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ORCA Chasertini - 11.05.17

chasertini00.jpg What do you get someone who has everything… loves fishing, the great outdoors, and an ice cold martini? The ORCA Chasertini! It’s essentially a martini glass meets super insulted travel cup meets… medieval chalice?

Absurd, right? Ridiculous even? Well, even crazier, i’m totally impressed by it! We just got one for my dad, and while it was meant as a fun, silly gift, it’s proven far more functional than we thought! It really does keep your drink cold longer, and with a lid, it’s totally an adult sippy cup of sorts. For the animal lovers, their whale tail (with fishing hook detail) keeps the top closed, and can be flipped open to drink. The base is non slip, and the size is LARGE. It can hold 8oz of liquid and keep it icy cold, or super hot, depending on what you’re using it for. They are also designed in Nashville, TN!

See all the details on the next page! (And on a side note, the more i research, they more curious i am about trying out one of their coolers next! Perhaps YETI replacement time?)


You can find the Chasterini on ORCA as well as Amazon Prime!







As for the ORCA coolers ~ a lot of the online reviews are saying that they keep ice even longer than YETI coolers, are made in the USA, and have lifetime warranties! They also have great details like the whale tail pulls and molle webbing options. You can buy them at ORCA as well as on Amazon (many with Prime!)


Also… apparently ORCA has nothing to do with killer whales, it stands for Outdoor Recreation Company of America (ORCA).

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