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Tray Tables - 10.23.17


Tray Tables! Tables where the top is a removable tray. SO simple. SO basic. And you can really just take a tray you already have and love and give it some legs and call it a tray table. Lately i found myself loving some basic, minimal IKEA ones, and it sent me down a path researching some other clean, simple versions as well… so naturally, i couldn’t help making a post to share what i found (and keep track of some of the ones i liked!) Check them out on the next page!

I think my tray table fascination started years ago with the Design House Stockholm Tablo Tray Table designed by Magnus Löfgren. traytable4.jpg

You could pick the color, wood, and size! I’m not sure why i never got one, but it has always been stuck in my mind. traytable4a.jpg

The first one i gave in an bought (and now have 3) is the indestructible plastic IKEA SANDSKÄR. So simple, and so nice for outdoor usage (though one has snuck indoors as a bedside table) - its so easy to rinse off with the tray coming off, or keep the tray upside down so when we’re outside we can simply flip it over and it’s clean! traytable2.jpg

Just gave in and got one of these simple little IKEA Gladom Tables today in white, and love it! (Doesn’t hurt that it’s a mere $20 either) Crisp and clean, the only detail that drives me crazy is the exposed metal of the screw on the center of the base… will have to get some paint and fix that. It also comes in a tempting green (and a far less tempting yellow.) traytable1.jpg

The latest IKEA tray table, YPPERLIG is designed by HAY that reminds me so much of the Design House Stockholm one… but less refined of course. Also I wanted to love it, but it was SO LOW! traytable3.jpg

HAY also has a Tray Table in their own collection - but far more angular. traytable5.jpg

Diving into the IKEA archives… how are they so good with the tempting tray tables?

Back in 2014 - the IKEA BRÅKIG Tray Tables. Love the patterns… such a simple frame to show off a lovely tray? traytable6.jpg

In 2016 there was the limited edition IKEA SVÄRTAN - lovely in black, but i just couldn’t get into that texture. traytable7.jpg

Currently there’s also the IKEA JORID… if only it came in something besides yellow? traytable8.jpg

And yes - a tray table is simply a tray and some legs… but there’s something so simple and functional about it when done right! Here are a few other variants…

Wireworks Tray Table traytable13.jpg

Carl Hansen & Son ch417 Tray Table designed by Hans Wegner in 1970 traytable10.jpg

Woodendot Lab Batea Tray Table traytable12.jpg

Anthropologie Kapona Tray Table traytable9.jpg

Pottery Barn Morrocan Tray Accent Table traytable11.jpg

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