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Gregory Buntain

0604buntain1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another lovely post from Anna of Sub-Studio ~ and i totally had this on my list of things to post when i got back! I guess that's why she's a perfect fit for NOTCOT =)

Gregory Buntain is an Industrial Design major at Pratt Institute. Currently working for Brave Space Design and developing his own projects at Pratt, he exhibits a great design eye and really great carpentry skills.

My favorite project is Carbon, a set of diamond-shaped salt and pepper shakers. My only gripe with the project is that they are made of injection molded plastic (I would love to see them in wood). Gregory's website showcases a bunch of different projects, many of which begin flat-packed and are assembled by the user. He includes lots of great photo-diagrams on how to assemble or use each piece.

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More Bird Feeders/Houses

0528birdhouse.jpgNOTCOT Note: I finally got to meet up with Anna and Sean of Sub-Studio when i was in NY, and they are even more fun than i could have imagined! Definitely NOTCOT people, and i'm so excited to have her as a contributor! (I'm not so used to the meeting people on the internets, still a bit odd to me for some reason?)... anyhow! Here's a fun new post from Anna!

Jean did a round-up recently of bird feeders and I wanted to add some great bird houses to the mix. I love the Nidusa birdhouse by Art. Lebedev - the faceted shape is beautiful! If I had some outdoor space, I would definitely hang one of those up to attract some little birdie friends. A few more feeders are after the jump!

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Wing-Ip Ngan/Ink Design


I came across Wing-Ip Ngan's Etsy store a while back and fell in love with his prints - so colorful and whimsical...They remind me a bit of the nonsensical phrases on notebooks and cards that I used to come across during my childhood in Thailand - lighthearted and a little bit random. Wing-Ip uses a Gocco primarily to print and I have to give props to his Gocco skills - all of his prints are made of multiple screens and colors (registration is no easy feat, people, at least not with our little B6 machine).

More of Wing-Ip's prints can be found in his Etsy store. For some of his graphic design work, check out Ink Design.

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Interview with Studio Lo

0425studiolo1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Interviews! We don't have many of them on NOTCOT so far, but Anna's introduction of them certainly has been refreshing to read... check out this great chat she had with Studio Lo! Also, feel free to let us know what you think, and if you'd like to see more of these, or interviews with specific people...

I wrote a post about Studio Lo a few months ago. I was (and remain) struck by Studio Lo's minimal use of materials, gorgeous packaging, and the way each object is flat-packed and constructed by you, the user. In order to get more insight into their work and process, I decided to ask them a few questions about their work and process, and Eva Guillet and Aruna Ratnayake were kind enough to let me interview them. Check out the interview after the jump.

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Plane Jane

0416plane2.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another treat from Anna of Sub-Studio!

Swissmiss turned me on to Delaney Jane Larson, who creates gorgeous illustrations under the pseudonym of Plane Jane. I very much like how she has usurped the iconography of traditional playing card designs to create her own cast of characters. The subject of her work is very much the stuff of dreams - little monsters, the wool of shorn sheep creating clouds, pimped out Kings and Queens. Her color palette is kept fairly limited in order to "counterbalance the situational idiosyncrasies" of her illustrations. Her strongest work is in the illustrations and paintings themselves, although she has translated some of the illustrations into t-shirts, cards, ceramics, and tote bags, available here. See more of her great illustrations after the jump!

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Start Here / Little Fury

0405littlefury1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another post from Anna of the lovely Sub-Studio! You can also see her artwork in the tags on the side of the page right now!

Little Fury is the design collaborative of Esther Mun and Tina Chang. The two met in New York at Pentagram, and after a few stints at different offices, started Little Fury with the design philosophy:

No design for the sake of design.
No "overdone" products.
No "cutesy doodads".
Simplicity. Functionality. Practicality. Innovation. Individuality.

The result is an impressive portfolio of branding/identity projects and gorgeous product packaging, including the product series Start Here - a set of linkable notebooks and planners. Individual notebooks can be linked together as you need and customized with self-adhesive pockets and colorful tabs. The cover is stain resistant, waterproof, and tear-resistant, and the interior paper is available in blue, grey, white, pink, manila, and green.

Check out more great projects after the jump.

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Gallery NOTCOT: Sub-Studio

substudio12.jpgLook left. Look right. I'm excited to announce that we are showcasing the works of Sub-Studio in the gallery hang tags!!! While most of you should be quite familiar with Sub-Studio (anna has been contributing some pretty amazing posts to NOTCOT)... for those who don't know, Sub-Studio is the dynamic husband and wife duo - anna corpron and sean auyeung - with some incredible illustration/print skills, an adorable online shop, and a very cool blog. So explore an excerpt of their work through the tags - click away to see full pics in the gallery!

