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NOTlabs: Wedding Photobooth Guestbook

ist24.jpg A peek at our late nights between SDCC and Istanbul flight in NOTlabs… we had a few days to figure out a photobooth guestbook setup for the wedding that we could pack and pop up on site! Laser cut wood frame (designed by Linhchi Tang) on an ipad running Pocketbooth on a tripod worked like a charm! See the making of on the next page…

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A Week in Istanbul

ist0.jpg What a week it has been! Here in Istanbul for the wedding of one of my friends since high school… we were supposed to be on vacation… but of course even while running around, Shawn and i couldn’t resist snapping and sharing pics of all the inspiration and amusement on our cell phones… many of them making it to our NOTlabs instagram (and his personal one too)… As far as proper features go ~ so far you’ve gotten a peek at our flight in to istanbul as well as inside our room at the House Hotel Galatasaray… and the adorable Emel Loves Istanbul city guide that arrived! So for all the other randomness ~ from touristy adventures to Blue Mosque and Ayasofya to the leeches and peacocks near the spice bazaar ~ to random shopping inspiration and museum finds ~ to the wedding on the bosphorus and boat ride ~ to cafes, tiles, graffiti, and so much more… get a flash overview of what we’ve experienced on the next page!

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Operation Window Seat: LAX-IST

opist0.jpg It’s been a while since a Operation Window Seat has come along… but it was pretty spectacular flying in to Istanbul this week not to snap a few shots. Unfortunately it snuck up on us (after a long long direct flight of a nap from LAX!) so the pictures are from the iPhone! Take a peek on the next page…

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Incase DSLR Sling Pack Camera Bags

camera0.jpg The perfect camera bag is hard to find. I even have categories of them ~ functional for travel (hand carry and/or check in) ~ perfect incognito bag (usually a big purse!) Lately i’ve been needing a good solution for the travel/hand carry side of things. Something padded to carry my usual amount of tech and basic purse essentials when paired with a roller carry-on for quick (or efficiently packed) trips. Intrigued by the Incase Camera Collection, i was also overwhelmed and baffled by the sizing and options… when narrowing it down, most alluring were the DSLR Sling Pack and DSLR Pro Sling Pack. But was the Sling big enough? Was the Pro Sling too big? The pictures on the site were hard to decipher for sure… SO ~ the kind folks at Incase sent both over for me to compare and share! Take a peek at the sizes and how they seem as i cram things into them on the next page!

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The Biodiversity Project from Joel Sartore


A Linne’s two-toed sloth (Choloepus didactylus) at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.

National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore is on a mission to capture our incredible biodiversity before it disappears. Using zoo animals to create stunning portraits of amazing creatures. The project began with amphibians (and the gallery includes some real gems), but now includes all sorts of creatures, totaling over 1,800 already. Find out more about the ambitious and stunningly beautiful The Biodiversity Project and see a selection of photos from the project on the next page.

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Creatures of the Cal Academy of Sciences

calac0.jpg The latest from our resident zoologist and London-based editor, Justine Aw.

I finally made it to the California Academy of Sciences in its new Golden Gate Park home! I have been looking forward to checking the new facilities out in person, ever since Jean visited (and posted about) it a few years back (see previous posts here, here and here). As expected, the facilities are incredible and the animals it houses are phenomenal. I can’t recommend visiting strongly enough. With a walkthrough rainforest filled with terarria and aquaria as well as the dedicated Steinhart aquarium, the Cal Academy is a real treat to visit and proved to be the perfect playground for a macro lens! Here are just a few of the academy’s incredible creatures. More pictures on the next page!

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Jan Leonardo Wöllert Photography

lightwrite.jpgThis post is part of NOTCOT Having Fun In The Dark series sponsored by Canon Powershot’s Your Second Shot While taking pictures in the dark often means standing super still, you may still end up with more graininess than usual… armed with Canon’s low-light HS SYSTEM, you can trust the tech to help you capture the perfect shot the first time!

