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To Each Their Own.

mainhonda1.jpg This post is a NOTCOT Exclusive sponsored by Honda as part of their Super Civic Quest running across the internet. Odds are you either found this post like a normal NOTCOTer or found your way here through the Super Civic Quest!

You found it! The hipster lumberjack and his squirrel, the ninja asian girl, the luchador, the monster, and the zombie! What do they all have in common? 2012 Honda Civics - one customized for each of them! How fun is the idea that amongst all kinds of crazy new features, your car can be a super digital photo frame? Yes, you can actually set wallpapers on your car dash with the i-MID system (available on the EX model with navigation) - so instantly flip over from checking your mileage range, making phone calls, exploring your mp3 player… back to any picture of your choice! And Honda’s given us an exclusive set of wallpapers with their latest characters as part of this secret quest spread throughout the internet… Their videos crack me up too! So check out the videos and wallpapers… and maybe the clue to your next destination… on the next page! Happy hunting!

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Laundry Accessories to Show Off!

laundry0.jpg This series/post is brought to you by Gillette. Learn more about Gillette and its products at Gillette.com. As usual, thoughts and ideas are all NOTCOT, Gillette is sponsoring us to do our thing!

Buying and owning is really only half the battle… responsibility… whatever you want to call it when you are talking about all the clothes and other accouterments we adorn ourselves with. For this post, Leo and Marcia delved into the world of laundering and objects that help us care for the clothes we love that are worth showing off like a gorgeous piece of furniture. From laundry baskets to ironing boards that look like works of art ~ to unusually dressing/hanging stations and convertible furniture! Take a peek at it all on the next page!

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Coffee "Machine" Roundup!

coffee0.jpg This series/post is brought to you by Gillette. Learn more about Gillette and its products at Gillette.com. As usual, thoughts and ideas are all NOTCOT, Gillette is sponsoring us to do our thing!

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! This time Leo researched SO many devices that could make coffee we didn’t even know where to start narrowing them down. Well, we’ve decided to roundup some of the prettiest, cordless, coffee/espresso makers ~ from stove top to vacuum to portable… these are all intriguingly beautiful enough to leave out with pride. Ready to take a look at what we found? Check it out on the next page!

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Microscopic Photography: Beyond the naked eye

micro1.jpg This post is sponsored by Best Buy, and is the brainchild of NOTCOT. These tips for great photos are brought to you by Best Buy.

This all started with capturing special moments ~ but ALL moments are special! (And if not, you’re doing it wrong.) And as i tried to figure out what special moment to share, i found myself sitting outside on the grass… macbook air in hand, various cameras next to me, and started exploring with the usb microscope plugged in… turning the macbook air into my microscope screen! And as i played, i found this tiny flower of flowers… and kind of got lost in that moment exploring every little bit of it ~ when suddenly something RAN BUY. Yes, horror movie style. At 200x zoom, the tiniest things seem pretty huge. And i started trying to find it again! They must be teeny tiny aphids or spiders or something… and as i came up out of this random adventure with a bunch of pics all over my desktop, it hit me, how amazing it is that just playing around its so easy for us to capture images like these now! So take a peek at my little microscopic adventure on the next page, and don’t forget ever moment is special for some reason, and even the most mundane of things can become an adventure to share in pics! Ok go see the mini beasts!

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5 Things Powering NOTCOT

notcotrunson.jpg Thanks to American Express OPEN for sponsoring this post as part of the Big Break for Small Business program. Visit FaceBook.com to learn more about the Big Break contest. Enter your small business for a chance to win a trip to Facebook headquarters for a one-on-one business makeover and $20,000 to grow your business with social media. See Official Rules for complete details.

