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IKEA + Carl Kleiner = Hembakat är Bäst- 09.26.10

ikeafood00.jpg Apparently IKEA has released what may be the coolest styled ingredients cookbook ~ “Hembakat är Bäst” (Homemade is Best). Filled with 30 recipes for baked goodies broken down by ingredient… i’d love to see this in person! Rumor has it that it’s free in swedish IKEAs? (Anyone have one? or an extra?) The photos by Carl Kleiner are absolutely amazing! Don’t laugh, but its been quite the mystery guessing from the precise geometrically laid out ingredients what these pictures might MAKE! So much google image searching as i guess and see! (Don’t worry, i’ve put the google image search links in for you, so you can play along at home as well!) See the images i found at Carl Kleiner’s site on the next page ~ and if you have a copy, or can help me find a copy, do drop me a comment? Thanks!!!


ikeafood1.jpg Vaniljhorn - See what they are on google images! - Vanilla Horns - like almond crescents


ikeafood2.jpg Prinesstårta - See what they are on google images! - Princess Cake!

ikeafood3.jpg Pepparkakor - Gingerbread Cookies


ikeafood5.jpg Mandelmussla - Little fruit tarts!


ikeafood7.jpg Schackrutor - Black and White cookies (below!)


ikeafood9.jpg Lussekatter - See what they are on google images! - like a pastry S with raisins

ikeafood10.jpg Kolakakor - See what they are on google images! - flat cookies? Like biscotti perhaps?

ikeafood11.jpg Drömmar - See what they are on google images! - round cookies?

ikeafood12.jpg Ruts Hastsko - See what they are on google images! - ?!?! even google didn’t seem to figure this one out..

ikeafood13.jpg Napoleonbakelse - See what they are on google images! - Napoleon! Mille Fleur!

ikeafood14.jpg Schwarzwaldtårta - See what they are on google images! - Black Forest Cake


ikeafood15.jpg Maräng - See what they are on google images! - Meringue!

ikeafood16.jpg Mandelkubb - See what they are on google images! - Another bready kind of cookie?

ikeafood17.jpg Lingonpepparkaka - See what they are on google images! - a gingerbread loaf?

ikeafood18.jpg Semlor - See what they are on google images! - like a cream puff?

ikeafood19.jpg Radiokaka - See what they are on google images! - oooh, a delicious looking black and white fudge like cake? where you put biscuits layered into chocolate, freeze, then cut?

ikeafood20.jpg Klenätter - See what they are on google images! - Like fried dough? Special for christmas time…

ikeafood21.jpg Mazarinkaka - See what they are on google images! - Some kind of tart…

ikeafood22.jpg Sockerbullar - See what they are on google images! - they seem to resemble beignets…

And just found these pics over at Crafzine ~ Fina Kanelbullar = cinnamon buns! ikeafood23.jpg

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18 Notes

Simple amazing… I just loved all those pics.

----- Elina Crunkleton 11.02.15 21:46

Now also as a series of films!

----- mr t 09.03.11 12:38

It’ amazing!!
I love it:)

----- Agnese 15.12.10 06:06

Thanks for your photos of the pages… it inspired me to do a recipe in the same style at my site: http://www.tagbento.com/199/mr-haus-tofu

PS: Thanks too to commenters for the tip off on how to get hold of a copy :D

----- Stephen 06.12.10 13:54

The ones you call Black and White cookies, they are in translation called “Chess squares”. :-)

----- Majvor 22.11.10 10:35

Please note that I only picked up a few of these; two of which were for my friend in LA… I don’t live very close to IKEA Malmö, and I don’t know whether they have any left, so I’m afraid I can’t help you get one.
I’ve already promised five people that I would pick some up - if there are any left - next time I’m there, but I have to now draw the line as, even if there are any left, it wouldn’t look very good if I were to try to smuggle too may out (or keep going back in to grab more)…
Sorry to have (possibly) teased you with my previous post!

----- Mark Base 16.11.10 04:46

Was at IKEA Gothenburg yesterday and there was loads of them. I took just one, but gonna get a few copies next time at IKEA.
It was supposed to be for people buying kitchens but they didn´t have the rule for long. Just think it´s avaliable in Sweden though!

Really nice and funny idea.

----- Andreas 05.11.10 11:29

hey, veronica
Can you send me one ? i’ll pay for this !!!
i’m from poland and there is no this cook book in my country :(

----- Albert 15.10.10 01:39

I’ve just been to IKEA Malmö and picked up a few copies (for FREE; I didn’t even have to buy ONE kitchen), as a friend in LA wanted a couple of copies, and my girlfriend wanted one. One thing though: if you only want this to have the cool images to put up in your kitchen (or wherever), forget it; all the images are in two-pages spreads. You’d have to take the book apart and stick the two halves of the images together. You might have better luck contacting the artist directly - if he’s actually allowed to sell these himself; the copyright for all commissioned work usually becomes the property of Inter-IKEA Systems.
Apparently there were only 50,000 copies printed.
Start bidding. ;o)

----- Mark Base 04.10.10 04:44

Wow…the most soulless cookbook I have ever seen!

----- Veronica 03.10.10 21:15

baking + graphic design = ♥♥♥ !!

----- Ellen Brynn Eder 02.10.10 19:09

I’ve seen similar work earlier by the Finnish photographer MarinaAurora (http://marinaaurora.com/), though her approach seems to document the actual process too, rather than just the ingredients.

----- aeki 29.09.10 02:20

oooooh nononono Semlor is basicly one of the best things you can possibly eat ever… in your entire life. It tastes good in a wierd way… its not like cream puffs at all its more like… ehm kardemum-like, creamy/sweet… its strange and good and you only eat it during (or around) fat tuesday

----- Jens Reuterberg 28.09.10 10:43

Oh my…how do I get one of these in my hands???

----- MelanieMH 28.09.10 08:55

My original guess for the Ruts Hastsko was snickerdoodle cookies, but I found a recipe called “Fork Cookies” that says in the description “A standard Swedish butter cookie recipe.” I’m thinking that’s what they are. Here’s the link to that recipe if you’d like (no image, though): http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/fork-cookies/Detail.aspx

Howdy from Rhode Island, USA!

----- Nicole 28.09.10 07:33

The book is “for free” if you buy a kitchen…

----- T 28.09.10 06:58


a few translations for you:
Lingonpepparkaka - Cowberrybiscuit
Sockerbullar - Its like a basic bun with either sugar or butter on top. Or both.

Greetings from Finland! :)

----- tooma 27.09.10 00:04

I understand this is only available in IKEA stores in Sweden.

We have IKEA stores in the U.S.

How do we get a copy of the book? (I’d use google translate to translate the recipes for me.)

----- mlaiuppa 26.09.10 13:54

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