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TasteSpotting Roundup

TasteSpotting #3752TasteSpotting #3738TasteSpotting #3732TasteSpotting #3730TasteSpotting #3728TasteSpotting #3714TasteSpotting #3713TasteSpotting #3706TasteSpotting #3697TasteSpotting #3689Click the pics to find out more! Mmmmm, Happy Labor Day! Since for all the americans this should be a nice monday off, and for the rest of the world its just another monday… it seems like a perfect excuse to give you some delicious sweets to kick your week off with, or end your long weekend with (who knows, with the day off, perhaps we can help inspire you to dabble in the kitchen a bit?)… anyhow, here are some terribly delicious looking sugary sweet finds from TasteSpotting this week.

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Muzi Tea

muzi.jpgMuzi Tea ~ as incredibly good for you the tea is… i’m smitten by the accessories and the vibrant green color of the tea powder… also the packaging of the gift sets! (see below). And take a look at their new chocolates, i love how seemingly random the pieces break off (unlike those perfect Hershey’s rectangles, where’s the fun in that?). For the complete process you need the whisk and whisk holder (what great curves), the bowl, and the tea. Take a look at the gift pack below, beautiful minimalist packaging.

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TasteSpotting Roundup

TasteSpotting #3581TasteSpotting #3578TasteSpotting #3576TasteSpotting #3575TasteSpotting #3574TasteSpotting #3560TasteSpotting #3551TasteSpotting #3545TasteSpotting #3503TasteSpotting #3534TasteSpotting #3526TasteSpotting #3515TasteSpotting #3513TasteSpotting #3510TasteSpotting #3505Click the pics to see more! As you can see, my vacation is currently just relaxing which inevitably leads me to end up posting and tweaking code and this lazy saturday afternoon - making roundups! So here is a pile of delicious looking pictures i loved from TasteSpotting to inspire you to go hunt and forage for some gorgeous delectable delights this weekend.

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Pocket Shots

pocketshots.jpgPocket Shot… just got imed a link to Wired’s blurb on these single serving alcohol packets. And it just made me laugh… especially when you see how poor the design on their page is… but this Wired image makes them look pretty sweet. Once you get past considering every situation where you would use these, sneak these in, recycle these, refill these, etc. This is an interesting packaging design to consider. And sadly, look below to see their various displays (as well as what was apparently a Maxim party)! Currently i can see these next to the gummi bears by the gas station cash register… can’t you imagine a classier sleeker designed version? The concept has so much potential ~ team up with real brands, replace the mini bottles/flasks, alcohol in space? But visually there really was much that could be done here… the inspiration? “Pocket Shot developer Jarrold Bachmann devised the idea for the product after seeing the workers at his farm in South Africa buy simple, crude 25 ml plastic sachets of alcohol to celebrate payday.”

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gloji.jpgIt was only a matter of time… all trendy ingredients seem to end up some kind of liquid beverage. So its almost impressive we’re finally getting one featuring Goji Berries… Gloji - in two mixes: Gloji Mix which is part goji and part pomegranate, for all your antioxidant overdosing - and Gloji Gold which is “100% Pure Premium Power” - from wild grown goji berries, ripe harvested from the lower desert of Tibet. “Drink in the power of the most potent antioxidant known to man.”

Ok ok, but honestly, we both know why this is being posted… that’s some awesome packaging they’ve got going on. The light bulb bottle is a *brilliant* idea, and i’m curious to see one in person… is it completely rounded? Does it sit flat on a table? Or does it have a special stand?

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New from FoodLoop

foodloopnew.jpg If you recall Fusion Brands’ Food Loop that i wrote about back in December of 2005… It just came to my attention that they’ve REALLY expanded the line… and there are some very impressive colorful brilliant uses of silicon to add more color to your kitchen. There is now a Mini Food Loop… a Poach Pod (boil water, and float this with an egg in it)… the Food Loop Lace (letting you play surgeon with silicon thread and built in needle)… the Drizzle Stick (prettier than any honey stick i’ve seen in a while)… the Cook Hook (magnetic clasp with a hook… an alternative to my use of cable ties to create loops on the dish towels)… and the Tender Press (to tenderize and flatten). More images below, and view the full line at Food Loop.

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Sauces n Love

saucesnlove.jpgSauces ‘n Love ~ my recent packaging discovery at the market… although not the ONLY reason i purchase something, its definitely big on my first impressions, so i grabbed this Sauces ‘n Love Tuscan Vodka Scarpetta, and was pleased to see that they come in these nice Re-usable screw cap plastic containers that are microwave, freezer, and diswasher safe! Also nice clean typography on the label ~ and its “Healthy ‘n Love - Gluten Free. Vegetarian. No Sugar. No Preservatives. Low count on Carbs, fat, and choesterol.” And the best part ~ this sauce was incredible. So fresh and delicious. Mmmmm… Close up images of the labels and container below!

