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NOTCOT Giveaway 3: RayD8gig Mimobot

winrayd81.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment! ENTER BY 11/22 - WINNER: Jori in Kansas!

Firstly ~ THANK YOU FOR ALL THE AMAZING COMMENTS ~ you guys really blow my mind, and i love how creative most of you get with them! I really wish there was a way i could give you all something! But for now, i think we’ll have to stick to the ~30 giveaways! Thanks for being such amazing readers!

Secondly ~ i love Mimobots, and i think you do too! And lucky for us both, they love us all too! So third giveaway, here is number 118 of a limited 200 mimobot run of the special RayD8gig and he’s 8GIGS BIG! As you can see, he’s hanging out in this picture waiting for you with my old school RayD8 (who actually stores ALL things gift guide this year as i bounce between laptop and desktop) They have also thrown in a black Protohoodie to keep the little guy warm (and protected from your keys, etc!). So check out more pics on the next page, as well as the special NOTCOT Coupon, and more info on how they are giving 50 mimobots (one a day!) away on twitter, and a peek at the limited edition Yahoo bots!

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NOTCOT Giveaway 2: Sorapot

giveaway3.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment! ENTER BY 11/21 - WINNER: Cynthia in Texas!

Giveaway #2 (of what looks like around 30 giveaways in the calendar right now! isn’t that insane! and it’s all stuff i love too! I’m so exciting to be able to help share this stuff with all of you!!! ok moving on…), so as i was saying, Giveaway #2 for this holiday season is Joey Roth’s Sorapot. He and i will be keeping an eye on all your comments, and he will dropship a (possibly customized/signed?) Sorapot to one lucky reader! You have until the night of 11/21 to leave a comment and we’ll pick + email a winner!

The Sorapot story is definitely a design saga that is near and dear to many design/trend/gadget blogs - we’ve been watching, waiting, and nurturing Joey’s design from the concept and prototype days ~ through production ~ through packaging design ~ through unboxings ~ and finally to brewing that first cup of tea. As you can see, its as much a work of art as it is a tea pot, and the packaging is one of my favorite parts, especially how the scroll like instructions curl off the glass body… So as a refresher, take a peek at a look back at some of my pics on the next page, and leave a comment for your chance to win one!

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NOTCOT Giveaway 1: BAGGU

giveaway1.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment! ENTER BY 11/20 - WINNER: Dominique in New Mexico!

First giveaway of the season is from Baggu. Founder, Emily was kind enough to send over this bundle of new freshly launched Baggu goodies for one lucky reader… here’s what we’ve got:

1 BIG Baggu, 2 Baggus (in fun new patterns), 2 Baby Baggus, a set of the two new produce Baggus, and an adorable canvas Baggu penguin!

Since i had yet to see these new products in person either, mini photoshoot with the goods after the jump, as well as more info! To win this bundle - you have 3 days (until 11/20 night) to leave a comment, and we’ll pick+email the winner! And while you’re commenting, feel free to help suggest more gift guide products, amuse us, etc!

UPDATE! Check out the penguin (now named Pancho!) ~ with Dominique in NM!

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Nike+Apple Giveaway

Giveaway! Sponsored by Cornerstone Promotions: Win a 4 gig Nano, a pair of Nike+ shoes, and the iPod sport kit.

As for the exciting new release behind this contest ~ Aesop Rock has done a pretty sweet original composition for the Nike+Original Run Series (this is the 3rd, the first two being LCD Soundsystem and Crystal Method). Also if you haven’t checked out the Nike+ site lately, go look, i’m impressed with how much they worked in new ways of motivation (beautiful design, great use of social and tech) ~ they have everything from widgets to track your progress, to special workout compilations like this one! (see below for the sweet cover art, and clips to listen)… anyhow, this seemed like a good enough reason to help get us all out and about and away from our screens more.

How do you win? Email me your 3 (or more) favorite workout songs at contest@notcot.com and a winner will be picked on Wednesday, March 28th.

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Diesel Wall Time

It’s that time of year again - a chance to take on the Diesel Walls in Milan and Berlin. The one in Milan brings me back to the first time they did it down at Porta Chinese - my favorite one (the soccer one) you can see below. ALSO - there is now a BOOK! Need to get my hands on this…

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*notcot - 04.18.06 , 02:59 -

DNA Competition

DNA_POSTER.jpgDiesel is sponsoring another brilliant design competition - the DNA Competition. You can submit to the Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Austria panel of judges, and the categories are Action, Digital, Draw, and Photo. It’s unique in that you can show the progression of your works development through uploads until the deadline… fun layout of the site too.

*notcot - 02.17.06 , 15:51 -

Headphones are off…

Grazie mille to all who entered to win Aural Headphones, and to the 5 winners (you know who you are!) CONGRATS! The envelopes have been sealed, adressed, and off they go! So enjoy them, and drop me a line with a pic and some thoughts about them… as i’m sure the rest of the readers (and Aural too!) are curious to hear what you think of them.

*notcot - 02.13.06 , 08:02 -


Aural New York has designed some playful headphones to “flavor your ears” - nearly identical in design to those original iPod headphones, these come in Pink, Black, and Blue - and they have sent a few sets of these to share with YOU! I have 3 sets of Pink, and 2 sets of Black to giveaway, and this being the innaugural NOTCOT GIVEAWAY - the procedure will be as follows…

NOTE:: I will pick the winners Midnight tonight Pacific Time!

Aural wanted us to do a review on the headphones, but we thought it might be nice to let the readers help us review - from sound quality, to design, to simple “why i like it” - we want to hear from you. So send me an email/comment (with a color preference) and from the pink and black submissions i will randomly pick on Monday people to send them out to.

Keep in mind everyone that if we do this one well - maybe you will get an opportunity to review more products and designs in the near future!

Good luck!

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