It’s always strange to stop and think about NOTCOT as a business. Usually shiny objects, exciting inspiration, things to see and places to go get in the way ~ and my mind spins off towards some awesome distraction. But as a business, particularly as a super visual internet business, there are partners and products i can’t imagine getting here without! The evolution of all things NOTCOT has been so gradual ~ fueled by following passions and spontaneous experiments ~ i don’t know if there’s ONE thing that gave it a “big break” ~ but there are definitely major moments when you feel the shift ~ transitions from one level to the next! So perhaps the moment i had to start admitting NOTCOT was bigger than a fun project and i needed to start thinking about bringing on help was one of the biggest ones! When American Express OPEN reached out to sponsor content around what gave NOTCOT its “Big Break” ~ i couldn’t resist this excuse to share some of them with you, and also shout out a huge THANK YOU to them! So take a peek on the next page at what powers the world of NOTCOT (besides giddy passion and a continual hunt for inspiration)!

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Suspended Minis in Milan

mini0.jpg Thanks, Veuve Clicquot, for sponsoring our Milano Design Week coverage! That cute little icon up there is their new Clicq’up.

Hard to miss, yet so adorably cute ~ this cluster of crane suspended Mini Coopers are hanging out in Milan! And for whatever reason, i’ve been having far too many conversations about hoisting cars up on to roofs and what not with cranes, so had to share this display! See more pics from other angles on the next page!

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Sponsored: NOTCOT on PopPressed

poppressed.jpg We’re excited to announce being part of a new Wordpress project, PopPressed, featuring daily arts and style coverage from around the web (including NOTCOT!). The collaboration between the blogging platform and our ad folks, Federated Media, promises “the freshest in culture” across photos and features. It’s presented and supported by Lexus’ new CT Hybrid. You can follow PopPressed on Twitter and Facebook and send along your own concepts for coverage.


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Gift Guide: TV outdoors

outdoors.jpg This post is the last of three gift guides sponsored by Xfinity. Focused on themes of gifts and gadgets that help us push the boundaries of how and where we watch TV! As usual ~ content is all me, and they’re sponsoring me to do it! And for the official bit: “This post is brought to you by Xfinity from Comcast. Watch all your favorite shows from anywhere with Xfinity TV. The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Comcast or its partners” Advertisement

Ick, feeling sick today, and supposed to drive to vegas in the morning to join in the CES madness that is kicking off! Had hoped to get a few more posts together, but those will have to wait! In the mean time… here’s a look at a few fun ways to watch TV outside, and the devices you need to do it! From picnics and drive-ins in the back yard, to backpacking/camping, to playing out by the pool, to tailgating! So fun how streaming anything to and from just about anywhere is possible these days! See it all on the next page!

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Gift Guide - Kids On The Go

ggkidsongo.jpgThis is the last of three gift guides for those on the GO! This content series is brought to you by Intel AppUpâ„ . Find free and paid apps for your lifestyle. Get started.

Gift Guide time! This time ideas for the Kids On The Go ~ unlike the Business Traveler on the Go list and the Jetsetter On The Go list… here’s one for traveling with KIDS! (Particularly the younger ones! So, some fun ideas for newer parents transitioning from jetsetter to jetsetter and a half?) Check out the product picks on the next page!

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Fashion Embedded Technology

techcloth0.jpg This post is brought to you by Old Navy. Thanks, Old Navy, for inspiring me to rant about tech fashion!Advertisement

When faced with writing a post on technology in fashion instigated by Old Navy and their new Techno Hoodies, we went through everything we could find. It’s actually been a fascinating research project of sorts exploring what is happening in the fashionable technology world, and sadly i expected more! We need more wearable tech! Or washable, wearable tech? The easy thing was letting my mind wander in and out of scifi movies, combining things i’d find, imagining what could be next… so on the next page you’ll see a few examples of my favorite technology in fashion innovations!

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Gift Guide: Jetsetter On The Go

jetset0.jpgThis is the second of three gift guides for those on the GO! This content series is brought to you by Intel AppUpâ„ . Find free and paid apps for your lifestyle. Get started.

Gift Guide time! This time ideas for the Jetsetter On The Go ~ unlike the Business Traveler on the Go list, this list is more for that person on an escape! a vacation! a luxurious relaxing getaway… ok fine, this is secretly a wishlist of sorts as well… may 2011 hold the kind of vacations that need the goodies on the next page ;)

Go see the list!

