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Holiday Giveaway #2: Help! Remedies- 11.26.11

Help0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Happy Small Business Saturday! For Giveaway #2 ~ we have 5 fun bundles from HELP! Remedies. Consider them holiday survival packs… a little something for random emergencies, perfect to toss in the purse or car when bouncing all over even! Or, perhaps they are exactly what you need for that accident prone friend’s stocking? Remember that press kit and board book they sent over before? Well, inspired by that, this super kit will have you covered through minimalist chemicals and packaging ~ eliminating eccessive dyes, unrecyclables, and more while still beautifully designed (down to the ‘help’ imprinted on the pills!).

For a chance to win one of the 5 Help! Bundles (including ‘Help, I’ve Cut Myself’, ‘Help, I have an Aching Body’, ‘Help, I have a Blister’, ‘Help, I have a Headache’, and ‘Help, I have a Stuffy Nose’) from Help Remedies, leave a comment with what you could use help with this holiday season before midnight PST on Dec 1, 2011 and we’ll notify the winners by email! Check out details of what’s included on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winners Tyler from Lake Stevens, WA, Tamar from Los Angeles, CA, Taryn from Chapel Hill, Queensland, Veronica from Singapore, and Nick from Ellsworth ,ME!






For a chance to win one of the 5 Help! Bundles (including ‘Help, I’ve Cut Myself’, ‘Help, I have an Aching Body’, ‘Help, I have a Blister’, ‘Help, I have a Headache’, and ‘Help, I have a Stuffy Nose’) from Help Remedies, leave a comment with what you could use help with this holiday season before midnight PST on Dec 1, 2011 and we’ll notify the winners by email!


237 Notes

I could definitely use help cleaning up for the holidays! My house is a mess and it’s too cold to get up.

----- Jess 01.12.11 20:39

I could use these after I spend hours shoveling snow off my driveway at home this winter.

----- SARAH 01.12.11 17:55

Recent layoffs have left me with more work than usual, as I come on on my last few courses toward my degree, and 15 year old daughter has her first boyfriend, and my son will be spending Christmas with his fellow Marines this this year…pick one - just HELP!

----- Lorri 01.12.11 13:29

I could use some help remembering that the holidays are about more than stuff, um, even though I’m submitting this in the hopes of getting some for free.

----- mo 01.12.11 08:56

I could use help keeping my guilt in check whilst feasting away to my pleasure. I keep telling myself it’s just once a year…

----- Benjamin 01.12.11 05:46

i could really use “help! i got a headache”…cause all these hours i’m going to spend at the mall or the web searching for the right gift for everybody will really give me a headache…

----- lilly 01.12.11 05:39

This holiday season I could use help with creating new, fun ideas for presents! Don’t want the stale same olds that everyone gives and receives every year.

----- Taryn Yat 30.11.11 22:08

This holiday season, I could use help passing my classes.

----- Annabel 30.11.11 21:16

I need help losing weight

----- Justin R 30.11.11 19:25

Help! I’m a 4th grade teacher with a cough/sore throat that doesn’t seem to stop all winter long!

----- Elise 30.11.11 18:25

Decorating the tree, being 4’11” has its disadvantages even with a ladder. Although it’s the time of year where the little elves shine :D

----- Sarah 30.11.11 17:38

The motivation to continue medschool. I wish for the right perspective and mindset to be able to answer the doubt with regards to med.

----- Rap 30.11.11 16:04

I need some help making it through this whole “applying to grad school, working two part time jobs, and being a full-time student” thing.

----- josie 30.11.11 15:12

I could use some help herding cats…..keeping the animals out of the tree, the husbands work schedule settled and the holiday schedule so that I wasn’t trying to be ten places at once on every weekend.

----- Carina 30.11.11 14:03

I need help wrapping the gifts. I’m terrible at it!

----- Russ! 30.11.11 13:54

Help! I have a hangover on a Wednesday.

----- Bobby Hogarty 30.11.11 13:46

I could use help this holiday season explaining to my family that I have neither a sleep disorder or serious depression, but simply that I am in law school, when I spend my entire visit home in my pajamas watching holiday themed rom coms.