I’ve been lost in the world of light writing photography tonight which led me down the path to incredible artists and photographers using light to paint other worldly images in the dark… one of the most incredible standouts is German photographer, Jan Leonardo Wöllert. He photographs a world of “choreographed light” combined with low light photography to create glowing spheres, curves, and changign the way you view these dark spaces… and even created LAPP - Light Art Performance Photography in 2007. Take a peek at some of my favorites of his work on the next page!

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New Mexico Biopark Society River of Lights

biopark00.jpgThis post is part of NOTCOT Having Fun In The Dark series sponsored by Canon Powershot’s Your Second Shot While taking pictures in the dark often means standing super still, you may still end up with more graininess than usual… armed with Canon’s low-light HS SYSTEM, you can trust the tech to help you capture the perfect shot the first time!

Wow. Our Tasteologie Editor (and resident photographer), Jackson Stakeman, was in Albuquerque, NM for the holidays and while wandering around in search of awesome holiday lights ~ ended up discovering this insane holiday light show at the New Mexico Biopark Society ~ they turn their botanic gardens into the “River of Lights”! Even better ~ as far as how much energy it takes to power this glittering installation, their site says, “the River of Lights crew, which works year-round to design and build new sculpture, in addition to repairing and refurbishing old ones, has begun using more LED lighting in the construction of new pieces and replacing incandescent bulbs in some of the older pieces.” Take a peek on the next page at the spectacle of lights in the form of gardens, whales, octopi, t-rexs, cars, and so much more… and there’s even a video at the end to give you a feel for the experience!

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Operation Window Seat - Rüdiger Nehmzow

clouds0.jpg While this isn’t exactly a “window” seat ~ the stunning images of Rüdiger Nehmzow certainly fits in the category of stunning views from above into clouds and the world beneath. What really sets Nehmzow’s photographs apart is his technique… taking a plane up a few miles into the air over Manaus, Brazil, he takes pictures out of the open DOOR! (Don’t worry, he’s armed with oxygen mask and protection from the freezing temperatures!) These took my breath away when i saw them over at Cup of Jo! Take a peek at the making of video as well as some of my favorite shots from Rüdiger Nehmzow’s Cloud Collection on the next page!

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The Macallan 12yo X-ray Veasey Boxes

macpillar1.jpg Wow. Nick Veasey x-rayed the Macallan HOUSE! I can see the room i stayed in in there! If i ever wanted to be someone’s intern ~ i think this would be it. I’m also reinstating an xray machine to the top of my wishlist…

Take a close up look at these awesome limited edition Macallan 12 boxes for the holiday season featuring Nick Veasey’s x-ray imagery of the Macallan’s six pillars. Each box is sold individually and features a feather, scissors, liquid drop, still, cask or the house to represent the six pillars. Take a peek at the beautiful images in high res on the next page ~ i can’t wait to see these all in person!

p.s. I’d love it if the back of the box was an xray of the box itself printed on showing the bottle within!

p.p.s. They should have x-rayed a highland cow from the property.

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LUMIÉRE New York by Stephanie Izzo

canony1.jpg This post is part of NOTCOT Having Fun In The Dark series sponsored by Canon Powershot’s Your Second Shot! While taking pictures in the dark means standing super still, you may still end up with more graininess than usual …armed with Canon’s low-light HS SYSTEM, you can trust the tech to help you capture the perfect shot the first time!

One of the most surreal and perhaps even magical aspects of night photography is when the camera manages to capture views that even your naked eye couldn’t imagine. To turn that sensitivity so far up that every seemingly dim/dark speck of light simply glows is stunning. One of the photographers who’s night photos we love does this beautifully ~ Stephanie Izzo’s Lumiére series of magically sparkling postcard like images are gorgeous! Take a peek at her view on New York on the next page… makes me almost ready to hop a plane over now!

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Tattoos & Tentacles

tentacles0.jpg Tattoos & Tentacles is a book by photographer Julian Murray… and it is precisely what it sounds like (though the octopi don’t seem to be alive)… and it might be NSFW, but there’s a SFW peek inside the book on the next page!

