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db clay wallet review

claywallets1.jpgNew wallets and website from db clay! (Not to mention an exclusive 25% off discount b/c they love us! Code: notcot25 - i think you get 2 weeks, so hurry it up.) New wallets are made out of eco-friendly TOPE (their first batches were out of gaffer's tape)... which is "a synthetic fabric similar (in texture) to a vinyl canvas. However, Tope does not contain certain hazardous chemicals typically found in most vinyl-based products. In particular, Tope contains NO PVC, Tope is made from non-toxic raw materials (it causes no dioxin, heavy metal or phthalate pollution), Tope decomposes when buried, Tope is chlorine chemicals free and Tope is fabricated through a pollutant free process. Additionally, we have engineered a tremendously technical printing process whereby we print high resolution and full photographic images using environmentally friendly inks. To top it off, Tope is also vegan and animal free."

Ok well green innovation aside ~ they sent over two wallets and i've been playing with them a bit, and making guys test them out of course. It's a nice leather alternative, the subtle texturing on the two i liked is a nice touch ~ i'm in love with the black on black particularly. Ready to go as the perfect gift in its tissue paper lined boxes ~ and in case you're wondering, it doesn't at all feel like tape of any sort, in fact i'm quite impressed with how nice the quality feels, the only thing we're waiting to see is how it softens up to shape to your pockets, etc. Afterall, how a wallet wears over time is how it ends up gaining some character. My one complaint? If you frequent europe ~ don't bother trying to carrying anything over a 20 euro bill... the poor 50 euro bills stick out about a mm and were driving me absolutely crazy. Anyhow, more images below from every which angle!

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Cleavage Cupcakes

cleavagecupcake.jpgBefore you judge this post too quickly ~ i have a reason for it! Just hear me out. We've learned a lot since launching NOTCOT.org and TasteSpotting and now NotCouture... and one of the unintentional (and oh so obvious now) things we've discovered are trends that pop up each week (as things go through waves of popularity, we start to see a lot of repeats)... and also people tend to click a LOT more if there is a hint of cleavage on a NOTCOT.org post (yes, i know, it's the internet, its a given)... what we didn't expect? Cupcakes have the same effect on TasteSpotting! People LOVE cupcakes, so it has been an inside joke for us that cupcakes are the culinary cleavage (as coined by Colin). So when i saw these Cleavage Cupcakes in the store today, i nearly burst out laughing. Check out some of their other fun products below.

p.s. we do NOT front posts based on how much cleavage or cupcakeness they have, if the editors love it, we post it.

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C&C Octopus

ccoctopus.jpgNothing some good old fashioned shopping can't cure. Just spent a few hours at Century City ~ and couldn't resist this C&C California Women's Octopus Tank from their Summer Malibu Collection! Although seldom a fan of their printed pieces... how sweet are these octopi? Currently on sale over at Cusp (Neiman Marcus equiv of Barney's Coop). Also check out the "faded black" (can we just call it GREY?) dress version below ~ not nearly as fun.

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NotCouture Roundup

NotCouture #884NotCouture #883NotCouture #853NotCouture #886NotCouture #856NotCouture #873NotCouture #868NotCouture #874NotCouture #867NotCouture #852Click the pics to find out more! Other than the fact that we are having a California heatwave of sorts... i think since we're now into September ~ and its nearly after labor day... we are officially in Fall. So here are a few pics from NotCouture to get your shopping going this week ~ top row for the ladies, and bottom for the gents.

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Elettra in the City

I was browsing for bags (as usual) ~ and ended up on the Lamarthe Paris site, and beyond falling for their products, i also love their web design and the film on it! The layout of the whole site is based around an old hardcore (dust jacket and all) book, and you can flip through the pages of the various sections (more imagery below). The film is just too cute, and you must check it out ~ "Elettra in the City" is "A story that ends with the word handbag." by Zoe Cassavetes (actress, director, and producer - daughter of Gena Rolands and John Casavetes) and stars Elettra Rossellini-Weidemann (international top model and daughter of Isabella Rosellini and Jonathan Wiedemann). I love the voiceover ~ and if you flip to the script section, it really does feel like a 4th grade reader. More images of some of my favorite 'pages' below.

Also, i just love the idea of defining a film in one line by the word it ends with. Especially if that word is 'handbag'.

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Camera Bag?

Question of the day i'm posing to all readers: What camera bag do you use for your dSLR? The reason i ask? I got a new lens for my "much overdue for an upgrade to the 40d" digi-rebel, and it got me hunting again for camera bags. What IS the nicest, most elegantly designed camera bag? I couldn't find any. I went through every camera store online, and then the brands official sites from there, and even trailed around through all the randomness on amazon. The nicest looking options really are going the messenger bag route which moves you away from screaming "there's a camera in here" slightly. But the issue i'm having is, i want the protection for the body and lens, but i dont want to have to sacrifice needing to schlep yet another bulky thing around (usually i've just been sticking it in whatever purses i have that it barely fits in). So i'm curious what you use or recommend?