----- Sarah M 30.11.11 13:45

I could use this for an evening out on New Year’s and the following day to the whole week. Bandages-papercut from a receipt, blister-from the heels I’m trying to wear in that nite, headache-hangover from New Year’s Eve, stuffing nose and aching body from the next the nite before being out so late that I can use this for my cold.

----- Anna 30.11.11 13:44

I could use help finishing a crafting project for a friend - a baby blanket for her holiday baby!

----- Sarah 30.11.11 13:44

I could use help decorating my house for Christmas for the FIRST time.

----- Dan 30.11.11 13:41

Help I need a business plan

----- Nick 30.11.11 13:40

I could use help with all of the design projects that have been suddenly dropped on my desk. It seems like December is the month for everyone to ask for work. Sheesh!

----- Leslie 30.11.11 12:08

Keeping sane with all the traveling and family and different christmas’ I am going to have with many different families.

----- Matthew 30.11.11 09:26

I could use help with EVERYTHING! Not only am I dealing with all things holiday, but I’m planning a wedding at the same time! Cue the headache, backache, blisters…you name it!

----- Katy 30.11.11 07:57

I could use help doing my christmas shop. I’ve not started yet. Winning this gift would help me as I’ll then have at least one present to give to a lucky person at christmas.

----- Ollie 30.11.11 07:37

It would help remind me to keep the holiday spirit up — to remind me to strive to think of others no matter how tired or busy I am.

----- Vincent 30.11.11 03:21

Shopping for gifts!

----- Tristan 30.11.11 00:53

I need help finding THE perfect Hoodie to keep me warm with the holidays

----- Mikki 30.11.11 00:15

I could use a little technical help on converting old video tapes of my dad into a digital format so we could view some wonderful memories while he was still alive during the holidays.

----- Ellen Bautista 29.11.11 21:51

help with the in-laws : they make one of those ?

----- eliot 29.11.11 20:51

I could use help getting one of these nifty little help! Bundles for free!

----- Pete 29.11.11 18:40

I would give these to my slight hypochondriac of a friend. She’s addicted to both art and painkillers & would love these little guys.

----- Jolyn 29.11.11 16:46

I would use these as gift for some of my family member. thanks!

----- bao nguyen 29.11.11 15:56

Help with christmas shopping might be beyond these Help! Bundles.

----- Arthur 29.11.11 15:31

I could use help handling family… .

----- Speck 29.11.11 14:40

Seeing as how i get sick every holiday season i could use some HELP! getting over the cold so i can back to lying not he beach and stuffing my face!

----- Farrah 29.11.11 14:34

This would be perfect for my mom. She’s always carrying little ziploc bags full of different pills and bandaids.

----- Ayumi 29.11.11 14:20

I could use help getting pregnant! I am undergoing IVF treatment this December and if everything goes alright I will be pregnant by Christmas!

----- Tiffany 29.11.11 13:59

I could use some help getting my portfolio ready for graduation.

----- Emmanuel 29.11.11 11:51

I need help with wedding planning.. I’m starting to become a bridezilla.

----- Jane 29.11.11 11:50

I could use some help with hanging Christmas lights on my new house!

----- Tyler 29.11.11 11:46

Have a body double to go to all the friends and family events

----- Almin 29.11.11 11:06

ill need some bandages to help me get through running with my new heavier frame. ah, comfort food. the headache help pills will get me through the morning after i down a bottle of wine from that carafe youre giving away from house and hold :)

----- Ashley B 29.11.11 11:04

I could use help keeping my family and relatives sane! I could also use some help getting out of LAX on Christmas eve with my pup in hand on time!

----- Drew 29.11.11 10:26

Definitely… my back. Carrying gifts for all the family… hmm. Maybe something for the headache too! haha.

----- Jordan 29.11.11 09:44

i need help to organise my room. I have found someone which anchors and ‘organises’ my life. I would certainly like my room to reflect that

----- Pei 29.11.11 09:18

I could use them for the bruised ego i get everyday………

----- Pinpins 29.11.11 08:27

I need help taking care of myself as opposed to everyone else in my life. Also, every since my roommate and I saw these in stores we’ve been saying “Help, I need help!” whenever we need something. It’s very effective.