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Sponsored: Windows 7

cloud.jpg This sponsored post is brought to you by Windows 7 - text is by Federated Media, silly pic is me… and i couldn’t resist, so i embedded some of the hilarious Windows 7 “To The Cloud” ads i love on the next page just for fun!

Defying the Laws of Physics
Who says you can’t be in more than one place at a time? Sorry, physics - modern technology has defied you and found a way for us to be at home while at work, or at work while at home. No, this isn’t a figment of some multitasker’s imagination. It’s reality for those who get to the cloud with Windows Live.

With Active Desktop, you can access your PC from almost anywhere. The days of lost zip drives and forgotten files are but a distant, bad memory. And, Windows Mesh assures that the files on your PC sync up with all of your devices - from your laptop to your smart phone to your office computer, so that you always have the most recent version of your work in front of you.

Of course, it’s not all about work. You’ll also be able to tap into and share your music collection, photos, and other media. Cloud computing is really about staying connected - not only to your own data, but to others. Whether you start up an HD Chat to share and discuss files, or use one click to share a photo from your awesome concert seats with your social network, you’re connected.

In other words, you’re everywhere.

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Gilt Man: Behind Love Moschino

logodgman.jpg Last week the world of Gilt Man let me behind the scenes in their Brooklyn warehouse to sneak peek tomorrow’s sales in the making! This may well be one of the coolest posts i’ve ever been sponsored to do! Broken up into two parts, today i’m excited to give you a peek at one of TOMORROW’s sales… jumped in behind the Love Moschino sale… so on the next page you can see how these sales come to be ~ from product to model to retouchers to the screen ~ to YOU! I’ll fill you in along the way on how unique their shooting process is as well! See it all on the next page!

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Starbucks 12 Days of Sharing

starbucksorg.jpg Click Here On fun new sponsorships ~ Starbucks is celebrating their 12 Days of Sharing advent calendar like holiday event on NOTCOT.org with fun hidden surprises popping up each day around the site! Click on them to find out more ~ and see if you spot them all over the next 12 days! Every day will be a little different!

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Sponsored: American Express Currency℠

currency.jpg This is a sponsored post from our friends at Currency℠ a service from American Express! A new site focused on helping you make smart decisions when it comes to money ~ and NOTCOT even has a column there showcasing some of our favorite products that are worth every penny!Click Here

Finances as a Work of Art? Sort of… Thanks to Unique American Express Site

Navigating your finances these days can be like trying to understand a piece of contemporary art. Although it’s hard to make sense of it at first, it’s really not all that complex once you break it down. The Currency℠ site from American Express helps do just that with resources dedicated to helping young adults simplify their money matters, plan for the future, and take control of their financial lives.

To get a good sense of all the site has to offer, start with the Currency 101 blog that provides an overview of the site’s offerings. The “Spending” section is all about making your money work for you. “Planning & Savings” helps prepare you for your future—managing your finances a year from now, or starting to put money away for retirement. “Big Decisions” helps prepare you financially for life’s milestones. Surf around and score financial strategies on all parts of your life: saving up to get a pet, cheap ideas for going out, how to negotiate your lease, how to handle student loan payments.

Beyond reading the Currency℠ site’s articles and blog posts, users can take advantage of some cool interactive content as well. There’s Currency Coursework, which brings the classroom to you, educating users about personal finance topics with guidance from Knowledge@Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Log in and learn—and there won’t be any midterms.

And for iPhone users, the Social Currency app, powered by Foursquare, lets you check in and share your purchasing experiences and deals with your friends, while racking up points and earning badges.

Head to GetCurrency.com, and get socially and sensibly savvy with your money.


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Inspiration: X-rays

xray0.jpg Here’s the fourth post in our Inspiration series! Sponsored by Veer.com ~ we get to have some fun and go image researching across the internet around random themes inspiring us at the moment.. and share what we find! This time fascination with x-rays as an art form are my inspiration! So on the next page you can find a variety of artists and photographers who use x-rays are their medium ~ as well as a peek at my Veer Album of X-ray pics!

