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Black Hogg

hogg0.jpg Latest culinary adventure from our Tasteologie editor, Jackson Stakeman.

It was stories of their magical popcorn bacon that drew us to Black Hogg. Bacon’s sirens call is powerful, but Black Hogg is more than just this one deep fried delight. This cozy restaurant is located in Silver Lake on Sunset Boulevard near where Silver Lake Blvd sneaks underneath it. The name also includes a subtle slight of hand. Despite the porcine leanings of a place famous for its bacon, a hogg is actually a sort of teenaged sheep. Black Hogg is a black sheep… it’s also an obscurely named, comfort food serving, Silver Lake hotspot that more than lives up to its hype. It surpasses it. Check out some of our delicious adventure on the next page…

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Ara Peterson & Jim Drain's Fan Installation at Transmission LA: AV Club

fan1.jpg Ara Peterson & Jim Drain created a mind trip of household fan driven pinwheels which are dizzying and fascinating to walk through at Avant/Garde Diaries Transmission LA: A/V Club at MoCA… Constantly spinning as you wander through them and feel slight breezes coming from different angles, they suck you in if you fixate too hard on a particular one… and looking back it’s amazing to see that it really is just regular fans strategically positioned moving them! See the video and more pics on the next page!

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Mike D + Mercedes-Benz Necklaces

mikemerc00.jpg It’s another 4am and with so much inspiration from today to share, trying to just pick one to post before passing out… just back from the launch of Mercedes-Benz’s Avant/Garde Diaries: Transmission LA: A/V Club, curated by Mike D of the Beastie Boys at MOCA. A stunning body of work on show, great performance by Santigold, and a peek at the new Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe… but before we get to any of that…

I never thought i’d be the girl wearing a heavy gold chain… especially a gold chain with a Mercedes Emblem! But tonight it happened… I remember as a little girl, being terribly confused when my dad’s Mercedes emblem was stolen. He tried to explain that people turned them into necklaces… It was the 80s. I was pretty young… and it wasn’t until years later that it all started to make sense. Mike D has apparently always had a thing for the car emblems, and even Inspired Fad Boosts VW Emblem Thefts when he was wearing a large VW emblem off a car on a gold chain… So it’s only natural that when curating this art festival (which they gave him carte blanche on!) he created a HUGE Mercedes emblem hanging on a large chain in the central pavillion of the exhibition… as well as a few huge emblems tucked around the space… and then around 25 special chain necklaces with authentic Mercedes-Benz emblems for the artists and key brand folks…

As a girl with a passion for logos and brands since a young age… it was absolutely fascinating to see how far this brand nostalgia goes, and the amusement everyone had seeing the HUGE chain necklace logo pieces as well as the select few roaming the party wearing the Mercedes Necklaces! Christoph Horn (Mercedes-Benz Director of Global Communications) generously gave me his necklace before heading off to china for the autoshow mid party! The details and story of the automotive chain necklace motif are far too fun ~ so take a peek at them (HUGE and life sized) on the next page… they are sure to bring a grin to your face.

p.s. Also take a peek at the brilliant cassette tape USB press kit!

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Snoop + Levi's + (youth) Football

snoop0.jpg Well, that was an interesting night. This dual weekend coachella set up has ended up with a slew of musical amusement in LA for the week in between… and tonight Levi’s threw a haus party hosted by Snoop Dogg in celebration of The Snoop Youth Football League. The Levi’s Haus was packed ~ Snoop spinning all night on macbook pros ~ the bar tending ladies in Snoop YFL jerseys ~ edison bulbs hanging in the trees casting a gorgeous glow ~ fun Water

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Kitchit Dinner in LA

kitch0.jpg Just in from our Tasteologie editor, Jackson Stakeman, he got a taste of Kitchit, the new bespoke chef service that just expanded to Los Angeles (from SF) today. Here’s what he learned (and ate!)…

I’ve learned some things recently… dinner parties are hard. Eating and hanging out with friends is easy. The view off the roof of a condominium on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica is amazing. Especially at sunset. Having a Top Chef All Star (in this case, Marcel Vigneron) prepare you and your friends a private dinner is even more so. Kitchit, a new company which offers new ways of connecting diners with chefs, has just reached Los Angeles. They invited me up to the roof for a little get together in order to have a taste and to take a peak at what they’ve been up to.