----- Alison 29.11.11 07:10

I could use help finding a new design job!

----- Rachel 29.11.11 05:45

i think i ‘ll can use all the remedies in this way. or just gettin’ drunk.

i will always drunk during my holiday, so i will have many headaches.
but when i am drunk i usually fall, so i think i’ll cut myself and hurt my body.

usually i get drunk during parties, where i wear high-heeled shoes without collant or socks.
so i think i’ll have a big cold and big blisters on my feet.

sorry, but there is a remedy for bad english? :-)

happy holyday



----- marta 29.11.11 03:53

Help! I need a remedy for my broken heart!

----- Jos 29.11.11 01:17

I could use help getting over the holiday blues while spending it abroad, away from family and friends.

----- SYLVIA 28.11.11 21:22

I need some serious help cleaning my house and organizing everything before family starts arriving!

----- Catherine Chandler 28.11.11 21:08

Help! I need help thinking about what to make this year for gifts for friends and family!

----- Jessie 28.11.11 20:26

I could really use some help LOSING SOME WEIGHT! I wish there was a remedy bundle for it, titled “For the annual xmas bloat!”

----- Lydia Yeap 28.11.11 17:45

Christmas and finals without a stuffy nose or a headache sounds fantastic!

----- Vivian Huang 28.11.11 17:37

Help! I’m in dire need of assistance managing several festive events and Birthday’s (and myself).
Seriously, I’m not kidding about the ‘myself’ bit.. mmm panforte…

----- Jondelle 28.11.11 17:06

I need help to not eat all the pastries at parties, work, and home.

----- Ashley 28.11.11 16:16

I could use some help wrapping presents… They are all oddly shaped this year

----- Diana 28.11.11 15:33

I need help eating all the delicious treats

----- Erastos 28.11.11 13:58

I could use help with the dinner for christmas!

----- latonya r 28.11.11 13:22

I could use some help with the headaches my family has caused me for overcooking the turkey!

----- Jean 28.11.11 13:05

As a baker, I could really use some help picking up the loads of groceries I’ll be needing this holiday season!

----- Julie 28.11.11 12:37

I could use help with planning my wedding.. or baking cookies.. either one, i guess

----- Tran Nguyen 28.11.11 11:22

I cook my first real christmass dinner! I could use some helping hands.

----- viktoria papp 28.11.11 11:17

It’s the Holiday’s

----- MikeB 28.11.11 11:16

getting the xmas tree home

----- laszlo dobrovolszki 28.11.11 11:11

I could use some help with html. Bleh!

----- Jessi 28.11.11 10:56

I will need this kid for celebrating the New Year cause Im gonna really enjoy this hollidays after all the works for school!

----- Eva Hudakova 28.11.11 10:32

I need help with buying Christmas presents. Who would have known getting married would mean more presents during the holidays?!?

----- Lucas Lund 28.11.11 10:31

Honestly I could use help with air travel. I don’t mind the flying part but the traffic getting to the airport, having to be there hours in advance of my flight, long lines in security, people jockeying for position in line to get to an assigned seat, baggage claim when I arrive and traffic to my parent’s house. Damn, I should just stay home :(

----- Anthony D 28.11.11 10:07

Help, I need somebody,
Help, not just anybody,
Help, you know I need someone,


----- Gino 28.11.11 09:48

I need help getting my house ready to move in January.

----- Russell 28.11.11 09:18

Help I’ve got a papercut from giftwrapping!

----- Johanna 28.11.11 09:17

Help, I have eaten yellow snow.

----- Katrien 28.11.11 07:55

Creative gift ideas.

----- Michael 28.11.11 06:20

i can take “Help I have a head” before i start drinking to have less of a hangover

----- Fabio 28.11.11 05:40

‘Help, I have a Headache’ : can help me when my France mind have some problemes when I search ideas to be more creative all the days in my job :)

----- Dorian 28.11.11 04:10

Need help bringing home my Christmas tree!

----- jbc 28.11.11 03:32

I could DEFINATELY use help with training my three rescue dogs.

----- Sean 28.11.11 03:30

Help! I’m building Santa a new sled!

----- Denise 28.11.11 01:53

These Help Remedies could surely help me!

