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Daniel Grafik

There has been a trend of wall stickers and wallpaper recently - by trend i might mean overkill… oh and dont forget wallpaper in the shape of silhouettes, etc. So that being said, it takes a lot to get me excited about something in this category lately… so enter, german, Daniel Grafik - a brilliantly talented illustrator/designer, who has taken some less traditional characters, mixed them with some more traditional wallpapers, and there are some really fun ones in the collection (see more images below). Also that particular stamp set - LOVE the crazy exclamatory speech bubble of sorts, not to mention that little squirty squid like fellow.

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DL Art Noveau

D.L & Co, the “Modern alchemists and purveyors of curious goods” i’ve written about previously - enticed me into their dark mysterious world of curiosities in what i’d normally consider an over-flashy site (the reflection on black is slightly overused in the nav i think… hurts my head) ~ and gotten me hooked somewhere between their calming music and their Art Noveau collection as it keeps morphing between black and red versions… you must admit there’s something very tord boontje about these etchings… This collection of fragrant candles were inspired by the fin-de-siecle.

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The Trunk

When is a tree not a tree? Or is a tree still a tree if its chopped to a stump, and then covered in polycarbonate that is screened with cow prints? I’m not sure exactly - but these were strangely appealing… instead of making that next tree into firewood, coat it in steel and use it as a stool, side table, or a coffee table base? “The inside is the European oak wood dried in a special dryer for 2 months.Then it’s covered in steel sheet or in polycarbonates with silk screened images of tree, grass or leaves. The bottom surface of the trunk has a felt protection, so it doesn’t scratch the floor.” Produced by Malafor Small Laboratory of Forms. For more info, contact Gosia I. Korsakowski at bluebellgk-at-yahoo.com - more pics below!

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Climate Confusion Assistance

On different takes on weather changes… German Bless’ No 28 adresses Climate Confusion Assistance through a line of products including this Coyote Hammock (which is really terrible, but visually mesmerizing - so make a faux one!), a hammock that resembles a couch, jogging pants with fishing nets, “ring gloves” (just the finger tips of gloves), scribbly pins and more.

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Animal Magic

Inspired by owlsgo’s post on .org ~ Vessel’s latest exhibition “Animal Magic” brings together some of the finest designers and materials in a unique collection of animal figurines from the traditional to abstract… above are some horse vases from Jaimie Hayon, elephant from Maxim Velcovsky - Qubus, kingfisher from Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, and deer and hippo from Hella Jongerius. In the collection are also pieces from Jonathan Adler, Marcel Wanders, and others.

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Think! Review

Every web bubble need its chair. It’s a new bubble and web 2.0 is more eco conscious ~ and the chair to have is now the Steelcase Think! (it’s 99% recyclable) Round one had the Aeron Chair (and proof that their time has passed is the number of them you can find on SFC Craigslist being liquidated at any given time).

While an overabundance of options were prevalent back then, we’re into streamlining, flexibility, and focusing on the needs of users. [i have been trained by past colleagues not to even begin messing with their aeron settings- its worse than touching someones car seat adjustments before saved settings.] It’s been about a week now, and the Think has changed my back… you can only imagine how many hours i am at a computer when not running around… and being an obsessive on aesthetics - gorgeous and ergonomic basically used to equal that “other” chair i promise not to mention in this article anymore. So my recommendation this year for the backs of your computer-tethered friends, THINK! (The name is great, others in the line are Leap and Scoop)

My favorite aspects of this chair (other than that i love the way it looks in person even MORE than in a picture, so go find a showroom and go poke, prod, and bounce on it) ~ are the seat and back “flexors” (the silver rods you see in the center skeleton pic up there) they make it ridiculously comfortable since they give to your every move, and not too much or too little, but just enough. AND i’m the kind of 5’4” girl who likes to sit cross legged every now and then, and with the shape of the seat i can do so without feeling like i’m possibly going to flip over (not all super ergo chairs handle this well). See below for images of the unboxing, more pictures, and more about this designer masterpiece.

