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Herb Grow Bottles - Wine Bottle Upcycle- 04.02.11

growbottle1.jpg Though we first had these on NOTCOT.org, some things are just more fun in person and up close! Like these Potting Shed Creations Grow Bottles! Cut wine bottles recycled into micro herb hydrogardens! From the felt tongue to soak up the nutrients from the reservoir base, to the clay marbles that sit in the main growing top ~ this doesn’t look quite like any of your other gardening set ups! It’s such a fun gift idea… next step is to see how it grows… but first! An unboxing of the beautifully simple packaging and fun graphics! (As well as a peek into the refill kits!) ~ check it all out on the nextpage!










Here’s a peek at the full line of options… growbottle13.jpg

And since the set is reusable… here’s a look at the refill kits!!! growbottle10.jpg


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4 Notes

I WANT THIS SO BADLY!! Where can I order it?

----- Michelle 01.01.12 18:28

What a cool idea! Is this going to be available in Pennsylvania? The State contro;s the sale of wine….

----- Cheri Sundra 04.04.11 21:50

I love your Wine Bottle Upcycling !! Awesome idea and great for the environment too! love it :)

----- Brenda Spiller 04.04.11 19:11

I love the up cycled wine bottle hydrgarden!!! What a wonderful gift idea. How can I order some?

----- Angela Jackson 04.04.11 06:20

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