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Graves for Drive Medical

michaelgraves.jpgOn design stories worth noting... where need and passion drive the design of some really thoughtful products, i just noticed these previews of legendary Michael Graves' Solutions line with Drive Medical over at MocoLoco. The exclusive relationship between Graves and Drive Medical was announced in 2005 (see press release) - a nice quote "In addition to the experience of his architectural practice and its broad interest in accessibility issues, Michael Graves, who is a paraplegic, will bring his personal insight into this new area of design. Now back at work full time, Graves says, "I have a new outlook on how improved design can add ease and dignity to life for all people who are concerned with safety in the home and coping with disabilities. I am delighted to be working with a company as vested in innovation and value as Drive Medical.""

These pictures have popped up on flickr via Ecumenweb, and its fascinating to see that he's designed a hand-held showerhead with built in brush, a tub rail that can be adapted onto any tub, and a bathseat. I must say they all feel a bit little tikes to me, in their inherent rounded, colorful, plasticy, simplicity.

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vedapure.jpgvedaPURE - on my late night packaging/branding finds... how sweet is this logo? And check out the stuffed elephant that comes in the gift set below. And with product names like Butt, Butt Plus, and Butter.... as well as Supple, Nurture, Scrumptious... and for vedaDUDEs: Glide, Chill, Splash... this is a family line... ok, mostly targeting moms and dads to be, as well as new parents and babies. But nice packaging, and definitely a great go to gift for all those baby showers, etc.

"vedaPURE uses the most pure, high quality ingredients. Our promise and commitment to our customers is simple: we bring nature's best ingredients together to make safe and effective skincare for the whole family. The vedaPURE collection is formulated with organic plant and fruit extracts, soothing oils and gentle ingredients. No hidden chemicals. No misleading labels. Natural pure beauty."

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Nalgene Kits

nalgenekit1.jpgNalgene - its not just a container... now they are using it as packaging! Brilliant and noteworthy move by nalgene which has already spread into so many markets - for being basically a container manufacturer... so its for scientific purposes, then outdoors, then travel/airport security checks, then kids, then various caps and kits and flasks... and now you can get Auto, First Aid, Preparedness, Heat Stress, Dog, and Kid kits! All in your usual 32oz classic nalgenes... each with a signature color for branding naturally. All of the contents of each kit are listed after the jump as well as more pics... and if you don't find something like the First Aid or Preparedness kit as tempting as i do to leave in the car, etc... well it's just an interesting idea... make your own! I'm sure you have a bunch of nalgenes unused around the house too.

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Axe: Get a girlfriend

axeads.jpgHmmm Axe strikes again, with another hilarious ad campaign. This time is the "Get A Girlfriend" 3 step process to take you from the scenes shown to having the ladies hanging all over you in no time. And i don't know what it is that struck me, but i gotta say, the frog leaping contest looks pretty fun/funny (see the closeup of the frog below, its expression is hilarious), the high score on the arcade game cracked me up, and damn thats a lot of legos. See more from the campaign at I Believe in Advertising.

Agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Gareth Lessing, Rob Mclennan
Copywriter: Matthew Brink
Art Director: Adam Livesey
Photographer: Clive Stewart
Typographer: Adam Livesey

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ThisWorks. It may not, i'm not sure, to be honest. But it certainly is a good way to build confidence right off the bat when your customer encounters your product. It's simple and to the point. Also while it feels a bit like Philosophy's text filled branding... it feels a bit more refreshingly playful. I was drawn to it instantly, and love the packaging of their travel kits especially, the minis in the Travel and Survive kits are so cute, and perfect backup gifts to have around. So i'm posting this simply because it feels branding/packaging noteworthy. [I first ran into it at Fred Segal.]

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Zents - came across this line at Gumps today, and was mesmerized by the packaging of these Zents ~ "Perfumery's oldest tradition- a multi-use, highly fragrant solid perfume balm, hand-poured into a unique solid stone cube."

