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ninjatown.jpgNinja Town! The Wee Ninja's of Shawnimals have come a LONG WAY since we first started writing about them. [You can see all the posts here]... apparently they are now well on their way to becoming a Wii Ninja (ok ok, i couldn't resist)... but they have a Ninja Town game coming out for Nintendo DS soon! (Trailer below!) And even more incredible... look at this cast! I can't stop laughing from the description of the Ninja Consultant... yes, he has one arm. And "For a fee, with powerpoint presentations and flow charts in tow he’ll show you ways to make your business process more efficient by using side steps, smoke bombs and stealth hugs." The new Ninja Town site is now up, with bios, icons, wallpapers, etc. And more images below as well for you.

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Raving Rabbids 2

There is little that is more amusing than the official Raving Rabbids videos... the first round was amazing with Rabbid Facts... and this time there is the Around the World campaign... so far with Bunnies at Tour de France, and Sumo wrestling! Check out the videos below, as well as the main trailer. Can't wait till Raving Rabbids 2 finally comes out.

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PSP Passport to...

Lonely Planet and PSP teamed up last year to create this PSP Passport to... series of digital guides, and they were only released in Europe/Australia, and cover 6 European cities: Amsterdam, Prague, Rome, London, Paris, and Barcelona. Yes, i know i'm a year late on this one, but i only just stumbled upon them, and two things struck me: 1. Gorgeous covers (although strangely Katamari reminiscent... perhaps the crammed city highlights and the color/style of the illustrations) and 2. conceptually this is an interesting combination of gaming/digital entertainment handheld and lonely planet guide (both of which you are probably carrying while running around traveling), and far more navigable than an ipod guide... although this does make me wonder when the mini iPhone friendly pages will be popping up for travel guides, and for mapping, thanks to google maps on my phone, that part is now taken care of wherever i end up. Anyhow, check out the rest of the covers below, a youtube of the "game" in action, and some screenshots. Conclusion from what i read around the internets is that cool idea that fell short in execution. Also, although 39$ at Lonely Planet... these are all 7 pounds at Amazon UK.

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Wii Strap On's Review

Wii Strap Ons... there's the Sports Pack" and the Combat Pack, and we've posted about them both (on com and .org)... well, its hard to tell what the quality, packaging, amusingly slightly altered logos (Wii or Wu?), materials, details, etc were like ~ so Jermacide bought them for our amusement... unboxing and close ups below.

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Wii Sword+Shield

Need to find more ways to make your Wii feel more realistic? Or more like when you were a little kid and had a battle with wooden (ok, so mine were plastic i think) swords? This new foam collection by Hong Kong based Brando were too hilarious. Sword, Shield and Knife? or is it a machete? or a curved bladed thing to swing around? So here's a little set to help make those endless hours of Zelda more enjoyable... and red steel... and any other game you manage to use them with! via Red Ferret.

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I Am 8-Bit 07

I Am 8-Bit @ Gallery 1988 - So i made it afterall - quick one night trip to LA, figured i'd stop by. Gut reaction from the show? Overhyped. And i haven't seen a line like that for a gallery in... forever? It felt like a hipsterfest line up for an amusement park ride or something, absolute madness. And it is a Tues night! Amusing to see the GameJew wandering around in his shirtless mario overalls... mtv took over a corner in the tiny gallery... g4 was interviewing artists on the sidewalk... and the line practically went around the block... not to mention the insane packed party out back with giant gaming going on.

Oh... and there was art too. Some great pieces from our faves like Stella Im Hultberg, Amy Sol, Luke Chueh, and so many more... and a surprisingly large number of rather dreary mario scenes... a giant snake sculpture... window full of pixelblocks... Might need to go back when the crowds settle... it was a strange mix, as colin pointed out to me, you heard a lot more "omg, thats donkey kong/super mario/[insert game name here]" than "wow, thats an incredible painting". To see my mass of unedited images from the night see I Am 8-Bit in Gallery NOTCOT.

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Guitar Hero II

Freshly launched today for xbox 360 ~ Guitar Hero II has been my between work distraction of the day ~ its far too fun "strumming" to possum kingdom between posts... just discovered one of the gorgeous ad spots over on Stash Media's Feed. "Pete Candeland, the Passion Pictures powerhouse director behind the Gorillaz videos does it again, this time for the Xbox 360's Guitar Hero II. The agency is McCann Worldgroup out of San Francisco." Its a really beautiful spot, view it here.

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Flow PS3

I'm sure you've heard about flOw. It's been hard to miss... as that $7.99 download game on the PS3, i thought the trailer (see below) looked impressive, and the concept incredible, but in all honesty, it alone made purchasing the PS3 and HDMI cable totally worth it. It is the most mesmerizingly beautiful game i've ever played. There is something visually inspiring about the simplicity and fluidity of the game play... particularly using the ps3 controller over the flash version. Playing it on a 42" in HD and surround sound is stunning, and you really can lose yourself in the space for hours... it would make the ultimate interactive projection wall in the future studio.

More on the history below... but here's the short version ~ it has come a long way from the USC MFA project it started as...

