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Laser Challenge #7: Poker Chips to Build With- 04.24.13

chipbuild0.jpg This post is part of the NOTlabs Laser Challenge: The ground rules are: Shawn and I are alternating days with executing and sharing a Laser Cutter involved experiment! And most importantly - we’re supposed to have fun, explore ideas, and it’s less about a fully formed product/concept at the end of the day, but more about seeing where the experiment takes us!

Laser Challenge #7 is here! When Shawn was teaching me to play poker this weekend, I found it hard to stop playing with the chips (and it was driving me crazy how ugly they were) ~ so naturally the conversation evolved to sparking ideas about how much more fun they could be! So for today’s challenge, he prototyped some gorgeous wooden poker chips that you can BUILD with! They interlock to make fun little structures during the game… we’re still fine tuning it more before we end up with a full set - perhaps the future ones with use different woods/materials for different values, or a splash of lacquered color along the edges, and have deeper notches to help them attach better, but it’s a fun start! See the making of and details on the next page!

p.s. If you have ideas, or want some laser cutting done, or want to play with us… feel free to use the contact form or leave a comment! And if you’re curious about the laser cutter we’re using, here’s the unboxing.









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6 Notes

WOW. I love this. I really wish you were selling these!

----- Michelle 14.12.16 19:25

Could you make some to sell by chance?

I’m making a custom poker set as a Christmas gift and have been looking for wooden chips everywhere. I stumbled upon yours and fell in love with them.

It’d be an awesome add to the set.

Thank you!

----- Jennifer 25.11.15 09:49

Hi Guys,
Just wondering what timber you’ve used here?

----- roy 02.05.13 22:57

Makes sense, and the inspiration is much appreciated on its own!

----- John 25.04.13 22:46

John - thanks for the note. With such speed projects right now, most of what we’re sharing are early early prototypes and doodles (and pretty simple shapes/concepts!) We’d definitely need to sit back down and clean things up before putting it out there :) I hope these fun little experiments help people who have access to a laser cutter (and even those who don’t) learn/think about the possibilities in new ways! Not to mention, i’m still learning, and with such variation between settings and materials it’s so much more than just a drawing file! So i greatly encourage you to get creative and take the inspiration to try/share your own quick laser experiments too!

----- jean/NOTCOT 24.04.13 12:28

I love this laser series but wish you’d share some of the drawings for others who might have access to a laser cutter and want to give it a shot.

----- John 24.04.13 08:35

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