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Tom Dixon + Smallpond + NYC- 05.15.09

dixon1.jpg Firstly, oh yes, i will probably be that girl at the supermarket rocking the metallic bronzey Tom Dixon tote in line… with my random magazines staying dry from wet goods and showing off the title perfectly in its exterior pocket ~ clearly made FOR that reason! You will suddenly know exactly what mood i’m in… artsy, businessy, car-y, fashiony?

But seriously ~ how can anyone resist these parties in empty Soho condos on GORGEOUS days with never ending Veuve Clicquot flowing ~ Tom Dixon lighting and furnishings surrounding you ~ and nearly 360 skyline views to stare out at? Dwell hosted a great party! Met some really cool folks ~ and yes… i’m impressed with their very trendy tote. Also see the sweet grassy kid friendly rooftop i spotted as well as many water towers… and all the Tom Dixon goodies on the next page!









Just noticed this unexpected self portrait as i zoomed in on photoshop…





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this was hosted by smallpond, dwell were the sponsors.

----- Paul Valentine 16.05.09 20:23

I am loving the floor lamps. Good cityview shot(6th picture) And well that tote is a bit too shiny, it reminds me of an overshined penny. I don’t know how anyone can pull that off, but… cool stuff. I am liking the metallic door as a backdrop though.

PS. Nice spying-ops shots of the roof ;)

----- Ruben T. 16.05.09 16:08

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