‘Help, I’ve Cut Myself’: Can help me with the holiday card paper cuts I am bound to have!

‘Help, I have an Aching Body’: Can help me with the soreness I will have after sleeping in my childhood twin bed at my mom’s house when I visit her during Christmas!

‘Help, I have a Blister’: Can help me after I wear 5 inch heels to my holiday work party!

‘Help, I have a Headache’: Can help with the hangover I will have after my holiday work party :)

and ‘Help, I have a Stuffy Nose: Can help me with the cold I will have after hopefully having a very cold and very white Christmas!

----- Tam 28.11.11 01:25

I could use some help in finding a job! I’m afraid the ibuprofen and acetaminophen included in this giveaway, may not help me at all!

----- Darrell 28.11.11 00:41

“Help” will Help me, when I really need Help :)

----- Soham Majumder 27.11.11 23:43

I could use help with balancing my work and relationship. I’m only 23. It’s really hard!

----- Ray 27.11.11 22:15

Being a comic artist requires a lot of creative thinking. I could use some help in that department any day.

----- Cill 27.11.11 21:40

I would love some help creating the perfect Christmas stockings for my family. We lost ours this year due to flooding and I ended up volunteering to create new ones to replace the 25 yr old ones my mom sewed - major responsibility!

----- Amy 27.11.11 21:24

I need help with becoming the “best gift giver” this year… I want my friends and family to think “she’s the best gift giver” whenever I give a gift… I always try for really creative gifts but can never really find them in stores.

----- Han 27.11.11 20:55

I realllly need help picking my ladie a greeeat present!

----- Simon 27.11.11 20:12

I need help fitting all the stuff for camping with three people and a baby into the car.

----- Scott 27.11.11 20:08

I could use some help dealing with my family during the holidays. So cliche, I know, but unfortunately so true.

----- Miguel 27.11.11 19:56

My husband would would be staring down our 2 year old girl for the opportunity to play ‘house’ as this beautiful piece of art, architecture, and toy would tickle anyone’s imagination!

----- Marie 27.11.11 19:07

I need help baking and shopping!!

----- Amanda 27.11.11 18:48

I need help planning my holiday menus!

----- Judy 27.11.11 18:37

I could use help coming up with excuses to avoid visiting family during the holidays.

----- Richard Kim 27.11.11 18:32

Help! I need Santa’s elves to help me (all year round).

----- Jeanee 27.11.11 18:13

I could use some help thinking of cost effective ways to get every one of my family and friends a nice and thoughtful gift for the holidays. This one would be a good one for my new boyfriend, a nursing student!

----- Dani 27.11.11 17:56

I could use help in figuring out how to fit 17 people in a two bedroom apartment this Christmas.

----- Lisa 27.11.11 17:46

I could us help helping others, especially my wife who spends so much of her time taking care of the elderly in our family. Maybe these would help her tune them out for an hour or so…

----- chris 27.11.11 15:55

help! i need more time in the day. less day job, more paint!

----- jesi 27.11.11 15:51

Help! I work Retail!!

----- KC 27.11.11 15:42

A doc in a box
after I drink too many gin on the rocks
slipping on the floor in my socks.

----- Rx Lover 27.11.11 15:38

I need help raking and bagging leaves before it snows. :/

----- Wehaf 27.11.11 14:14

I need help with stress levels - but I also get a lot of small cuts too….

----- Lynnea 27.11.11 13:57

I just need help!

----- phil denton 27.11.11 13:27

Please help me pass all my classes!

----- Allison 27.11.11 12:54

I could use help with remembering to focus on the important part of Christmas - faith, family and fun times!

----- Leanna 27.11.11 12:30

I need help with all of my final projects for school!

----- Nicole 27.11.11 12:30

I could use help with remembering to focus on the important part of Christmas - faith, family and fun times!

----- Leanna 27.11.11 12:29

i need help cooking all these dinners!

----- thu 27.11.11 11:52

I’m going to need help with a hangover or two.

----- Spencer 27.11.11 11:45

I need help with my homework!

----- Lauren Tenery 27.11.11 11:35

I need help figuring out what to get everyone on my list. Please… help. me.