My solution of the moment is my Botkier Bryant "Camera bag" Satchel. just wide enough to fit it nicely (as well as all the other contents of my purse, which usually include my smaller digicam and huge wallet, etc)... and i'm thinking of making a light foam insert for the bottom and around the lens. So i'm just curious, am i the only one who doesn't treat my dslr with the loving care i know it deserves and just sticks it in my purses? Isn't it about time someone designs some bags for those of us who take our camera everywhere with us, but don't want the hardcore photographer look? (I'm no photographer, but i do love taking the random snapshots at gallery openings and such for here) Ok i'm done griping... time for solutions!

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Hunter Welly Warmers

fpwellies0.jpgI'm a warm weather kind of girl. I'm not a rain kind of girl whatsoever. And for some reason i desperately want Welly Warmers and some adorably simple Hunter Wellies right now. I didn't even know Welly Warmers existed until about 5 minutes ago! So i blame Free People Blog for my new craving. Look how cute and cozy these look? More images below as well... Unfortunately Hunter's official site isn't quite ready yet, but these UK Boot folks seem pretty serious.

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NotCouture Roundup

NotCouture #801NotCouture #810NotCouture #816NotCouture #825NotCouture #833NotCouture #812NotCouture #815NotCouture #836NotCouture #829NotCouture #818NotCouture #778NotCouture #797NotCouture #837NotCouture #806NotCouture #841Click the images to see more! Yay! My roundup tool has been fixed to deal with the new databases, etc. So here's my weekend roundup of what's been going on at NotCouture... top row mens ~ middle row accessories ~ bottom row fall coats for the ladies!

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Juliette Has a Gun

juliettehasagun.jpgJuliette Has A Gun. New fragrance line i first posted over at NotCouture as #457, but back then i hadn't tracked down the website, and fallen even further for the packaging! I'm just in love with the branding and the logo of this whole line... luckily the west coast launch of this is available over at Fred Segal, so no excuses not to pop over there and check it out this weekend (being under 5 min away and all) - for you east coasters its at Henri Bendel - for euros and canadians, check the website.

So what's the story with this new line? It is the brain child of Romano Ricci, the great grandson of legendary couture designer, Nina Ricci... and grandson of a great perfumer. .. and he has recruited the "untouchable master of perfumery", Francis Kurkdjian, the brilliant creator of classic scents for Dior, Lanvin, Acqua Di Parma, and Davidoff... So how can they go wrong? Their site description of the line: "Juliette has a Gun creates perfumes made out of rose. Fragile but thorny, the romantic flower comes in different versions. Classy and sophisticated in "Lady Vengeance", she can also appear sweet and fragile with "Miss Charming" Its Ambition? To lead a new rock & elegant trend in the perfumery world by creating romantic and original creations."

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Mari Urban Renewal

mariurbn.jpgConfession of the day: i totally google and google blogsearch 'notcot' (and tastespotting and notcouture) and get giddy when i find links and mentions to NOTCOT that are adorable, or from sites and people I end up totally hooked on. It is a guilty pleasure that people claim you'll get bored of, but that's such a lie. It just gets more exciting ~ especially all of the different languages, and its actually part of how i discover some incredible sites and designers. So today's find that has me grinning like an idiot?

Mari Santos does magical things with giant tshirts... i found this DIYThing interview with her about her, her life, her inspiration, her Urban OutFitters Urban Renewal Project - "Urban was looking for 20 artist/designers to work on some pieces for their Urban Renewal line, so I submitted some of my designs to them. A couple of days later, I received an email asking me if I’d be interested in working with them–I said yes, of course. I’ll be customizing some sweaters for their Urban Renewal Artist Customized project, and they’ll be sold in select Urban stores sometime during the holidays, so I’m really excited." (CONGRATS!)

Basically - long story short - she mentions her love of NOTCOT.org in her interview, and then i also noticed she links us on her page as well! All of which i noticed after completely falling for how adorable her Tshirt surgeries are (see her Urban Renewal Entry page)... and i'm so blown away i had to share it with you... more that i love below.

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Dolce & Gabbana Corset

dgcorset.jpgDolce & Gabbana Metal Corset Belt. Wow. I just noticed this insane metal corset on the cover of Wired's Fashion Rocks supplement at Dan's house and snagged it. Curious to find out more, i found it at Bergdorf Goodman - it is $8,800 with the Metallic Lace Dress and $1,995 with the Black Chiffon Dress over at Neiman Marcus. But really check out the image below of JLo wearing it over a grey tank and p/leather pants? I think its hard not to stare at it ~ kind of over chromed medieval styling?

