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Good Granny, Bad Granny

grannybook.jpgI wish i knew a new grandmother to give this to... Good Granny, Bad Granny by Mary McHugh, illustrated by Patricia Storms. I couldn't stop laughing when reading through the few sample pages (see them below!). Shade Elaine and i decided bad granny was definitely our kinda lady... taking those grandkids to Neiman Marcus to buy fingerless gloves and motorcycle boots! (Instead of knitting them mittens)... teaching them how to download rap music to their ipods... only $10 at Amazon.

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Creature: in person

powell0.jpgCreature by Andrew Zuckerman... i've been pretty obsessed with this book since the post, but been so slow and busy i hadn't gotten around to ordering it until making the gift guides (it showed up on Day 28 and Day 21)... at which point my mom apparently took the hint and ordered it. Well good news + bad news. The book is BREATHTAKING, even more so in person with the large coffee table format. I wish i could have ordered a copy for everyone i know... truly incredible. The bad news is... she happened to order it from Powell's (the largest independent bookstore!) instead of our usual Amazon since she had some credit to use up... and unfortunately the packing wasn't quite up to par and being the book/product junkie that i am, its driving me absolutely mad that the corners were all bashed up, and the bottom right corner of all of the pages are buckling a bit... enough to notice when flipping through such pristine white pages... oh, and somehow this copy has it looking like the cat on the cover is crying green... So, as my random Saturday night post, just wanted to vent slightly, and let you know i'm suddenly reminded why its more satisfying to buy things in person sometimes... in brick and mortar stores... or sticking to super huge giants who take too much care in packaging for survival during the holiday season! more images of some of the awesomeness within, as well as what's driving me crazy.

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Crackpot 2008

crackpot.jpgOooh Crackpot 2008 is out! For any of you looking for the perfect way to give someone some gorgeous glossy weekly art ~ this is the perfect stocking stuffer. I received the 07 version last year and love it ~ not quite patient enough to wait a whole month to flip the page ~ but the weekly thing i can handle. Great paper quality, thick cardboard backing with that can be turned into a stand or hung on the wall... the Crackpot is full of many of our favorite artists as picked by die gestalten ~ and a sneak peak of more pages below.

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Hand Job: A Catalog of Type


*Snicker* Yes, I love the cheeky title. Hand Job: A Catalog of Type by Michael Perry (published by Princeton Architectural Press) is full of unique and quirky hand-drawn typography. It makes me remember the days of junior high when I was trying so hard to establish my handwriting style, the years in high school when I embellished the letters on the notes I wrote to friends, and the random doodles that ended up on the margins of my lecture notes in college. Fifty-five typographers and graphic designers, including Geoff McFetridge and Deanne Cheuk, are featured in the book, and they are all listed in alphabetical order. Their names appear at the bottom of the pages which I found pretty handy for reference. Great to flip through for some quick inspiration, and I definitely want to start drawing words again to balance out the computer-based work I do! Some of my favorite pages from the book after the jump!

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NM 100th Christmas Book

nm100book.jpgThe extravagance of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Books are always an annual visual indulgence for me ~ majority of the pieces being laughably gaudy... and always a few that i covet (for my fantasy world)... it has become ritualistic page flipping, much like the annual IKEA catalogs. This year with their 100th Anniversary, it's only MORE over the top ~ and as always, their fantasy gifts don't disappoint ~ with everything from the $100,000 Touch Screen "Media Wall" to the Treetent hanging pod and a Swami "conversational robot"... But my favorite? The 100 ft long Dragon Topiary constructed from 15 indigenous plants... next year i'd need the moat to go with it... and then a castle? More pics below ~ and also of my *other* hopeful prediction of comebacks... the Steamer Trunk! I've been coveting an old style one to accommodate my trips where i throw my life in my car and take off for what can be anything from a few days to a few months... must have a way to stash it all nicely, like a pop up insta-closet. But check out the Steamer Trunk Bar below...

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Neiman Marcus Pop Up Book

nmpopup.jpgFunny how the things of the past are making such a great comeback this season. Just this week i was joking (ok i was pretty serious) that NOTCOT needed a good pop up book ~ inspired by some adorably "PULL ME" screaming tabs that Linhchi designed in one of our new mock ups... and then i open the 100th Anniversary Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2007, and what do they have on the last page? Yup, limited edition Neiman Marcus Pop-Up Book! And it looks incredible ~ not to put down my brilliant bert and ernie pop up books of my childhood, but that girl's pop up dress is made up of tons of photos! And in the pics below, that isn't a real person looking at the page closely ~ its a pop up person! Anyhow, i need to get my hands on one of these to do a proper book review clearly. Oh, and in proper Neiman Marcus style ~ it looks like you get about 6 pop ups for a mere $125.