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Operation Window Seat: Monaco-NCE-MUC

ncemuc1.jpg On amazing little journeys ~ we started at the dock/house/helipad area on the water where we originally met the group of Mercedes-AMG SLS Roadsters… and our bags were waiting for us to head to the airport… via helicopter! So i have some video of the quick flight along the Cote du Azur as well as the landing (i felt like i was in a toy as we came in to land, it’s fun riding shotgun!) Then on to a quick Nice to Munich flight… over the alps, which are always stunning. The shadows. The way the snowy mountain tips peek through the fluffy clouds. The melting snow into lakes. The tiny green towns tucked between it all… and before landing there were amazing amounts of teeny tiny sail boats below out in a lake! Take a peek at all of it on the next page!

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Operation Window Seat - PMI-BCN Sunrise

pmi-bcn1.jpg As painful as waking up at 4am was to grab a 5am cab to catch a 7am flight out of Mallorca earlier than planned (but for good reason! Off to german adventures to see siblings of my car being made and meet the guy who built my engine! but more on that later) ~ the sunrise was gorgeous out the airplane window from Mallorca to Barcelona… take a peek on the next page!

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Hotel La Residencia at Night

res1.jpg In exactly a week i’ve gone from LA to Frankfurt to a few hours at the Auto Show, doing a live interview with the heads of global communications for Mercedes, to Paris and directly into a car to Reims to visit the Hotel Du Marc of Veuve Clicquot for a few hours, only to be back in Paris by dinner, then driving through France, stopping by a chateau, sleeping on a ferry, only to wake up in the UK and end up at Goodwood, crash for a night in London, and have ended up in Mallorca yesterday. Phew. What. A. Week. Is your head spinning as much as mine right now just reading that?

Well before another week not too dissimilar than the last, the Orient Express has invited me to experience one of their relaxing escapes, and the timing seemed perfect to see the world of Hotel La Residencia, nestled in Deia, Mallorca, Spain while catching my breathe. Currently curled up on the patio lounge chair in a bathrobe with laptop staring out at the most serene town, mountainside, and peeks of ocean 5 minutes away as i write this post. And last night after getting in, you can see the delectable tapas and wine we indulged in… before coming back to a nice bottle of bubbly cava they kindly left for us… at which point i couldn’t not grab my camera and share the stunning star filled night and glow of the town. So before i give you a peek into the room ~ take a look at the breath taking night! Exactly what i needed after quite the euro-whirlwind of a week!

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Bentley Supersports - It's Different At Night

IMG_7668.jpg It’s a beautiful thing when a brand wants to encourage passionate, playful exploration. When Bentley invited us to join a fleet of their cars, Brian Gush - Head of Drivetrain and Motorsports, Robin Page - Head of Interior, a skeleton film crew, designer Cory Grosser, and former lead designer of Nokia/founder of Vertu - Frank Nuovo at Mister C in Beverly Hills, to just “be creative and play,” how could i resist? So we loaded up a bunch of new (and old) toys ~ and spent the day all over beverly hills and bel air playfully exploring these cars in new and inspiring ways… and while there is much to come from that… first things first!


At around 11am we ended up borrowing the Bentley Supersports Convertible ~ jetting back out to one of my favorite bluffs near home, and had fun playfully shooting it underneath the unbelievably bright moon and stars while overlooking pacific coast highway far below and the vast expanse of ocean and ~ it’s definitely different at night! Shawn managed to take some stunning shots of the car ~ and while he patiently took those, you can also see some of the silliness i ran around shooting in between on the next page! The car simply glows in the moonlight…

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Contour+ Camera Unboxing

contour0.jpg If you recall, i’ve been a bit research obsessed with mini-HD-action cams ~ and while i have a GoPro, the Contour+ was the one i was waiting for… First impression, i’m impressed with the Contour+ ~ nice packaging, solid chunk of hardware, and the 1080p video quality with GPS and bluetooth connection to both iphone and android devices as monitors are great (though a bit finicky to get connected at times) ~ while this and a few other toys just got acquired for some more playful projects coming up this week, wanted to take a moment to share the unboxing with you to get a first look at what’s included (and you know i’m a sucker for simple matte black boxes with crisp graphics) ~ so check it out on the next page, and more soon as i start playing with it more and comparing it to my GoPro… so far it already has me wishing my GoPro was more aerodynamic and had apps to let my phones be the preview monitor… anyhow, to the unbox on the next page!

p.s. Unboxing occurred while famished at lunch at Father’s Office.