----- Elisa 27.11.11 10:18

If I could take a pill to make me smile through listening and re-listening to dusty family anecdotes, it would be amazeballs.

----- Cole 27.11.11 10:17

I could use help with gift ideas and making 2012 better than 2011..

----- jo 27.11.11 10:06

I need help controlling/predicting the weather the night I drive through the mountains to spend Christmas with my fiance’s family. Please no snow, please now snow, pleasenosnow!

----- Natasha 27.11.11 10:00

Last Year my buddies and I went skiing/snowboarding here in Canada. It was a rainy winter and there was a layer of ice over the mountains but it was all topped with a layer of light fresh snow. While it is almost needless to say, about 7 of 10 of us were out of commission by day one. I had it worst with a swollen knee the size of an orange and I’ve been trying to revive that knee since my “accident”. This year, I am going to head back, but I’d like to be prepared!

----- Kitty 27.11.11 09:35

totally useful when visiting my little nephews and nieces!

----- Jennifer 27.11.11 09:31

“Help! I need somebody, Help! not just anybody…Help me if you can, I’m feeling down.”—They could probably use these lines too. Put some uplifting message written on a small piece of paper that fits inside a pill or perhaps, zoloft…Haha! I kid, I kid, Probably add candies or any sweets will do. I will be needing the one for the stuffy nose, headache and aching body coz tis the season to be jolly (which means drinking ice cold beer).

----- NY 27.11.11 08:37

I need help on my work, because i have no time to wrap my gifts…

----- Roman 27.11.11 08:26

I could use some help getting through my baby’s teething.

----- Leif Miltenberger 27.11.11 08:16

I could really use some help gathering investors for my dessert shop business idea, or getting an internship this summer so my mom doesn’t ship me off to asia. yes, that would be great

----- Renee 27.11.11 08:16

I’d love help staying cool, calm and collected this holiday season. Okay … I already have the “cool” part down!

----- andy 27.11.11 08:00

I could use help when I wake up after christmas and the only pain I feel is champagne.

----- Keith 27.11.11 07:59

I don’t know that these are the remedial medicines I’d choose for my trip to India, but it sounds like they’d help while I’m over there. Help! I have a headache for the twenty-eight hour flights. Help! I have blisters for my hikes over in Nepal.

----- Samantha 27.11.11 07:44

I could use help getting home to see my family this Christmas. The budget just might not allow for it this year. Happy Holidays!

----- Justin H 27.11.11 07:20

I could do with some help with my inlaws.

Do Help! Remedies do heavy artillery or not?

----- Ben 27.11.11 03:50

I could use some help finding The Apartment. Or, when that is too much to ask, packaging some boxes might help as well. (Although I don’t know where to go with them yet.) Little worries, big worries… :)

----- Ruut 27.11.11 03:37

I need help finishing (or uninstalling) Skyrim.

----- Andrew Chau 27.11.11 02:03

I’m a nurse anyway, so I could use some help with all the boo-boos waiting to be bandaged… : )

----- Erika Gerhat 27.11.11 01:47

Organizing my stuff. I could really use a butler running around doing thousands of these minuscule tasks for me!

----- Lind Domjan 27.11.11 01:46

I could use help with focusing on school… holidays are so distracting

----- Samuel Belteton 27.11.11 00:01

i could use help not stressing out this holiday season

----- daniel 26.11.11 22:35

i need help to plan out a long drive to chicago to hopefully buy a letterpress machine…

----- Natalie Kay 26.11.11 22:31

With choosing the right gifts for everyone

----- Joseph Sarti 26.11.11 22:20

Planning my engagement party for the end of December after the holiday season!

----- Mariam 26.11.11 21:56

I could use some fun between semesters! My list of things to do for fun keeps growing but I could always use more ideas!

----- Jenny 26.11.11 21:39

I need help Starting my business!!! the first year is so tough!!!

----- Levi Montez 26.11.11 21:31

I’m having a wisdom tooth pulled in december. ill trade you some -not as adorably packaged- vicodin.

----- cat 26.11.11 21:13

Finals week :(

----- Clementine 26.11.11 20:43

I could use some more time off to help with my sanity.

