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Recycled Words

ashford.jpgWill Ashford's Recycled Words do just that... literally. In an obsessive compulsive pattern recognition, pencil doodling, word in words spotting, 'art' loving way, he brings out what was already there but not even seen from your every day book pages, and it blows my mind. I love it when i wake up to emails like the one from Ryan with images of Will's work where i can't help just sitting here and staring at image after image for a while... and as Ryan said "It's like he's made the old study technique of highlighting into an advanced art form... or something." I concur. Imagine if we reverse highlighted our books to only show the most critical of information! I guess at that point it would look more like art, and as far as info goes you might as well just carry the cliffnotes around? But this would be an incredible daily exercise, the reverse journal basically ~ granted you picked the right book? Anyhow for those of you squinting to read, in that first image the yellow says LOOK FOR the orange says ART the red says AND the purple says IT the teal says WILL APPEAR and the binoculars say THE END. But really, just click through to see more below! My other favorites are there as well!

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Zune's Le Cadeau du Temps

zunemovie.jpgI was just checking out Andy's site and came across this beautiful silhouette animation all about the a fountain of youth in a bottle and the man who goes through the ages keeping it to himself... only to teach the lesson of "how loving a gift isn't complete until its shared" as Cory Godbey intended with this piece - Le Cadeau du Temps, view the animation below! And read more at Zune, where they even have wallpapers for computers as well as zunes, icons, etc for your downloading pleasure.

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Pantone Pen Prints

prismacolor.jpgSometimes the simplest of things combined with some patience render the most beautiful results... and in the case of Daniel Eatok's Pantone Pen Prints ~ 73 results... and i wish i knew about these back in 2006 ~ because they are not only beautiful but incredibly cheap as well! The bottom layer being 1₤ and working its way up to the top laying being 73₤. Basically, he balanced a set of 288 Pantone Pens on their nibs and let the paper soak it all in over the course of a month. More images below, i can't stop staring at them, and am dying to run out and set up my own to try! Found this over at Bobby Sattler's Whole lot of BS.

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Puma Reality Bag

pumareality.jpgBrains + Shiny + Puma Urban Mobility + instant gallery thanks to the Serpentine for $1,400? This new collaborative Reality Bag project looks great. "The Reality Bag is an exciting new product, adapted from the PUMA Urban Mobility Edition Bag, which launched last season. The Reality Bag is designed to reflect the world inside and out through a clever use of innovative materials and design detail. To develop the concept of this original accessory, the Serpentine Gallery invited artist John Armleder to create its look and feel. Armleder also created the concept of the content and invited young artists to create artworks to go inside each of the 1000 Reality Bags. This makes The Reality Bag an original, multiple artwork containing original pieces by the artist himself and by invitees including John Trembley and Philippe Decreuzat. Many other artists will contribute books, DVDs, or anthologies, as Armleder plays with the idea of the bag as a portable gallery. The result is a truly individual work of art."

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verabee.jpgCould it be? That you readers are right and the image below is the work of the incredibly inspiring Verabee? Aka Vera Brosgol? And even if it isn't, i'm so glad that the comments on the last post have opened my eyes to her breathtaking body of work! That combined with the music on the gift guide have somehow managed to perk me up substantially today in what has otherwise been a rather drab holiday week. So go check out her seriously impressive portfolio at Verabee.com. Thanks, Robbio and Miss Madeline!


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trapped.jpgI'd like to take this xmas eve to have a totally random nonsensical post. This image popped up when i was cleaning out old emails, i have no clue what it is other than escape.gif... rstevens of Diesel Sweeties tends to leave random images to sign off emails. And its been mesmerizing me on my desktop... i feel like she looks some days! And on more randomness ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To dan, who's taking this cofounder/dev/save-the-day role for NOTCOT fulltime and letting that corporate silicon valley gig go.


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CG Sphere

spheres.jpgIf you're ready to lose a few hours going through a massive gallery of drool worthy CG ~ check out CG Sphere. Here are a few of my favorites from the little i went through ~ more below as well!

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eyescapes.jpgRankin is an incredible photographer who has shot celebrities, covers, editorials, etc... but these Eyescapes at the Art Department are absolutely mesmerizing. It truly changes what you imagine when talking about *really* looking into someone's eyes.

