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Leatherman Argentum 25th Collection- 08.01.08

leatherman1.jpg Leatherman is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the Argentum Collection ~ an incredible (and pricey) line of limited edition hand-crafted leathermans by world-renowned artist and silversmith Adrian Pallarols. There are 7 pieces in the collection, and The Charge Dorado is $40,000, the Charge Acanto $12,000… and they work their way down to a mere $240 for a little Squirt Lagrima de Luna. See more close ups on the next page, as well as pics of sketches, more info on the artist, and you’ve got to see the video at the Argentum Collection page.

chats with a few friends and fellow leatherman loyals… and we all agree so far, we’re not completely sure what the appeal is, but i’m rather fascinated by the juxtaposition of the perfectly engineered with the artisan, 7th generation, craftsman combination… and i do kind of want the Acanto, if only it was a Wave?







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3 Notes

Nice, and see the font of the logo!! :)

----- Ale Paul 15.08.08 05:33

Always a fan of Leatherman.The made excellent stuff.This one is probably to pricey and not the best thing to work your way through everyday jobs but one of the coolest things to own if you are a collector.

----- Noah 11.08.08 01:23

Pricey steampunk?

----- benxamin 02.08.08 18:40

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