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Unboxing: YETI Loadout Bucket- 12.10.17


On surprising birthday presents, just received the YETI Loadout Bucket complete with caddy and lid and i must say… who knew i could be SO excited about a BUCKET?!?!?! Like all things YETI, all items feel over designed (physically + graphically) in a fantastic way. Non slip, food safe, super strong, comfy handle… every detail has been carefully thought through. Even amazing little details like the super strong lid that basically looks like a giant version of what you’d find on their Rambler tumblers (but with super hexs!)… and the caddy has a handle that drops down so you can put the lid on! And while you can use the bucket for everything you can think of (and they have quite the list of ideas too - be it for fishing, hunting, camping, brewing and beyond…) it’s also functionally solid enough i’m currently using it as a stool/storage/side table in the living room. Even the packaging of the accessories is impressively over designed! Take a look at all the details on the next page.

The YETI Loadout Bucket! loadout0a.jpg

The YETI Loadout Lid! loadout00.jpg

The YETI Loadout Caddy! loadout000.jpg

First - let’s take a look at the bucket itself… loadout1.jpg

The cardboard disc inside is filled with warnings and information… loadout2.jpg

The band around it is playfully cheeky as you’d expect… loadout3.jpg

A look at the ergo handle… loadout4.jpg

… and all the possible accoutrements! loadout5.jpg

On to the lid… loadout6.jpg

Look at those giant super strong HEXes! Totally perfect as a spare stool/side table. loadout7.jpg

… and it can with stand 300 lbs! loadout14.jpg

Comparing it to the Rambler lid that looks like it’s mini-me! loadout12.jpg

Even the side profile and gasket are similar… loadout13.jpg

On to the caddy! loadout8.jpg


It fits a LOT while still leaving ample room beneath… (even Bucky had to take a peek) loadout10.jpg

And you can pop the lid right over it… loadout16.jpg

Here are a few more random details that caught my eye… base of the caddy box actually shows the bottom of the caddy… the handle expanding as you grab it… non slip ring on the base of the bucket… air hole in the lid to relieve pressure… and some fun lid packaging details down the center. loadout15.jpg

I honestly never thought i’d be sharing (or raving) about a BUCKET… but here we are. For the person who has everything or needs nothing, but appreciates versatile, well made goods - perhaps a fully loaded YETI BUCKET is the way to go this year? You can also fill it with treats and stocking stuffers!!!

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excellent review - especially the caddy under the lid portion; very informative

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