Kitchit uses the power of the internet to illuminate the often murky world of catering and private chefs. It offers an alternative to socialite word of mouth, sketchy business cards, and random internet searches. Hosts can select from a wide variety of chefs, including some well known culinary celebrities, and book a private dinner as if they were ordering it off the internet… which they are. You can even use the site to split the bill amongst your guests. Take a peek at the adventure through pictures on the next page…

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Sprinkle's 24-hr Cupcake ATM

sprinkle0.jpg The latest from our culinary editor, Jackson! You can find more of our delectable delights at Tasteologie.

Cupcakes are wonderful. While they have perhaps become a little over exposed in the last few years, they are certainly still a tasty treat. There are so many different kinds, different cakes, different frostings… it seems like there is one for every mood. Sprinkles has upped the ante by providing cupcakes for when you are feeling anti-social, hungry at 3am, nostalgic for automats, or for when you just want dessert handed to you from a robot with its own twitter handle. Their new Cupcake ATM has certainly captured the imagination of the Internet, Los Angeles, and now me. I too have succumbed to the siren’s call of that winning combination of fat, sugar, and machine. The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM even has its own twitter - @CupcakeATM and facebook. Take a peek at our cupcake adventure on the next page!

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Farmshop Artisan Market in Brentwood

farmshop0.jpg What is it about artisan goods being beautifully packaged and displayed? On a quick run over to brentwood country mart to get green juice and amazing tacos… got drawn in by the adorable glow of awesomely labeled goodies at the Farmshop’s Artisan Market, and then went iPhone crazy (being camera-less at the time) while shopping through it for grilling meat, wine, TENNESSEE WHISKEY ICE CREAM, and fresh peanut butter cookie dough… it was all so pretty and filled with inspiring packaging/label design i had to share… shop with us on the next page!

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The Grilled Cheeses of Little Bear

 littlebear1.jpg Exploring the culinary side of LA ~ our Tasteologie editor, Jackson, had a fun chat with Chef Andre Guerrero about their variety of speciality grilled cheeses and beer director Ryan Sweeney about their Belgian brews over at Little Bear. Here’s a look at his latest adventure:

I love grilled cheese. It is the combination of two of humankind’s oldest food products. As it is about ten thousand years old… we’ve had lots of practice in eating and making this comfort food staple. Little Bear, a new bar in downtown L.A., offers a quartet of interesting grilled cheeses to go along with its amazingly well curated selection of Belgian Beer. It is a fantastic addition to Los Angeles’s Arts District and fits into the growing local network of lofts, artists, artisans, film shoots, factories, and restaurants. Little Bear brings nuance and great attention to detail raising otherwise straight forward food and beer into a warm comforting embrace. I couldn’t resist sampling their entire grilled cheese lineup! See more pics on the next page!

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Glenn Kaino's "Bring Me the Hands of Piri Reis"

kaino1.jpg Hard to miss on La Cienega last night was Glenn Kaino’s “Bring Me the Hands of Piri Reis” at the Honor Fraser Gallery. From the large exploded boat sculpture filling the main room ~ to a beautiful series of map inspired pieces ~ to fists ~ photography ~ and so much more… it’s quite an extensive solo show! Take a peek at some of the work on the next page.

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Brian Wills: Unwound

unwound0.jpg Amazing what one can do with thread and ribbon… particularly Brian Wills in his show “Unwound” over at Nye+Brown! Discovered his work while wandering the S. La Cienega Art Walk I showed you other random pictures of inspiration from tonight… take a look at some of the work on the next page!

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La Cienega Art Walk Inspiration

cienega1.jpg So much art tonight ~ parking was lacking ~ food trucks were out ~ and the mysterious galleries of S. La Cienega had people flowing and drinking between them all evening. While i have tons of pics and quite a few posts to come ~ wanted to share some of the randomer pictures of inspiration and amusement with you before i fell asleep! Take a peek on the next page…

p.s. not certain which pics/galleries some of these were in as we randomly bounced in and out… favorites to come with more info soon!

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Holiday Lights in LA

xmaslights0.jpgThis post is part of NOTCOT Having Fun In The Dark series sponsored by Canon Powershot’s Your Second Shot While taking pictures in the dark often means standing super still, you may still end up with more graininess than usual… armed with Canon’s low-light HS SYSTEM, you can trust the tech to help you capture the perfect shot the first time!