----- Megan 26.11.11 20:22

I could use help staying healthy. I don’t eat enough of the right foods or sleep enough. :(

----- Emily 26.11.11 20:14

I could really use help studying for the MCAT this holiday season! haha! Oh the trials and tribulations of getting into Medical school…

----- Victor 26.11.11 20:00

I could use some help with money so I can buy better gifts for my parents. They deserve something good this year.

----- Daniel F 26.11.11 19:49

I could use some intense help getting rid of the viral infection that is keeping me from christmas cookie baking.

----- Jennifer 26.11.11 19:41

I could use help teaching my mother how to use her new smartphone!

----- Kailyn 26.11.11 19:20

I’ll use them to help others. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

----- Jacob May 26.11.11 18:34

Sa”m”ta could definitely use some help delivering his presents

----- Sam Truong 26.11.11 17:28

I could use help with trying to make a dollar out of 99 cents. Why is there never enough money during Christmas????

----- Kim Spencer 26.11.11 17:24

help getting rid of my migraines.

----- Leslie 26.11.11 17:19

I could use some help at work since I am a social worker for adults with mental disabilities. Since accidents happen all the time, this would really prepare me for anything!

----- Jasper 26.11.11 16:37

I could use some help stringing up my lights.

----- Christian 26.11.11 16:10

Will be going on vacation Christmas week and could use some HELP in the first aid department!

----- Meyeonee 26.11.11 16:00

Gonna need some help changing the lightbulb

----- Jim 26.11.11 15:43

I think I will need something for each pack just to get through picking out, putting up, and decorating the christmas tree!

----- Whitney Gardner 26.11.11 15:40

i will need help staying healthy this season. with two small kids in pre-school. the whole family is a sniveling mess.

----- rich 26.11.11 15:08

I need help with relationships. (ugh)

----- Collin Banko 26.11.11 15:03

I could use help with finding a job this holiday season! I’m still in college and need to save up some money for graduate school =) Big dreams.

----- Sharon 26.11.11 14:44

Thank you for this offer NOTCOT! I’d use the “I’ve cut myself” during all times I’m using a X-Acto knife to cut foam boards. @_@ The price of presentation! haha. “I have a headache” would be perfect for all the late nights of thinking of concepts and finishing projects too. These Help! Remedies are perfect since their small and could easily fit into my purse or car. Thanks again for this offer!

----- Careolyn 26.11.11 14:25

I could use it during the mad dash for Christmas presents. I’m bound to rush and cause an accident where “help” could be used well!

----- Sam Lam 26.11.11 13:58

I could use a little help wrapping Christmas gifts. I’m well known for doing a poor job…

----- Ryan J 26.11.11 13:46

My little office first-aid kit could use some of this HELP!

----- Sandee 26.11.11 13:32

help could help remind me and my friends that not only do we need it, but we are able to share it, especially during holiday season. It could help us believe that there’s still some warmth, and there’s still people who cares.

----- lim 26.11.11 13:17

I could use help with writing lesson plans for my 4th grade class!

----- Kathryn 26.11.11 13:15

oof! I could use help with planning - so many things to do!

----- Mary 26.11.11 13:06

I could use some help with my final projects for the semester and some ideas (and money) for Christmas gifts.

----- Domi 26.11.11 12:57

I need help getting over my fear of flying

----- Meghan F 26.11.11 12:54

I need help with three final papers! My semester is too rapidly coming to a close and I dread getting the necessary work done! Please Send Help!

----- Matthew Harrison Smith 26.11.11 12:31

I could use some help meeting this huge deadline at work (and battling the headaches and associated paper cuts).

----- Yenn 26.11.11 12:22

I have

----- Chauncy 26.11.11 12:22

Picture yourself on January 1st, 2012. You have a major hangover, a cut on your knee from when you tumbled down thanks to the blister your skyhigh heels caused and your nosy is runny because of the skimpy outfit you wore to the NYE party.
All you need to get you through the day is your HELP kit. Pop a pill for the headache and one for the stuffy nose. Stick a bandage on the knee and protect that annoying blister with another one. HELP is there for the Holidays!

----- Solmaz 26.11.11 12:18

I could use above pictured remedies to play wonderfully well designed practical jokes on my parents, who always are asking where the band-aids are, and the headache medicine, Imagine their surprise when they find these gems lying around the house, in the couch, or under their pillows!