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Party Popper Chandelier

popperchan.jpgIn getting ready for another new year (Yay! 2008! I have no idea why i'm so excited for this one.) ~ just rediscovered this party popper chandelier by Stuart Haygarth, who collected up 1000 exploded party poppers on 01.01.00 after the MIllenium celebrations in London. Each popper is individually hung, and apparently create quite the organic swarm when hit (be it by a breeze or a bat). If he seems familiar, perhaps you've also seen some of his other found object chandeliers... like the one out of sun glasses? (images below!)

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Ghost Prints

casper1.jpgAlso in the Coudal Swap Meat ~ Four glow in the dark ghost prints by Billy Davis ~ "This set of four prints was hand-screened at Crosshair Press in Chicago, and each features a glowing ghost in various ill-advised endeavors." Adorable... yet just twisted enough.

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Lucky White Squirrels

squirrelposters.jpgI love that space where biology meets design meets infographics... i just found this awesome set of two Lucky White Squirrel Posters by Moi Moi at Coudal's Swap Meat Gifted! "The Lucky White Squirrels limited edition print set was originally produced as two 4’x 8’ panels for a squirrel themed art exhibition held at a Toronto gallery located across from a park where a resident population of albino squirrels live. Working with the punnet square and the network diagram this idiosyncratic info-graphic based artwork explains why seeing an albino squirrel is lucky. The first print, a network diagram, illustrates the mix of genes it would take to create albino progeny from a pair of squirrels each carrying the recessive gene for albinism. The second, in real numbers, illustrates squirrel for squirrel the 1:20,000 odds that this would occur." Purchaseable here for $60.

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Terrazo: Views of Mexico City

mexico1.jpgBetween the overdosing of digital and physical mass consumption going on all around us this month ~ it is refreshing to see this email from Kelly about the Terrazo: Views of Mexico City photography exhibition by Pablo Lopez at the Sasha Wolf Gallery. There is something mesmerizing and calming about the perspective and detachment in these images... between all the shopping and dealing with the masses, these images certainly help you step back for a moment.

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1128feric1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I have long admired Eric Feng's (aka Feric) illustrations. His work is gorgeous - a mixture of real and imagined and of natural and mechanical. I love the fantastical, mechanical anatomies of his characters, and how you are given a peek at what is beneath through transparent layering.

Limited edition giclée prints of Feric's work are available at his online store. They are fairly pricey for a digital print, but I could almost be tempted because I love some of his pieces so much ("Roda. Continue" - I'm talking about you!). Worth checking out at the very least!

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subz1.jpg"subzero came from a look at the psychology of populations. and well, myself....seemingly conscious, educated and caring, but completely paralyzed by the understanding of a lawless administration, various nations at war, a planet reaching boiling point, and it all seems out of control. Subzero does nothing; Less Than Nothing. He is depressed from his incapacity to affect anything. In the end it's a call to arms really but for now he remains motionless, frustrated, mad, and simply bummed out."

This limited edition of 10 porcelain slip cast characters is from NOTCOT fav, Michael Salter (remember his incredible recycled packing styrofoam robot guys?). These will be shown at his first solo exhibition in NYC starting January 10th at the Jeff Bailey Gallery in Chelsea... and if you make it over there you'll also get to see one of his 12 ft (yes, you read that right) Styrobots... as well as drawings, animations, and kinetic sculptures! Anyhow, i'm kind of loving the packaging and his description of the subzero's, and how they are exactly what i wake up every morning and try to be a little better than... poor poor subzero. Also, how awesome is that shark patterned one? (extra close up pic below!)

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2010 Vancouver Mascots

2010.jpgOk, i'm not sure how today became cartoon/illustration day at NOTCOT, but i'm not going to fight it... the ninjatowners, star wars mimos, and now these 2010 olympics mascots are far too good not to post! But back to the subject at hand, i just saw these on .org and click over to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics site and watched the video... and can't stop smiling. So meet Miga, the strangely small orca that pulled a little mermaid and traded tail for legs... Quatchi, the giant shy sasquatch... and Sumi, the guardian spirit with the adorable sidekick. And if the illustration style seems a bit familiar, it is because illustration duo Meomi is behind them, who was also behind children's book The Octonauts. Anyhow, more images below, and a collage of screenshots from the intro vid!