The holiday season makes running around suburbs trippier than usual… and some areas of LA go all out more than others when it comes to holiday lights and decorations! Jackson Stakeman (aka @Tasteologie Editor) ~ took a little LA adventure exploring the set ups and came back with some pretty amazing pictures of just how fascinating the decorations can get… take a peek at it all on the next page!

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Into the AETHERstream

aether0.jpg I love when things just fall together. Like yesterday ~ finding out that the gorgeous AETHER APPAREL (who has been a kind supporter of NOTCOT over the years through beautiful advertising!) is actually LA based! And love matte black/metal/wood minimalist gear, gadgets, and cars/etc as much as we do. They just took the mobile pop up shop to a whole new level with their AETHERstream ~ designed by Thierry Gaugain, this airstream that has been gutted and retrofitted with reclaimed wood floors, modular shelving, and vintage gadgets/gear… and their storage? Stacks of huge pelican cases! It’s a beautiful (though tight) space ~ and it was great to see the majority of their collection in person finally… the tiny details were amazing ~ from quality of materials and stitching (it just feels so GOOD!) to the awesome black safety pins they use to attach their tags and the Aether whistles on each piece. Take a little tour in and around the AETHERstream on the next page ~ it will be hanging out in LA for a few weeks before it heads cross country to NY by mid nov!

p.s. See the making of the AETHERstream as well as the original plans.

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CODA: EV Shopping in the Mall

coda0.jpg Shopping for a car in the mall. Pick up a pair of shoes, grab a bite in the food court, then saunter in to a store to build your car on an iPad and email it to yourself, then hop down into the parking garage for a quick test drive?

Tomorrow, LA based tech startup/car company, CODA, officially opens their first store in Century City ~ perhaps store isn’t even the right word ~ it’s an “experience center/meeting place” in which shoppers can learn about electric vehicles (EVs). Completely green ~ the facade and ceiling are made of reclaimed wood, the plywood is all formaldehyde free, even their wall graphics and pamphlets use eco friendly printing and materials. With a car parked outside, you can’t miss it’s location near the movie theater and food court, and even if you don’t peek in, the window inspires you with “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And when you’re ready for a test drive (or while looking for a parking space) ~ you can’t miss the special CODA section in the parking garage directly below the store with CODA’s waiting for you to give them a spin.

I love this trend of stores that are focused on the lifestyle and experience of a space versus simply selling their product. The theme of creating inviting spaces to engage buyers and could be buyers in a relaxed setting ~ and bringing the products and stores to where people already congregate (versus the usual destination streets filled with car dealerships.) is very Apple store like ~ and in fact Tesla brought on the man who helped create the first few to do theirs… and the team at CODA admitted Apple inspired their as well, and even strategically placed their first store near an apple store (across the way and down a few doors!) to attract people who like such experiential spaces. Will we be seeing more of these? I wonder which other genres will be next ~ is this going to continue to be an EV trend?

But first ~ take a peek into the beautifully designed CODA space in Century City as well as their test drive area in the parking garage on the next page!

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NOTlabs Bentley Experiments #1-6

bentleyexperiments.jpg So you’ve seen the Making Of… well, here is a look at our 6 playful experimental mini videos of new ways to look at Bentleys! Watch them all. We had fun finding the perfect clips and fun music to set the mood for each one…

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Bentley Supersports - It's Different At Night

IMG_7668.jpg It’s a beautiful thing when a brand wants to encourage passionate, playful exploration. When Bentley invited us to join a fleet of their cars, Brian Gush - Head of Drivetrain and Motorsports, Robin Page - Head of Interior, a skeleton film crew, designer Cory Grosser, and former lead designer of Nokia/founder of Vertu - Frank Nuovo at Mister C in Beverly Hills, to just “be creative and play,” how could i resist? So we loaded up a bunch of new (and old) toys ~ and spent the day all over beverly hills and bel air playfully exploring these cars in new and inspiring ways… and while there is much to come from that… first things first!


At around 11am we ended up borrowing the Bentley Supersports Convertible ~ jetting back out to one of my favorite bluffs near home, and had fun playfully shooting it underneath the unbelievably bright moon and stars while overlooking pacific coast highway far below and the vast expanse of ocean and ~ it’s definitely different at night! Shawn managed to take some stunning shots of the car ~ and while he patiently took those, you can also see some of the silliness i ran around shooting in between on the next page! The car simply glows in the moonlight…

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Pressed Juicery Truck in Malibu

JUICE.jpg Gorgeous day spent lounging in Malibu ~ having lunch, shopping, and beaching ~ and running into the new mobile truck of my favorite Pressed Juicery with Tasteologie editor, Jackson… the result? An awesome fun feature i just wrote up for you at Tasteologie!