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Julie Krakowski

0402krakowski1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another post from Anna of the lovely Sub-Studio! I can't decide whether Julie's work here creeps me out and/or is incredibly awesome...

Julie Krakowski is a designer creating conceptual textiles. Take Coffee and Cigarettes I - a series of textiles based on the marks typically left on linens by everyday life, such as cigarette burns, and food stains. Each mark is painstakingly embroidered into the linen. This series seeks to "accentuate the importance of the random and the ambiguity between the worn and the precious". Other textile explorations look at material transformation, such as molting and shedding, as well as textiles based on the organic world of mosses, vines, flowers, lichens and shells.

Check out more of Julie's work after the jump.

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0319edible1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Sub-Studio reader Kariann sent me a link to Edible's Aphrodisiac Pearl Chocolate Paste as a submission for February's chocolate themed Idea's column. Being that we were just switching over to a conceptual shoe column, I didn't get a chance to include the link, but I fell in love with Edible while browsing their site. I'll be the first to admit that I'm partially charmed by the exotic snacks that they carry, but beyond interesting items (chocolate covered scorpions, anyone?), their products are beautifully crafted and packaged. The Antlix Lollipop (below) is gorgeous - it looks like little black seeds frozen in ice. Check out more potentially tasty, pretty things after the jump. Oh - and if you aren't from America, Edible's wares aren't ridiculously expensive.

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San Zhi

0315sanzhi1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I came across a flickr set today with some amazing pictures of an abandoned housing complex called San Zhi outside of Taipei, Taiwan. A google search didn't bring up much information, but from what I can gather, it was apparently built in the early 1980s as a series of vacation homes marketed towards affluent Taipei residents seeking to get out of the city.

The speculation about why the site was abandoned varies, with the most interesting being that a series of fatal accidents occurred during construction, causing locals to believe the site was haunted, and therefore instigating the developer's decision to stop construction (and also putting a stop to any future redevelopment). A more mundane reason listed for the abandonment was the developer running out of money, but I'll go with the first reason, thank you!

Architecturally speaking the houses are super cool, being very futuristic for the 80's (even by today's standards) with the cantilevered, modular pods houses (think Archigram). Check out more amazing photos from two flickr sets after the jump!

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Rahee Yoon

0312yoon1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Rahee Yoon is sticking it to the old adage that bigger is better. Rather than going for the largest carat, Rahee has created what she calls "the world's thinnest ring" - out of a single sheet of paper. She designed two books around these rings - one with 25 different ring designs, and the other describing the processes to cut the rings out of the book. The result is conceptual, ephemeral jewelry. See more of her rings after the jump!

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0305teori1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Saw these gorgeous vases by Teori over at Designklub. Teori is a Japanese design collective with a focus on bamboo household objects. The craftsmanship in each piece from their Laminated Bamboo Lumber Project is beautiful, but what I love most are the surprising details, like the split in the wood that becomes the opening for the vase, or the slight peak in the bamboo tray (after the jump) that functions as a chopstick rest.

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0227nendo1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

nendo is a Japanese design firm run by Oki Sato. I'm loving his work, especially the products in his 1% project (only 100 pieces of each product were made - "to give owners the chance to experience the joy of owning 1%" - nice!).

The Fruit-Template (from the 1% project) puts the fruit on display, and moves away from the idea of a bowl by having the fruit plug into its similar shape. Tile Plants is an attempt to move us away from the negative association of grout lines (dirt/mold) and to make associations with growth and plant life.

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0222paraphernalia4.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I have long been a fan of Paraphernalia - a line of very graphic, acrylic jewelry by Vanda Noronha. I like the monotone of black and white in the collection, and appreciate the humor in the various pieces (an Inquisitive Vulture Brooch, anyone?). They are also super affordable - ranging between $13 and $30. Not at all bad for a very eye catching piece of jewelry!

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0221larry1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

&Larry is a Singaporean designer whose work very much references the local culture. We've all heard about the more infamous rules and regulations (no chewing gum other than therapeutic kinds), and &Larry's Anything but Red project is a direct response to what he calls "the stifling creative atmosphere that leads to the easy dismissal of potentially great ideas". The lamp base is made of stacked rolls of tapes of all kind - with the exclusion of red tape.

Another great project after the jump!

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Anon Pairot

0213pairot2.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Anon Pairot is a young furniture and product designer from Thailand with a body of work that reflects an innovative use of both material and function.

