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ThisWorks- 07.23.07

ThisWorks. It may not, i’m not sure, to be honest. But it certainly is a good way to build confidence right off the bat when your customer encounters your product. It’s simple and to the point. Also while it feels a bit like Philosophy’s text filled branding… it feels a bit more refreshingly playful. I was drawn to it instantly, and love the packaging of their travel kits especially, the minis in the Travel and Survive kits are so cute, and perfect backup gifts to have around. So i’m posting this simply because it feels branding/packaging noteworthy. [I first ran into it at Fred Segal.]

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this works is one of my favourite Uk brands- i found it in henri bendel and love it- esp the skin deep dry leg oil, so amazing. its all natural which is an added bonus…it WORKS!

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