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0816headhood.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Looking to turn heads? The iconic faces that adorn the hoods of these sweatshirts are undoubtedly more famous than your own, so why not steal some of their limelight? Snuggle with a gorrilla or a creepy clown. HeadHoods hand-prints each hoodie in their small Brooklyn factory. There are lots of different heads to choose from (Audrey, David, Deck-of-cards Royals!) and each is sure to garner lots of attention.

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Fingerless gloves for Fall/Winter

So while doing my usual daily online shopping/browsing (NotCouture is my excuse...), I can't help but notice some trends. Today fingerless gloves grabbed my attention because I came across like 10 different pairs. I don't think I've ever seen this many before in past seasons. Jean theorizes it's because of the proliferation of Blackberries and iPhones and whatnot, and it's very difficult to txt using regular gloves. I think it's perhaps for those fashiony types who need to keep their hands warm while going out for a smoke in the cold winters of NYC..? But I don't have an explanation for why I suddenly want a pair of these... I don't smoke and I don't have a Blackberry or iPhone! Pictured above (from left to right) are the Whitney arm warmers by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior Homme runway sleeves, and fingerless gloves by Generra.

Even more fingerless gloves after the jump!

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Crumley Bubbles

crumleybubbles.jpgCrumley. Gorgeous jewelry line out of NY ~ and i think Refinery 29 has helped them spread across the internet today ~ as the Peace Under Fire collection has been making its rounds... (images below!). BUT, i can't seem to stop staring at these glass bubbles. And on odd random associations, these glass bubbles remind me a lot of some of the strange body modifications you see... when browsing page after page of body mods last night which was incredibly inspiring and artistic. And also there's something so precious about the seemingly fragile nature of the bubbles...

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NOTCOT Roundup

NOTCOT.org #5598NOTCOT.org #5591NOTCOT.org #5596NOTCOT.org #5581NOTCOT.org #5554TasteSpotting #3279TasteSpotting #3308TasteSpotting #3261TasteSpotting #3282TasteSpotting #3303NotCouture #732NotCouture #736NotCouture #728NotCouture #756NotCouture #765Click the images to find out what it is! Thought i'd give you a mix of design, food, and fashion to kick off your week. From Audi pedal cars and Flickrvision... to ooey gooey choc chip cookies and a gourmet grilled cheese... to an adorable jovich-hawk top on sale and fornarina's Gotham Girls harley quinn hoodie. Happy Monday!

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Scarf+Hoodie+(pocket & fun fabrics)+Kasil = SCOODIE! Ok, stop giggling, its actually pretty comfy. Especially as it gets chilly and windy in this so called summer SF weather, its a fun idea. And a nice touch with the ipod (or credit cards/id or cash, or whatever little things you want to stash in a place where few are likely to look) pocket, with button and kasil logo. So on unique new hybrid fashion pieces... here's one i had to point out -- and i was skeptical initially, but after having played with one a bit, its growing on me thanks to Matt of Plopculture - the Secret life of a Product Placement Surfer in LA - which is really one of my few basic template blogger sites that i read frequently (no offense, matt!), and yes my blog reading in tabs really is that superficial when it comes to design sites (why, why, why have an ugly design blog?). Anyhow, i digress, clearly this week has gotten to me a bit... more images below! And you can find the scoodie below over at Revolve Clothing... and its not just for girls.

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Love Luggage Joint

Jana Feifer's latest line, Love Luggage Joint, made me smile today ~ you can choose various colors (black, white, brown, blue, etc) and which symbol you like (skull, crown, peace sign)... and how cute is that skull on the toiletry case and coin purse? Oh also watch out for the music, its just cute and retro enough to embed itself in your head.

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Paul Smith + Catalina Estrada

estrada.jpgCongrats to Catalina Estrada ~ (we featured her gorgeous illustration mets fashion here earlier). Apparently Paul Smith shed his signature stripes and collaborated with her on this collection for Japan. More images below.

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NotCouture Bags

NotCouture #694NotCouture #697NotCouture #705NotCouture #714NotCouture #713NotCouture #726NotCouture #729NotCouture #675NotCouture #661NotCouture #659Click to find out more! Sorry its been a ridiculously hectic monday ~ so before i catch up on some posts, here are some fun roundups to overdose you in visual tempations... NotCouture has had quite its fill of gorgeous bags lately!