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Ritual for Men

Ritual - a new line of grooming products for men. Let it be stated now that i've never been into men who are more high maintenance than myself (and as a packaging obsessed girl, its hard not to accumulate and try more than my share of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, etc goods)... but that being said, i do love a guy who knows it all well enough to pick well. And i'm tempted to get some of these somewhat bizarre? unique? products by ritual to test out. Fun website... playful graphic design going on... but most intriguing are two products in particular. 1) Nature Calls - they are apparently "first to market" with this one... and you literally drop a few droplets into the toilet, pre-stink, and there will be no stink. (i feel skeptical but curious) 2) Trifecta - "Trifecta packs your three essential shower products into an all-in-one hair, body and facial wash, which lathers in both hard and soft water." Someday, will SOMEONE please explain to me how some guys can get away with using one thing for hair body and face? And maybe they should swap to this? And third image up there is the gift set, which i think i'm a sucker for b/c of the wooden box.

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Method and Jack

Mid-April seems to be a big time for launches at Target ~ or next week i mean! At least in the gorgeously designed affordable grooming products (adding to their Boots imports and Sonia Kashuk lines). As mentioned on .org last week, Method is launching their Bloq line - as reported by Happy Mundane - "It will be available in four formats: body wash, lotion, shave cream, and bar soap. The Bloq line is naturally derived, biodegradable, paraben-free, and has not been tested on animals. There will also be four scents that have been designed to match four moods: green mint for the "go getter", water flower for the "pure minimalist", beach sage for the "escape artist", and citron leaf for the "eternal optimist."

Additionally, men.style.com just announced that Every Man Jack ~ will also be launching at Target- saying " No item is more than $4.99. And, unlike your dad's soap on a rope, Every Man Jack products forgo dyes and old-school preservatives for a more natural approach. Body Wash uses only nondrying natural surfactants instead of the potent chemicals found in drugstore brands; Shave Gel lubricates with aloe and natural glycerin and has chamomile and vitamin E to soothe razor burn; and Face Lotion is oil-free and noncomedogenic. The California-based upstart also offers shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and pomade, all available in a pleasantly minty signature scent, plus cedarwood, tea tree, or fragrance-free."

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4mula turns 3 years old

I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for skincare products. I'm an even bigger sucker for skincare products with simple yet thoughtful packaging. Bonus points if the product is natural. 4mula pretty much takes the cake. Their products are environmentally friendly on many levels, and they're all about "Farms. Not Pharms." On 04/04/07 4mula turned three years old, and they are celebrating by offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more in the month of April. International orders get a free gift. A company this environmentally aware and design-conscious deserves many happy birthdays.

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Method Pill

What imagery is more perfect for an aircare product than a giant pill? Afterall, if the need for an air freshener isn't a giant pill/cure all... what is? Couldn't resist the draw of method home's gorgeous packaging and design today ~ so below are some shots of the details that made all the difference to me: 1) there is a scratch and sniff sticker as the seal of the box. 2) you can turn the plug depending how your plugs are oriented to keep the pill upright 3) playful use of language "Do not turn sideways, or else fragrance oil will spill. Gravity is mean like that." So true.

Also, i'm in love with the OMop ~ cleaning floors has never been more fun to me... again with the great packaging and incredibly well designed (for form and function) product.

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St. Mary's ER in SF

One of the best parts of being in SF this week, are these ads. They make me smile every time... they are all over the buses, bus stops, billboards, lamp posts, etc. And oh so true... my favorite kind of design, clean simple with bold font and graphics ~ Work of Mortar for St. Mary's Medical Center ER. More at the Mortar Blog.

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CARE - Stella McCartney

CARE by Stella McCartney is a new line of skincare ~ that is Ecocert-certified. CARE is "a unique luxury line of certified organic skincare, formulated with 100 percent organic active ingredients and zero percent petrochemicals or silicones." While she isn't necessarily the first eco/organic line out there (my old time favs is still Neal's Yard Remedies) - it is really interesting to see this transition of luxury and eco merging... also, i am a big fan of her logo, and sleek design/packaging. There is even a discovery kit of travel sized testers to give the new line a try.

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