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Tastespotting 1 month

For the last month, i've never been hungrier, and my cravings have never been more bizarre... and the one thing they all have in common is imagery on tastespotting. So here's a nice little roundup of some of the deliciousness thats been haunting me and dramatically raising the bar for the food in my life. So go browse, drool, explore, and start cooking even!

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NOTCOT.ORG #037 - vids

Welcome back after the gorgeous long weekend... to all you stateside kids. I've decided to do my .org roundups still weekly, but more of a whenever i feel inspired to do one as themes pop up. And this week there has been so many great videos i get lost in... if notcot has a tv channel, this is the type of stuff you'd be watching... So as you sit at your desk and need some inspiration to sit back and zone out too:

- 3135:: Pleix's Birds :: what feels like dogs on trampolines in slomo with Vitalic in the background... i can't stop watching this one.

- 3173:: Pes' Human Skateboard Ad :: Mesmerizing... and you must check out all of his other shorts and ads as well, i particularly recommend the Roof Sex and the Making of Roof Sex.

- 3169:: Ok Go's Do What You Want Video :: Banksy's elephant stunt meets crazy Ok Go fast paced tune is a sure waker upper.

- 3158:: Guinness' Hands :: You can even cut and paste your own video... it will make you look at your hands differently for at least a few minutes.

- 3192:: Podlove :: It really is a few shorts about life, love, and the technology that effects them... especially "i love like blood".

- 3112:: Rabbids Don't Date :: Rayman's Rabbids are the BEST game ever on the Wii especially... and their animated shorts are pure brilliance. If this doesn't make you smile, i worry for you.


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Valentine's 2007

Happy Valentine's Day ~ also happy first .org roundup since i've missed the last two? It's been 36 weeks of .org! and week 4 of Tastespotting already!

So in lieu of a proper roundup, or even a massive roundup to make up for it ~ here's a V-day roundup, since seldom will you see this much pink, red, and hearts on NOTCOT. Love/Hate cards, Free Vday Photoshop Brushes (no this should NOT count as your present to that special someone), Heart and Arrow Necklace, Kahlua infused heart shaped brownie ice cream sandwiches, glossy red raspberry ganache filled, opulent white choc coated hearts in gorgeous signature circular Pierre Marcolini boxes, and last but not least heart shaped plum cakes waiting patiently for the oven.

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Busy week here ~ but some really inspiring + fun posts up on .org this week! From impressive larger than life sculptures, projection art, balloon messaging, broken engrish signage, and the ridiculously popular "You are a douche." cards. Not to mention the droolalicious launch of Tastespotting!

(l-r, 2886, 2882, 2881, 2879, 2852)


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NOTCOT.ORG has come a long way, been good fun, and we're still growing and trying to figure out where to take it... do you love it as a place to over indulge in design/inspiration daily? do you want a resource? do you want to search by color? shape? theme?

It's come to my attention that some people don't quite "get" the difference between the two sites (notcot.com and notcot.org) so for quick clarification... think of it as two different filtration levels... with all that designer goodness in the world, first level of filtration is NOTCOT.ORG that gives you quick visual tasters with a blurb to help you out, and you can click to see more. NOTCOT.com is more magazine/feature style filtration... focusing in tighter on things we love that you will probably see on or from NOTCOT.ORG as well. NOTCOT.ORG is for user contributions ~ group bulletin board of sorts where we would normally stick inspiring magazine pages and such...

As for why i'm late this week on the roundup (and even then decided to post my favorite row of the week) - i up and drove to SF yesterday, and then proceeded to not stop until 2am, got a few hours of sleep, then was up and at it all day today as well between meetings and such, but don't worry, i'll be back on top of things tomorrow, and there is a lot of exciting news to share in the upcoming weeks!


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Yet another slightly belated .org roundup! This week there was a whole lot of art inspiring us all!

2630, 2634, 2638, 2644, 2657


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The last .org roundup of 2006 - RUGenius said it was time to get organized... so here you go: 2601 - spaghetti book, 2580 - paint splatter clock, 2572 - CARDBOY calendar! (if you haven't made one, you MUST its sooooo sweet), 2592 - portable humidifier to breathe easy, & 2576 - the ultimate calendar... buon ano!


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NOTCOT.ORG #028-029

Ok - first - oops. I missed last week's .org roundup, and then when Shade Elaine and i realized it, it was so close to the next one, and then i nearly missed this one... So some good wintry goodies - mod wreaths, snow scents, woody snowboards, xmas camo, and snowboard benches... [l-r, 2465, 2464, 2456, 2439, 2428]

By the way - registered .org people will have a chance to win a special extra prize - the Oakley oROKR and iCombi - image below...

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With all the random snapshots of designer goodness and random inspiration submitted to .org every week, its getting harder and harder to pick for the roundups!

So Shade Elaine did the honors this week. "It's 2:05am on Thursday and we are tirrrred. We got some useful things to check out on .org this week: a handy font booklet, silly bottle openers, a great resource for car designs/logos, a place to sit, and something to get you around town if you put wheels on it." You have NO IDEA how tired we are. It has been a LONG week, and i'm still working my butt off trying to get this surprise ready for you guys next week. So please keep the awesome posts coming to .org, it makes the days that much more fun!

p.s. contrary to the emails and comments coming in more frequently, we are neither a store, nor necessarily have relationships with the vendors/designers we feature. Sometimes we do! But please try contacting them via their pages if you have questions about specific products/services.

