*notcot - 02.12.07 , 00:20 -

Absolut Temptation

Next in the ever growing family of Absolut fruit flavors… PEAR. And this time they are selling it with some gorgeous videos of things being blown up… from apples, espressos, watches, donuts and more… (see videos below). Apparently this is the Absolut Temptation.

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*notcot - 02.11.07 , 23:03 -

Balance Water

Balance Water… aussie brand of water that seems to resemble Smart Water pretty closely… main difference? Apparently its all about the flower essences which have been infused… and variations specific for women, children, and TRAVELING. If these infusions really did what they say, it sounds pretty impressive, and quite the trip… for example- Grey Spider: Releases fears and phobias of perceived danger and Crowea: Calms and helps with worry. Has a centering affect.. Just another interesting addition to the growing list of water options ~

*notcot - 02.07.07 , 12:35 -

Unlaid Eggs

Yes, you read that right. Unlaid eggs… not tomatoes - the image caption from the NYT reads “DELICACY Unlaid eggs, from hens destined for the soup pot, being cured in salt at Blue Hill in Greenwich Village.” It makes me feel a little ill imagining what these are exactly… yet visually they are absolutely mesmerizing (oh the things i’ve been learning from Tastespotting)

NYT Excerpt: Mr. Barber, the chef and an owner of Blue Hill in Greenwich Village and Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills in Westchester County, had just been introduced to the wonders of eggs that are described, with varying degrees of delicacy, as immature, unborn, unlaid or embryonic. In plain English, these are eggs that have not been laid and are sometimes discovered when an elderly laying hen is slaughtered.

*notcot - 02.03.07 , 13:45 -

Simunovich Olive Oil

I would buy this olive oil based on packaging alone… and then hope its nearly as good as the graphic design. Something about the mix of bold powerful fonts mixed with wax seals and cork stoppers with traditional crests that just grabs me. “The Simunovich Olive Estate, a privately owned olive plantation in New Zealand produces premium quality extra virgin olive oil and an extensive range of olive oil skincare & beauty products.” I also love their story about the origin of olive oil (more below…)

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*notcot - 01.26.07 , 17:25 -

Bossa Nova

For fellow acai fans, and just because this was some fun packaging/bottle design and branding ~ just noticed Bossa Nova. And for anyone unfamiliar with acai - “What is açai? Açai (ah-sci-ee) is a rainforest berry - a small, dark purple fruit that grows on palm trees on the floodplains of the Amazon basin. Recent scientific study has earned Bossa Nova Acai Juice it the enviable title of “world’s healthiest fruit” in part, because it is likely to be the world’s highest antioxidant fruit.”

*notcot - , 13:52 -

Hayon for Piper-Heidsieck

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne has teamed up with Jaime Hayon (yes, of the Showtime and AQ collections) ~ and have collaborated on a signature red champagne bucket and champagne bowl. Beautifully iconic (as all of his work is) ~ this collection will be debuting exclusively at two locations in New York City, one in Miami Beach and one in Chicago through April 2007 (full listing below). ” These items are made entirely out of Surlyn, a material commonly used in molded luxury goods, and continue in the tradition of Champagne Piper-Heidsieck’s striking red color.”

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*notcot - 01.25.07 , 00:14 -

Pret DIY

Can it be? Massive chain Pret a Manger ~ is giving away all their secrets AND incorporating some brilliant and witty food photography as well? Apparently so! “We want to share the magic of Pret food with our loyal customers, so we’ve done a very odd thing and decided to reveal our secrets by telling you our recipes! Find a selection of them here, and also on our packaging, bags and postcards. A photographer called Jorgen Ahlstrom took the weird DIY photos.” Another collage of my favorites from the DIY recipe cards below… b/c well, WHY did they have to make me sit and click through EVERY pdf to see all the pics?

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*notcot - 01.23.07 , 14:18 -

Lauquen Patagonia

I have a thing for bottled water ~ and if you recall, we’ve had a few rounds of water bottle lists, etc going around on notcot. While often we DO tend to judge the water by its bottle… after all, is it not the ultimate packaging design project? ~ few waters actually make my drinkworthy list… my top favorites are still SmartWater and Voss… but last week a bottle of Lauquen Artesian Mineral Water showed up, and this New Patagonian water truly is as crisply delicious as the bottle is elegantly pretty. I like the part where it is “comes from eternal pure ice and rain naturally purified by the Andes Mountains and imbued with a unique blend of minerals.”