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Diesel Sweeties Surprise

dsyay.jpgMmmm Diesel Sweeties. As if its not enough that they amuse me daily, this surprise package just showed up and i can't stop grinning. The latest comics, stickers, and buttons! "It's fun to use learning for evil!" ~ i'm currently debating whether to stick this over the the glowing apple on my macbook pro. I'm not even a cat person, but i do love that cat button... ahhh emo emoticons... and rockers do rock out...

OK ~ so since they sent extras, it only seems appropriate to keep sharing the love. So leave me a note, and i'll pick the most amusing commenter (about why you love diesel sweeties, notcot, pixels, etc) at midnight (PST) tonight to send a copy of Diesel Sweeties Print Dailies Vol. One and some notcot pins! [UPDATE! The winner has been emailed!]

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Zuckerman's Creatures

creaturemain.jpgI stopped everything when i saw Swiss Miss' post on Andrew Zuckerman's latest book Creature. And then i clicked through to his site to see more page previews, only to find an incredibly gorgeous site... a peek inside the upcoming book... AND two amazing videos! The kind of amazing videos that you can watch 10 times over, and still need to see them again (screenshots below). Basically the photography of these animals on that clean white space is just breathtaking, and seeing video of him shooting it as well as the book being printed is just the ultimate tease. The book can be pre-ordered at Amazon, and is printed by Chronicle Books. *Swoon*

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Field Notes

fieldnotes.jpgCoudal Partners has teamed up with Draplin Design Company of Portland to bring you Field Notes Brand Notebooks... and the first batch has been shipped out this week! "We just wanted people who had shown an interest to be able to pre-order our initial Field Notes product, a durable made-in-the-USA notebook inspired by vintage farmers' planting books and other practical, historic, mostly-midwestern American design." They are also 3 for $9.95. I don't know about you, but Moleskine are getting a bit played out, although these do pretty closely resemble the Moleskine Cahier Journals (also in three packs, similar look)... these are pretty fun (loving the font, naturally). Spotted these over at Notebookism. And for one of the first pics in the wild, see below.

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The Little Know-It-All

The Little Know-It-All: Common Sense for Designers. Published by Die Gestalten Verlag, June 2007. Knowing just those two pieces of information and seeing the cover, i already desperately covet this potential designer's bible.

So what is this little book? "The Little Know-It-All provides the fundamental information designers need to know to thrive in their growing field of practice. It is an indispensable manual of the knowledge currently required of designers as the evolution of media redefines their role and expands the disciplines in which they must be competent." Shots of some pages below... and it's only 29$ at Amazon.

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Playground ~ is it a magazine? is it art? is it a dripping rubber box? Apparently it "is an unbound collection of fashion + art in exclusive numbered limited editions"... "is a means for free, spontaneous plays between famous and emerging artists, fashion photographers and illustrators from all over the world"... "is not a magazine, but a personal gallery encrusted in custom designed collectible box." SO, there you have it, it explains everything and nothing?

However, the launch party will be at Anna Kustera in NY tomorrow night, so maybe someone can go take a peek for us and shed some light on what's really inside that white Dror Benshetrit box that "characterizes the movement of liquid dripping in a tactile and plastic form". There are only 250 sets, and they are $600... and there is quite the list of who's who thats part of the secrets in the box!

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Jeremy Pettis

From ORG #4877, i discovered the typographic genius of Jeremy Pettis... and his zoological MIAD Senior Exhibition: Twenty Six Types of Animals, and i am obsessed with them. Brilliant fonts each reflecting the letter and characteristics of the animals. All bound into a gorgeous book with behind the scenes of the typography. And check out that carpet he took the pics on?

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Web Design Index 7

I'm absolutely giddy ~ just picked up a copy of the new Web Design Index 7 from Pepin Press, and we're in it! Close ups below!

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PA Press Flip Throughs

Princeton Architectural Press sent over a box of books ~ and to be honest, i have not quite mastered the online book review... especially on design/art oriented books. But to me, a first impression is key (as it is with people), and that initial flip through says a LOT, i mean seriously, if a book full of pictures can't grab you quickly, what's to make it seem any more interesting later? SO! That being said, and my experimenting with the camcorder while back in LA earlier this week, here's a video flip through of the books they sent over. I was particularly taken by Tools of the Imagination and Blackstock's Collection... so take a peek if you're interested, and let me know if this is a format worth trying again?

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Olfactionary by Le Labo


I found the Le Labo "Olfactionary" on the Barneys site and immediately thought of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind, the book responsible for making me wonder about and appreciate the perfume-making process. The Olfactionary is a collection of forty 2.5 mL bottles, each filled with natural essences which are the principal scents in perfumes. They also include olfactory keys (blotters) for sampling the scents.