See the full FEATURE on ” The Pressed Juicery Truck in Malibu + Beachy Goodness “! ——->

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£10 at the Montage Beverly Hills

barstuff.jpg Adventures this weekend lead Jackson and i to £10, the new secret bar at the Montage Beverly Hills ~ with endless Macallan, ice balls, soap stones, bacon and more… it was a fun launch event with some incredible bar tools laid out with surgical precision… take a peek at our adventures on Tasteologie.

TO THE £10 Macallan Bar at the Montage Beverly Hills TASTEOLOGIE FEATURE “! ——->

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The Redbury: Room 415

redbury1.jpg Finally taking a vacation in LA this week ~ when the opportunity came up to pop across town to try out The Redbury in Hollywood, it seemed like the perfect chance to even further escape my “normal” life. Checking in to room #415 ~ i stepped into the red red building perched at Hollywood and Vine, into their red red hallways adorned with larger than life hollywood glam photos filling walls along the way… and into a fully stocked apt of sorts. To call it a hotel room doesn’t even do it justice. With a kitchen (stove, fridge, dishes, the works) ~ and Katsuya and Cleo room service ready at the touch of an iPhone App ~ a washer/dryer as well as a record player stocked with records… it’s hard to find an excuse to leave this little escape when sitting on the patio staring out at Hollywood. It is a boho-chic home away from home ~ complete with that vintage store scent. “Curated by renowned photographer Matthew Rolston and Founder and CEO, Sam Nazarian ~ The Redbury features 57 thoughtfully appointed guest flats designed to provide a relaxed and entertaining environment. Each spacious room offers a home-like atmosphere to accommodate stays of a day, a week, or as long as required.” And it couldn’t be more true… ready to take a peek into my room at The Redbury and some of the fun details? To the next page!

P.s. i’m smitten with their graphic design/branding details!

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PCH Santa Monica Views at Night

pch1.jpg It’s a little absurd that it takes Mercedes-Benz inviting me to a German press trip that starts with a night in the Shangri-La in Santa Monica… to take my camera out and get some new perspectives on a place blocks from where i spent the first 5 years of my life… and minutes from my current house. But it also seemed too perfect not to show you some fun car shots too! So i wandered out after dinner across to the park and to one of the bridges that goes over PCH tonight, and i forgot how absolutely mesmerizing it is staring out at the views and the cars zooming past you in both directions. Take a peek on the next page…

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GoPro HD Hero LA Test Drive

malibu.jpg On weekend adventures ~ the timing couldn’t have been more perfect with the GoPro HD Hero and Bentley arriving at the same time. So, while cruising around, mounted the GoPro upside down suction cupped to the center ceiling console and took off. Tested out photo still mode (making pics like above!) as well as video mode for the majority of the drive… took about 40 minutes of driving and compressed it 20x into about 2 minutes. Ready to take a lightning fast tour from the tops of Malibu’s canyons down to the ocean, along pch, through the tunnel, on to the 10, to the 405, to Sunset and back around to Pacific Palisades? It’s a fun drive ~ pieces of many of my favorite roads in LA. Video on the next page ~ see it in HD even!

p.s. I left the audio unaltered ~ it sounded like a crazy video game…

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Firefly Vodka Crawfish Boil

firefly0.jpg Yay for twitter ~ which introduced me to the folks at one of my favorite yummy vodkas, Firefly. On Saturday adventures, just joined them for a Hollywood crawfish bowl with Jackson, our Tasteologie Editor. It was my first! Delicious! And so fun! He took some awesome pics, so i’ll let him fill you in on everything… check out his post below!

The Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka people and their RV have come a long way. They’ve gone from just distilling a vodka made of Southern grown muscadine grapes to 7 varieties of artisanal flavored spirits. Just this spring they’ve worked their way out from South Carolina, down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, through Austin for SXSW, through Arizona, and finally out to California. Despite the company’s base in Wadmalow Island, South Carolina it has strong Louisiana roots, so a crawfish boil at Five 0 Four in Hollywood is a perfect fit. It was a great afternoon spent getting to know Firefly, sipping sweet tea cocktails and sucking crawfish heads!

