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0723toda1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

TODA (The Office of Design and Architecture) is a multi-disciplinary design office in New York City whose work spans industrial design, architecture, print and web design. I've been a big fan of TODA for years, especially of their furniture/products, because of their conceptual approach to design. For Frighetto's debut at the 2007 Salone de Mobile in Milan, TODA designed the Bean line of furniture, which explores form through structure and skin.

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Ponton Fireplace

Even though it is a ridiculously beautiful day looking out at SF today, i'm already dreaming about how nice it would be to have this gorgeous Ponton Fireplace to curl up by. "fireplace I is the urban interpretation of a campfire. it burns bioalcohol. material: fire resistant glass, stainless steel, size: 30 cm diameter, 40 cm hight, design wolf udo wagner, branded by geniol"... i love the concept of an "urban campfire".

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Trick My Sofa

For only $500? That's cheaper than my iPhone that i'm considering returning! Just noticed this URBN Trick My Sofa on BLTD. And this fun little couch not only matches my bigger couch, but has adjustable arms! So you can totally make it the perfect little office couch for friends to crash on. Add this to my list of current cravings, and things i can totally buy if i return the iPhone.

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Dream Kid's Room

Design*Sponge had a reader send in these pics of her little girls room, and i couldn't resist reposting them to show you. It's refreshingly girly... and has the tord boontje before dawn curtains (casting some awesome shadows)... the birds of a feather mobile, bird/tree lamp, some great stenciling on the walls that matches it all beautifully. Also, check out that cool teepee like nook and crazy slanted door? Inspiring design job on this lucky little girl's room.

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Allegro Palm Coast

Saw the Palm Coast Furniture line over at Trendir, and there's something about the large blunt cushioned resin shapes that is strangely inviting, or seems ideal for curling up in right now after that Social Atelier Benefit last night and then working till 5am. Also the matching armrest even comes in a light up version which looks gorgeous by the outdoor pool.

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Fantastic Reality

Stockholm based Malin Lundmark's ”As if fantasy was reality” collection was presented at her Salone Satellite 2007 booth ~ and apparently his fantasy world has some incredibly functional organizational pieces... from lamps and drawers that hold necklaces (while simultaneously showcasing them), to artistic frames that store and display your tools into a piece of art, adorably floral wall hooks and hangers that hold both clothing traditionally, and also belts, necklaces, etc. Discovered via Style Files.

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I want these. How can i ever look at other outdoor chairs again? When i could have plastic stacking Eames' Lounge Chairs and Barcelona Chairs? Dirk Winkel's "A Stacking Hommage" has mesmerized me all weekend, and continues to do so. This was his 2007 University of Arts Berlin final project.

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Offi Overlap Tray

Fun Friday post ~ i'm typing this on my couch sitting cross legged with laptop on the Offi Overlap, and i don't know if i'll be doing much work anywhere other than here for a while! I'm a softy for bent plywood furniture, esp Offi + Eric Pfiffer (of Pfiffer Lab)... so when Matt Sanocki over at Design Public emailed about their outlet sale, stating "I should also note that if we clear out enough space we hope to put in an espresso bar and/or video game area so it's *crucial* we move everything." how could i resist this Offi Overlap and Offi Scando Coffee Table?

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To me the word Webble first looked a lot like Plaskool Weeble toys that don't fall over... but i guess in a way this new Webble makes YOU into that those in a way, as you sit and wobble to and fro in your desk chair. There are two models. but i'm dying to give this Webble Air a try, because the amount i sit and work in my Think chair, its nice to move your feet a bit while thinking... is this the latest innovation in footrest technology? would it be good for airplanes too? It is launching June 11th at NeoCon 2007 in Chicago. Spotted this over at MocoLoco.

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Mike+Maaike ICFF

While in NY, i ran into Mike Simonian of SF based design duo Mike and Maaike at their great ICFF booth (some of my pics from that below). If they sound familiar its probably because their brilliant Juxtaposed: Religion bookshelf spread across the design sites like wildfire not all that long ago ~ and he led the design efforts of Astro Studios which led to the XBOX 360.