----- kaylee 26.11.11 12:08

I could use some help convincing my boyfriend it’s time to move in together!

----- Chiara 26.11.11 12:02

I’m going to need help getting home this holiday season after university finishes but before the snow comes. The weather last year made travelling so difficult, and this year I’ve got much further to go !

----- Hazel 26.11.11 11:58

I need help being a good designer, friend, daughter, girlfriend and all the other responsibilities, especially around the Crhistmas period ^^

----- Antoana 26.11.11 11:52

I need something to help sooth the pain of my 2.5 hour commute to work everyday.

----- Alex 26.11.11 11:47

HELP! It’s that time of the month again.
HELP! It’s not time for a baby yet.
HELP! I forgot to take my pills.

----- Amit Sturlesi 26.11.11 11:29

I definitely need help finishing my painting, storyboards, and 20 second animations before the end of the semester in two weeks…

----- Kendra 26.11.11 11:28

Help! I’ve gotta write around 60 pages for finals before the holiday is over!

----- Lauren M. 26.11.11 11:17

I could use some help reading my dad’s mind so I can have a clue what he’d like for Christmas. >_

----- Tom 26.11.11 11:15

I need help with paper cuts and bad breath.

----- Rey 26.11.11 10:52

Help getting rid of jet-leg when visiting families in different parts of the world this Christmas holiday…

----- Jess Lin 26.11.11 10:50

I need help dealing with all my extended family.

----- Willa 26.11.11 10:41

Definitely could you a Help! Remedies kit for work. Let’s see there is potentially cutting myself on knife while cutting up body parts, the headache of the stress of New Years car accidents, and probably a stuffy nose along the way due to the crazy warm/cold weather in Oklahoma.

----- Christi 26.11.11 10:20

i definitely need help with finals and student loans

----- Winnie 26.11.11 10:15

I could use help finding time for everything I need to do, and especially with getting a job!

----- Caro 26.11.11 10:10

Help! I need ideas for christmas gifts.

----- Nick Robles 26.11.11 10:06

a one year old daughter, both families converging for Christmas and potentially the bunny costume from A Christmas Story. Not sure why i’m even posting a comment. It should be fine.

----- John 26.11.11 09:48

I could use A LOT of help moving out of our house (in a week) this holiday season! Going to need a ton of pain medication for the heavy lifting and time to take a deep breath for what’s to come!

----- Brittany 26.11.11 09:43

Gosh, help on some of my final exams would be fantastic.

----- Ugo Bitussi 26.11.11 09:36

I could use help getting some free stuff

----- Allen 26.11.11 09:26

Help getting everything ready before my impromptu trip to visit my friend in Spain.

----- Sarah 26.11.11 09:14

I could use some help finding a quiet patch of mind to plant thoughts on.

----- Guan Liang 26.11.11 09:12

I could use help finishing my schoolwork before Christmas break!

----- Maura 26.11.11 09:09

Help my family is trying to eat my dreams.

----- Ryan 26.11.11 09:03

Here in Brazil I have REAL headaches caused by the heat. I could use some help and these packages are soooooo cute.

----- Talita Escher Massola 26.11.11 08:59

Homework and portfolio work.

----- Christina 26.11.11 08:56

halp, I could use help with pretty much everything :)

----- Brandon 26.11.11 08:53

I need help getting a new wardrobe…because I just got in from having my convertible top sliced open and all of my clothes/shoes stolen I just had removed from storage yesterday. Awesome!

----- Shane Noir 26.11.11 08:53

I could use help not not be selfish! When I order online I keep throwing something “small” in for me. Selfish!

----- Joyce 26.11.11 08:50

i could use help with a gift for the wife

----- jacob 26.11.11 08:49

I could use help finishing my homework and projects!

----- Gaetan 26.11.11 08:41

I could use some help with figuring out how to study for my first big medical school final (Neurology) while staying sane and in the holiday spirit. And how to shop for people on my non-existant student budget.

----- Suzie 26.11.11 08:41

A job.