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Folding@Home PS3

Over hyped, then under hyped, then over hyped... following the saga of the PS3 the last year has been a rollercoaster. BUT this grey drizzly weekend, gave in and got one for fun... second to flow (more gushing to come on that later) ~ Folding@Home from stanford is one of the sweetest reasons to love a ps3. This is a project "people from through out the world download and run software to band together to make one of the largest supercomputers in the world" in order to help in the study of of protein folding and protein folding disease. But why is it even better with the PS3? "This advance utilizes the new Cell processor in Sony’s PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) to achieve performance previously only possible on supercomputers. With this new technology (as well as new advances with GPUs), we will likely be able to attain performance on the 25 gigaflop scale per computer. With about 40,000 such machines, we would be able to achieve performance on the petaflop scale."

What has WOW-ed me even more than the project itself are the gorgeous visualizations of the world (which you can spin and zoom, resembling the world at night nasa image meets the wii weather channel) and molecules in various 3d views.

Regardless of whether you are running it on a computer or your ps3, feel free to join our Folding@Home team (NOTCOT, team number 59465 - enter this when registering) ~ pics, youtubes, and more below...

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20th Anniversary Rabbids

On more rabbids to love, just found a link to these, 20th Anniversary Rabbids, but there were only 150 sets made, and it doesn't seem to want to let me add them to the cart. See my other Rabbids here.

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Rabbid Portraits

Rayman's Rabbids in combination with the Wii changed my life. (And now there is also a wii off to change Pres Rodriguez's life out in Florida ~ CONGRATS! to our wii winner). That being said, anyone who has yet to experience the insanity of the Rabbids on the wii, get to it! So, i finally did a mini shoot with my vinyl Rabbids... and they were too fun not to share, more below.

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Want a Wii?

We love the wii here at notcot ~ the whole team has one pretty much... well we've randomly picked up 5 at targets luckily, so decided to share one with a lucky reader. All .org readers know we've been closely following the great design, UI, and innovative games and wii ready sites like wiiminder, wiitoob, wiihear, etc. And our favorite game/animations lately... Rayman's Rabbids!

Additionally, i'm sure you've noticed the ad spaces i've been slowly adding to .com and .org ~ its been a really hard decision on my part, but the last year of running the sites has been so fun, i'm excited to move closer to making NOTCOT my full time gig (i still do a lot of UX/design consulting). The ad spaces aren't perfect yet, and design wise been trying to work them in nicely, but don't be surprised to see them evolve quite a bit on both in the upcoming weeks... have ideas on how the layouts might work better? lets hear them!

SO. What does this mean? and how to win the wii? Federated Media needs another survey to be run to get us more innovative/creative ads... so ~ basically fill out the survey here... and in the comments section (bottom of the survey), leave your email address (and if you're feeling nice, what you love about the wii?), and the winner will be contacted Friday!

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Wii - hold on tight

How far does YOUR wii love go? For one of the guys at Super78... his Wii love and freetime made this awesome cgi ad for fun... here's what he told Gizmodo: "I really love the Wii and I had been reading these stories about Wii controllers flying out of peoples hands. We had some down time at the office so I got together with one of the animators and I sketched out a storyboard of the spot. In the board the controller is this high energy maniac and the nun-chuck just wants to get away. So our most talented animator Michael Smith created this fun spot there is a lot of character...This was done by us, Super 78, using our own resources, no agency was involved, no money changed hands. I am hoping that you could post it so we can see if it catches fire." Watch the "ad" below...

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Wii-ing at the Gansevoort

The wii is such a unattainable, trendy, brilliantly designed (from exterior to UI to UX), cultural obsession of the moment - following the stories and products coming up around it are just hard to ignore. Latest level of Wii-ness, NY's boutique Hotel Gansevoort, "the first full-service luxury hotel in Manhattan's meatpacking district" - has WII's for guests to play with (as well as telescopes, LG HDTVs, directv, etc). LOVE this video on CRAVE of Caroline McCarthy having a chance to play with the PR ladies in the penthouse suite. I'm jealous, and the designer tech lover i am, even though i have a wii, i'm now more curious about any boutique hotel so that is brilliant enough to see the edge in providing wiis for guests in a time where people are still ready to line up all night outside a best buy in socal's freezing weather! [side note: should there be, don't drink and wii warnings?]

And a quick CRAVE shoutout ~ while engadget and gizmodo are like the cnn's of tech... CRAVE (with sci-fi tech blog in a close second) has quickly become my favorite tech read every morning.

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Just a quick update - been a little quiet/all over the place this week... because last week i got bored and drove up to SF for what ended up being a week (freshly back in socal now) - and well, on the way up, happened upon a target that had wii's and Shade Elaine (and everyone we know in SF) and i have been having quite a bit of fun with that. If you haven't tried it yet, get one! I hate to admit its much sweeter than i thought (although i must say nintendo was brilliant to stick it on that slanted stand, but if you put the wii lying down, it really is JUST another external drive... with a blue glow) So yes, between all the bowling, boxing, rabbid rabbiting (best game EVER), zeldaing, and mii-making... we are big fans of the wii here at notcot. [Oooh, and if you haven't seen the wii site, the videos of "real people" playing are great. And i love these stills that the penny arcade boys did for Raving Rabbids.)

SEND US SOME Miis! I know you guys are a creative bunch, so, feel like sharing some miis? email/comment us.

Also on the technology note... will be heading over to vegas Mon-Weds for CES... and will update you on what gorgeous goodies i find. Will probably be avoiding posting the 100"+ lcd tvs, etc etc... but they are certainly drool worthy in person. Anyone else coming?

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