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i|m active

i|m active: There are hair things and there are hair things... and there are hair things in great packaging... foil ziplocs! AND great labeling as well as an ActiveHold Technology TOUCH window! And seriously, how can you resist that. Well beyond the great packaging... this line of active hair accessories actually has a whole new kind of grip on the outside! It weaves two types of rubber strands on the surface of the bands for extra grip, as well as having no metal clasp (the connector actually looks a lot like heatshrink). I picked up the elastics, as well as the head wraps which look like giant elastics (instead of their other wide flat headbands) - in addition to their extra tension claw clip/elastic hybrid (more images below!). And i'm impressed, my buns and ponytails aren't going anywhere as much as i shake my head... nor are my bangs that tend to escape! What else is in the line? Barrettes and award winning shoelaces! all with the same grippy technology.

Now for the unexpected part - i|m active is by the makers of Industrie which produces high end salon tools... which are a business unit of Newell Rubbermaid. Yes, THAT rubbermaid... of tupperware, etc.

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Puma Urban Mobility Site

Puma Urban Mobility - Ok, i've shown you the stuff... and gushed hard about the design and wood integration in the products already... but thats nothing compared to how i'm feeling about the icons and imagery on the site that goes with. I will let the screenshots speak for themselves, but i'm all over this one for: 1. the icons... esp when animated. *swoon* 2. the maps 3. the drop shadowed speech bubbles... oh and also the colors and flatness... as well as the old school "fit the pieces in" packing puzzles!

Sidenote: on Puma iconography... remember these great inspirational ones on the door during construction?

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Puma Urban Mobility

Puma's Urban Mobility line... there's been much talk of the Urban Mobility Bike (folds up... i've included the collaborative short NSFW film PUMA and Ryan McGinley teamed up with the Serpentine Gallery on at the end of the post) as well as the limited edition Urban Mobility Bag (top left, whit bag with the wood bottom)... but i've heard little about the whole collection, OR the incredible website they've made around it (which is SO awesome, i need a separate post for it, coming next). So here are the products i'm in awe of currently... more or less everything integrating wood into the products: The roller is just incredibly sleek and gorgeous! The totes with the contrast of the wood paneling are just breath taking... and that wallet! OH, and the belt? It's airport friendly! No metal parts, so you can keep your pants up while you go through security! And that black sleeve for laptop accessories was just too pretty not to share as well. Close ups below of products, as well as

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Diesel Global Hotspots

Remember the Diesel Global Warming campaign? Well the catalog to go with is just as great... "The World's Coolest Hotspots Guide". Besides the images from the ads and the product shots, what really grabbed me about these little red hardbound catalogs were the maps of the future world. Check out pictures of the maps below - london becomes an island, the us only has some large cities and mountains left, italy becomes a more anorexic boot, etc...

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Insufficient Data

Insufficient Data! Tom's Cruise! Crazy giant squid factory/symbol thing! This map blew me away, and i impulse bought it. Actually it's a shirt. The fabric details were just far too funny to not buy (its a 55DSL diesel men's shirt - it was on sale). Check out the details of other great places like Current Data Uncertain, Cape Beer, and the Stall Votex as well as some other creatures. My favorite phrase has long been "hic sunt dracones" which medieval map makers put in unknown regions... perhaps today's version is now "insufficient data"? More close ups that amuse me below, and yes, i finally show you the shirt in its entirety as well. I'd love to turn this shirt into the lining for a purse or something, somewhere where you look for unknown things......

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Minkoff Matinee

Rebecca Minkoff's (of Morning After Bag fame) latest for Fall is the Matinee Bag. And in the oh so trendy grey leather, it will surely be one of the more coveted bags this season. Although i haven't been hands on with one of these yet, they've sent over many a picture... and the most interesting details look like the suede flaps which can add that extra flare of color/texture when up, and hide the two secret side pockets when down (more pics below!). Equally cute is her description of the bag:

Meeting him at noon? Perfect. The Matinee bag is ideal for holding all of your work day essentials as well as your must have products. The Matinee has dual pockets on each side and is accented with a reversible suede pullback, these discrete zipper pockets open up allowing room for all those unmentionables. When has your lunch break been sexier.

See more pictures below of the model shots, purse angles/colors, and even a few sneak peeks of the launch party display of the fall collection... the display of bags delicately balanced on wood is quite interesting.

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Imaginary Foundation @ Stussy

Imaginary Foundation show opened at the Stussy store on Haight tonight, so i stopped by on the way to Magnolia. Here are some pics to give you a feel for the show... my favorites were their sculptural pieces (see that floral gramophone, the cup in the store window, and the magritte like door)... the shirts and prints didn't blow my mind as much as i'd hoped.

