until then wanted to share some of the pretty details with you! Unbox/closeups on the next page!

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ZSO - Sara Blake - Octopus

octo1.jpg Just came across this absolutely stunning octopus print and skateboard design by ZSO (Sara Blake). Apparently it is a “charity piece for a skate deck art show happening in LA for Heal the Bay. I don’t know much about the other artists or even where it’s happening right now, but I was just happy to make a skateboard for something to help wildlife. Orginal drawing is pencil and ink. Board is a digital print on Moab Entrada rag bright with mixed media (acrylic, ink,pencil), and gel medium.” SO beautiful ~ see it fully and in sketch form on the next page!

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Jacub Gagnon: Elements and Oddities

gagnon1.jpg Seriously, did you just think of the Petite Lap Giraffes? They are everywhere, right?

Well, kicking off this Saturday, April 30th, Thinkspace Gallery is showcasing ‘Elements and Oddities’ from Jacub Gagnon and Yosuke Ueno. And i’ve just fallen for these dark detailed animal meet objecty paintings of Jacub Gagnon. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see them in person ~ check out a preview of some of my favorites on the next page!

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Portal 2 Posters + Signage

aperture0.jpg Yay! Portal 2. (Boo PSN has been down though, and for days?!?!) Reddit thread about guy turning the in-game posters into high res images… lead to this gallery of images from the game… and really, the writers and designers had far too much fun with Portal 2. The details are so fun, here’s a peek at some of my favorites!

p.s. and if you’ve missed them, the Investment Opportunity videos are so fun!

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