Firefly’s Sweet Tea Vodka is a wonderful combination. Talking to Scott Newitt, Firefly founder, I learned that its more than just a simple vodka infused tea… through a bit of chemistry magic it is a combination of both cane sugar sweetened tea and vodka without being watered down. Firefly is a passionate bunch. They fought to get legislation passed to make it legal to distill again in South Carolina. Now they are starting to work outside of the bottle and just last month they launched Firefly Records with a huge presence at SXSW. Come check out more of the deliciousness up close on the next page…

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Sun Stalking: Jetlagged Sunrise

sun1.jpg Hello, jetlag! Europe back to LA is always a rough one… this one had me up around 4am unable to sleep… so while cooking breakfast, reading magazines, catching up on the internet, and looking for other jetlagged/insomniacs on twitter… the idea of Sun Stalking came up to give purpose to this eerie morning hour… found a few others who were up on this time zone in the dark too, and took some pics of the sunrise!!! Take a peek at my sunrise (many from the view of my skateboard swing)… and also some fun silverlake shots from @meganwest, and i’ll add more if others come in too! See what we’ve got so far on the next page…

Oooh ~ just added, some amazing pics from @Tornadoliese at the Colorado Street Bridge…

p.s. if you’re into the idea ~ maybe we should start regular sunrise/sunset rituals! It’s just a nice way to force yourself to notice the passing of time, and the beauty of each revolution of the earth…

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Banksy Gets Plexi'd

banksysaved.jpg In case i don’t say it enough ~ you, readers, are awesome! And when i get fun emails with pictures of running into Banksy’s being covered in LA that a reader’s wife sent him… how can i not share? (Thanks, Abner!)

So what’s the story? My wife was with her brothers, sister in law and 2 year old niece hunting for Banksys and they encountered that scene: Banksy was being preserved. Here is how she describes it: I asked who had told them to cover it up, it had been the owner of the building who had asked them to do this. They only said, “Him, the guy that made it.” Photo credits to Sandra Gonzalez! While it’s tempting to veer into the state of the cultural perception of Banksy… or discuss shark jumping, or impressive impact beyond the street art/art world… How about we just revel in the amusement of turning a corner and running into a team of guys trying to plexiglass the side of a building? Take a peek at the close up on the next page too…

p.s. it’d be perfect if someone added imagery ON the plexi of the guys putting it up. And then added another layer above that to protect it… and so on… and so on… street art sandwich?

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Views of LA, Four Seasons Suite Style

anothermain.jpg The idea of a staycation is bull. It has recently been brought to my attention that i spend so much time in hotels in every city except my own (LA!) that i should get to know some of the ones in my backyard better. Ugh, questioning whether this is a ‘staycation’ (i recoil similarly to “jeggings”) led to discourse on what a “vacation” really is… and you can’t knock it till you try it, so when the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills offered me a suite, it seemed like the perfect excuse to give it a try.

So what IS a vacation? A change in perspectives. A break from your everyday. A chance to explore, relax, indulge, be pampered, be left alone, enjoy room service,… whatever it is you need! The Online Etymology Dictionary says: vacation - late 14c., “freedom or release” (from some activity or occupation), from O.Fr. vacation, from L. vacationem (nom. vacatio) “leisure, a being free from duty,” from vacare “be empty, free, or at leisure”. Staycation implies that location matters. But to me (and from the etymology), vacations are merely a state of mind! As i wrote over at OpenForum, vacations can be minutes or hours even, it’s all about perspective!

Anyhow, that is the last you’ll hear of staycations here. Upon arriving at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, not at all far from home, i was on VACATION! Impeccable service from their kind and friendly staff, new toys to play with (Jambox!), the surprise of a stunning suite on the 15th floor facing east… giving me views over Beverly Hills to Sunset Strip, Hollywood sign, Downtown, and snow capped mountains glistening in the horizon, dining room resulted in a little impromptu dinner party with delectable room service from Culina downstairs (the burrata…mmmm), gorgeous weather meant poolside relaxing to catch up with old friends… Vacation! A definite much needed perspective shift both physically and mentally has left me even more inspired and energized this weekend! So take a peek at the gorgeous views and into suite 1518 on the next page!

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