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2011 Pagani Huayra Shoot

pagani0.jpg Fresh in my inbox ~ my dad’s latest adventure seems to have landed him at Art Center for the new 2011 Pagani Huayra’s photoshoot on its way up to Pebble Beach ~ where all the stunning cars are migrating next week… from the sleek and agressive exterior styling i can’t stop staring at (and that COLOR!) ~ to the carbon fiber leaf like side mirrors ~ to the steampunk-retrofab interiors (the BUTTONS!) ~ and well, the Mercedes-AMG V-12 twin turbos and carbon fiber chasis and body… there is so much lustworthy loveliness to stare at, take a peek at his pics on the next page. Seriously, this seems like the hardest week to try to car shop with so many incredible launches and lustworthy cars passing through… enjoy the design details and sketches!

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Operation Window Seat: PIT-LAX Clouds

cloud2.jpg So, who would have thought the Pittsburgh/LA direct flight route (one a day in each direction on United!) would be so awesome. With no wifi, a small plane, magical first class upgrades, food, and super nice crews… with window seats and great timing on the flights to catch sunsets mid flight… i’ve been getting some of the best meditative/ME time! Awesome naps and placemats filled with notes ~ and between naps today i scrambled for my camera as soon as my eyes opened a crack and thought i was in some otherworldly place. Turns out a cloudy day below can make for quite the surreal flight home… some of the shapes were unreal, how did the clouds even make those angles and layers?!?! How did those layers of clouds start to look like a glassy ocean with peeks of the midwestern farmlands below barely showing through? And the way the dramatic shadows change as the sun begins to set… mesmerizing. While cloud watching is fun laying on the grass, staring up at the sky… seeing what creatures and objects you spy… it can be even more amazing from the side, or from within the layers of them! So take a peek at Operation Window Seat’s first Cloud edition on the next page… what do YOU see in them?

p.s. for whatever reason the first thing my subconscious thought was: care bears + game of thrones. And the picture above looks like a rather pointed submarine with an arrow like periscope… or am i just seeing periscopes since its one of the current NOTlabs research project?

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Mini HD Action Cam Roundup

cameramain.jpg This series/post is brought to you by Gillette. Learn more about Gillette and its products at Gillette.com. As usual, thoughts and ideas are all NOTCOT, Gillette is sponsoring us to do our thing!

Technology is AWESOME. I love that moment where it becomes SO easy for just about anyone to capture things we couldn’t even fathom/experience fully without it… like all these tiny everything-proofed action cams that are becoming more and more easily available and create incredible imagery/video ultimately reminding us how amazing humans are… or mounted to things like RC flying magines to create incredible aerial flyover vids of Venice Beach. Why tradeoff between living the action and capturing it on camera? With these Mini HD action cams, you can capture and even stream your activities live and in HD. There’s something for surfers, divers, cyclists, drivers, and just about any other use if you get creative! Whatever your activity, they make a mount for it and a housing tough enough to withstand it. So grab a cam, a mount and get out there! See some of our most enticing finds on the next page!

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Operation Window Seat - PIT-LAX

pitlax0.jpg It’s been a little while since i’ve looked out a window, scrambled to find my camera, and just felt insanely inspired for one of these Operation Window Seat posts ~ but today was STUNNING. And there’s always something about falling asleep in one place (this time Pittsburgh) only to awaken somewhere about an hour out of LA to an absolutely BREATH TAKING sunset.

While i’m uncertain whether it’s the influence of the engineering/prototyping madness of the weekend i just spent at CMU with Toyota’s Ideas For Good adventure (sneak peek part I is here)… the unmistakeable sparkle of the city as we came in today kept feeling more like a giant circuit board… don’t the warehouse lighting patterns make them look like little chips? Also SO many brightly lit baseball fields! Even flowers of them jumping out between the glowing grid of the city… So anyhow, take a peek at more pics while i wake up here in LA and sift through so much more to share with you.