The Lampin Block (above) highlights the iconic shape of a lamp by illuminating the negative space of the concrete block. After the jump, check out the Vash Tray which has an ironic dual function - it serves both as an ash tray, and as a vase for freshly cut flowers. Also see the Pare Lounge Chair, Eng-Gu two seater, and Nature Hanger!

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Four Design

0208four1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Four Design is a Danish furniture design company run by architects Christina Strand and Niels Hvass. I love the clean lines of their work but I think what attracts me most is the way the chairs look when they are stacked. There's just something about the skewed geometries that is amazing. From the Four Cast line, I love the thinness of the chair's back, and how it is creased for your body. These chairs would be amazing in an auditorium or in an office conference room...

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Andrew Berman Architect

0206aba1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

This recently completed project by Andrew Berman Architect was designed as a library and studio for a writer. As you approach the studio, you are greeted by an oversize glass door, with nothing but trees providing a contextual scale for the building. The building is divided programmatically, with the studio lifted up off the ground (and therefore providing privacy from neighbors), and a storage area located at ground level. With the studio floor situated at the elevation of the tree canopies, a floor to ceiling picture window provides the inhabitant with panoramic views of the wooded area beyond. A building-wide skylight floods the studio with daylight. The exterior of the building is clad in copper, which is meant to weather naturally over the years.

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Studio Lo

0125lo1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I was blown away by Studio Lo's work when I came across it this week - it all seems to center around the idea of construction (my French is far from perfect, as is Altavista's Babelfish, so forgive me if something gets lost in translation). I love the colors and the simplicity of their work, and the packaging is pretty gorgeous, too! But what I love most is how they create an object out of one piece of wood, or one piece of cloth, or one piece of paper, with minimal waste and design moves. They work within the constraints of the material they have chosen, and the product is more amazing because of it.

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0116merdanchik1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I came across Merdanchik's work online for the first time tonight and was immediately floored by his amazing illustrations. The colors he uses, the textures...and I'm very curious about the narrative behind the imagery! Unfortunately, I can't find out much of anything about Merdanchik online, other than that he is a Russian artist with a really impressive body of work and client list. You can see more of his work on his two blogs, as well as on his flickr site. Any tips? Let me know!

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Lima 7192 Lush Ring

limaring1.jpgSub-Studio just featured these incredible Lima 7192 glass jewelry pieces, and i'm smitten by the Lush Ring VI-2. Something about the precious glass in such playfully organic shapes ~ so clear it's practically invisible, yet you can't take your eyes off it. See more enticing close-ups after the jump!

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Heiko - The State of Things

0102heiko1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I love Heiko's illustrations. To me, his work is about contrasts - black and white with a few dabs of CMYK, seemingly innocent scenes with slightly menacing undertones. Sometimes it's exactly the opposite - a monster or a volcano emanating hearts. The same graphic symbols appear in Heiko's work over and over again - pandas, hearts, volcanoes, eel-like skeletons, whistled notes, birds, usually reinterpreted per illustration (eel waves, Medusa-locks, eel peacock feathers). And the bonus? Heiko's work is very affordable, with prints ranging from $15-$35 (via Thumbtack Press), $1 postcards, and buttons for $3.

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Gift Guide Day 12

day12com.jpgGift Guide Day 12 is illustrated and hand picked by NOTCOT contributor, Anna, of Sub-Studio! And Anna's other half, Sean, put his incredible skills to use on the adorable frames... and the robot that is buzzing around hanging them!

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1207dbros1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

D-BROS is the product arm of advertising and graphic design firm, Draft Co., Ltd. I love almost everything that comes out of D-BROS - very witty 2-D and 3-D products. The Jewelgraphy card above would be great as a stocking stuffer (or as a card). It reminds me of the costume jewelry I used to play with as a kid, only cooler. After the jump are a few of D-BROS' 2008 calendars. I love how actual ribbons are incorporated into the design of the Ribbon calendar. The Joy by Day by Toy calendar starts as a blank slate but comes with a pack of coded stickers that allow you to decorate it on an as needed basis.

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1128feric1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I have long admired Eric Feng's (aka Feric) illustrations. His work is gorgeous - a mixture of real and imagined and of natural and mechanical. I love the fantastical, mechanical anatomies of his characters, and how you are given a peek at what is beneath through transparent layering.

Limited edition giclée prints of Feric's work are available at his online store. They are fairly pricey for a digital print, but I could almost be tempted because I love some of his pieces so much ("Roda. Continue" - I'm talking about you!). Worth checking out at the very least!

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