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Smart House

smarthouse1.jpgOn incredible temporary event spaces, the Smart House (home of the Smart Fortwo) is one of the coolest spaces around. Located on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, surrounded by some of the cutest boutiques, restaurants, and bars and only a few blocks from the beach, its a pity this loft will only be around till january. I was lucky enough to make it to the A+R launch dinner where we had dinner at the Smart House and cooked with Hans Rockenwagner and Wolfgang Gussmack of Rockenwagner - outdoor on the patio as a group we helped "cook" (aka stir) an unbelievably delicious pasta paella. Additionally when not housing special functions the ground floor is a showroom (cars ready to test drive out back) and a gallery space (i must admit i was pretty giddy to be having dinner with two Catalina Estrada paintings behind me) ~ while i was there the ROJO Magazine Collaboration with Smart's new Fortwo was up! "The new special issue is now ready. featuring a superb cover artwork by Catalina Estrada, plus 160 pages full of exclusive artwork by selected artists and inspired by the new smart fortwo. Artwork by: Catalina Estrada, MWM, Deanne Cheuk, Yoshi Sodeoka, Tofer, Alex Prager, Friends with You, Ben Summers, Dalek, Holly Stevenson, Chet Purtilar, Jemma Hostetler, Meomi, Yoshi Tajima, Evgeny Kiselev, Vanessa da Silva, Bruno 9li, Cristiano Trindade, Todd Tourso, Amir H. Fallah, Justine Ashbee, Sergei Sviatchenko."

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Interview with Yang Liu

1113yang1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Jean posted about Yang Liu's Ost trifft West (East Meets West) exhibit back in September. Being that I worked with Yang at Chermayeff and Geismar when I first moved to New York, I offered to do an interview with her about the project. Yang is a great graphic designer whose work has always been bold and iconographic, and Ost trifft West doesn't stray from that rigor. Even though I can't read either German or Chinese, the images clearly and wittily communicate the differences between the two cultures. Check out more images and an interview with Yang Liu below!

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Shane by Brooks Salzwedel

Ok, this is going to be a bit backwards, but i needed to share this product discovery from the A+R launch dinner before the dinner itself. I've long loved the deep resin works of Brooks Salzwedel from my discovery of his belt buckles back in sept of 06 to further exploration of his intriguing and mesmerizing larger resin "paintings" of sorts (and the smaller ones in found tins, etc) in august 07. Well as it turns out, Andy (the A of A+R) loved them as much as i did, and got in touch with Brooks who is also a Silverlaker, and the buckles did amazingly... and as the story goes Rose (the R of A+R) even helped Brooks get into the GenArt Fresh Faces this year, where his work was incredibly well received. So although A+R is stocked with so many things i love (it was like being in the NOTCOT store, if there were a NOTCOT store, it was incredible, but more on that later)... these teeny tiny new necklaces caught my eye. There was that moment of literal - OMG. Are those...?

And here you have it, the latest - in fact the FIRST - pieces of jewelry from Brooks Salzwedel, which Andy and Rose had *just* put out tonight... incredibly intricately cast metal woody pieces with the classic Salzwedel depth in resin. And in those teeny tiny logs, are even tinier little trees, which are truly the coolest things i may have ever seen (and i see a lot.) So if you feel so inclined, these may not make it into any store or website for a while, but you can contact A+R for more info... just please don't buy these specific little logs! I need to go back and beg them to let me buy them... once they figure out how much they are. Many more images below (please don't mind my super quick mid-party shots) - including one of the belts gorgeously displayed on logs in the storefront. And click to see more of Brooks Salzwedel's Buckles and Art.

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Exploded iPod

explodipod.jpgI just got back from the most amazing event that i have a pile of posts to share with you...BUT, i just checked my email and Billy Chasen blew my mind... literally... with his "hey guys, i love your site. one of my daily stops. I just created an exploded ipod -- it's encased in resin and still works. tell me what you think :) -billy" email. Well... Billy? I think the proper response is - where can i buy one? Or at least play with one? Does it work with remote control?