I love the the minimal look of Le Labo's packaging, especially the lab-like labels which are pretty appropriate because really... it's just chemicals. Each perfume is made to order, and the label is customized for you.

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Baby be of use

SwissMiss has been finding the BEST baby stuff... for people like us. Things like McSweeny's "Baby Be of Use" series by Lisa Brown. I still have no babies, but am tempted to order this set of board books (there's something so satisfying about flipping board book pages)... for future babies, for babies who might visit, for potentially brilliant babies i might meet in airplanes... But seriously, this maybe the the perfect way to leave a hint for that special someone that you want to make you breakfast, make you a drink, fix your car, or help with the banking.

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The Non-Object Book - CUin5 - interesting idea... "The non·object book is the first of its kind - the first of a new genre we call Design Fiction™. In the same way that sci-fi movies and fictional tales stretch your imagination, our hope is to take you on a journey into the future of design and inspiration. We will share stories and concepts that offer a new point of view, a new way of thinking, a new way forward. Of course, as with all fiction, some of our ideas may seem improbable – even impossible. Don’t worry, we bought the tickets. All you have to do is enjoy the ride." fascinating video sneak peek at what it will hold... via mocoloco.

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Lomography Notebook

The cult like world of Lomography ~ announces a notebook... and it looks great! (and no no don't compare it to moleskine already, since the elastic around is so standard these days, and its not as if they invented it)... there's something nice about a notebook that gives you your space to doodle and ruminate at will... yet also inspires you on every page with some little tips and tidbits and pictures. And everyone knows it can sometimes be hard to fill a notebook in one calendar year depending on your usage and how many you have... this one has calendars fro 2007-2010! As if they knew some of us like the plan ahead... as well as dialing codes and time zones, for us international types. Lomographic Notebook (more info and images below as well!)

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I just discovered japanese publisher, BNN, Inc.'s Pattern series today, and splurged on the $49 Grain... and it was completely worth it. For any designers who love having high res royalty free stock that comes in gorgeous books (there is something about the 8.5" shape, nice matte cover, high quality color pages) with cd slot in the back... (aka fellow Pepin Press collectors)... you will LOVE this Pattern Series.

One of the things that impressed me most about this series is that the jpgs are more navigable than the Pepin Press series (which go by page numbers) ~ there is an .htm file on the disc that gives you a nice way to browse thumbnails of all of the files (images below). A bit pricey at 49$ for 100 royalty free jpeg files compared to the Pepin books... the books truly are gorgeous. And the Grain volume in particular caught my eye, although i'm not yet sure what i will make from these 1600x1600 wood grains... Other titles in the pattern series in clude butterflies, soviet style, animal prints, plaids, camouflage, and more.

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Alife Sketchbooks

Always on the look out for new sketch/notebooks as gifts and as the next volume in the never ending pile of scribbles... came across Alife Design. Fun packaging, cute display, and there is something fun about the pliable plasticy cover marked PLAIN and NOTES in such vibrant colors... Also while browsing their site noticed they have a really fun line of passport covers, checkbook covers, and travel bag tags worth taking a peek at.

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Vintage Architechtural

There's something very architecture studio mixed with the hands on area of science/natural history museums going on here... and i'm loving it. How perfect would these vintage steel coffee tables be in any designer waiting room ~ you could have various drawers to display your portfolio, or just fun themed drawers for all those toys and random notes you didn't know where to put. Endless options... but something unique for your guests to poke at. By Twenty Gauge. (via uncrate)

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Meet the Marks

Meet The Marks, a playful little e-book to get your kids into both punctuation AND typography at an early age... nothing like watching some sassy question mark and exclamation mark trying to break out of their book... only to learn a very important lesson. And what does it mean when the period and the comma get together and beget a '?' and a '!' ?

Brought to you by the Right Brain Terrain, home of those brilliant Alternative Motivational Posters - my all time fav is still the Focus... (via Josh Spear)


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(book) Shelve it!

Book junkie. Or perhaps, really a paper junkie... Next to my digital toys they are the first thing i'd grab in a fire... box and run i suppose. After many apartments these books ended up in many a box, and suddenly had no space, but needed a quick temporary place to put them (preferably decent looking as well).

Believe it or not (or if you're a college student you probably have one too)... as much as i try to veer away from the ikea-fication of the world, (when i've been in Singapore, Milan, Los Angeles, New Haven... far too easy to end up with the same furniture in every apt. tempting even when so cost effective)... IKEA! 49$ most aesthetically pleasing solution i could find for fast and efficient.

Oh, and those are my prized posessions. Years of design, cartoons, art, children's books that can't help but make me smile... and i suppose its almost time for yet another shelf already.

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