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Cire Trudon Stink Bombs- 01.24.11

stink0.jpg When Cire Trudon, “the oldest candle company in the world” opened in NYC, Anna was there to show us the incredible space and their products… the one thing she didn’t get me? Stink Bombs! I’ve been oh so curious about these little glass vials filled with scents since i first heard about them that Cire Trudon became one of my first stops in NYC. Honestly, they completely fascinate and baffle me. Its DANGEROUS! Smashing a glass vial?!?! Does the act of the glass breaking and mixing with air enhance the scent? Would a few droplets from a dropper have the same effect? Yet, there’s something so fun about the danger, i had to try it… so in the privacy of my hotel room i smashed the glass vial! (Bowery Hotel folks, if you’re reading, i cleaned it all up! Don’t worry about the broken glass!)… sad part? I clearly didn’t smash with enough vigor the first few times, b/c my vial was bouncing all over the place! Until i finally gave in and threw it hard at the wood floor… and then EEP! i jumped, as it smashed, and a delightful scent filled the room.

Best part? The lovely shop keeper told us that these are perfect “for emergencies,” what does that even mean? Do you keep a few in your purse? And when a fowl odor sneaks up on you, SMASH stink bomb it, and all is well? Anyhow, they are incredibly lovely, and Spiritus Sancti smells nice (also available in few other signature Cire Trudon scents)… Take a peek at my adventures and close ups of the packaging and smashing on the next page!





There are two layers! 10 vials per tin… stink5.jpg





Bounce bounce bounce… SMASH. And then there’s the puddle of scent… and broken glass… stink10.jpg


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6 Notes

The glass on these vials is so thin you can chop the top off with sissors (pref ouside) and burn the oil in an oil burner. Lasts so much longer and less hazardous than smashing the vials.

----- flynn 27.08.11 23:40

I fondly remember the real stinkbombs too. I’m glad these are not designed to stinkify, but rather to bomb the stink out of someplace.

I think the best way to let one of these rip would be to place it inside a pocket square and smash that, thus capturing the glass and the scent, allowing you to dispose of the shards and place the square where the scent is most desired.

----- Ian 17.02.11 10:51

Absolutely dashing packaging— I would love to see such a regal, classic package design for the real, stinky thing!

----- Mike Payne 25.01.11 20:15

“dangerous for the environment”
“may cause long term adverse effects in the aquatic environment”

i wonder if im reading the label on that tin correctly, but broken glass, and danger to our environment make me question indulging in this indulgence. i can think of a number of ways to make this eco friendly and sans sharp shards of glass.

----- djbrigidope 25.01.11 15:53

Back in 1984, there was a version of these called ‘Stinkbommen”. They came three to a pack in a little blue box, shaped exactly like these little bottles. When you threw them on the ground (such as in a crowded Junior High School hallway) the let out a tremendous stink of sulfur/rotten eggs. Great fun at 14 years old…..

----- Drew 25.01.11 07:59

this is really charming, isn’t it? I love the idea of having to break something to gain something! It’s a funny little little indulgence. I wonder what it smells like?

----- Jen Renninger 24.01.11 19:38

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