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SHEEEEEEEP- 05.11.05

sheep.jpgesheep-screenshot.gifSheeeeep! from old school pixelized 2d, to playful 3d! Ok back in the days of windows 95, and this little tiny exe that propogated little sheep running around that you could drag around your desktop? Up, down, all over your windows… and the alien would come abduct them now and then? Or they’d take showers? Or fall in love? (i think that’s all they did)

Ok maybe it was just me. But these 3D little “who know’s which you’ll get” boxed figurine series reminded me of that. And the nostalgia alone would have made it worth it to go buy some, but combined with the fun style of them, they are irresistible.

And they have function when you pull off their coats!

This series kinda takes the sealed box experience to the next level - each of these little rams has a different personality - positive or negative. Open a box and see what kind of day you’ll have… or write down the name of someone and put it under the sheep when you sleep. During the night, that sheep will supposedly cause good or bad dreams for that person?!
And on top of all that, you can ‘sheer’ your sheep by peeling off their coats to see a hidden graphic underneath.
10 different characters but you won’t know which one you have until you open the box.

Giant Robot Sheep Dream

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