There are pieces you need to try in person (vs indulging on virtual design porn) ~ and this Windowseat Lounge is certainly one of them. Lets just say every tiny apt with more than one person needs one of these for that little piece of personal space. When i sat and talked to people in it, it felt like i was in my own sound proof room. Perhaps these would be perfect for that moment of zen while in a crazy club? Or at ICFF? Full upholstery over a foam-padded rigid molded frame on a swiveling steel base.

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Reeves Design

Reeves Design. In addition to the Louis Four Poster Bed, there's a nice clean detailing to all pieces in the Reeves Design catalog ~ The mix of porcelain and teak is a beautiful combination. The Arthur chair was the second piece that grabbed me in the ICFF booth, it almost evokes a bathtub feel with those porcelain feet. "Arthur rediscovers caning to form a low slung lounge chair...classic cabriole legs... perforated oak frame... exposed rattan weave reminiscent of a strung tennis racket." The Cadiz table has a slip cast white porcelain base with teak feet and a teak decking style top (reminiscent of teak deck/bathroom flooring). And finally, i love the way the Dovetail Shelving takes one of the "most respected joints in cabinet making" combined with white lacquered shelves and solid oak connectors, this piece is an incredible easily dis/re-assembled unit with no additional fixings.

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Reeves Louis Bed

One of my favorite design discoveries of ICFF was John Reeves. Adorably sweet, and designs that have haunted me since i first saw the booth... (late in posting, because i've been slowing on hooking up the scanner, and most images were in the catalog). So here is the bed i want... if you're going to go with a four poster... yet black lacquer, and still some perpendicular edges while still having that playful flourish on the inside - brilliant contemporary baroque look & feel.

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Cork Lounge Chair

The simplicity of both booth and chair made this one of my favorite finds at ICFF ~ The Cork Lounge Chair by Nick Tretiak. The lounge chair has a special form of "cork lamination that was developed to embrace the textual qualities of cork in a thin, strong, and flexible material."

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AfterGlow HDPE Chair

AfterGlow - it's exactly what it sounds like... Adirondack, ottoman, armless double that GLOWS... and made of 100% post-consumer recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE), a number two recycled plastic. Apparently the recycled content is primarily recycled milk jugs. Designed by Douglas Homer for Loll Designs.

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Veuve Clicquot at Gansevoort

DISCLAIMER: i know, one shouldn't drink and shoot... so please excuse the blurriness, but we went for drinks at the penthouse bar of Hotel Gansevoort, and i took shots of the Karim Rashid Veuve Clicquot Loveseat in the lobby last minute on the way out! That being said... i posted about this chair previously, and it was really fun to see and try it out in real life. It's actually pretty fun to sit in, but completely impractical if you want to have a romantic loveseat - good for keeping a safe amount of distance though... and not place to really put your glasses, so its ideal for bottle chugging perhaps. Its as slippery as it looks, and you can surely slide about in it far too easily, and beware of sharper objects like jeans rivets, which would surely scratch it up pretty badly. Also funny is how they displayed it with a life-size image behind it... so taken right, you could have a picture of that guy looking down at YOU! Many more images of the chair and the view from the roof below.

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Pick Chair in the Wild

Studio Dror has an incredible exhibition at Yigal Azroul's boutique in the meat packing district... as if the fashion isn't incredibly displayed already, infuse a center row of installations, sinks, chairs, cabinets, and so much more... but most exciting? Seeing the Pick Chairs (manufactured by BBB) in person! (and surrounded by mannequins and security guard/bouncer guys) See more about the pick chair below, the detail on the hinges and the etchings were even more drool worthy up close. (and there's a video of it in action on the Studio Dror site)

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Mixko at ICFF

On designers i'm excited to be seeing at NY Design Week ~ Mixko is high on that list. Their works have shown up here a few times (ok, 6 times to be exact)... from the butterfly rings, to handcuff watch, to the football bowl... and so much more.

