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Cap & Pep & Lacoste

What happens when two playful pups meet a gator? Apparently this brilliant collaborative collection from Lacoste featuring Cap & Pep of Colette fame. My favorite aspects are really the gorgeous packaging as well as the playful nature of the characters interactions on the products... see more imagery below. Via TrendsNow.

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Global Warming - Diesel Style

Diesel takes on global warming as only they can... making their latest campaign poignant yet subtle, stylish yet absurd. Focusing on people and places... and claiming in their video that "GLOBAL WARMING CANT STOP OUR LIVES" ~ and thus begins the series of images below, about how although the polar ice caps are melting, etc you can still look good and embrace the heat... Above we have the overgrown tropical gardens in Paris... below there are the macaws who have replaced the Venetian pigeons, warm oceans in Antarctica, the tiny island of London, a post-great-flood Rio and NY, the giant desert that surrounds the great wall, the tropical paradise of Mt. Rushmore... gorgeous imagery from the great Terry Richardson. Global Warming... as approached in a way only Diesel can. Complete with links to stopglobalwarming.org and an inconvenient truth.

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WAGS Boutique ~ the british reality tv show over at ITV... " For 13 weeks, the girls (more used to maxing out their credit cards than swiping other people’s) will swap shelf-browsing for shelf-stacking as they set up and run two rival fashion boutiques in central London. From designing the stores and selecting stock to marketing and perfecting their sales technique, the ten WAGs will require determination, flair and a head for business to succeed."

Tobias Carlson and partner at M&C Saatchi London made some fun visuals to go with the show... (more below)... the Chihuahua Urinal in particular cracks me up... although i cant imagine that going over well as boys are stumbling home from the bars? Fun campaign.

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Turtle Dove Bands

On interesting trends ~ the bird/nature inspired trend doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon, and an interesting emerging trend are the use of feathers (to go with the many bird silhouettes we've been seeing the last man months?)... Turtle Dove Feather Headband at Free People. It adds an interesting texture to the look, so natural, yet so controlled, and a nice contrast in the black and white. They also have two peacock feather variations.

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Monzo VDAY

Vday is around the corner, so how do you show that you are into it, without being TOO over the top? Kind of loving this subtle little heart pin from Amor de Madre by Marc Monzo.

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TokiDoki necklaces

TokiDoki launches a necklace line! And these three designs just grabbed me as i woke up.

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Air Necklace

Air Necklace from Kyouei Designs ~ the guys who brought us the much talked about balloon lamp and honeycomb lamp. The air necklace really is just a nicely shaped extravagant mylar balloon ~ not sure how nice those edges would feel, and too bad they dont have a picture of someone wearing it~ but fun idea.

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Behind Kate Spade

In light of all the foooood over at Tastespotting today, i've been both famished and inspired... especially in the photography realm. Often i find the most intriguing pieces to be the behind the scenes of catalog shoots, etc... take this Kate Spade set for example, the final shots are gorgeous! In a very surreal, retro, playful, glammed out sense... and then the behind the scenes shots manage to balance those same qualities, while adding another layer of realism to them. Basically, they just made me want to run out and take pictures... or start planning NOTed #2. (via love made visible)

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Karen Walker Jewelry

Karen Walker Jewelry ~ heads up the flashy popuppy site pained me, but the photography for the jewelry is breathtaking... in that slightly creepy stylish taxidermist sort of way. Noticed this over at Sub Studio.

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GMT Jetset Bag

Stumbled upon this Vlieger & Vandam GMT (glasses - music - tickets) "basic travel equipment for all time zones" bag and it appealed to my inner jetsetter. Something fun about that envelope like pocket... not exactly the most subtle of pockets... and what about the most critical - mobile phone!!! But i suppose music and phone are really one in the same these days. The details were cute, the quality looks nice, and it would be a good fit for my quick/short in and out of planes, trains, and automobile trips...

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PNUT Jewelry

It's been a little while since my latest weapon based jewelry find... but gun lovers or not, the quality of these are impressive... and oh so cute. Love the shark bomb and the grenade especially - and something so fun about the snub nose, and the pirate pistol, and the silencer... PNUT Jewelry.

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