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Material Furniture

Material Furniture’s Knock Down/Drag Out Collection made my Thanksgiving. I have apparently been subconsciously desk shopping… something large and practical, yet aesthetically unique/modern and eco friendly. I also realized while rearranging, i love Ikea furniture (particularly building it) because there is something so therapeutic and calming/satisfying to build it yourself (and FAR faster than designing and building when you need a quick fix)… I’m also nomadic by nature, and love pieces that i can break down and move in my large car on a whim… So Material Furniture managed to hit all of my criteria, and i think i might need their Autopilot Workstation. Now if only i can track one down in person to try out. It comes in dark walnut and maple, with various laminate surface colors that fit flush with the desktop

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More AQ Hayon

Also from the AQ Hayon Collection, are tables, lamps, sinks, mirrors and more. There is something so gorgeous about these sleek stiletto like silhouettes that i can’t stop looking at, especially in the lacquered black and silver against a matte white. And the mirror… love the ornate yet simplistic feel of all of these pieces… something strangely delicate about them.

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AQ Hayon Collection

ArtQuitect is “the pioneering company disseminating bathroom culture in Spain.” This Bathtub is a part of their AQHayon Collection, by designer Jaime Hayon - an incredible Spanish product, toy, graphic designer. But this post is really to feature this AQ Hayon bathtub that i’ve been obsessed with all weekend. Something about the sleek black and white lines that is irresistible, almost makes me want to design a house or bathroom around this piece alone. More imagery below.

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Clampology: is it a religion? a science? a way of life? Or really just some brilliantly functional plastic with some spring action clamping? Maybe all of the above. The Jorre van Ast site describes it as “Clamp-a-book, clamp-a-hook, clamp-a cable… Design solutions derived from the clamp typology: a family of objects, each with a specific function. The collection of these informal utensils includes a book stop accompanied by a book finger, a book display, a hook and a rail that clamp onto the side of horizontal surfaces, a hook to clamp on to electrical pipes, a candle holder, and a cable manager that can be clamped onto a table leg.” Brilliant. Thanks, RUGenius.

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Wiseman’s Ceiling

Been staring at LisaJay’s post over at .org all morning, and i can’t get over David Wiseman’s ceiling. His ability to have things emerge out of walls oh so subtly makes my head spin. Something about this ceiling (and listening to the Marie Antoinette soundtrack right now) ~ i could picture it being in the film. Versailles needs this! Or my studio… someday.

[Remember his deer heads?]

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Tord Boontje does Target

I have a softspot for the work of Tord Boontje. (see all these posts?) And so you can only imagine how i’m feeling tonight discovering his line for Target. It’s gorgeous, insanely affordable, and only available online ~ i have pics of most of the products below. My favorite is the line you see above though… the Multicolor Dinnerware Collection… especially the bowls and the dessert plates. There is also another holiday collection of Dinnerware, a holiday party pack (paper plates, cups, napkins, etc), candelabra, and candle holders.

P.S. here’s the link to the Target Red Hot Store for it.

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Ooba Converts

So while i keep telling you i’m not nearly ready for the baby making ~ i can’t seem to get away from posting more brilliant designs that are popping up for new parents. Remember Ooba (old post here)? Well they took that gorgeous bassinet further, and made it more functional … Basically the bassinet with the addition of a table top and feet for the toy bin. (not that the diagram wasn’t incredibly clear already).

Just like the SkipHop Products - i’m seeing this as the kind of functional that could work well for someone in need of a table/storage bin - who know kids were coming soon… OR the perfect gift for your designy savvy kids if you are parents really trying to find twisted ways to put pressure on them to have kids of their own. I guess i’m just trying to say, while most normal products may not be perfect for new parents… i’m impressed these products for new parents can work so well (while looking so good) for the rest of us too. [and yes i know i’m slow on this one - cleaning out the press releases in the inbox - and got stuck staring at this one for a while, it was just that cool it still deserved a post] Ooba Bassinet Set

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O Plus D

These cards are so much fun i spent two days trying just to make an image for this post, and loved so many i ended up giving up, and Shade Elaine stepped up and collaged some of our favorites for you. (More of my favorites below.) Welcome to the best greetings card line i’ve seen yet ~ O Plus D ~ via the lovely ladies of the Fabulist.

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Baxter & Liebchen

I have a thing for vintage Scandinavian furniture, there is something inspiring in those curves and wood. So when Baxter & Liebchen in Dumbo had their showroom open during the arts festival, i had to take pictures to share with you. Their walls of lamps and chairs and mirrors are breathtaking and sparking ideas left and right as i stare at them.

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