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On things to watch... WEJETSET (read: we jet set) is launching (and giving away a Mercedes C-Class Sports Sedan) September 18th , and i'm already excited to see what exactly it will be. So far it sounds right up our alley. What is it? Well, it claims to be "the store and voice of modern travel culture". It will have both online and physical stores as well as an online and print publication... "The inventory consists of design forward, functional items that represent a spectrum of premium goods ideal for the smart traveler." (sounds very NOTCOT)... and "[THE PUBLICATION] WEJETSET is the cultural reference for modern travel." (sounds intriguing).

They are also hunting for travel correspondents to report on their travel experiences, adventures and solutions for our online editorial. Oh, and about that C-Class, well you can sign up for their mailing list now, and a winner will be drawn on September 18th.

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PSP Passport to...

Lonely Planet and PSP teamed up last year to create this PSP Passport to... series of digital guides, and they were only released in Europe/Australia, and cover 6 European cities: Amsterdam, Prague, Rome, London, Paris, and Barcelona. Yes, i know i'm a year late on this one, but i only just stumbled upon them, and two things struck me: 1. Gorgeous covers (although strangely Katamari reminiscent... perhaps the crammed city highlights and the color/style of the illustrations) and 2. conceptually this is an interesting combination of gaming/digital entertainment handheld and lonely planet guide (both of which you are probably carrying while running around traveling), and far more navigable than an ipod guide... although this does make me wonder when the mini iPhone friendly pages will be popping up for travel guides, and for mapping, thanks to google maps on my phone, that part is now taken care of wherever i end up. Anyhow, check out the rest of the covers below, a youtube of the "game" in action, and some screenshots. Conclusion from what i read around the internets is that cool idea that fell short in execution. Also, although 39$ at Lonely Planet... these are all 7 pounds at Amazon UK.

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Iceland Cometh

Iceland Cometh - Icelandic Design Collective, Eve NYC Studio "Iceland Air presents a collective of Icelandic designers currently making their mark on the international landscape." Iceland is huge this year. Especially at ICFF with Reyka Vodka and Iceland Air really getting out there, and strongly supporting all the design goodness in the Meat Packing District. Gorgeous space ~ more images below! Love the way the Butterfly pieces make use of both reflections and shadows, and the stances and silhouettes of the fashion pieces are just intimidatingly stunning. And the shadows created by the multilayered precisely cut wood flowers in the chair are incredible.

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Off to NY

NOTCOT.org #4344NOTCOT.org #4343NOTCOT.org #4341NOTCOT.org #4335NOTCOT.org #4292NOTCOT.org #4290NOTCOT.org #4286NOTCOT.org #4272NOTCOT.org #4251NOTCOT.org #42206am flight to JFK ~ so not sure how much posting i'll be doing today, but hopefully Shade Elaine has some goodies for you... but before i try to catch an hour or two of shut eye... here's a fun roundup of some designer goodies, many of which i will hopefully be seeing in person, and other which would just be fun and or inspiring to have around. So, you know the drill... click those pics to find out more.


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On one of my obsessive design research missions - today i have been obsessing about elegantly designed functional carry on bags that are sturdy enough to withstand the elements, yet beautiful enough to not mind leaving out in your hallway. While working through options... i came across the Rimowa site and a few things jumped out that were visually noteworthy. Love the image of this case with all of the beat up stickers on it... almost enough to want to get one, stick a ton of great stickers on it, and beat it up travelling the world to get that perfectly aged effect. The Rimowa: Every Case Tells A Story Ad Spot and Making Of is just a brilliantly fast paced story that will make you wonder what your bags go through when you aren't looking. And they even collaborated with Porsche to have cases the perfectly fit that tiny trunk space AND match your paint coat. And although their main navigation page was a bit annoying to browse, its still kind of an interesting concept as you float through the space (image below).

As for the roller carryon hunt - any suggestions? So far others that have popped up are Tumi LXT, Eagle Creek Velocity, Mandarina Duck Work and Isi, and Hideo Wakamatsu Wave, and Zero Halliburton rollers...

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Milan Design Week

It's that time of year again. Can't you just feel it in your bones? All the new designs launching - party invites floating around - designers from everywhere descending upon Milan? Milan Design Week 07... it's almost here. And i'm kicking myself, hard. Been super swamped with projects, late on booking/planning/etc, so as much as Milan is one of my homes away from home... can't make it this year.

BUT... what's better than covering it personally? and even better than reading about it on all the other design blogs? Virtually tagging along with the brilliant designers of Big Chief this year as they share their adventures through design week... nothing like having some locals show you the way, not to mention they have a great list of their picks of parties and events going on so far (and if you know of more, please email me: jaw-at-notcot.com). So throughout the week, Daniela, Luca, and their crew will have some great pics and stories to share with us.


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ICFF in May

NY! ICFF! May 19-22 ~ i finally put aside much travel planning procrastination, and booked flights and hotels, so for everyone that's been asking, i'll be there! Any tips on things that i must see, attend, find, eat? leave a note!


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BP Helios House

If you want to talk green... or have the ultimate green fieldtrip ~ who would have thought you'd head to a gas station? Yes, this is the latest green project from BP ~ the Helios House. There are pictures of it in the day around the internet, but the way it looked as we drove by last night was just bizarre to say the least... almost like a disneylandish geary gone wrong? (it reminded me a lot of the plastic ice xmas trees and such at 3rd street promenade)... visually, it certainly makes you stop and think, WTF? as you pass the intersection of Olympic and Robertson.

Conceptually, this is brilliant though... an unique and powerful way to educate, encourage, and demonstrate what you can do when you think green. They have worked in everything from a green roof on the bathroom, farmed wood, motion sensor lights, solar panels, recycled glass in concrete floors, led lighting, recycling bins, and far more (see the site, and charts below for more details). They have even taken over the billboard on both sides, currently reading "a little better... gas station"... complete with the grass motif on the underside of the billboards as well. It really felt a bit like tomorrowland in old school disneyland style. Also great was watching the guys who worked there scrub down every scuff, scratch, smear on any part of the gas station almost immediately...

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