It is quite possibly my favorite new view of the overexposed ever evolving design *classic*(?)... the ipod has become the kleenex of the mp3 players... its refreshing to see it so exposed - and encased in resin! See below for more images and read more on Billy's site.

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NYTO American Comfort Quilt

nyto1.jpgThe American Comfort Quilt by NYTO embodies all that a successful brand should be... literally. Isn't the ultimate brand, the one you turn to in times of need? The one that manages to make you feel better in an instant? The things you buy when you just don't know who else to turn to? I mean sure its a little extreme... but that's the making of a good lovemark like Coca Cola, right? Well, sure slightly exaggerate perhaps... but you get the idea. Designed by Joel Yatscoff and Bradley Price, Joel states, “…this is a very topical product that questions the effects of consumerism in North America. Has this behaviour, and the associations people wish to have with corporate brands so habitual, the American Comfort Quilt is the cherished product to provide warmth and comfort during a chilly evening?” Handmade, limited edition of 5. Love the way they've composed these images... more below as well.

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Dumbo Spring

dumboimage001.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Spring is a great store/gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Being that I work down the street from the store, I stop in every once in a while to see what's new. I was especially excited when I went in recently and saw their Threaded exhibit because they have nine panels of embroidered canvas by Richard Saja, whose work I have long appreciated. The Lost Girls series incorporates a custom toile design inspired by Peter Pan's lost boys - little boys who are scared to grow up. Each panel is 24" x 36" and is printed on cotton canvas and then embroidered with rayon thread.


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Wat Design for ILSE

wattdesign.jpgI was just checking out the portfolio of Wat Design and i found this "ILSE media, head office - interior design of the HQ, totally designed out of 2D flat panels with pixel design. Simcity office garden". In this pixel wonderland ~ the first thing i thought was ~ wow its like a real world Diesel Sweeties mash up! I feel like if i were walking around in there, i would look down and see myself in pixel form! Anyhow, they have converted nearly everything... from coat racks and trash cans, to stickers of pixel cell phones and calculators, pixel food on pixel plates on pixel table clothes, and pixel sunsets, and pixel trailers and lunch trucks in life size (OH, and even a pixel window by the urinals...)! See the images below, and see more fun projects over at Wat Design.

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Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

silmaser.jpgRUGenius was stumbling around (on stumble upon!) and came across this brilliant Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre by Wilhelm Staehle. My favorites are below...

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Disney Leibovitz Update

disneyupdate.jpgOk, so here's something new i want to try... i was noticing that it seems a bit silly to write a lot of posts on the same thing and keep posting them separately. Frankly, it hasn't been making NOTCOT, as a resource, very efficient for me when i try to find something... SO, i'm testing something out, and i haven't worked the kinks out yet. But here's a start... Annie Leibovitz and Disney have added to their actor/actresses as classics set (Rachel Weisz as Snow White, and Julie Andrews as the Blue Fairy with Abigail Breslin as a fairy-in-training)... SO instead of posting a new post just about that, i've decided to UPDATE the last post, so all the info on that stays in one place... and since i haven't quite figured out how to notify NOTCOT readers about it, i'm linking you to an anchor.

yes, i see the silliness of giving it a new post, while not giving it a new post with the images and information in it. Have any ideas of how i can efficiently pull this off for us all?

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Murakami @ MOCA

mocamurakami.jpgMurakami Gala Opening at MOCA ~ although they wont let you take pictures at the exhibit, you sure can see a lot of whats going on and what people were getting through flickr and eBay. Even the LA Times ran an article on how the plexiglass "placemats" from the dinner are being auctioned for $999 - keep in mind it cost $1000 to attend the opening gala. An apaprently everyone from Mr. Murakami himself (and his family!), Marc Jacobs, Kanye West, Owen Wilson, Christina Ricci, Cindy Crawford, Toby McGuire, Pharell to Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot was there. Luckily for us Eric documented it all nicely via blog and flickr! You can check out his post on the gala, his flickr of the exhibit during the press preview with accompanying post here. Another great flickr resource - Brandon Shigeta - who says "you can take pics of the mona lisa, but they say no here. whatever, set the camera to interval shooting and away we go..." Haha. Also there are the many pictures you can see searching Murakami MOCA on flickr.

Now for the wealth of goodies showing up on ebay ~ and what Eric got from going to the gala, see below!

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