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Loro Piana

loropiana.jpgMmmmm fall is coming. Well as far as fashion is concerned anyhow, seeing as it's barely August in the real world. Was browsing Italian Loro Piana's latest collection and it just felt like how i always imagined fall to look - love the way their catalog shows you the gorgeous sketches and then the actual pieces. Definitely time to find that perfect fall/winter coat... and then run away to somewhere other than socal.

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Kimberly Baker

Kimberly Baker's newest collection takes 7 old adages and transforms them into these gorgeous 18kt gold vermeil or sterling silver coins. "A bold way to glam up jeans and a vest, an original addition to your black cocktail dress, the classic coin, inscribed with the parable, is proof that old fashioned adages are made to be broken by a modern girl." The only thing more precious than these necklaces are the descriptions of them - pasted below, so i don't forget.

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NOTCOUTURE: Raw Clothing

rawclothingdiscount.jpg Well, it had to end sometime... NotCouture's launch week is drawing to a close. But not before we hook you up with one more discount! On Friday, August 3rd starting at midnight (pacific time) you'll be able to save 25% off all regular priced items at Raw Clothing with the code: NOTCOUTURE. Of all the stores featured, notcot and I have a more personal experience with this one because their physical retail space is actually in San Diego, where we met in college. (Aww...) Here you can definitely get your fill of jeans and tshirts (the cream of the crop, of course) . Think of this as our way of helping provide you with some clothes for a nice, laid back, summery San Diego-type weekend. Dunno what I'm talking about? Check out some of our picks below after the jump!

Also! A reminder: We'll be picking the winner for our Kasil giveaway this Friday night (August 3rd)!! You have until just before midnight (like, 11:59:59 PM on Friday) to enter the contest!

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Brooks Salzwedel

I stop and swoon at Brooks Salzwedel's belt buckles every now and then (seeing them over at Ron Herman just reminded me again), and i just rediscovered his art which i failed to post about previously. So here they are (more below) - and in the artist's own words, from NY Arts Magazine Interview: "With the use of transparencies, including vellums, acetates, tape and resin, I see my work in layers. I ask myself what images should be in the foreground, and what images should recede to the back. I want all my pieces to have an overwhelming feeling of depth. A good piece, for instance, will have faded fog in the background, but still show detail in both its foreground and background. Most of the time, a piece will be a surprise to me, once I pull the resin out of its mold. The layers change—some images will become dull, while some will become crisp—which helps me feel like I’m not working in some formulaic way. It’s all still an experiment and so creates accidents." See more of his buckles and work here.

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NOTCOUTURE: shopjake.com

discountsShopJake.jpg More discounts coming at ya! On Thursday, August 2nd shopjake.com is offering 20% off all regular priced merchandise* when you use the code: NOTCOT. They've got pieces from some super cool labels like Loeffler Randall, Ksubi, Rogues Gallery (previously featured on NOTCOT), Mayle, Pedro Garcia, and many more. That, plus the clean and modern look of the store, makes shopjake.com one of my favorite destinations to shop/browse online. You know how wearing that one special article of clothing can boost your confidence? Maybe it isn't super flashy, but it's just that little something..? It's like shopjake carries everything that could possibly make you feel that way. If I ever make it out to Chicago, I'll definitely have to check out one of their three locations in person.

If you need some direction on where to start, check out some of the NotCouture picks below... also, for all you boys trying to win the Kasil Jeans - check out the ones linked below... somehow they are only $85 and not even on sale, so the 20% works! apparently it was a typo and back up to $185.

*Code is not valid on pre-order items and special orders. Free shipping on all domestic orders (48 states) with at least one non-sale item and always free international shipping over $300 USD.

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NotCouture: Free People

notcoutureFreePeopleDiscount.jpgNotCouture Launch week: Day 3. And we are thrilled to announce Free People is offering you a 20% discount today from 9am EST Aug 1 through 9am the 2nd. Just think of these discounts as our way to ease the pain of the temptations on NotCouture, and if you need help getting started, check out some of our picks from Free People after the jump.

Now, as for Free People - they are personally one of my favorite brands and blogs. So what's their story? Sister store to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, and sits right between the two demographic/age wise. With its playful boho-chic styling, and some of the best catalog shoots around... the story of this brand is fascinating as well. Launched back in the 70's as Free People... the store/brand evolved into Urban Outfitters... which then spawned many variations of its wholesale brands, from bulldog, cooperative, anthropologie, and... in 1984 Free People was back. And recently in 2001, they "realized it was Free People that invoked soe of our favorite images, those of femininity, courage, and spirit... And that's just who we wanted to reach, a 26-year-old girl, smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with traveling and hanging out and everything in between."

Hm, doesn't that sound a lot like what NOTCOT stands for too? It's no wonder i love Free People so. Enjoy! 20% off is good for a day, so get to it!

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