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Belkin @ Vessel

Belkin held their SF Press Event today at Vessel, and Linhchi and i stopped by to see their latest products up close and personal. It was (or is, since its on for another half hour) a dark underground lounge space that managed to feel dark when it was an extremely hot and sunny day above ground... and filled with open bar, appetizers, washable mice, more ipod and iphone cases than you knew what to do with, routers, laptop coolers, USB hubs galore, and more. So, honestly i don't even know where to start... how about you jump below and you can get a feel for the event, what was there, what we liked... and everything in the Belkin gift bag too (which feels kind of like a back to school bag... go see, and it will make a bit more sense). And it was far too fun to play with the washable mouse in person!

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Simpsons Couture

Harper's Bazaar August 007 ~ "The Simpsons go to Paris with Linda Evangelista" "Models": The Simpsons, Linda Evangelista, and various designers with Illustrations by Julius Preite. Marge lets down her hair for Versace. Lisa gives up her pearls for Alber Elbaz. Homer dresses as Karl Lagerfeld. Selma & Patty in Viktor & Rolf. Maggie rides around in Jean Paul Gaultier's Birkin Bag. Quite possibly the most incredible fashion spread i've seen (ok maybe tied with the Marie Antoinette Vogue spread?). To see the spread, see the pics below, and for some great animated versus reality pics of the dresses and designers, check out Oh No They Didn't's LJ. Wow. I am breathless... just go see more images already (and click any pic to see larger).

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Paul Smith & Triumph

Initially Paul Smith was collaborating with classic motorcycle line Triumph on "Triumph by Paul Smith", a modern collection of accessories and jeans wear inspired by the bikes... and somewhere along the way they got inspired and created nine Bonnevile T100's customized with individual paint schemes designed by Paul Smith to complement the clothing line... and after so much interest in those 9 bikes, there are now two original Bonneville T100's for retail. See more of the line and the story here.

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NotCouture Roundup

NotCouture #560NotCouture #563NotCouture #555NotCouture #521NotCouture #517NotCouture #508NotCouture #518NotCouture #528NotCouture #532NotCouture #543Click the pics to find out more! A little weekend NotCouture roundup to get you ready to shop or dress up? Here are some fun accessories popping up this week ~ girls on top, boys on the bottom.

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Diesel Human After All

Perhaps the most honest or realistic portrayal of the future of humanity... by our brutally/cheekily honest Diesel campaign of the season: Human After All. They have hit on some of the underlying oh so human things that probably wont change... (if history has anything to say about it)... like the boyf/girlf fights with clothes being thrown out of an apt, flight delays, balls breaking things they shouldn't, pancakes sticking to the ceiling, cars breaking down, and of course... (wtf?) putting ikea furniture together? Well, personally i hope that ikea retires that terrible coffee table by the future (i think ive known too many people with that table!). (thanks, alex)

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NotCouture in Newsweek

NotCouture in the July 16, 2007 Newsweek. Featured on the Checklist of The Tip Sheet, Newsweek says "SURF notcouture.com. Submit posts to this design-centric fashion Web site where editors pick the most stylish products for public viewing and voting and, of course, buying."

We're all really excited about this mention, and big thanks to all the readers who sent it in, and an extra big thanks to Victoria for sending me these scans (especially since i've been having a bit of trouble tracking down this issue!). We're especially flattered to have this mention, since we're still in beta, and the official launch (with goodies to go with) will be July 30th for NotCouture.

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Delight-ful Surprise

The ladies of Delight.com sent over a fun surprise package that really brightened up my weekend ~ and that was before i even got to seeing what was inside (but more pics of unboxing and goodies below). For those who don't know, Delight.com is an online shopping destination that announces a new product each day at lunch (noon central time) and keeps it in the store up to 30 days (when its gone. its gone!).

What i didn't know until this package showed up was how impressive their gift wrap was ~ certainly a joy to open (and if you don't get gift wrap, you still get the exciting burst of tissue paper and shopping list sticky notes!). Bookmark this one for quick gifts that are sure to impress. That being said ~ go see a sneak peek of Thursday and Friday's black and white goodies that were in the box after the jump.

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Hermes Silky Pop Bag

Hermes SilkyPop bag is a new take on their classic silk scarves and those "fold up into the tiniest pouch imaginable" shopping bags. At a mere 700 euros a piece, these bags zip into a gorgeous little leather pouch, and are quite the beach bag for the summer. Also, how adorable are their sketches to go with?

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NotCouture Roundup

NotCouture #403NotCouture #409NotCouture #469NotCouture #468NotCouture #466NotCouture #448NotCouture #435NotCouture #442NotCouture #394NotCouture #464

We interrupt the iPhone madness with this roundup of NotCouture to remind you that there are other covetable things out there! And it's nice to see more guys posting! Here are some recent favorites. Obviously, top row is guys' stuff, bottom row is for the ladies.

