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York Mints + Nicole Miller

Mmmm York Mints... the packaging makes me drool as much as the mints i think... but on the black and white tin... as much as i love the typography of the old school tin, the Nicole Miller black and white is just gorgeous. These are a collaboration between Hersheys and Young Survival Coalition, an organization that unites young women against breast cancer.

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De Lessio Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap and chocolate lovers rejoice! Latest discovery in SF that i'm addicted to... De Lessio's Bubble Wrap Chocolate. It's incredible. Addictive. SO SO GOOD. Picked up slabs of the 72% Dark Chocolate with Peet's Espresso Beans, Bittersweet with Almond and Raisins, and Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter. But visually its fascinating that it really does look like bubble wrap (with deflated bubbles)... the real question is... do they pour their chocolate on bubble wrap? is it some crazy mold? how does it work?

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Tastespotting 1 month

For the last month, i've never been hungrier, and my cravings have never been more bizarre... and the one thing they all have in common is imagery on tastespotting. So here's a nice little roundup of some of the deliciousness thats been haunting me and dramatically raising the bar for the food in my life. So go browse, drool, explore, and start cooking even!

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Tastespotting Penthouse

Today is Tastespotting's 1 month anniversary, and the first of hopefully many exclusive Tastespotting dinners to come. Tonight we descended upon the Penthouse at the Huntley in Santa Monica, and we couldn't have picked a better night. With such a clear night, the view was absolutely breathtaking... something about being 18 floors up discussing great design, delicious delicacies, and the future of notcot was just surreal. The Penthouse only opened about a week and a half ago, so it was fun to break in a new neighborhood spot even younger than our month old Tastespotting. Quick snapshots below of the aspects of the night that grabbed me most...

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Curious Fork/ Furious Cork

I have been leaning towards food and drink lately since the birth of Tastespotting (1 month anniversary this week already!) ~ but to be honest its been a whole new world of inspiration opened up to me! So on that note... where food and design intersect... i was blown away last night by the brilliance of the naming of Curious Fork / Furious Cork (BRILLIANT!) ~ as well as its logo branding... and really just that when its so hard to find a good domain these days, that they have that one. And i found it through The Ghetto Gourmet (who also has a great logo)...

So what is the Curious Fork and the Furious Cork? An alternative wining & dining network... Tastespotting might need to try and join up with these folks.


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Valentine's 2007

Happy Valentine's Day ~ also happy first .org roundup since i've missed the last two? It's been 36 weeks of .org! and week 4 of Tastespotting already!

So in lieu of a proper roundup, or even a massive roundup to make up for it ~ here's a V-day roundup, since seldom will you see this much pink, red, and hearts on NOTCOT. Love/Hate cards, Free Vday Photoshop Brushes (no this should NOT count as your present to that special someone), Heart and Arrow Necklace, Kahlua infused heart shaped brownie ice cream sandwiches, glossy red raspberry ganache filled, opulent white choc coated hearts in gorgeous signature circular Pierre Marcolini boxes, and last but not least heart shaped plum cakes waiting patiently for the oven.

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Unlaid Eggs

Yes, you read that right. Unlaid eggs... not tomatoes - the image caption from the NYT reads "DELICACY Unlaid eggs, from hens destined for the soup pot, being cured in salt at Blue Hill in Greenwich Village." It makes me feel a little ill imagining what these are exactly... yet visually they are absolutely mesmerizing (oh the things i've been learning from Tastespotting)

NYT Excerpt: Mr. Barber, the chef and an owner of Blue Hill in Greenwich Village and Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills in Westchester County, had just been introduced to the wonders of eggs that are described, with varying degrees of delicacy, as immature, unborn, unlaid or embryonic. In plain English, these are eggs that have not been laid and are sometimes discovered when an elderly laying hen is slaughtered.


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Simunovich Olive Oil

I would buy this olive oil based on packaging alone... and then hope its nearly as good as the graphic design. Something about the mix of bold powerful fonts mixed with wax seals and cork stoppers with traditional crests that just grabs me. "The Simunovich Olive Estate, a privately owned olive plantation in New Zealand produces premium quality extra virgin olive oil and an extensive range of olive oil skincare & beauty products." I also love their story about the origin of olive oil (more below...)

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Pret DIY

Can it be? Massive chain Pret a Manger ~ is giving away all their secrets AND incorporating some brilliant and witty food photography as well? Apparently so! "We want to share the magic of Pret food with our loyal customers, so we’ve done a very odd thing and decided to reveal our secrets by telling you our recipes! Find a selection of them here, and also on our packaging, bags and postcards. A photographer called Jorgen Ahlstrom took the weird DIY photos." Another collage of my favorites from the DIY recipe cards below... b/c well, WHY did they have to make me sit and click through EVERY pdf to see all the pics?

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A weekend in the life of...

The last few days (between the Tastespotting launch and having adventures in SF) ~ my head has been stuck in the more theoretical side of design and where the web is heading... also in food. [Did you SEE the frito pie and the Hollywood on a cupcake???]

So while delving deeply into the potentials and ramifications that come with social networks, social shopping, and the flipside - privacy and editorial layers, and how to strike a perfect balance between them all while embracing user contributed content models... i've found myself radar-ing a lot. So up there are a few sneak peeks into my world this weekend as seen by my radar friends... from my dollar fifty "FRICTION POWERED" SPACE RAZER ~ new no laptop signage ~ tastespotting as seen on my wii ~ shade elaine and i watercoloring web design ~ plastic martinellis ~ gorgeous views ~ and caramel shots...

So just to throw it out there ~ what is your take on public vs private on the web? social vs exclusive? how differently do you act when on display... or knowing that all you say is google/youtubed? And is there any interest in joining a NOTCOT secret society? maybe starting via mobile pics/vids on radar? Shade Elaine and i were kicking around the idea ~ curious if there's any interest ~


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TASTESPOTTING, feed your addiction... it's about food. all about food. everything from the ingredients, the process, the photography, the reviews, the products... it is to delectable delights what notcot.org is to design. So, you guys know the drill, if you know a food lover, are a food lover, see a food related link you MUST share, here's your new destination on the web for it!

As you can imagine, i'm terribly giddy to share this new site with you. Design is my obsession, and when i started talking with Sarah of The Delicious Life, and realized food to her was what design was to me... we clicked... and she was a huge fan of the .org model, so we figured why not have a place to collect our fav food porn shots as well? And to any designy kids who doubt their love of gorgeous, delicious food... prepare to have your mind blown... there are some impressively drool worthy incredible edibles out there! And this will definitely raise the bar for what you allow on those designer plates of yours...

So i'm pleased to present - TASTESPOTTING - and can't wait to hear what you think.


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