----- Yoshio 26.11.11 08:40

I could use some help keeping my family from killing each other this holiday season. Bandages would be a good start. ;-)

----- Elizabeth 26.11.11 08:15

I could use some help finding a new house, long-term, for my growing family. Right now, I could really use one of these to help me get over my cold!

----- kim 26.11.11 08:13

HELP, I’ve burned the turkey!

----- Anja 26.11.11 07:40

I could use help reviewing everything i just learned in year 1 of medical school well helping my mother recover from her bilateral radical mastectomy. and still successfully get the Christmas shopping and decorations done. Here’s to the challenge!

----- Maggie 26.11.11 07:10

Help! I have a newborn!

----- Thomas Matelich 26.11.11 07:00

Help! I’m watching a Will and Grace marathon and loving it!

----- Kellar 26.11.11 06:52

Wrapping presents all week for the extended family - then they’re all visiting over Xmas. 12 kids under 10. Help!

----- Jae 26.11.11 06:48

my in-laws!

----- wolfie 26.11.11 06:42

I could use help answering the “so what will you do after you graduate?” question from every one of my family members.

----- Matt 26.11.11 06:20

I need help for deadly missing my parents who are on the other side of the earth.

----- Lain 26.11.11 06:18

Presents, packing, travel, in-laws… Wow. What couldn’t I use help with?

----- SteveB 26.11.11 06:09

I could use help keeping my Diabetic mother away from all of the sweets this Holiday Season. Maybe I can make her a sugar free cake or pie ? Or both ! Happy Holidays all !!

----- April B 26.11.11 05:53

I could do with Help in the form or large Plasters/Band Aids to cover my eyes from all the things I want this year!

----- John Norman 26.11.11 05:46

I need help figuring out an affordable, but creative and unique gift for my mom for Christmas!

----- Michael 26.11.11 05:45

I need help celebrating my birthday! Actually my birthday is on the 24th. I’m also living by myself while my family lives miles away. So not only do I need help to celebrate the eve of Christmas but the Christmas day itself without feeling homesick.

----- Kenna 26.11.11 05:40

For when the kids get all sugared up like this morning.

----- Sung 26.11.11 05:38

I could use help with some time streching. I always have plans to bake a LOT of goodies but then I end up short for time! December is so full of visits and celebrating that I hardly ever have time to be home and make delicusness. Nevertheless I keep saving the gorgeous recepies from Tasteologie :) yum

----- Iva 26.11.11 05:18

I need help wrapping all the presents!!

----- camille 26.11.11 04:48

I always need help trying to decide on the perfect gift for someone. NOTCOT is a huge source of inspiration for me.

----- Sean R. 26.11.11 04:38

I could use help patching up little kids as they careen around the house during the holidays!

----- Kurt Yun-Doyle 26.11.11 04:30

Stuffy nose. Something in the air at my office leaves too many people with coughs and sore throats. Air has been tested as perfectly fine, but…

----- Keith 26.11.11 04:28

help. I have an addiction to really cool packaging.

----- aileen 26.11.11 04:24

Anxiety. Regrettably, holiday season is finals/paper season for grad students.

----- Matthew 26.11.11 04:21

I could use help with moving into our new house

----- pierrette 26.11.11 04:16

I can use help on Dec. 24th while battling horde of like minded last minute shoppers for the very last ________ (fill in blank) that my son “must have”.

----- Eric 26.11.11 04:04

I got a holiday 5k run coming up. I could definitely use some help!

----- Laura 26.11.11 03:26

I could use some help making my Christmas Candy Collection of Bark as gifts for this year!

----- Jacqueline 26.11.11 02:37

i’ve been working too hard this year - my body needs some “aching” i think.

----- Jose Villanueva 26.11.11 02:28

I can always use adhesive bandages around the office.

----- tudza 26.11.11 02:16

I can always use adhesive bandages around the office.

----- tudza 26.11.11 02:16

i could use some help finding a damn design job.

----- benjamin 26.11.11 02:02

I could use help with all of the headaches that are going to come from work travel in preparation for a huge event in January!

----- Payton 26.11.11 01:53

I could definitely use some help making gifts for not only my family, but my boyfriend’s! i’m on a DIY kick but if I had some helping hands… ;-)

----- Priscilla Phitsanoukane 26.11.11 01:48

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