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Black Label

While working my way through 3am emails - PSFK points out another big brand + designer mashup, this time in the form of Samsonite and Marc Newson. Loving the trend of brands focusing and placing greater value on the design aspect of products ~ and Samsonite’s version of this is worth checking out. The Newson Scope collection and the X’lite collection have caught my attention in particular. Black Label side of Samsonite.

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Glam War

When those late night ads for Bling It On meet your Bazooka, you know you’re in trouble. Let’s hope we don’t reach a point where grabbing my fire hydrant red swarovski grenade is as essential as my keys when leaving the house. None the less - this project has been making its way around the design sites this week, and apparently its from 2001… HOARD Magazine’s layout on Antonio Riello’s “Ladies Weapons” collection - where every piece is named after a significant woman in his life. I don’t know exactly how i’d interpret that if i were one of them. Carmella intrigues me the most - i wonder what she must have been like to inspire that piece.

Also sorry i was slow today. Went sailing yesterday - and had this close call with another boat - and on a gybe where we both made it, but SO near each other… THEIR boom went crack against my skull pretty hard, so yesterday was pretty much lost to working, and today was busy as well as a little of a throbbing haze.

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Inka Titanium Review

Inka Special Edition Titanium Pen review! First impressions? Love it. Anything that i can sit here and not stop playing with for a good hour or so while working must have something going for it. Silly details that grabbed me first - the design, its sleek yet rugged - it feels like quality in your hands, and it is everything i always wished the space pens were. (those were far to slippery and shiny feeling)… Granted i also have a soft spot for titanium and carbon fiber. Also it looks a little like a titanium/carbonfiber cig hanging from my keychain… love that it doesn’t scream PEN.

Inka was founded by Greg Adelman, an engineer/entrepreneur with a good number of years working military and oceanographic industries designing and developing instrumentation and equipment… so is it any wonder that when he failed to find a suitable pen that could withstand the harsh marine environment he developed the concept for the Inka Pen? (I love product design which emerges from a genuine need, not simply an idea to fill an assumed niche.) Packaging + pictures + more thoughts below.

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Roddick vs. Pong


Pong: it’s just about the most fun you could cram into 8 bits. Whenever I see something pong-related, it brings back memories of hanging out at my friends’ place and totally getting into the game with their old school console (I had a one-handed technique!). So when I saw the new Amex ad with Andy Roddick vs. Pong I was smiling from ear to ear. It’s such a silly and simple ad (check it out on YouTube). The accompanying online game is cute (www.stoppong.com), but I prefer the good ol’ black & white version.

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oO posted this over at .org and i can’t stop playing with it - so it’s here for those who missed it. Click the pic already!

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Baldguy Greetings have the guts to say the things you don’t. OR they at least make it harder for the recipient to see it coming, because this isn’t your usual kind of greeting card - on the inside. I know this made its way around already, but Shade Elaine and i helped get their site together, and as i was cleaning through my desk, i realized that in working on it for a while, we forgot to post about how much we loved them! With adorable cards like “I value our friendship - and by ‘value our friendship’ I mean i’m never going to sleep with you. Happy Birthday.” and “So you broke up. It’d going to get better. - I mean, it kind of has to. This is rock bottom for you, right?” how can you go wrong? There are some things a card manages to get away with that just don’t work as well in person - and for those moments, we have the Baldguys.

*notcot - 08.11.06 , 19:07 -

Kwik Shop

RUGenius is off and running around in Berlin this week - and has been sending in pics of her finds… Colin Rundel armed with her notes and laptop has this to say :

Our first installment is on a brilliant and unique shopping experience that has popped up around Berlin, the Kwikshop where everything for sale is in stacked cucbicles in the large front window and can be purchased from a clerk via a small hatch. These tiny storefronts shops specialize in catering to window-shoppers and the immediate needs of the populace. The ultimate in convenience for both the shopper and seller as the stock can easily be switched around to suit the current climate / needs / mood. Raining out? Put out the galoshes and umbrellas. Had a little too much fun the night before? A Kwikshop can set you right with a clean set of underwear and toothbrush/toothpaste. Even if you need something as obscure as german golden and diamond ring rubber stamps, they have what you need, when you need it. The whole idea is just great and completely random but brilliant.

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Glass Magnetic Robots

Sharelle posted Toronto designer, Izik Levy’s little glass robot creations over at .org (post #961) and went i was browsing through his site, i found these! Glass + Magnets = super cute posable glass robots.