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TasteSpotting Roundup

TasteSpotting #3118TasteSpotting #3122TasteSpotting #3136TasteSpotting #3143TasteSpotting #3147TasteSpotting #3150TasteSpotting #3151TasteSpotting #3164TasteSpotting #3174TasteSpotting #3185Click images to find out more! Here’s more deliciousness to kick off your week. Looking at my picks after the fact, looks like chocolate was looking particularly enticing… also the way that nutmeg looks like a brain is a bit of a trip. And can you believe that bottom row, second from the left is Brownie Tiramisu? Or Tiramisu Brownie? Either way, interesting idea.

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The Fine Cheese Co Crackers

I can admit it - as much as i love fine cheeses and crackers, packaging still sways my purchasing… luckily this time it paid off. Came across these Fine Cheese Company Crackers at Faletti’s which are imported from Bath, and the boxes have gorgeous imagery and typography. Above are the Sea Salt and Olive Oil (absolutely delicious to munch on plain even) and the Rosemary Crackers. Below i also have pictures of the natural and charcoal crackers with simpler illustration and typography on the box that is worth taking a look at. I also found the Charcoal Crackers visually interesting, being black they look really nice in contrast with white cheeses.

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TasteSpotting Sweets

TasteSpotting #2992TasteSpotting #2994TasteSpotting #3034TasteSpotting #3033TasteSpotting #3035TasteSpotting #3012TasteSpotting #3027TasteSpotting #3021TasteSpotting #3008TasteSpotting #2953Click images to see more! Woke up with a sugar craving, and as usual TasteSpotting only made my mouth water more. So, decided i’d share the pain with you through a sugary sweet roundup of goodies over at TasteSpotting for this sunday morning/afternoon. Oh, and bottom left… thats a cookie layer cake. Yes, stacked cookies.

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TODA + OXO Corn Stripper

While checking out Sub-Studio’s latest post for us below on TODA… i couldn’t help but notice this incredible Corn Stripper they have designed for Oxo! It actually strips the kernels off the cob and into a container that even helps you measure how much you have… and easy grips to hold on to as well.

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AR+COOK (Art & Cook) has some incredible designer gadgets for your culinary side. Left to right - citrus reamer, masher, twirl whisk, egg whisk, jet whisk, pizza roller… and that is only a mild black and white selection from their collection… they have quite the assortment of bright colors as well. Apparently Art & Cooks true claim to fame (beyond award winning design) is their Airgonomic handles - “While air is in the handle, zinc is in the core. A strong, durable material that is resistant to stains and scratching, zinc provides a long, maintenance-free life for more than 60 years. The weight of this metal allows the tools to work more efficiently, reducing the need for users to exert excessive force when completing the cooking tasks at hand.” ~ diagram of the Airgonomic handles below.

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Absolut New Orleans

Absolut New Orleans “the flavor of inspiration” - apparently Absolut (insert city name here) is no longer just an ad you see, but they are now becoming real liquors of their own. The limited edition Absolut New Orleans is a fruity mango vodka with a spicy black pepper kick (sounds yummy, must find some!). 100% of the profits from this product are donated to various Gulf Region charities. Yesterday, at Tales of the Cocktail, the annual New Orleans culinary and cocktail festival, this special flavor was officially announced. You can even go vote for the next city (i vote LA).

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TasteSpotting Roundup

TasteSpotting #2668TasteSpotting #2657TasteSpotting #2648TasteSpotting #2644TasteSpotting #2633TasteSpotting #2626TasteSpotting #2624TasteSpotting #2603TasteSpotting #2601TasteSpotting #2596Click the pics to see more! Monday morning cravings… a la TasteSpotting. From waffle chips and éclairs to coffee granita and german oven pancakes - korean friend chicken to home made tortillas… just a little something to jump start your appetite before you grab “just anything” for lunch… or dinner.

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6 Travel Chopsticks

Ok, on odd fixations for the night, i remembered an old OLD post on travel chopsticks (dan actually even bought them)… and they were silly and complex? As shade elaine and i wonder… they aren’t really that much lighter, or take up that much less space… why do you need them? where are you bringing them? Well… i googled travel chopsticks and we were the first hit… so i browsed more, and apparently the travel chopstick options have come a long way! So below are 6 awesome options i’ve found to meet your travel chopstick needs. Trust me, they are quite impressive design objects… esp for such a simple instrument.

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