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Inspiration: Shrooms!

shrooms0.jpg Here’s the fifth post in our Inspiration series! Sponsored by Veer.com ~ we get to have some fun and go image researching across the internet around random themes inspiring us at the moment.. and share what we find! Well this time ~ going through so many scotland pictures, i found these mushrooms on a beautifully dark tree stump, growing amongst some moss… and they were so fascinating, i dropped to the ground to take pics of them while walking back to the house! So, inspired by these, i’ve dug up lots of mushrooms growing in grass/forests/etc on the next page that i found over at Veer.com! And you have to check out the closeup of these crazy scottish ones!

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Sponsored: 901 Tequila

902teq.jpg Here’s a sponsored post from our friends at 901 Tequila ~ a natural NOTCOT fit, since i’ve been secretly loving these ads directed by JT himself…

Put Down the Shot Glass and Pick Up 901 Silver Tequila

901 Silver Tequila, the new premium spirit from Justin Timberlake, is unlike the tequila you drank in college. A triple distilled spirit with an incredibly smooth finish, 901 Silver can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Passionate for tequila, but tired of being left unsatisfied, Timberlake decided to make his own. With the Tequilera Newton distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, he helped create the world’s finest, smoothest tequila.

The recipe took more than three generations to perfect and uses only the best ingredients, like 100% Blue Weber Agave. With an aroma unlike other tequilas, its unique flavor and surprisingly smooth finish put 901 Silver Tequila in a league of its own.

The next time you’re out for a good time, drop the salt and lime and take a sip of the tequila that’s redefining how we drink it.

For more pics and vids ~ see the next page and check out more at 901 Stories!

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Inspirations: Iconic Imagery/Signage

veer1.jpg Here’s the first post in a fun new series! Sponsored by Veer.com ~ we get to have some fun and go image researching around random themes inspiring us at the moment.. and share what we find! Honestly, these types of random inspiration hunts we wander off on from google image searches to flickr to scouring NOTCOT itself and just wandering deeper into the internet… are pretty common, just seldom do we keep track and share it out as a post! So to kick things off Leo and i decided to explore what initially started as a hunt for cool imagery on signage… that ended up leading to some crazy graphical wall coverings that included cool imagery from signs and more… take a peek at the randomness we were inspired by on our internet exploration on the next page! Additionally check out more on the theme in my Veer Lightbox on Signage… but first fun pics that inspired us on the next page!

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Sponsored: NAT GEO AMAZING! Book

natgeobook00.jpg This is a Sponsored Post by Nat Geo AMAZING - a NOTCOT first, and even this i couldn’t resist doing my way. I was so intrigued by what they wanted to advertise, they sent a copy of the book over, and i took pics of some of my favorite pages to share! Check out what they have to say below ~ and see my pictures on the next page!

Brain Candy for Busy People Death-defying antics, leaps of faith, artfully rendered engineering masterpieces, tricks of the eye in 3-D (no special glasses needed) - National Geographic has long been known for capturing the most unexpected, unusual, and wild encounters in nature. Their newly launched franchise - “NAT GEO AMAZING!” - is no exception.

Visually stunning video and photography celebrate the world’s most fascinating people, places, and things in a 10-part television series airing on the National Geographic Channel and a full-color companion book (perfect poolside or beach reading material), “NAT GEO AMAZING! 100 People, Places and Things That Will Wow You.

See surfers ride the barrel from inside the waves, stuntmen perform explosive escapades, and daredevils do everything from chase tornadoes to climb ice. Get ready for warm and fuzzy feelings with whimsical stories like the surprising friendship between a tiger and a pig and heart-pounding moments as a man escapes death in Dangerous Reef, Australia. Discover wacky but true stories that are sure to make you the life of the party this summer. (Did you hear the one about the woman who married the Eiffel Tower? For real.)

Our world is awe-inspiring, sometimes bizarre, and often surprising, and “NAT GEO AMAZING! 100 People, Places and Things That Will Wow You” brings the most thrilling tales, raw beauty, and odd phenomena to life. It’s National Geographic as you’ve never seen it before.

The book is available wherever books are sold and the series debuts on the National Geographic Channel, July 9, 2010, 7 p.m. EST. Get even more involved online at NAT GEO AMAZING where you’ll find videos, music, photos, and more.

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