So what do we have here? Other than the adorable designers themselves? Whippy (the awesome ice cream cone inspired lights) was a collaboration with Jeremy Scott for an installation at Colette in 2006. and i LOVE the Atari controller candle holder, brilliant piece for a gamer's housewarming. And the Rain Cloud and bone china Skull Ring are just too adorable... large images below.

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Get Knu

On going eco ~ here's another interesting line of furniture Knú from Industrial Woodworking Corp, which will be available in Sept 07. They are calling it “Inanimate motion in crisp, sustainable form.” My first impression on the line, is eco-toontown feel~ something about the bubbly curvatures that makes it feel more playful than i would have expected, evoking a younger/retro kind of vibe.

And on the green front: here are the details... designed by Bradford Davis - the pieces are produced from sustainably harvested wood products, assembled with 40% recycled post-consumer waste steel hardware and is manufactured in an energy efficient facility that recently went 100% carbon neutral.

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Hooks and such

Remember before i was hunting for coat racks and such? Well, i just noticed these over at Anthropologie... playful and interesting colors and curves, there's something about a fleur de lys in bright bold colors that is fun to look at (not sure if i could imagine putting these up though) ~ but the lines and curvature on these were mesmerizing today.

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Coat Rack Help?

Not to send you all on a mission or anything, but i'm terribly frustrated this saturday morning... i have this skinny hallway that is pretty much useless for anything but walking through and the scribbling on the giant whiteboard on one wall... and on the other side i want to have a long strip of coat rack/hooks... but i want them to be pretty functional, and not stick out TOO far, but enough that i could not only hang coats, yoga mats, tennis rackets, etc but also hang hangers with fresh dry cleaning or what not as well... so up top are the things i've found that amused/intrigued me, but nothing seems quite perfect. Perhaps it is time to get crafty? Also thought i'd just ask to see if someone has seen something really nice/minimalist/functional. (FYI, i am currently reviewing in my head the hooks of some of my favorite store dressing rooms that are more unique for inspiration even.) Listing below of what those are in the image.

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Julier's Magneto

Henry Julier's Magneto Shelves have a hidden splash of color coating a few neodymium magnets embedded in the wood... spotted these over at design*sponge, and suddenly wish i had more large magnetic surfaces to stick these to! Modular, flexible, and subtly playful.

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Blanc & Reed Chairs

Remember those Cucumber Lab guys who made that gorgeous sound machine? Well now they've changed their name to Blanc & Reed, but they're still creating some beautiful objects. Kind of appropriate for Earth day and appreciating the things that nature creates, check out these chairs that they recently designed. They are made following a "concept derived the flowing lines of seashells. Similar to the construction of a shell's surface, the individual ridges running the length of the chair provide strength, while maintaining an overall lightweight structure." Pretty slick.

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Also from the brilliant folks at Every Space Design ~ and continuing on the CA Boom trend of living art/furniture... here is Arrange ~ a cute little bamboo shelf, with a grid of test tubes for you to arrange flowers, etc in accordingly... as the shelf to put your keys in, i know i'd probably have a pen and pencil taking up a tube or two in no time! Also fun was their booth itself, which went for the ultimate in simplicity using sharpies on butcher paper to label each piece (more images below).

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Waste ~ Barcelona based company recycles automotive interiors for handmade bean bags of sorts.... designs reminiscent of Fatboy and Sumo Lounge. "Waste recycles discarded automotive upholstery to produce unique and limited-edition products. Ideally, no waste would be produced, but as it is, we are committed to transforming the reality of waste into something positive." via TreeHugger.

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Veuve Clicquot Loveseat

On sleek furniture designs... i fell for the Karim Rashid Veuve Clicquot Loveseat this morning over at Luxist. There's something about the infinite curves, yet a nice separation of space (with a bottle of bubbly as the border?) thats enticing, and the photography for the piece is beautifully surreal. More images below.

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