(l-r, 2032, 2041, 2045, 2046, 2050)


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Gift List Experiment

Go on - try clicking specific images up there! This is my collaged IMAGE MAP Can't Go Wrong Gift List over at ThisNext. (my claim is that there is something for your everyone on here.) In actuality, this post is a test of a new tool/feature i've been working on for ThisNext that we soft launched over the weekend: Blog-It- It take next to no effort to post your recommendations, and for lists, it will create an image map from a list ~ [something i've been thinking about doing for the .org roundups for sometime now, but seriously, photoshopping and coding image maps by hand are a pain!] ~ so each of those images links you directly to the item pages... and you can set the width, # of columns, # of items, etc. [Another example of a larger version of this image below]. We've worked hard to make sure this tool will help make blogging easier, not push ThisNext branding on your blog, and i'm really obsessed with the image map functionality that anyone can put into their blog with this... I'm still working on testing this with a few people, it will probably officially launch in a few days, but if you'd like to help try it out ~ would love the feedback! (details after the jump)

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Shade Elaine and I realized that today there was such a Noah's Ark thing going on, we had to highlight that for this week's .org roundup. Also i'm sure you've noticed a lot of new users submitting some incredibly good stuff, well don't let that intimidate you from submitting your finds too! (been getting a few emails from people with submissions instead of just submitting them, that's what its there for!)

(l-r, 1986, 1983, 1982, 1981, 1979)


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NOTCOT.org #020

I hope you'll forgive me for breaking my own random tradition of the .org roundups on Thursdays, this whole time zone hopping tradeshow buzzing thing has me a bit thrown off - so in only semi breaking the norm - check out my favorite row from this week - and go get lost in NOTCOT.org and find your own favorites! Because there really was so much amazing design inspiration, i don't think anything i pick can really do it justice.


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iPod Review Roundup

So it's been iPod day here at NOTCOT, three great cases found their way here this week, and i was impressed enough that i saved them to show you all at once. You've seen the thorough reviews of the Brenthaven Flip Case, Podstar Diablo Darkside, and the Vaja i-volution Case... but how do they compare?

In my opinion, and after some serious ipod case shopping, there are a LOT out there, and only few that truly stand out in terms of design, quality, functionality and packaging. These three all have a bit of character and stood out above the rest. Together i feel they show you three personalities of my ipod, ok or i shouldn't project onto my technology... they perfectly represent my various moods when using my ipod. My final conclusions? See below.

And if you beg to differ, or have better options to offer, feel free to comment.

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NOTCOT.org #019

I think i'm aging faster lately because these .org roundups are how i measure time, and it feels like they are every other day practically. You too? Or maybe thats just me?

My mom has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration, as well as one of the most influential design sources to both my sister and I, so you can't imagine how happy i am that she reads and loves the site, and even offered to pick this week's .org roundup! So here we have some of her picks of clean minimalistic/utilitarian design choices... from compartmentalized recycling/trash bins, functional tiles, pasta plates, dominoes, and print-a-toast.

(l-r, 1558, 1588, 1586, 1600, 1583)


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PingMag on Lelo

It has come up a lot this week ~ designer sex toys ~ all over the net, but especially on .org. So when i just came across the latest PINGmag article, and it had great images of the Lelo display at Lyon Mode City tradeshow, as well as an insightful and thoughtfully laid out interview with the founder of Sense & Sensuality ~ it felt worth a mention. Is it really any wonder that designer sextoys are popping up everywhere now? It is often that well designed objects with gorgeous curves are described as "sexy" and are certainly lust worthy (insert mental image of your favorite sports car here) ~ so why shouldn't sex toys be "sexy" in design? Other recent roundups of the designer sextoy trend are Haute Sex and Haute Sex II at Coolhunting and even Treehugger TV did their "How to buy a green sex toy" episode. So anyhow, just wanted to make a note of the exponentially growing trend in the design world ~ and Lelo still has my vote for being one of the most consistently design conscious lines out there ~ nice to see how well branded everything from their packaging and product design are to their display with the bottom lighting, clean eye-catching photography, and well dressed creative director is (previous review and post about them here)


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NOTCOT.org #016


This week's roundup selected by Shade Elaine... Been a busy week! She says, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Us, Notcot kids, have been working so much lately so here are some things I'd rather be playing with instead.

(l-r, 1334, 1325, 1309,1311, 1292)


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Its the end of the world... dinosaurs, paint barrages, gas masks, and giant squids from the deep... I don't think the deer are going to make it. (l-r, 966, 963, 959, 953, 956)

This weeks .org roundup digitally picked for you by Jackson.


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A Drinking Tour of LA

This isn't your average drinking tour of LA... as a native its come to my attention that i might quite possibly take the abundance of designer water available for granted. It is simply a way of life. Our new NOTCOT Intern, Caroline Freedman ran around town today to give you a rundown of what's on our shelves, and keeping us hydrated during this bizarrely humid heatwave. Water is water in a designer bottle that makes you want to buy it, drink it, treasure it, and then buy another. Do you have a favorite? Show us some we missed?

And readers - she wants to make you happy. So give me some feedback here ~ this NYU girl is ready to run around LA and find you the designer goods to make you drool over - but we need some direction - what are YOU interested in? What do you think of her roundup below?

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Git along little doggie, git along git along...that’s right boys and girls, its time for the weekly .org roundup. It’s been another wild week at .org with generous posting by plenty of the old crew as well as some classy contributions from the new school. We’ve got fab tintin figurines, a gorgeous ecosmart fireplace, sunlight trapped in a jar, the ever-so-handy self-destruct button and floating tigers. Keep posting .orgers! --- This week's were digitaly picked for you by RUGenius.

(l-r, 786, 810, 850, 770, 775)


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