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Erica Weiner & Jenny Kwok

Erica Weiner has brilliant dark and beautiful jewelry... and since we last wrote about her her site has had some serious redesigning going on thanks to Jenny Kwok, and i love the aged paper, dusty old apothecary feel with creepy crawlies everywhere... not to mention some of the great new pieces. Can you believe that is a bronze cast of a Ruby Throated Hummingbird's Skull? And she has many great pairings of bird+bird whistles, birds+planes, etc. Snap shot of the site below...

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NOTCouture Roundup

NotCouture #308NotCouture #314NotCouture #355NotCouture #363NotCouture #389NotCouture #367NotCouture #362NotCouture #361NotCouture #348NotCouture #325Click the images to find out more! While i was doing a NOTCOT.org roundup, figured it'd be a good time to show you some of what has been showing up on NOTCouture... top row is filled with some fun bags (i'm trying the themed roundup out here) and bottom row is filled with some things for the boys.

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Qi Cashmere

qiCashmere1.jpg Ahh the finer things in life. It's what we're all about at NOTCOT. And one of the finer things in the world of apparel is cashmere. But forget about boring V neck sweaters. Qi's collection makes you rethink what a knitwear can be. I love the dress with gold braiding detail from their Holiday 2007 collection, shown above. More favorites after the jump!

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Social Atelier

Social Atelier had an Ethical Night Out tonight in Culver City ~ in a combination that no place can pull off quite like LA. Darfur Benefit + Ridiculously Comfy Tees + Provocative Typography + Fred Segal Man Pop Up Store + Men with no tees, but still typography + Cupcakes and Brownies + Larger than life pictures of hungry kids + Models sporting the 39" 19" 33" tanks + Acai Liquor flowing freely + MySpace Impact crew + and your usual LA social scene. *phew* Can you imagine that? Well if not, you can still picture it after the jump. It fit all things NOTCOT ~ art/design + fashion + food/drinks.

Talk about synergy, kismet, serendipity,... or do you not believe in coincidences? I caught up with Social Atelier's Andrei Najar for a few moments, and it sounds like he and Ya'el Afriat's idea to try to create change, instigate awareness, and make some great tees were meant to be. And all from dropping off a look book at Fred Segal Man, which happened loved the line so much they decided to not only take it on, but showcase it in their windows as well as launch this event with all proceeds of the shirts sold tonight going to benefit Darfur?

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Lladros Re-Cyclos Magical

I must admit, i was actively hunting for NotCouture, and came across the Lladro Re-Cyclos Magic Forest Ring and in my excitement posted it quickly over there... only to later discover the full Lladro Re-Cyclos Magical collection. The Magic Forest collection has handmade porcelain rings, necklaces, chokers, earrings, broaches, hairpins and even cuff links. All incredibly beautiful and naturally inspired. Also worth a peek are the Bachhus Bottle Stopper Unicorn and the Gallus Salt and Pepper Shakers... see more images below.

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NotCouture #228NotCouture #180NotCouture #164NotCouture #233NotCouture #201NotCouture #181NotCouture #161NotCouture #083NotCouture #205NotCouture #151CLICK THE IMAGES, just like the other roundups - top row women, bottom row men. It's been less than a week since we told you about NotCouture and its certainly been taking on a style of its own! As you can see, we've been getting some GREAT submissions for both men and women, although mostly women as you can expect... so guys! help us out! We're going to keep beta testing it for a little while, but please feel free to contribute your submissions!

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Smart Tees for Kids

Next time your kid is sitting bored staring down and twisting at the edge of their shirt impatiently, why not have them look adorable in these silhouette tees and have them learn their alphabets and to read? Smart Tees by Wire and Twine print the alphabet and the name of what is on the tee upside down near the hem of the shirt just where kids can read them right side up. Adorable Dinosaur, Cow, Fairy, Train shirts... and the pic below looks like it just might be hand screened by kids for kids!

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Emma Franklin Jewelry

I don't usually wear jewelry, but when I do I like for it to be something pretty unique and interesting. At the moment I'm loving the jewelry by British designer Emma Franklin. It's dark and has kind of an occult feel to it. I imagine the person wearing this jewelry to be sitting by the giant fireplace in their dark, burgundy-hued library/study, flipping through an old leather-bound book, and occasionally staring out the window, deep in thought... uh, that's not weird, is it?

Anyway... thanks to "canadian-in-swedish-clothing" for bringing this to our attention on Notcouture. Some more favorites after the jump!

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Shot Up Polos

Apparently its mannequin hunting season. At least over at Attus Apparel, where they have just launched a limited edition series of 4 (one in each size) polos that have been Shot Up (complete with documentation of the shootings in both photo and video form). And silly as it sounds, i fully understand their thinking here... people buy cut up, distressed, destroyed jeans, tees, jackets, etc... why not polos? And with the all the murder porn on TV constantly (CSI, CSI: every other city, Law&Order and all the many spin offs)... maybe this has a chance? Either way its intriguingly hilarious from an artistic and cultural standpoint. More imagery and video from the shoot below.

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