*notcot - , 12:20 -


“they’re like sex toys you want on your mantle” …says fashion writer kristopher dukes, who is a girl, not a gay man. <— her words not mine! Anyhow, we were chatting, she shared these, and they quickly jumped into our more than just a toy, but a piece of art category- a little something to take that pleasure to a luxurious level - and some gorgeous packaging as well.

Here is Mi-Su ~ Their Sexual Aesthetics Collection is made of solid titanium, rose quartz and obsidian, and adorned with diamonds, sapphires and other precious and semi-precious stones ~ you can also get bespoke toys, simply sending in your designs and which materials you would like, they will work with you to make it happen.

*notcot - 08.01.06 , 02:28 -

Credit Card Monopoly

Raised on Monopoly as one of the best board games ever (just look at those icons and imagery on there) - i even had the stock options kit… but what in my real life was missing? Credit and Debit cards! So for these crazy new kids of today who may not be able to relate as well to paper money… there is now Monopoly Here & Now Electronic Edition. Did you know it was first offered in 1935, to offer players a form of financial escapism during the country’s worst financial depression? Unfortunately this is only available for the UK edition so far, but they are considering bringing it to the US version as well. Oh and apparently things have changed for these new versions… “Cards that once rewarded players for winning a beauty contest now compensate them for winning a reality TV show. Completing a full circuit around the board is worth two million English pounds, not 200.”

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Harry and the PotterS

Any band that can rock the US all summer long touring… sponsored and playing their way through the LIBRARIES of America and have gorgeous posters and cover art is ok in my books. Even if they ARE “Harry and the Potters”, i think i might have to go check out out their show at the La Public Library. Yes i will be that big kid in the back. I posted one of their videos on .org a while back ~ and you can hit up their myspace for some listening pleasure. They crack me up. Check out the sweet cover art here… can you believe they have 3 albums? Oh and that Draco and the Malfoys are opening for them? And in case you haven’t guessed yet - they are pretty emo.

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If you could be any animal, what would you be? Well right now i think i’d have to choose Roebling, the Bklyn Bunny… i mean, check it out - he has it made! A sweet clean classy website, some pretty comfy looking designer diggs, and that is some eyeliner that even the best of plastic surgeons couldn’t make happen… not to mention one of the cutest logos around. But the reality tv show feel of his life with constant webcam coverage i could do without. Go spy on watch him here. found this guy over at popgadget.

*notcot - 06.15.06 , 11:43 -

Da Jesus + Pegster

Was browsing ProductDose and found this Pegster piece by Plodes Studio highly amusing, and painfully tedious (i could imagine a little kid coming over and either a) pulling out all the pegs or b) rearranging them all insanely)… very lite brite minus the lites. Wooden pegs in high density foam. As for Da Jesus - you know those chalk outlines around dead bodies in crime scenes? Yea. Reminiscent of that.

*notcot - 06.13.06 , 00:04 -

Beetle Art

I just found this set of free postcards i forgot i had slipped into my bag in London - Beetle Art! Apparently in the UK, VW has released a set of 4 vinyl sticker sets from 4 top artists. They start at 45 pounds for a single panel, to 200 pounds for the entire car. You can mix and match color combinations and models over at the site. I personally like the birds the best out of the four, but not sure if i could imagine having it on my car - but the concept is quite fun.

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Ok, for all you pilates, yoga, and anti-slip-and-slide aficionados - Yogitoes are for you. I posted about them previously. Well, we’ve been test-driving them here the last few months (and you will see them again in our premier photoshoot, which i will be launching very very soon!) - courtesy of the folks at Yogitoes… and i can’t imagine life without them! My ultimate test was if i put it down on the wood floor in the hallway and took a running start, would i slide all the way down? (in socks i can) - well believe it or not, it barely budged. When it comes to yoga and pilates, you do sweat, and it is gross to have to either a) sweaty towel sliding around on mats of b) mat with built in cloth top, which is hard to wash. Also throw in wanting a way to not have to carry the yoga mat around (travel, last minute decision to go to class) - and you can just use this Yogitoes’ Skidless over the mats available at the gym! Unless you like looking special carrying that oversized yoga-mat around… So its been perfect for travelling, and perhaps it would even be perfect if you were to lay out on some super smooth slanted surface for a while… afterall with those magical rubbery nobs, your Skidless can be as versatile as you are creative.

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