*notcot - 01.22.07 , 03:02 -


TASTESPOTTING, feed your addiction... it’s about food. all about food. everything from the ingredients, the process, the photography, the reviews, the products… it is to delectable delights what notcot.org is to design. So, you guys know the drill, if you know a food lover, are a food lover, see a food related link you MUST share, here’s your new destination on the web for it!

As you can imagine, i’m terribly giddy to share this new site with you. Design is my obsession, and when i started talking with Sarah of The Delicious Life, and realized food to her was what design was to me… we clicked… and she was a huge fan of the .org model, so we figured why not have a place to collect our fav food porn shots as well? And to any designy kids who doubt their love of gorgeous, delicious food… prepare to have your mind blown… there are some impressively drool worthy incredible edibles out there! And this will definitely raise the bar for what you allow on those designer plates of yours…

So i’m pleased to present - TASTESPOTTING - and can’t wait to hear what you think.

*notcot - 01.15.07 , 11:17 -

Modern Twist VINOTAGZ

Modern Twist’s Vinotagz ~ 1. beautifully simply elegant 2. great materials (non-toxic silicone stem markers can even pencil a name on them ) 3. ingenious packaging - did you SEE that carrying case that you can slip on a bottle of wine?

Design*Sponge tipped me off on these this morning, and i just LOVE them, they are possibly the perfect gift to stock up on, for each and every time you bring wine to a party.

*notcot - 01.08.07 , 16:41 -

Charity Water

We show a lot of “luxury waters” here on notcot… mostly because they tend to have stunning packaging and/or logo design. So it’s with great pleasure that i show you Charity Water - gorgeous design, and brilliant concept…

If you were ever to spend 20$ on a bottle of water, this is the one. Buy a case. Flavorpill and Scott Harrison (“a flavorpill friend and former NYC club promoter, now global promoter of greater good”) are building sustainable sources of water in Africa, and we can all help. 100% of proceeds from Charity: Water go towards building wells and creating safe drinking water sources. Flavorpill is donating $2,000 needed to build a well, and they are looking to the rest of us to pitch in to help raise the other $2,000. (via coolhunting)

*notcot - 12.31.06 , 18:38 -

Happy 2007

Farewell 2006, its been a great year, and may 2007 be even better! Everyone has been posting year in review roundups, best ofs, and all of that sort of thing - and with the end of xmas shopping, and a massive sale season upon us… how about we look FORWARDS, with excitement for all the great design that will come up in 07?

So, unsure of what to post for this end of the year event… in the midst of holiday parties, just wanted to give a little nod to G Pure Energy and Bulldog Gin… because they sent samples over which took on a life of their own when i brought them over to the ThisNext Boxing Day party. Details and some silly G Pure pics that look like alien abductions below…

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*notcot - 12.25.06 , 00:09 -

Sexy Chocolates

New Tree Chocolates are gourmet Belgian goodness, which come in nice not too small sizes, with clean simple packaging… three to a nice little box (granted it does feel a little like hotel soap) - and in some unique flavors… My favorite so far is Vigor, had a box of these in the car, and the dark chocolate with coffee is the perfect pick me up right before a meeting… and freshly launched are Sexy and Blush - Sexy being dark chocolate with ginger which is supposed to be energizing… and Blush (can’t wait to try some) is supposedly rejuvenating “Dark chocolate kissed by sumptuous cherries, a taste so sinful it will make you BLUSH. ” Mmmmmmmm.

*notcot - 12.23.06 , 19:15 -

Merry Mimomas

Surprise came in the mail today from Mimoco, and had to share their “Happy Winter” wishes with all of you… So see below for the unwrapping, etc to see what’s in the foil mimobots…

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*notcot - 12.20.06 , 03:27 -

Nissin Cup Noodle

On nostalgia - i am ok admitting that while i love high end food experiences… i am also down with late night internet driven diets which include CupNoodles. You know the one - not cup of noodles, but Nissin’s CupNoodle. And while they are no freedom fries… apparently their latest large scale japanese ad campaign is all about FREEDOM!

According to 30gms - “Commissioning Japanese anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo and titled the Freedom Project, the movie is a short animation with clever Cupnoodle product placement. ” But really since i don’t understand japanese, i’ve just amused myself watching the clip, and seeing the extent to which the ad placement has reached… from filling what appear to be underground tunnels, to the sides of escalators… all for freedom. *ahem* i mean CupNoodles. So view the Freedom Project. (screenshots below of my fav scenes)

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