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Delirious Impressionist Sailing

wet1.jpg It’s like gorgeously mesmerizing artwork, no? Now imagine it constantly moving… I was too shaky to make a video of it for you, but believe me, it was mesmerizingly trippy and beautiful… amongst a strange 2 days. Not sure where to start ~ but i think i was mostly horizontal for about 48 hours on that Mercedes-Benz sailboat trip… and for those of you who got curious and have been asking if things were ok once they saw the posts on Mike Horn’s blog from the adventure… i get why you were worried now! Anyhow ~ after a super rough ~48 hours… which ended up being some massive mix of hibernation/seasickness for most on board (except of course for our fearless adventurer hosts!) Don’t worry, it all ends with some gloriously gorgeous shots as we sail under the Golden Gate at sunrise… a dozen or so hours later than expected (and of course, far more pics of that later). And right after that, i hopped back on the road and cruised back down to LA! So having left LA saturday morning, reached SF by Monday dawn, and back by late afternoon ~ what a whirlwind to say the least… so on where to start ~ how about what’s still stuck in my head tonight? Some delirious views of how i saw the world while drifting in and out of so many trippy dreams and inspiring conversations… and LOTS of water? Rolling in and out of sleep ~ being picked up by massive waves that would suddenly DROP the whole boat (and you along with it) creating the strangest sensation of gravity-free dreaming, only to catch you again? (Yea, brain trying to rationalize scattered series of those ended up interesting in dreams…) So, ready to see the crazy part? To the next page!

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Jill Greenberg: Glass Ceiling

glassceiling1.jpg On shows that would be lovely to see in person ~ the master manipulator photographer, Jill Greenberg, has a NY show coming up ~ “Glass Ceiling” at ClampArt starting on June 16th. She “revisits her interest in feminist art for her new series (which was the focus of her senior thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design over twenty years ago). The photographs in this body of work picture female athletes and dancers underwater engaged in a variety of ambiguous and dynamic movements. The women wear colorful bathing suits and high heels in complimentary hues, forcing one to question how and why these models are immersed.” Even in times like today, so much, yet so little has changed. And it’s hard not to be reminded you’re a woman (which of course is a double edged sword… depending on how you wield it!) ~ and these pictures capture a feeling that i’m sure we’ve all come up against…. is she breaking through the glassy water tension? or is she just gasping for air? Take a peek at the stunning series on the next page…

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High Res Arm Chair Traveling

maps1.jpg This post is sponsored by Best Buy, and is the brainchild of NOTCOT. These tips for great photos are brought to you by Best Buy.

It’s absolutely amazing what you can see through the window of your computer these days. I won’t lie ~ my high res camera has definitely been my third eye when i’m out and about. Coming home and taking images off my Canon 5D Mark II, I ALWAYS find details i could not have possibly seen with my naked eye ~ at events, off in the horizon, tiny details… it’s unbelievable. Now take that even further… there’s an awe inspiring trend of super high res imagery from view points around the world. With sites like Paris 26 Gigapixels, 360 Cities, Gigapan, and more - the world is literally at your fingertips to spin around, and zooooooooooom into! Think of these as panoramas on steroids ~ with super vision? Take a peek at a few examples of Paris, Dresden, London, and Alpstein on the next page!

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GoPro HD Hero Camera + LCD BacPac

gopro0.jpg On fun toys that just arrived… i think i’m in love ~ some things just flood your brain with ideas and it’s the best high. So tiny. So simple. Yet does SO MUCH. With a massive dslr and decent mobile pics these days ~ it’s hard to figure out what else is a car/purse worthy photography gadget. Well, i can think of a million ideas of where to stick, hang, clasp, dunk, strap, swing, launch it… this teeny tiny GoPro HD Hero Camera has infinite mount options, waterproof housing is a default, windproof audio, wide angle views, 1080p HD, super low-light sensitivity, interval photo modes, an awesome sounding battery life ~ and so much more. AND - with the LCD BacPac, i can check the pics on the go… So before the fun begins ~ wanted to share the unbox, because on top of all the features packed into the stealthy little cam… it’s well packaged and designed too! Take a peek on the next page…

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